The 3some Honeymoon (Part 1)


Anyways we boarded the plane to Hawaii and were seated at the very end of the plane close to the restrooms. The seat in front of us and beside were empty. Infact a third of the plane seemed empty. When offered better seats from the hostess we smartly rejected knowing that privacy was more important to both of us. Needless to say in about 18 minutes after take off we began fondling each other. Sandra is about 5 feet 4 inches, with firm and juicy breasts, pink round nipples and a pussy that's almost always wet and always shaved. On this particular honeymoon trip Sandra planned not to wear any underwear whatsoever (except when it was only underwear, like bikinis), one of my many wedding gifts. At that moment she was wearing a grey T-shirt and blue denim shorts. Once the fondling began her tits grew and were almost trying to tear away her now tight T-shirt. For quite sometime we fondled and then she suddenly said "We have to go ahead and do it". I asked her if she wanted to suck my cock to which she readily agreed. We used a blanket for cover and soon she was giving me a blow job miles above the ground. It was a great feeling to get my cock treated and watching out the window at the same time. A few minutes later both of us were even more aroused and wanted nothing more than hardcore fucking. After looking around and confirming that the coast was clear she took of her shorts. The only thing between my throbbing cock and her wet pussy was a blanket.

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   I could see the all excited exhibitionist in her. We then adjusted our positions and I thrust my cock into her pussy. Knowing Sandra well in this aspect I knew she would take care of the rest. She slowly started moving her pussy in and out of my penis. This went on for about 18 minutes and we both were still going strong. We were always proud of our sexual stamina and the fact that it takes both of a long time to cum. Suddenly out of nowhere the hostess appeared and judging from the look on her face I could see that she was shocked. She just passed on as if she didn't notice anything. I breathed a sigh of relief. Sandra knew nothing about this and was busy fucking. I saw the hostess getting out of the restroom this time. Enroute to the front of the plane, she gave me a smile. I was too busy to smile as I was on the verge of pumping in semen into my wife's pussy which was already wet with her orgasm. Once we were done, Sandra slipped on her shorts and went to the restroom to clean herself up. A few hours later the plane landed and as we were getting off the plane at the door I saw the same hostess thanking other passengers.

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   When my turn came she winked at me and gave me that smile again. Thankfully I was now in a position to return a smile. Soon we reached our hotel room and both of us were tired from our journey and so we took off our clothes and went to bed (Yeah!! we sleep in the nude). After a little fondling we both dozed off. A few hours later the phone rang and I answered it. Sandra was still sound asleep. It was the hotel management who wanted to know if we needed anything. Since I was up I ordered some beer and asked them to send in the waiter without knocking or ringing the bell, afraid that it might wake Sandra from her peaceful sleep. After the long journey I was craving for a shower and so I pulled myself our of the bed and went into the bathroom. After showering and shaving I came out of the restroom in about 20 minutes. I was happy to notice chilled beer waiting for me. Since it was a single bedroom it was nothing but a small size room with a double bed, a restroom and a balcony facing the beach. As I grabbed a beer I could not help but notice my beautiful wife's body with her laying on her back with her hands above her head exposing her firm and juicy breasts and her shaved pussy. The sheets were down on the floor exposing her in total nude. That's when it suddenly struck me.

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   She was awake. She might have heard me on the phone and then going for a shower and when room service arrived she would have slid the sheets on to the floor letting the room service guy see every part of her. She was a true exhibitionist and everything made sense. All this made me very hot and I wanted to fuck her, fuck her really hard. So I stripped nude and jumped onto her. Immediately she put her arms around me and started caressing my buttocks. I shoved my cock into her pussy real hard to which she let out a little shriek. It was painful for her but both of us were enjoying it. I fucked her wet pussy for about a minute and once my penis was lubricated I caught one of her legs and with a jerk turned her around. She was now flat on her stomach with her legs facing me. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head above thus getting her arms parallel to her ears with her head facing down. I pulled her legs together and grabbed her ass. She let out another small cry as I started tearing her ass cheeks apart. After spitting on her ass hole I thrust my large and now throbbing cock into her ass hole. You could tell she was in real pain as her head and part of her back just rose automatically and she let out a loud cry this time.

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   This only made me even more hot and so I started pumping my cock into her even more furiously. She let out her sexual cries for all the time that I was fucking her ass. At the end I had to use my saliva to get lubricated again. After about 25 minutes of constant moaning and fucking I was finally ready to cum. Usually I get my cock out by now but Sandra insisted that I shoot my cum in her anus. I did just what she wanted and this time we both started moaning real loud. I was infact using her hair as my reins all through the climax. After my cum shot through I just fell on her and started kissing my beautiful, sexually active and exhibitionist wife. She then said she wanted to take a shower and insisted that I join her. So I got into the shower with her and we gave each other a good rub with foam. After showering we both grabbed a couple of beers and headed out towards the beach. All along the hallway Sandra turned heads with her two piece black colored bikini. Infact one of her tits was half visible. She always bought a size smaller than her cups. But since she enjoyed it I never mentioned anything.

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  That night we came back after a stroll on the beach and dinner. Needless to say we fucked for a couple of hours before sleeping. The next day morning Sandra was awake before me and was standing in the balcony with the phone in the nude. She said she was ordering breakfast and asked me to get a shower soon. When I finally came out of the shower I saw my wife standing nude by the bed with breakfast being served by the room service guy. As soon as she saw me she just walked passed the guy and came towards me and took of my towel exposing my now erect cock. The waiter took a glimpse of what was going on. I was taken aback but remained calm returning her french kisses and fondling her ass cheeks. Later I realized that it was away for her to show the room service guy that her husbands erect cock approved her exhibitionism. That day went as usual having lunch and dinner in the beach restaurants and my wife exposing as much as she could on the beach. The next day morning I wanted to get up early because I was anxious to see what my beautiful wife was upto today. As expected she was woke almost the same time. Since we did not fuck last night, we both were hot and wanted to fuck desperately. Soon my wife jumped onto my cock and started sucking it hard. She sucked for about 18 minutes and then got into a 69 position which lasted for about another 30 minutes.

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   After that she said we should order breakfast since she now was hungry. After I placed an order she started pleading me to fuck her. So I got on top of her thrust my penis into her cunt and started ripping it away. This went on for about 18 minutes and then she got on top of me and started fucking me in her ass. Her back was facing me. All through this time we had white satin sheets on us. Then came the expected door knock. The moment I was waiting for to see what my innovative wife had on her mind. As soon as the door was opened in a flick her threw all the sheets to the floor and kept fucking me in her ass. As the room service guy arrived I could see that he was shocked at the site of me and my wife openly fucking each other. My wife gave him a smile and started humping even faster this time letting out her moans louder. Surprisingly, I was so involved in the fucking that I couldn't care less about who's watching what. Not knowing what to do the guy started setting up breakfast on our plates. I could hear the noise from the plates and the silverware. As I came close to cumming I started thrusting even harder and both of us started moaning louder.

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   Finally I cummed in her ass. Sandra slowly started putting her fingers towards her ass and was trying to lick away all the cum. Then suddenly she turned to me and asked me "Honey!! You wouldn't mind me fucking him would you?". I was so hot that I agreed on one condition that I could video tape it through our portable video camera. Then she turned towards the guy and asked him "Do you mind?" touching her now wide open, shaved and wet pussy with my cum all over it. This guy was so turned on that it took him a couple of seconds to get totally nude and jump onto my wife. I slipped out to get my camera. My wife lay on her back with her legs wide open. . . . . . . To Be Continued.