the Business Trip


Kristi was venturing off yet again on another business trip out of the country. There was nothing unusual about this trip. It was just another visit to her buyer to discuss some upcoming sales. However, Kristi was extremely anxious to return home to see her kids, and especially her husband, Joe. Before leaving the house for the airport, Joe had pulled Kristi aside and giving her one of the most sensuous hugs and passionate kisses that she could remember, he had whispered into her ear something that made her heart race. "Come home quickly – I’ve got a special surprise waiting for you!" Kristi heard that before and knew it could only mean one thing. He had something special planned for the bedroom upon her return home.
What could it be? Even during her presentations with the client, Kristi’s mind was five hundred miles away, back in her bedroom with her husband. What could he be planning? He’s done this before. One time, she returned home to find that her children were already in bed and he had filled the bed with some of the balloons that he kept in his drawer. He was waiting in bed with the balloons that he had blown to the max, and was eager to play with both the balloons and Kristi at the same time.
Maybe he was planning another role playing adventure. These were definitely fun times for both of them, and Kristi could only wonder what he had in mind this time. The last time Kristi went away, Joe had planned on playing "bad cop" when she returned. With handcuffs and a little whip, Joe had made sure that Kristi knew how much he had missed her during her trip.
Whatever Joe had in mind, Kristi knew it was going to be fun and she quickly ended her presentations and raced back to the airport.

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   Unfortunately her plane was delayed and she ended up arriving back in her home city about three hours late. Heading home, she had a feeling that her husband may have already gone to bed as the hour was extremely late.
Pulling into the driveway, her suspicions were right, as the porch light was on – but all the lights in the house were turned off. Se didn’t blame him. It was the middle of the night and he did work a full time job and take care of two rambunctious children. She quietly entered the house, put her luggage on the hallway floor, locked up the doors, and headed up to their bedroom.
After freshening up in the bathroom, Kristi was surprised to see her husband standing in the doorway wearing the sexy pajamas that she had bought him the month before. "Did you think I was going to go to sleep before you got home" he asked?
"It is late," Kristi replied, "and the thought had crossed her mind. "
"And forget the promise that I had a special surprise waiting for you?"
"Well, let me go give the kids a kiss goodnight"
"They are at your mothers for the night" Joe said with a smile.
At once, Kristi’s heart began to race. She knew that he was planning on something special to send her kids out for the night, especially since she was returning home from a business trip. They were always home to say hello. But this was going to be a special surprise.
Joe whispered into Kristi’s ear, "Go in the bedroom and strip. Lay down with your eyes closed.

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  " Before she could say a word, his mouth had come down on hers hard, his tongue thrusting deep into her throat.
As she walked away from him towards the bedroom, she looked over her shoulder to him. Joe was standing just inside the bedroom door. His hand was rubbing roughly at his cock in his pajamas and couldn’t believe how turned on he was. Closing the door behind her, Kristi closed her eyes and then slowly stripped out of her clothes. All at once, Kristi realized what Joe had planned for the night, but she didn’t realize that it would be today. She was nervous but seeing Joe that turned on had gotten her extremely hot. Slipping her panties off, she couldn’t resist sliding her hand between her legs. Her pussy was wet and slippery already. She laid down on her stomach, closed her eyes, and waited.
After about ten minutes, she heard the bedroom door open and close. Two sets of footsteps padded on the carpet. She felt the bed dip on either side of her. She still didn’t open her eyes as she wasn’t sure she wanted to. A hand settled on her right shoulder, rubbing gently.

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   Another hand stroked her left thigh. Slowly she felt four hands rubbing, stroking her thin, naked body. Each touch was slow and gentle. She was relaxing before she knew it. When she felt a pair of hands slide her legs open, she started to stiffen again, however, a gentle kiss on her left shoulder settled her down. As the lips touched her shoulders lovingly, the set of hands between her legs were stroking higher and higher up her thighs. The hands had lifter her legs up, pushing her ass into the air. She moaned when she felt fingers opening her pussy and then a tongue slide over her wet slit. Over and over again, this tongue licked Kristi’s pussy slow and patiently. The lips on her shoulder moved up to her neck and she heard her husband whisper into her ear, "Do you like that, baby? Do you like the way he’s licking your pussy?"
Kristi had no idea who’s tongue was licking her. Fingers parted her lips farther, stretching her wide. Whoever the man was had an amazing tongue. When he closed his mouth over her clit and sucked it into her mouth, Kristi pushed back, moaning. As the mystery mouth continued to suck, lick and nibble on her pussy, Joe’s hands moved down her body, stroking her. When his hands clasped her ass, she moaned again.

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   Suddenly Kristi had felt two tongues on her. Joe’s tongue had joined the mystery tongue. As his friend swirled his tongue around her pussy slowly, Joe pulled her cheeks apart and set his tongue to work on her asshole. At this point, Kristi was thrusting her ass back at both of them. Two tongues were working her over, pushing her to edge. Her orgasm was working itself into an uproar. She moaned and bucked under their hands, finally spilling her juices onto the mystery tongue.
Both of their hands continued to stroke Kristi, calming her down. A kiss on her left rump was followed by a kiss on her right thigh. Then both of them slid up her body, one on either side. A hand stroked through her hair. Joe whispered to Kristi to turn over and open her eyes.
Slowly, Kristi turned to lay on her back. When she opened her eyes, Joe was on her right side. He smiled at her and she turned her head to the left.

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   Lying beside her was Peter, a friend of hers. Peter laid there, his head propped up on one arm as he watched her. He was smiling, his face slightly red and wet from licking her. He leaned forward towards her and as his lips came down on her, he whispered "Hi". The kiss was slow. She could taste herself on his mouth. Knowing that Joe was laying there watching her kiss another man was oddly arousing. She felt hands on her tits and realized that it was Joe. As Peter pulled away from the kiss, Kristi looked over at Joe.
As Joe and Kristi kissed, she felt hands on her tits again. Then a warm mouth. Peter was flicking her nipples back and forth with his tongue and then sucking her nipple back into his mouth to suck slowly. She moaned and thrust her tongue into Joe’s mouth. Then Joe moved down, kissing her chin and neck until he reached her other nipple. With both men sucking on her nipples, Kristi was moaning and begging them to suck harder.

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   Having both nipples sucked at the same time was the most erotic thing she had ever felt up to that point.
Joe raised himself up to whisper in her ear, "I want to see you suck him, baby. I want to watch you take his cock in your mouth. " Kristi looked at Joe and then at Peter. Scrambling off the bed, she lowered herself to kneel on the floor. Kristi motioned for Peter to come to her. When he moved, she saw just what she was getting herself into. His cock was hard, standing straight out. Peter stood next to her and she looked up at him and then over at Joe. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock, she slowly lowered her mouth to his head. He tasted different than Joe but in a good way. Slowly, she pushed her mouth down his length, sucking hard. Peter moaned a little and pushed his cock deeper down her throat.
Pulling her mouth back up, she twisted her hand around him, and then pushed her mouth back down. As her mouth was moving up and down him, she felt Joe behind her.

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   His hands grabbed her head and pulled her back and forth on Peter’s cock. Joe kept telling Kristi what a good girl she was and how much he loved watching her suck cock. She was getting more and more turned on. Releasing Peter’s cock, she lifted it and licked the underside and then ran her tongue over his balls. Peter moaned again and rammed his cock back down her throat. When Joe released her head, she lifted her mouth from Peter. Using just her hand, she stroked him as she turned her mouth to Joe’s cock. Fitting her mouth around his head, she sucked the way she know Joe loves it. After sucking Joe’s cock for a while, she turned her attention back to Peter.
    Moving back and forth between the two, she loved having two cocks for the first time, even putting both of them into her mouth at the same time.
    Finally, Peter pulled back out of reach. Joe lifted her up and moved onto the bed, laying her on her back. Leaning down, Joe licked her pussy, sucking her lips into his mouth. His fingers pushed into her and then out again. Just when she knew she was on the edge of an orgasm, Joe pulled away.

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       Laying out on the bed beside her, he smiled. Peter moved over her. Holding Kristi’s legs wide open, he rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy and then slammed into her. As soon as he was buried deep inside her, her body erupted in the hard orgasm Joe had built. She moaned and arched up, tightening her pussy around Peter’s cock. Peter grabbed her hips, pulling her to him and he began to fuck her.
    Peter’s fingers dug into her hips as he rammed his cock over and over into her. Kristi was moaning, begging him to fuck her harder. Joe laid next to them, watching and smiling. "Fuck her, Peter. Fuck my wife hard with your cock. " Kristi looked over and saw Joe stroking his cock watching his friend pound away at her pussy. Wrapping her legs up around Peter’s hips, she pulled him deeper into her. Peter was grunting with each powerful thrust. She groaned as another orgasm pulled through her.

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       Peter threw his head back, rammed his cock as far inside her as he could and erupted in a stream of cum.
    Pulling out and off Kristi, Peter kissed her neck and rolled to lay next to her. Without letting Kristi catch a breath, Joe rolled her over onto her stomach, lifted her hips and rammed his cock into her pussy from behind. Her cream-filled pussy gushed as Joe’s cock pushed deep inside her. She couldn’t remember ever having Joe so wound as he was now slamming into her with another man’s cum deep in her pussy. Joe’s hands came round, grabbing her swinging tits as he fucked her hard. Kristi was thrashing her head from side to side. Peter leaned over, taking her face in his hands and kissed her, his tongue sliding into her open mouth. Joe fucked her harder as Peter kissed her. Another orgasm ripped through her. Joe grunted that he was going to come and then filled her pussy. As he pulled out of her, cum dripped down her legs. Kristi collapsed on the bed between them and immediately fell asleep.
    Kristi woke later to a darker room and hands on her back. As she opened her eyes, Joe scrambled up to sit on his knees in front of her, his cock hard and level with her.

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       Pushing herself up to all fours, she lowered her mouth around his thick head and sucked him. Using just her mouth, she licked, sucked and kissed his cock, making him harder and harder. Joe’s hands stroked her hand and then held her to him, pushing his cock deep down her throat. As spit trickled down her chin, he released her. Gasping for breath she pulled back and then slammed her mouth back down on his cock again. She felt hands on her ass. Looking back over her shoulder, she found Peter kneeling behind her. She went back to sucking Joe’s thick cock. Slowly she felt a trickle of wetness behind her, running down her ass cheeks.
    "Stay still for a minute. " With those words, Peter slipped the tip of his cock in her ass. She moaned around Joe’s cock, closing her eyes against Peter’s pressing. Her ass had only been fucked a couple of times before this so she was still relatively tight. Peter pushed slowly, opening her tight asshole a little at a time. Joe turned her head back to him and pushed his cock down her throat again.


       At the same time, Peter pushed the rest of the way in and opened her hole up for his cock. As he fucked her ass, Joe fucked her throat. It felt amazing. Kristi felt like such a slut and she loved it.
    After about five minutes, Peter pulled out and Joe told her to turn over again. Stroking her pussy, Joe told her he was going to give her something special. This time, Joe laid back on the bed and lowered her over him, his cock pushing easily in her pussy. She was so caught up in Joe’s fucking her pussy, she didn’t noticed Peter positioning himself. Finally it hit her. She looked over her shoulder and Peter smiled. She nodded, knowing this was what she wanted too. Standing and straddling her ass, Peter slowly pushed his cock into her tight asshole again. Joe had stopped moving briefly to let Peter get all the way inside her. When she was completely full with two cocks. they fucked her.

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       One pushed in while the other pulled out, working in tandem. She was moaning, arching back to Peter’s thrust and then pushing down to get all of Joe. She could feel their cocks ramming into her from all sides. She moaned as another orgasm ripped her.
    Peter’s hands kept stroking her tits, holding one for Joe to suck on as he fucked her. She was moaning, begging and crying out for them to fuck her harder. Peter suddenly pulled out, shooting his warm cum all over her ass. When Joe was ready, he pushed her up, jumped to his kneels and filled her mouth with his cum. Kristi drank it down willingly. The three of them, exhausted and spent, showered together and then slept.
    Kristi woke later to another round of fucking. This time, Joe had slowly entered her while she slept. Peter stayed the night and most of the next day. They were talking about trying out another fantasy. Her, Joe, Peter and Peter’s girlfriend.

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       Should be fun. Kristi can’t wait until her next business trip.



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