The Bridge Party


>"I still can't believe that Joe still gets it up three times a week," exclaimed Kimberly Farlow to her bridge partner Marion Hart, "my god, you two still do it like newly weds!!!" "No way," shot back Marion, "when we were first married we did it twice a day every day!" All four women at the table roared with laughter at that one, and Barb Knox added, "I would give anything if my Tom did it once a week," which caused another round of guffaws. Billie Harris, the hostess for today's party, snuffed out her cigarette and rejoined, "Seriously girls, I think we all miss the feeling of seeing and touching a big cock for the first time, or the excitement of seeing a young man strip off his clothes and expose his hard pecker as well as a muscular body!" "Here, here," chimed in Marion, "just remember how exciting it was to see your lover's cock all big and hard just for you, god I miss that!" Everyone was quiet for a few moments, while Barb shuffled the deck and dealt out a new hand. While the woman played bridge, the talk almost always ended up about sex, or the lack of it! A men's stag party would be hard pressed to top these four ladies in the hot talk department, and while most of it was good natured, more than a few times the barbs being traded left a little blood! Billie had listened, and yes contributed to a lot of gossip over the years, but now she was about say and do something that would change the group forever. "Ladies," Billie asked, "would you like to meet a young man with a very large penis who just loves to show it?" "Are you serious," asked and incredulous Marion? "Absolutely," replied Billie, "he's young and hung like a horse!" "And better yet," she continued, "he'll just about do anything I ask him too!" The three other ladies exchanged looks, and Barb was the one who spoke up and said, "Sure, we'd like to see it, but is it safe, after all, you say he's young?!?" "Like I told you, he does what I say, and no more or no less, he's totally reliable," replied Billie! "When can we see this "superman"," asked Kimberly, "I hope we don't have to wait too long!!!" "Just wait right here," ordered Billie, "and I'll go get him, he's in the den waiting to meet you!"Billie got up and left the room for a few minutes, but soon returned with a young man in her tow. "My god, Billie," Marion exclaimed, "he's just a kid, are you crazy!?!" Billie smiled, ignoring Marion's outburst, by saying, "Girls, this is Bobby, he's been doing my lawn this summer, and we've become quite close, isn't that right, Bobby?" "Yes ma'am," he softly replied. Marion, not one to give up, asked again, "How old is he, Billie, he doesn't look like he's even sixteen yet!?!" Billie looked at Bobby and asked him, "How old are you Bobby?" Again in a soft barely audible voice he replied, "I'm eighteen, ma'am. " "Eighteen," ridiculed Marion, "you are nuts!!!" Bobby stood perfectly still, looking down at the table, seemingly avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room. He was a very handsome young man, dark curly hair, a deep tan, not too tall, and a very slight build, all of which made him look even younger than his eighteen years! "Before any of you pass final judgment, however, just give me one more minute to prove my point," asked Billie.

"Like how," asked and incredulous Barbara?!? "Like this," replied Billie, "okay Bobby, please remove your pants and shorts. " "Yes ma'am," he replied in the same quiet voice. Hooking his thumbs in his waist band, with one quick shove he pushed his pants and shorts to his ankles. "My god," intoned Marion in an awe struck voice, "I can't believe what I'm seeing!!!" Barbara and Kimberly were both stunned to silence, as they stared at the massive cock that hung down between Bobby's spindly thighs. Finally Kimberly regained her composure and asked, "H-how big is it!" "Answer her, Bobby," Billie ordered. "It's eleven inches when hard Ma'am," he whispered. Billie reached down and grasped the huge organ and began slowly jacking it, and before their own eyes, the massive penis grew until it was at it's full erection. At that card table there were three woman over fifty who were beginning to breath very shallowly, and Kimberly even let her hand cup her own breast and tweak the hard nipple through her blouse and bra! "Well ladies," said a triumphant Billie, "I rest my case!!!" Barbara was the first one to reach out and fondle the amazing piece or cock flesh, running her fingers lightly over the smooth head, made it twitch and jump in her hand.

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   "Bobby," Billie asked, "What do you like to do more than anything else in the world?" "Satisfy women, ma'am," he quickly answered. "And how do you do that, Bobby," she continued? "With my penis, ma'am," he replied. "And how do you do that, Bobby," Billie pressed on? By putting it in their vaginas or their mouths," he answered again. "Would you like to satisfy these women, Bobby," Billie asked? "Very much, ma'am," he said, this time with a touch of enthusiasm! Barbara didn't even ask permission, she just pulled him too her with his cock, and slipped her wet mouth over the huge round head as a soft sigh came from Bobby's lips as the middle aged woman nibbled on his erection. "How's he taste, Barb," questioned a very excited Kimberly? Without taking her mouth off the hard penis, she made more of a cooing sound of contentment that conveyed her delight at having this huge pecker in her mouth.
    After about five minutes of Barbara's sucking, the other two women were getting antsy waiting their turn and begged Barbara to give them a chance at the young man's hard meat. Reluctantly Barbara gave up her "all day sucker" and surrendered it to Marion. "I can't wait to put it in my cunt," and obviously turned on Marion exclaimed, as she stood up and reached under her dress to pull off her panties. After sitting Bobby down on one of the folding card table chairs, she deftly swung her leg over his lap and reached down to line up the big dick under her dripping vagina, while slowly lowering herself on top of him, groaning as each inch penetrated her hot pussy. When she finally bottomed out, she had the first of several uncontrollable orgasms. "My fucking god, he is fucking huge," Marion moaned, as she rocked back and forth on the big pecker that grew out of Bobby's crotch like thick tree trunk! Almost unable to move because of it's massive size, Marion was still able to achieve several more cums by just tightening and untightening her cunt muscles. When she was totally spent, she slid off the young stud and collapsed on the sofa, dress up, cunt exposed, and gaping wide open lips, completely reamed out by the most incredible penis she had ever had!Now it was Kimberly's turn, and she knew exactly what she wanted Bobby to do to her! Having stripped off all of her clothing, she put her knees on the sofa and bent over, leaving her ass up in the air, defenseless against a rear assault. "Bobby, please take me from behind," Kimberly pleaded, "fuck me from the back!!!" The young man, not saying a word, stepped behind Kimberly and ran his pecker up and down her dripping slit. Kimberly was moaning even before he shoved his cock into her waiting cunt. Kimberly too had the same result as Marion, when Bobby buried his dick all the way home, she had and orgasm that almost shook the house down! When her climax hit her and she started screaming, a small smile crept across Bobby's lips, and that was the only cluethat gave away any of his emotions at all.

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       Kimberly wanted to be taken from behind, and that is exactly what Bobby was going to give her. After her orgasm had subsided, he pounded her quivering vagina with a vicious onslaught that left her as limp as a wet dish rag! When he finally pulled his cock from her pussy it made an audible sucking sound as air replaced his cock in her open vagina, while Kimberly couldn't even move a muscle, and just stayed where she was, ass in the air, and shaking like a leaf!During this mini orgy, Barbara had slipped her hand under her skirt and was furiously fingering her clit, but what she wanted to do now was have that big cock blow in her mouth! Bobby saw her frigging her clit and stuck his cock back into her hot mouth, and since Barbara was an expert cocksucker, it was all he could do to keep from erupting in her hot mouth. He looked over to Billie with a pleading look in his eyes, as if to ask if he could now please cum, and after she nodded slightly, only seconds later Barbara's mouth was being flooded with the cum of this eighteen year old wunderkind as her own orgasm ripped through her vagina as the first spurt of cum slammed into the back of her throat! Billie surveyed the "wreckage" so to speak, and asked, "Are their anymore questions ladies!?!" When no one answered her, she laughed and gave Bobby a kiss on the cheek and said, "Next week, Bobby, we have another bridge party!" Bobby and said, "Yes, ma'am, another bridge party!" THE END.



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