The Head Cover


The head cover
A story dedicated to Victoria. Whose original idea this was!
Sammy was 21 years old, a fresh faced woman originally from Western Europe, Now living in London because of her high ranking work as a Lawyers Advocate. Her private life was much less rewarding though. She longed to be the willing slave of a fair but demanding Master. Her Head was full of unfilled fantasies. She stood 5’10” tall her demure figure accentuated by her 38 C prominent breasts. In her office she ruled with an iron hand, oh how she wished for that iron hand to spank her in the privacy of her home.
Whilst trying to ease the pent up tensions she always felt when she arrive home to her empty lifeless private existence, recently she had taken to trawling the adult sites specializing in Dominated women. There at least she was able to identify with the need to be used by a superior man.
Yesterday, her veil had almost slipped as she had been chatting in a chat room with a man who seemed to be the ideal solution to her needs. When the conversation turned to a more private chat in the one to one rooms, she had given him her mobile number. All day today she dreaded the thought this stranger ringing her up at work and demanding she do something dangerous that could lead to her being sacked.
She finally breathed a sigh of relief, when she had reached home with out that dreaded but exciting call coming. She turned to make herself a hot cup of coffee, when the mobile phone began to ring. With out thinking she answered, A Voice said “Samantha, that is you, isn’t it Samantha?” Something about the way he said her name caused electric pulses to rush from every part of her body all heading directly in to her clitoris.

Her voiced trembled as she replied “Yes, this is Samantha! To whom am I speaking?” “You forgot me already, Samantha, I am shocked.

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   Only yesterday you gave me this number to take you to subs paradise!” the sultry voice said. “OH Ray it's you, I was not expecting a call so soon, besides I have only just heard your voice for the first time. How was I supposed to recognize a voice I have never heard?” she asked.
The voice said “Do you really want me to take you to paradise? Can you honestly tell me that the quiver in your voice and the dampness spreading through your cunt at this very moment are not telling me you want me to take you there?” “I am here in Chelsea right now, all I need is your address and I will transport you beyond your wildest dreams!” he continued. Before she knew what had happened she gave him her address. “See you in fifteen” was the last thing she heard before the phone went dead.
She sat down before her shaking legs collapsed beneath her. Had she really just given this stranger she barely knew her address so willingly. As if in a dream she simply sat there, until the whistling kettle reminded her of her thirst. .