the Dance Party


     The club was packed, and Kristi and I were stuck up against the wall, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.   The band was in the middle of their set, and with the music blaring loudly from speakers that were positioned directly over our heads, Kristi spent most of the time grinding into me, pressing her ass right onto my cock.   Moving in sync with the band, it felt great.   Thankfully it was dark enough that nobody took notice of our own private dance, but the crowd was too much into the band to even give a second look or probably care if they could actually As the music got louder and faster, she kept pushing further and further back into me.   I, not being the most musically inclined individual, stood rigid, up against the wall and allowed her to make most of the moves.   The only move that I was able to make was happening in my pants.   My cock was growing harder with each thrust of her With the end of the song nearing, Kristi turned around, wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and planted a kiss right on my “Are you having fun?” she “Yes,” I replied.   “I want to And with that, she turned around, and headed out into the crowd, leaving me against the wall, trying to cover up the bulge in my pants.   It didn’t take long for her to find her way out into the middle of the crowd.   Jumping up and down with the rhythm, it was only a matter of seconds before she blended into the I remained on the sides, up against the wall, peering into the crowd for the sight of her, but the crowd was so large it took me a few minutes to catch the first glimpse of her.   It was then that I noticed that she had found a group of people to dance with.   The dancing was the typical jumping up and down, waving of the hands in the air, and screaming at the top of your lungs at the band type of dance.   A few guys, a couple of girls, and Kristi were right in the middle of the group, having a great After a few songs, Kristi made her way back to the wall where I was standing.   A few of the friends she had made on the dance floor were following her.   She came up to me and quickly introduced me to her new friends.   It was so loud, that I could barely hear the names as I quickly shook the hands of these people.

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    I think their names were Chris, Dave, and Lisa.   Kristi turned to me and asked me if I would mind going to the bar for a drink.   I shouted as loud as I could to see if any of her new friends were thirsty, and with a nod of the head I headed out through the crowd towards the bar.   It took me over ten minutes to wrestle through the crowd, get to the bar, order four beers, and make my way Luckily there was a few minutes break between songs, and the crowd seemed to dissipate somewhat.   I quickly handed over the beers, introduced myself again (as I was now able to hear their names) and sided over to the wall again.   “Did you mind that I found some new friends to dance with,” Kristi asked “Mind,” I replied, “not at all!  In fact, I’m glad you found some people to dance with.   You looked like you were having a really good She got up close to me and with her lips pressed up against my ear told me “Just so you know… while I was out dancing before… I think either Dave or Chris might have grabbed my ass… and I may have danced a little provocatively with Lisa… I think I may have had a little too much to drink, and if this bothers you… I can ditch them and we can “Leave?” I asked her.   “You really are asking me if this bothers me?  We talked about this on the way over to the In fact, we had jokingly talked about this type of situation in the car earlier that evening.   Although the conversation was a lot of joking and kidding, it was decided that if Kristi had a chance to dance with someone, either male or female, I would not have minded watching them dance close and personal.   I guess I was just a little surprised that it actually happened and it was with both sexes… at the same “I don’t mind at all” I continued telling her.   “In fact, to be honest with you… I kind of like watching you dance with other “I’m glad… I’m having so much fun, but I don’t want to leave you out of anything.   I want to make sure that you are having fun I told her that I was having fun, even if it was just watching her, and before I could say another word, the music started up again and it was near impossible to say or hear anything else without having to scream.   So, I gave Kristi a kiss on the lips and went back to the wall with my beer.   At first, I thought Kristi and her new friends were going to make their way back into the crowd and onto the dance floor, but they stayed close, only a few feet away.   I could tell that all four of them were a little tipsy from the amount of beer that they have been drinking as they started jumping up and down in rhythm with the beats of the I stayed in the corner, watching the four of them having a great time as I stood up against the wall drinking my beer.

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    After a few minutes, I could tell that both Dave and Chris were moving in closer to Kristi.   One of them moved in front of Kristi as the other behind her, but continued to dance as before, jumping up and down with the beat of the music.   Before long, however, I realized that Kristi had put one arm around Dave’s waist and pulled him close to her.   Chris, behind Kristi moved in as well.   She turned her head around, looking for a reaction from me.   I raised the beer I was holding into the air, and gave her a nod of the head, a wink of the eye, and huge smile across my face.   So, she continued to dance with the two of them.   While Chris was rubbing his body up against the back of Kristi, Dave had his arms wrapped around her waist, thrusting into her body into his.   In the meantime, Lisa, dancing to the side, realized how close the three of them got together, so she moved in close to be part of the action.   Kristi, moved one of her arms off of Dave’s shoulder and took a hold of Lisa’s hand, pulling her close to the With one more glance back over her shoulder to me, she pulled Lisa in close and gave her a long, hard kiss.   The sight was incredible!  Dancing close with both men and kissing Lisa at the same time was going to be enough to keep my mind going forever, and the thoughts I was having at that exact moment were far from being innocent.   I didn’t care if anybody noticed, but I was hard as could be, and my pants did little to cover that fact up.   But with what was going on just a few feet in front of me, and with the band deep into a famous played song, there was little chance of anybody giving me one bit of The song ended, as well as the dance.   Kristi moved quickly back over to the wall where I was standing, out of breath, but with a smile from ear to ear.   Before she could say anything to me, Dave, Chris, and Lisa gave me a quick look, a smile, and a wave.

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    They turned to Kristi and did the same before heading back out into the Kristi just looked at me and continued to smile and before she could say a single word, the band started in on their encore song and she remained speechless.   I grabbed a hold of her for one last song and pulled her close to me. I pressed my lips tightly to hers, and could taste the sweet taste of her lips, with the hint of another flavor… Lisa’s lips I presumed.   She allowed her arms to go over my shoulders, drop to my waist, and press up firmly against my rock hard That night, I danced like I never danced before.   With one last song being played on the stage, I jumped as high into the air as I could, raising my arms way over my head, and screaming at the top of my lungs – right alongside It took at least thirty minutes in the car before the ringing in our ears subsided, and we were able to have anything close to a “I had the most amazing night…” Kristi told “I would think you did” I “I hope you enjoyed what you saw tonight,” she said “Are you fucking kidding me?  Enjoyed it – I almost came right there up against the wall watching you.   It was unbelievably “I’m so glad that you liked The rest of the ride home was spent in near silence as we held hands and allowed our minds to replay the evening.   We listened to the radio, and smiled at each other as much as we Getting home took about an hour, and within minutes we were pressed together, naked in the shower, allowing the cool water to wash our bodies clean, knowing full well that even five minutes after this shower, we would be just as sweaty, if not more than before It felt as though my hard on never fully went away from the first moment I saw Kristi dancing with Chris, Dave and Lisa, but being this close to her naked body, it felt the hardest it did all night right at that We washed each other’s bodies, taking a considerable amount of time on the others more sensitive spots.   Turning the water off, I reached out of the shower, grabbed the towels and proceeded to dry off Kristi’s body, before doing the same to my We headed straight into the bedroom, disregarding any of our pajamas, and went right for the bed.   Getting under the covers, I slipped close to Kristi and gave her a kiss right on the “Were you surprised I kissed that girl tonight” she asked me as she pulled her face away from “It freaking shocked the hell out of me” I told “I hope it was a good I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it close to mine again and pressing her lips up against mine, kissed her hard and “Does that answer your “No,” she replied, but pushing back the covers to reveal my naked body, she looked at my rock hard cock and said, “but that “Good, I said” as I move my lips down her chin.   Opening my mouth to let my tongue roll over her chin, down her throat and across her chest, I quickly found my way to her bare breasts.   Licking them playfully, I waited a few moments until they were hard and erect.   I opened my mouth wider, and let my tongue get them nice and wet.   Sucking on them, occasionally biting on them ever so gently, I took my time playing with her breasts until I could tell she wanted me to take things Leaving a hand on her breasts, rolling her wet nipples between my fingers, I made my way further down her stomach until I had my face between her legs.   At first I let my tongue caress her thighs as she slowly moved her legs apart, revealing her already wet pussy.   It didn’t take long before I slipped and brushed my tongue across her  It wasn’t long before I had my face buried between her legs, allowing my tongue to go further and further inside her wet pussy, pushing her further and further until I could tell she could endure no more.

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    With her breathing getting heavier, and her moans getting louder, I moved my body back up hers, and allowed my cock to slide effortlessly inside her hot, wet Within seconds, we were grinding each other slowly at first, but with the heat of the moment, and the amount of excitement that had happened earlier in the evening, the tempo sped up to an intense speed, and before I could do anything about it, I released my cum deep inside of her. Hot and sweaty, we laid next to each other for what seemed like hours before she turned to me and said “Wow… that was “It was” I reassured her.   “I’m just sorry it was so quick, but after watching you with those people tonight, I’m just amazed that I lasted as long as I “I forgot to mention something that happened earlier at the “What” I asked her, having no idea what else could have “While I was dancing with Dave and Chris, and after I had kissed Lisa, Lisa whispered in my ear that she thought I was amazing, and that she wished we could get to know each other better.   I thought she grabbed my ass, but in fact she put her business card into my back pocket and then told me to call her!  What do you think I should “What should you do?  You should call her” I told her without even giving it a second “I’ll think about it” she told me, and we quietly got our pajamas on and fell A few days later, after a long day at work, I came home to find Kristi sitting at the kitchen table, on the computer, with the biggest smile on her face.   “What’s got you in such a good mood” I asked “I called Lisa Instantly my mind raced back to the night at the club.   All I could picture was the dance and the kiss.   My cock was hard in “Holy shit” I told her.   “I can’t believe you called her!  What did you guys talk “At first we talked about that night at the club.   Then we started talking about each other.   She and Chris are engaged.   They seem to be a very happy couple.   Then we started talking about you and I and she kept telling me that she was so nervous with you standing up against the wall watching us kiss, but I reassured her that you were anything but “I can’t believe you guys talked about “I figure we’ll be talking about it a lot more since her and Chris are coming over for dinner tomorrow “What?” I stammered out.   “They are coming here… tomorrow “Here… tomorrow night” she reassured me as she turned off the computer, got up from the table and began making dinner.   Nothing more was said about tomorrow night’s dinner the rest of the evening.   But nothing had to be said, my mind was racing a mile a The next day seemed to last an eternity.

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    The clock at work seemed to slow down with each passing second.   It was worse than any Christmas Eve I had as a child, waiting for the first sunlight to wake my siblings and parents and head out to open my presents. Five o’clock finally did arrive, and I nearly knocked my coworkers over as I headed to my car and headed home.   I was home in record Lisa and Chris arrived promptly at six, and the dinner went off without any talk about the club.   It was a typical dinner among people just getting to know each other.   We had a bottle of wine between us, and after finishing the meal, we took the second bottle with us into the living room.   The conversation began heading into a sexual nature, as the wine began to take its effect onto all of us.   At firs the conversation was flirty and silly, with a few comments about the club.   Lisa began talking about how excited it was watching her fiancé dance so close to Kristi, and I quickly followed with a comment on how excited it was to watch them as well.   Kristi and Chris both admitted that it was just as exciting to do something to excite us with as I’m not sure how it happened, but just as quick as the conversation started about Kristi and Lisa’s kiss, they moved closer to each other on the couch and resumed the kiss right from where they left off at the club.   Chris and I looked at each for a quick second, and with smiles on our face, we both knew that there would be no objections from either one of us.   We sat opposite of the girls, watching every move, trying not to blink in order to not miss a single At first I was unsure whose hand had moved up my leg and over my rock hard cock, but after I took a quick glance, I realized that it was Kristi’s.   I looked back at the girls, and noticed that Lisa was doing the same to Chris.   I quickly looked back up at the girls, whose kisses turned from innocent lip smacking to deep, intense tongue tying kissing.   After a few minutes, Kristi released my cock, moved her arm over to Lisa and began caressing her side, moving her hand up and down, closing in on her breasts.

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    Before long, her hand made its way down to her waist and under shirt so that she could get a better feel for the others warm tits.  I continued to watch as Lisa moved her hand away from Chris and over to Kristi’s side of the couch.   The kisses moved away from the mouths and the tongues on both girls moved toward the others neck.   I moved myself closer to Kristi and proceeded to rub my hands across her back as my lips pressed hard against the back of her neck.   Chris, I could only assume was doing the same to Lisa on the other side of the couch.   Within minutes, both Chris and I had the girls shirts off of their bodies and on the floor as we both began fumbling with the clasps of the bras.   As soon as they were undone, the girls moved their mouths away from each other and they began to caress each other’s naked Chris and I moved back to give the girls more room, and within minutes, they were embraced yet again, breast to breast, lip-locked even harder this time.   Arms were all over each others body, and after a few moments, Lisa had Kristi backed down onto the couch and across my legs as she began tearing at the button of her pants.   While Lisa was focused on Kristi’s lower body, I focused my attention to her upper body.   With my fingers going across her chest, I used the wetness that Lisa left after playing with Kristi’s tits to allow them to move freely between my fingers.   While I was playing with her tits, Lisa was moving her head down between Kristi’s legs, and from what I could see, Chris was moving his arms around Lisa’s waist to play with her tits as well.   Kristi was enjoying every minute of this experience and with every caress of her breast, I could feel her breathing get heavier and heavier, and after a few moments of having another woman’s face deep between her legs, I could feel the first wave of orgasm wash over her After a few more minutes of this, Kristi slowly sat up and moved over to Lisa’s side of the couch.   Within minutes, both she and Lisa were turned around and facing Chris, who was leaning back into the couch.   There was little I could do but watch.   At first, both women were on the couch rubbing their hands across Chris’s body, under his shirt, over his legs, around his waist.

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    Before I could tell who was doing what, Chris was completely naked and standing in front of both girls.   Kristi looked over at my side of the couch, gave me a huge smile, and turned her attention back to Chris.   I sat back into the cushions and moved my hand over my the bulge in my pants and began to massage my cock as I watched Chris began to get pleasured by two women, his fiancé and my At first, Kristi moved back a little to allow Lisa to get head first into Chris’s waist, taking all of Chris’s cock, deep into her mouth.   But after a few minutes, Lisa pulled back, giving Kristi room to move in, and the two girls began licking and caressing Chris’s cock, from tip to base and back again.   Chris stood there, breathing heavier and heavier, and moaning louder and louder. Before long, I stood up, took off my shirt and pants, removed my underwear and moved next to Chris, hoping for some of the same treatment.   Instead, Lisa moved back on the couch, leaving Kristi face deep on Chris’s cock.   After a few more thrusts of her mouth, she realized that I was standing next to Chris and she released her mouth from him and moved over to me.   Chris remained where he stood as Kristi took her hand and began running her fingers over his wet cock.   Lisa laid back on the couch, watching the two of us now being pleasured by Kristi.   At first, she excitedly went deep down the length of my cock as she massaged Chris’s with her hand, but before long, she pulled him closer to me so that we were side by side, and she was able to take both cocks deep inside her mouth.   In and out, she licked us evenly and quickly.   It wasn’t long before I could feel my excitement building up to the point that I was about to come.   I suspect Chris wasn’t far off as he pulled away from Kristi and sat back onto the couch next to I too sat back on the couch and pulled Kristi close to As Chris and Lisa were began to fuck each other on one side of the couch, Kristi and I were on the other side doing the same.   At first, we took it slowly, rocking our partner’s bodies in motion, watching the other couples at play.

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    Then, as the passion took hold, we began fucking harder and quicker, and as the one couple began to yell out in excitement, it seemed the other couple became louder as Before long, the four of us were on the verge of cumming.   I think Chris released first, arching his back into the couch with Lisa screaming out loud, Kristi and I both watched them as we continued climbing to the peak of cumming ourselves.   As soon as Chris and Lisa settled down, it was our turn.   I grabbed a hold of Kristi’s ass, pulling her down onto my cock, hard and fast one more time, and with one scream of pleasure, I came deep inside of her – shot after shot until I was completely drained.   Both Lisa and Kristi got off the couch at the same time, and Chris and I watched as they stood in front of the couch, smiling at each other, with cum dripping down their thighs, rolling across their legs.   We said our goodbyes with hugs, kisses and handshakes.   Chris and I agreed to keep in touch via email as Lisa and Kristi agreed to call each other regularly.   Not only did we make the best of friends that night, we knew that it was a friendship that would hopefully last a long, long As Lisa and Chris pulled away in their car, Kristi turned to me and gave me one big hug.    She kissed me and pulling my ear close to her mouth whispered to me “Lisa mentioned that the next time her and Chris come over, they are planning on inviting their friend Dave as well…”
            “Cool” I said, as I pulled her lips back to mine.
            Lips locked in passion and tongues caressing each other, it wasn’t long before my cock was hard again and we were making our way back to the bedroom.