The Coed


"I usually find that it helps to break the ice if we could have a little wine," Sam offered, "it just seems to loosen everybody up a little!!!" "Good idea," Vic remarked, "I'll go some glasses and be right back!!!" While Vic disappeared into the kitchen leaving the two women alone, Maddie asked, "C-could you just take off you blouse, I'm dying to see what you have hidden under there!?!" Sam smiled, and without saying a word, unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders with a shrug! "OH, my," Maddie said with a small moan, "you have a very large chest, what size bra do you wear!?!" Sam chuckled a little at the older woman's excitement and said coyly, 34DD, do you think that's too big?!?" When Vic suddenly appeared with a tray containing three glasses of white wine he gave a low whistle and opined, "Very nice, Sam, very nice indeed!!!" "You're not gonna believe this," Maddie said to Vic, "Sam asked if she thought they were too big!!!" Vic laughed and replied, "You'll have to excuse Maddie, Sam, she just loves big tits, and from the looks of things, she really loves yours!!!"After sitting for a few minutes nursing their drinks, Maddie piped up, "I think its time I help Sam take off the rest of her things, don't you Vic!?!" Vic took another swig from his glass and with a wave of his hand said, "You go, girl!!!" The two women stood facing each other, but before she made a move to start removing the young woman's clothing, she pressed her self up against her, and gave her a long deep kiss, which Sam eagerly returned!!! "You are very beautiful," Maddie breathed, while leaned around and licking the blonde's ear, I think it's time we take off that bra!!! "Sweet jesus," Vic remarked when the two huge globes of tit flesh fell from the over sized brassiere, "it's hard to believe all that developed in a short twenty years!!!" Maddie didn't say anything, because she couldn't, that being with her mouth all ready attached to one of the big rubbery nipples that stood proudly erect on Sam's chest!!! When ten minutes later she was still devouring the luscious nipple, Vic interjected, "Maddieeeeeee, I think it's time we move on, Sam won't have a nipple left if you don't give her a break!!!" Maddie gave the big nub one more suck before turning around and sticking her tongue out and Vic and replying, "Okay, you finish undressing her if you're in such a hurry!!!" Sam stood in front of Vic as he slid her jeans down over her hips, revealing a pair of very skimpy white lace thong bikini panties! He looked up at her said while running his hands all over her ass and thighs, "You'll have to excuse Maddie, she's just so hung up on your boobs!!!" Sam giggled and said, "You mean you don't like my tits?!?" "Uh," he replied, "that's not what I said, it's just that I like this too," as he buried his face into her crotch, while tonguing her through her thin lace panties!!!" Sam's legs buckled at little when the insistent tongue found her clit, so she put her hands on his shoulders to help keep her balance!!! "She tastes so sweet," Vic said between licks, "I just love young pussy, don't you!?!" Maddie was busy taking off her own clothing, and although her boobs weren't as big as Sam's, she never the less had a very firm body for a woman of fifty two, so she shamelessly paraded in front of Sam while feeling up the young girl's chest and fingering her own slit with her other hand!!!After about ten minutes of this, Maddie, now panting like a bitch in heat gasped, "Come one Vic, it's my turn, it's time for some girl-girl sex!!! Reluctantly Vic gave up his prize, but he could also appreciate what he was about to witness, as Mattie lay down in the middle of the carpeted floor, while carefully maneuvering Sam over her in the classic sixty nine position!!! To Maddie, Sam's gaping pussy was like putting raw meat to a ravenous dog, and in the blink of an eye, her mouth attacked the defenseless organ and attempted to devour it!!! Sam's head rolled to the side and she groaned out loud as the vicious attack on her swollen clit went on unabated, until finally, with no place else to put her head, she let her own mouth drop down to rest on Maddie's open vagina!!! Even though he wished his own mouth was where Maddie's was, he had to admit, watching his wife with another woman was one of the biggest turnons he had!!! The only thing audible in the living room, was the loud licking noise coming from each woman's pussy, except of course for the frequent moans that each of them made into the burning snatch of the other!!! Vic's eyes began to glass over, but he still had the presence of mind to pull out his pecker and give it a hard fist job while watching the mutual suckfest going on not more than five feet away from him!!!Maddie's hips began to slide around while the tension in her pussy was building to a fever pitch as Sam used her soft insistent tongue to drive her crazy, alternating fast quick hard strokes with soft lazy ones!!! Maddie, however, wasn't in this boat alone as her own tongue was doing more than its fair share to drive the pretty little blonde haired covered pussy to ecstasy!!! Even with the thirty plus years age difference, it was amazing to see how similarly these two women responded as their cunts were wracked by a series of clit numbing orgasms!!! Both of them bucked their hips, trying desperately to induce more pressure onto their swollen pussies, while at the same time greedily sucking and licking the gaping slit that was drooling hot juice all over their faces!!! At the same time, Vic's fist was blur on his shaft, pounding up and down until his nut sack tightened, and his sperm erupted all over his belly chest in a heart stopping climax that left him shaking like a leaf in a hurricane!!! Seeing the pretty little blonde with the big tits lying on top of his wife and sucking her hairy mound, well, that was more than her or any man could have taken!!!After everyone had had a few minutes to recover, Vic joined the two women on the floor, having Sam mount his now again stiff pecker, and Maddie sitting on his face while the two women faced each other!!! While Sam was rocking back and forth on his pecker, Maddie pushed her already wide open cunt hard onto his mouth, allowing the women to press their boobs together and kiss passionately with their tongues exploring each others mouth!!! Grinding crotches, that's what it was, the two women grinding hard, Sam onto Vic's thick erection, and Maddie onto Vic's hot mouth!!! Vic could sense when the end was near, because both women's pace increased dramatically, with Sam now bouncing up and down on his shaft, while Maddie was squishing her pussy on to his face and at the same time trying to suffocate him!!! For Maddie it was a combination of seeing Sam's huge chest bouncing around while she was fucking herself on Vic's rod, and from having her cunt eaten out by a true cunt lapper like her husband, that started her pussy to go through a series of rapid contractions that signaled the onset of a major orgasm!!!To Sam and Vic it was like switch had been turned on, and they too were swept along in wave after wave of pleasure, as the three partners climaxed in perfect unison!!!The next morning as she prepared to leave, the last thing Vic and Maddie did was each give one of Sam's nipples a good bye suck!!! Vic slipped her an extra c-note and said, "Like I said, Maddie always did like big tits!!!THE END