The Great Charmer


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“What a day it’s been,” said Paul.
“My dick is starving. We gotta get some new prospects,” said John.
It had been weeks since the two had had any sex. They preferred group sex the most, but they were having the hardest time finding a woman who would let the run a train on her, so now they were willing to settle for anything.
That wasn’t working either. Now they were sitting on the couch watching TV on another Saturday night. This was their fourth dry weekend in a row and it was getting them down in more ways that one.
“It’s like every single thing we do—there’s nothing coming. I mean, are we losing our charm?” asked Paul.
John had an idea. “When this happens, you gotta go back to the beginning. We gotta go to Sensei. ”
Paul smiled.

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   Old memories of when they were young started flashing in his head.
Sensei was actually just a friend who was really good with women. He taught them everything he knew about getting women, and they were quite successful at it until recently. They called him Sensei as a joke because he was their mentor on this subject. His real name was Ron.
“Sensei?” said Paul. “Yeah, but it’s been a long time, man. ”
“We have to go to Grand Sensei. I’m ashamed that we haven’t called him and said hello, but we gotta do it. We’re losing the magic, man. We gotta get it back or else we’re gonna be out of business. ”
“Do you think he would like to talk to us at this point?”
“Well, let’s give him a try. ”
It took about thirty minutes to drive to Ron’s house on the other side of Los Angeles. Paul called him as they were nearing the house and explained the situation. He seemed happy to hear from him and said he’d be happy to help.

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Apparently Ron hadn’t lost his sense of humor over the years, because as soon as they walked in, they were greeted by Ron who was sitting at the table with huge cotton balls stuffed in his mouth.
He was pretending to be the Godfather the same way he did years ago. Paul and John joined in the routine without missing a step.
They knelt in front of Ron like they were kneeling for a king. John said, “Oh, Great Sensei, we’re at the end of our rope. My partner here, the Great Bullshit Master, has run out of charm. He’s not bringing in pussy anymore. Our dicks are starving. We come to you in our hour of need. Please have mercy on us. ”
In his best Godfather imitation voice, Ron said, “Why you come to me now with problems like this? You don’t call me and invite me to your house for a little espresso, a little pasta. And now you have a problem. You obviously haven’t gotten laid in a while—or at least two hours—and you think now you have a problem. ”
Paul was having a hard time controlling his laughter at this point because Ron was doing such an accurate impersonation of the Godfather without the slightest hint of a smile. It was funny as hell.

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John said, “Sensei, believe me, we follow your techniques. We follow every step we learned from you, but it doesn’t seem to work. I mean, I don’t know what’s wrong. We came across a bitch—I mean, what we think is a witch—and she worked a spell on us because we did anal without telling her we were gonna do it—”
“Although she liked it,” interrupted Paul.
“—and she took away our charm. ”
Ron started moving the chess pieces around on the table in front of him. He said, “Being in solitary, I like playing by myself. I figure this way I always win. ”
He chuckled and then said, “Guys, first of all, you shouldn’t call them bitches. I think that maybe you lost your charm. ”
He said something in Italian and then translated it. Basically, he’d said they need to make the girl feel comfortable. They needed to tease her and make her cum before she even saw their dicks.
Ron pretended to be frustrated and said, “I feel bad that all my teachings have gone in one ear and out your ass. ”
The guys were struggling to keep from laughing.

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   Ron was pouring the comedy on thick this time.
He went on about a girl that he had for them and how he was going to use her to re-teach them how to pick up women. They could get to know her, watch how Ron worked, and then they’d get to practice what he taught them. But of course, none of that would happen until after five minutes of joking and quoting catch phrases from the Godfather.
The guys went home and got cleaned up after coughing up $20 apiece for Ron. He didn’t tell them what it was for. Instead, he joked about it being “tribute. ”
Later that night, they went back. The girl that Ron was talking about was sitting next to him on the couch. Her name was Naomi. She was average in appearance, a little chubby, but her hair style and attitude gave her a lot of sex appeal. She had the look of a woman who wanted to fuck and didn’t care whose dick she was fucking.
She was wearing a black top with a short red skirt. Her purse was next to her on the floor. She seemed really relaxed and she smiled all the time.

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She had her foot on Ron’s leg and he was stroking her thigh. He looked up, said, “Do you like these shoes?”
Naomi said, “Yeah. ”
“I spent a lot of my hard-earned money getting these, you know? And I bought them just for you. ”
He lifted her foot off his thigh and raised her leg high in the air so the boys could see the shoes. Then he said, “You see, boys, you shmackles, if you get shoes for a girl you really charm the hell out of her because girls really love shoes. And another advantage to shoes is that you can look up their skirts and see what that lovely little pussy looks like. ”
That was the last thing that Ron needed to point out. Paul and John were already looking up her skirt and felt huge boners trying to spring up in their pants. Her pussy looked so sexy stuffed away in tight red panties.
Everyone chuckled at Ron’s humor, then he said, “Look honey, these shoes are all yours. And because you have to put up with the likes of these two ugly shmackles, I got you a second pair of shoes and these guys chipped in to buy them for you. ”
Now they knew why Ron wanted $20 from them earlier. He handed Naomi the box. She was smiling but she didn’t seem overly enthused about it.
John joked, “So we should give her two pair of shoes?”
“Well, when you’re dealing with three guys, one pair just isn’t enough.

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   I could’ve gotten by with one pair with my charm, but since we’re dealing with two shmackles like you two, you have to have the additional shoes as well. ”
Everyone laughed, but Paul and John felt an intense rush of excitement and tingles race through them. Ron had pretty much confirmed that Naomi was going to fuck them all. Her tits and crotch suddenly looked ten times better and two needy cocks were swelling up fast.
“In fact,” continued Ron, “when I look at both of you I think perhaps I should have gotten her a third pair and a bra and some underwear, but…oh well. ”
They were having the time of their lives with Ron cracking jokes on them. It was just like the old days.
“Isn’t this exciting?” asked Ron to Naomi. “There’re a lot of men out there who would be masturbating looking at you. Isn’t that a nice thought?”
“Yeah,” said Naomi.
“You’re very sexy and got a beautiful body and nice, big tits. Men love girls like you. ”
She was leaning closer to Ron with every word that came out of his mouth. She was blushing and giggled from time to time.
Ron turned to his friends and said, “See, flattering helps too.

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   It’s the shoes and the flattering. Keep watching. ”
He joked some more, flirted some more, and teased the two “shmackles” some more. He gave a few more tips about how to impress her with tactics that were old fashioned, but still worked.
He started kissing her neck as he gently pulled her hair. Then he pointed out the goose bumps that had formed on her legs. He pulled one of her tits out and showed them how hard her nipples had gotten because of it.
Naomi’s eye lids were getting heavier. She was taking deeper breaths than before. She was still giggling, but now it sounded like partial moans mixed with laughter.
The boys were impressed. Ron was manipulating this woman, getting her extremely horny, and he was telling them exactly how he was doing it while she was sitting there listening. They had to give it to him. Ron had style.
Next, he got her to give them a little strip tease.


   She basically took her clothes off slowly and wiggled her hips seductively. It was nothing special since Naomi wasn’t much of a dancer, but the point of it was to get her naked, so it wasn’t entirely in vain. The only thing left on her body when she was done was her new high heels.
Ron had started playing with his cock under his pants. The boys were staring wide-eyed at Naomi’s tits, which were even bigger now that the bra wasn’t holding them back.
Ron told her to sit back down. He said, “Is there anything that you would like more than a penis in your mouth?”
“No,” said Naomi.
“Candy? Ice cream? A movie? A walk in the park?”
“No,” repeated Naomi.
“So basically, the penis in the mouth is your best choice?”
She nodded.
Ron turned to the guys and said, “Always let the girl make the choice because, A, it’s more exciting, and B, if she makes no choice then she can dial 9-1-1. ” Ron was making a reference to rape, but it took a few seconds for anyone to get the joke, so the laughs came late.
Ron pulled his cock out. It was already at least seven inches long and it wasn’t fully erect yet.
Naomi’s eyes lit up and she leaned forward with her wet mouth agape and closed her soft lips around the head. She gave it a light suck and then dove down on it.

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   She went a little deeper with each suck, and soon Ron’s cock had fully stiffened in her mouth.
Naomi had some outstanding cock sucking skills. His dick was tingling immensely as she massaged it with her tongue and lips.
“Look at how she takes it so deep,” said Ron. “Look at that. ”
It was like the guys were watching a live porno. And seeing it live was having the same effect as it would if they were watching it on TV. It made them want to fuck the girl.
She was bending in a doggie style position on the couch as she sucked him. Not only did they get to see how well she gave head, they got to see her naked ass sticking straight up in the air. It left their imaginations with something to work with.
They could almost see themselves plugging her other end with stiff cock. All they needed was the okay from Ron and Naomi.
It was driving them crazy just sitting there watching somebody else get his dick sucked after going so long without sex.
To make it worse, Ron said, “She sucks a mean dick.

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  ” Then he pulled it out of her mouth and started kissing her and sucking her tits because he’d forgotten to tell them foreplay was an important part of the lesson. The kissing only lasted about ten seconds though, because Ron leaned back and eagerly popped it back in her wet mouth.
“Oh, that’s pretty talented,” moaned Ron. “Oooh, nice, baby! Nice. Look at that. Look how hard I’m getting. Yeah. All the way out and all the way in. Oh, yeah, keep doing that!”
“Uh, Sensei,” said Paul, “where’s our part?”
“Oh, shit,” said Ron as if he’d forgotten about them by accident.
Naomi knew he’d done it on purpose, so she was having a hard time keeping control of her laughter. The desperate look on their faces was hilarious.
“While you suck my dick,” said Ron to Naomi, “one of the Shmackle Brothers are gonna start giving you head from the back. He’s gonna eat your pussy; he’s gonna eat your ass, and if you really behave yourself, honey, he’s gonna stick his tongue way up your ass and touch your tonsils. That’s how far we’re talking. He might even massage your heart as he bypasses it.


John wasted no time in getting his clothes off. He was behind Naomi and had his tongue gliding back and forth between her clit and asshole in seconds.
It had been so long since he’d tasted the sweetness of a young woman’s cunt juices. He worked each and every inch of her hind region like he was using his mouth to clean it before surgery.
Naomi was extremely aroused from having a cock in her mouth and a tongue in her ass and pussy. She sucked Ron deeper and let her head linger at the bottom before she came up.
Her pussy was gushing loads of fluids. John happily lapped every drop and spread it around using his lips and tongue until he had her whole anal and pubic region soaked with saliva and pussy juice.
Ron kissed her for a while longer until he opened his eyes and realized John had stopped licking her. He obviously wanted a blowjob too, so Ron told Naomi to lay on her back so he could fuck her while she sucked John’s cock.
Her ample tits fell into place and Ron lifted one of her luscious legs high in the air, revealing every tender fold of her juicy, bald cunt. She started fingering herself and rubbing her clit.
“Is it nice and wet?”
“Uh-huh,” Naomi moaned.
She looked up just in time to see John’s balls coming at her face. She opened her mouth and let them land on her lips and tongue.

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   A few seconds later she felt Ron’s pulsing cock head pushing into her tight hole.
As wide apart as her legs already were, she tried to separate them even more. Ron had a long prick. He was slowly shoving every inch of it in and out of her. Her whole body was tingling like mad.
“Turn around and we’ll do you doggie style, baby,” said Ron. “Get that cute little ass way up in the sky. ”
She got up and bent over on her knees. She arched her back, which put her pouty cunt lips in better view and made her twat easier to access.
“Ohh, look at that,” said Ron, and he instinctively started stroking his cock and then slipped it back in her as she took in a mouthful of John’s cock.
All three were really into it now. This was Naomi’s favorite position. She loved what Ron was doing behind her. The better he fucked her, the more cock she craved for her mouth. It got to the point that she was deep-throating John every time she went down.

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When John commented on how good it felt, it made her get even nastier. She pushed her mouth completely flush against John’s pubic region, forcing him so deep that the end of his cock had to curve down her throat just to fit it all in.
“Oh…yeah! My dick is all the way down her throat,” John said in amazement. “She’s so fucking good. ”
“You’re learning my lessons well. That’s charming, providing a penis for her to suck on,” Ron joked.
He got serious for a moment and told John to get lost. He was horny and wanted Naomi all to himself.
Besides, they hadn’t called him in a year. They deserved to suffer.
He sat down and motioned for Naomi to mount him. He wanted her to ride him. She was really good at it. She had a big, juicy ass that made for a great, cushiony, heated seal around his cock and hips.
Their upper bodies were pressed close together.

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   Her tits were mashed against Ron’s face, which made it hard to breath, but despite the lack of oxygen, within minutes, she had almost gotten him to pop his load.
In fact, the heavy breathing made it seem more erotic. He was spreading her ass cheeks apart and ramming every inch of his cock up in her.
The only problem was Ron had drank too much water and liquor before every got there. He’d been holding his bladder all night. He’d just gotten to the point that he couldn’t take anymore, so he excused himself and asked the “bogus boys” to fill in for him.
Ron’s bladder couldn’t have had better timing. Watching them fuck was really getting to the boys. They were stroking their meat, and if Ron hadn’t stopped when he did, they would’ve popped their loads all over their hands.
John was the first to act. He was on his feet and bending Naomi over as soon as Ron got to his feet. He fucked her, pounded her, drilled her, dug into her hot flesh.
He pulled his cock out, slurped the pussy juice, swallowed it, and sprang back to his feet. He motioned for Naomi to turn around.
John was stroking his meat.

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   Naomi dropped to her knees.
John grabbed her head.
Naomi’s mouth came open.
John’s legs were shaking with anticipation.
Cum spilled from his cock like waterfalls. Every bit of it landed directly in her mouth.
Naomi gladly caught it all in her mouth, swallowed some, and let some drip back onto his cock so she could lick it up while she sucked the sensitive cock head.
Ron watched patiently as Paul took his turn fucking Naomi. It was about the same as John, ending with Paul shooting his load in her mouth while he moaned his satisfaction.
Once they were out of the way, Ron laid her on her back and started drilling her in the missionary position. His back was upright so he could watch her tits jiggle, plus he didn’t want to get too close to her face with all that cum on it.
It felt good, but Naomi’s pussy was getting sore after fucking all those dicks. She said, “Okay Mr. Tough-Guy-Sensei, you better cum in twenty seconds. ”
She started counting down from twenty and it actually sounded very sexy because she was moaning as she counted.

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   When she got to number one, Ron pulled his cock out, started stroking it, and said, “Zero. ”
Long ropes of cum sprang from his cock and decorated her face like a spider web. She started sucking Ron’s spent dick.
“Oh, aw!” he screamed. Shivers went through his body. “Oh, oh man, oh!”
“That’s delicious. Mmmm,” she said as she sucked the last few drops from his tingling shaft.
Ron looked up. He had stuffed more tissue in his cheeks while everyone was pre-occupied with watching the blowjob.
Mocking the Godfather, he said, “That’s how you do it boys. They want a little sperm, you give it to them. Now we can go take a break and have a little cappuccino and spaghetti. Naomi, you wanna come have a bite with us?”
“Okay,” she said.
“You hungry?”
“Yeah,” she replied. She still hadn’t stopped sucking his cock.

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“Okay, guys. The lesson was a success. Onward and upward, okay?”
“Thank you, Sensei. ”
They bowed, and it was off to their place to eat dinner and possibly get ready for another romp.
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