Tender Love Hurts- Chapter 4


Brook had gone over to Nik's place, but he wasn't home so she had rode her bike over to Erik's house. He wasn't home either. She saw Chad and Bob drive by and hopped in with them. They were taking her to the nearby lake to take turns with her body. Brook was giving Bob a blow-job in the front seat while Chad was driving out to the lake. "Gawd Damn, that's hot," Chad said, nearly steering off the road as he was trying to watch the sexy scene before him. A couple of minutes later, they made it to the lake and parked in a wooded area so they could take turns fucking Brook. Brook's pussy was soaked as Chad stopped the car's engine and began fingering her while she was sucking on Bob's stiff cock. The trio got out of the car and went off into the trees to fuck. Chad dropped his pants to the ground, pulling his throbbing male organ from his boxers. While Brook was sucking on Bob's engorged cock, Chad was fucking her fiercely from behind. Brook had orgasm after orgasm as the two guys had their way with her time and time again. ~ * ~Erik had been keeping a very close eye on Jade all day. After she had left Alicia's, Erik followed her from a distance. He was making sure she wasn't going over to Kyle Boyn's place. If she ever went out with Kyle again, Erik planned to put a stop to any such possible romance.

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  Erik was following behind Jade and she wasn't even unaware of his presense. She seemed very happy about something. She was humming to herself and looked so very carefree. Something appeared to be making her extremely happy, and Erik was intensely wishing it had nothing to do with Kyle Boyn who had been her date at last night's dance. Erik dared to walk a little closer, listening to the song she was humming. Erik got a grin on his face as he recognized that Jade was humming the tune of "Attack of the Heart. " He tried to calm his jealousy, as he was now certain Jade's thoughts weren't with Kyle Boyn. And it seemed by her direction, she was planning to go out to the beach. Would she find the huge boulder upon which he had just recently carved their names?Jade found herself wishing she had brought along her CD player. It was a beautiful day, and she longed to listen to some of her favorite songs. She had taken along a sack lunch as well as a beach towel she could sit on and enjoy the sun. She also wished she had invited Alicia along, because her best friend certainly needed some cheering up. She walked down the narrow path leading to the bluff. Soon she was sitting on a familiar spot on the sandy beach. A huge boulder was very close by, and Jade set her lunch sack down upon it.

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   She had been sitting upon this very boulder the first time Erik had kissed her. It had not changed nor had the jagged formations which made up the bluffs. From a short distance away, Erik watched Jade with a gleam in his eyes. He hid in a dark cave formed into the bluff where he had a great vantage point. Jade seemed far too distracted by her own thoughts to notice him. Jade lay down on the long beach towel, staring up at the blue of the sky. A few clouds graced the sky like white feathers and puffs of cotton candy. It was such a pretty sight that Jade could not take her eyes away. She saw a flock of seagulls soaring overhead, filling her heart with even greater happiness. Jade might have gone for a swim, but she wasn't that great of a swimmer. Always before Erik had been around to keep an eye out for her while they played in the water. She put her toes in the water, feeling the soft waves lapping teasingly at her skin. "Ohhhh Erik," she sighed. "I really wish you were here. .

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  . . "Then she realized he WAS there, at least in spirit. Because of all they had once shared, they would forever be one no matter how far apart they happened to be. Jade began to sing:Blue was the sea, The day you first kissed me. Blue was the sea; In love we will always be. . . Jade's voice trailed off as she sensed someone standing behind her. She sat up, turning quickly to see who was there. To her surprise and shock, it happened to be Erik. Their eyes locked together as it seemed Jade's heart had stopped beating. "May I join you?" Erik asked Jade as his blue eyes bore deeply into hers. "Sure," she said with a smile. "I'd love it if you join me here.

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  . . ""Nice weather," he said, sitting down on one end of Jade's towel. "It's a lovely day," Jade responded, running her fingers thru her dark hair as she gazed at Erik. "I packed a lunch. . . and I just happened to bring a couple of Mountain Dews. We could share it. Are you hungry?""I'm starved," he stated, but he wasn't thinking of food. His eyes were glued to the cleavage revealed by Jade's bikini top. He was getting all excited when thinking of molding her gorgeous breasts in his big hands. "Well, I brought two egg salad sandwiches, potato chips, some fresh strawberries, and of course the Mountain Dews," Jade said, reaching for the lunch sack and setting it on the towel between them. "Go ahead. .

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  . help yourself. ""A feast," Erik said, opening the paper sack and dividing the food between them. "Wanna go for a swim later?""Yeah, sure. That would be . . . . nice," she said with a happy sigh. Her heart was surging with unending joy at this opportunity to spend some time with Erik. "And how about we go for a walk later?" Erik suggested after taking a nibble of his sandwich. "Yeah," Jade agreed. Erik reached across the distance, drawing Jade's hand into his. Jade felt her heart beating faster as her eyes became a deeper shade of blue. Erik's touch affected her as no other.

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  It was in fact a beautiful day, and after they ate their lunch, they went for a swim. It was just like old times, as they enjoyed playing around together in the sparkling water. Once Erik swam up to Jade, slipping an arm gently around her waist to support her while kissing her tenderly on the mouth. He then let go, swimming away. Finally they returned to the sand to rest and dry out. Jade figured they had swam for about 2 hours or more. They dried off with the towel and sat down on the boulder, side by side. The rays of the sun were shimmering gracefully off the relatively calm water of the ocean. It was a breathtaking sight, and Jade could think of no one else she would like to share this beauty with but Erik. Jade found herself lost in her own romantic thoughts when Erik finally spoke. "Would you like to take a walk up to the crystal caves?" Erik asked, gazing down into Jade's lovely face with a grin. He looked so handsome and tender in that moment as her eyes locked to his. Jade never wanted to look away. "Sure, that sounds like fun," responded Jade, her voice suddenly husky. Erik took Jade's hand into his, walking with her down the sandy beach.

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   In about 18 minutes, they had reached a familiar steep bluff. They climbed up a winding path which led up to the two large caves. Spikes formed of gorgeous crystal hung down inside the dark caves from above. "Mmmmmm. . . its very pretty here," Jade commented, softly touching the stalagmites in wonder. Erik nodded, but he was looking at Jade and nothing else. He had no awareness of their surroundings. Jade was the only sight his eyes could see. "Jade, would you mind if I kissed you?" he asked, gazing at her with intense blue eyes which seemed to be aflame in the almost darkness. "I mean REALLY kissed you?""Well. . . uhhhh.

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  . . Sure, I don't mind," Jade said, feeling suddenly tongue-tied"Come. . . sit down," Erik coaxed, taking her hand once again and leading to her rock ledge situated at the back of the cave. Jade looked considerably nervous, so Erik smiled to ease the tension.
    "Relax," he said, as they sat down together on the ledge. Erik drew her into his arms. "Erik," she whispered. "It's been so long since I have been really kissed. . . . ""How long has it been?" Erik asked as he was nuzzling Jade's earlobe with his warm mouth.

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      "Since our last kiss," she said breathlessly. "Good," he spoke in a low growl. Erik's mouth brushed against Jade's very gently at first. Jade parted her lips in silent invitation for Erik while he slid his tongue inside, searching for hers. She had completely forgotten the emotions and pleasurable sensations his kiss could arouse. Her tongue brushed over his softly at first, as his kiss became hotter and much more passionate. A shiver of desire rushed up Jade's spine as Erik pulled her closer, his teeth gently grazing her lower lip. Jade threw herself into the kiss, sliding her own tongue into Erik's mouth as he sucked it deeper inside. She searched his mouth with a growing hunger. Erik's hands began to roam Jade's body in her damp swimming suit. Never before had he been so bold. Jade felt herself stiffen slightly at first until Erik's soft caresses and gentle touches made her slowly relax. His hand went inside of her bikini top causing a shudder of desire to move thru her veins. His exploring caress was very soft at first, then more bold as his fingers found her nipple. A soft moan floated from Jade's throat as she was lost in Erik's kiss.

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      He wanted to hear her moan, as his hot mouth gave her one last passionate kiss, and then journeyed to her earlobe to suckle hungrily upon it while lightly squeezing her nipple. The heat built up between them as a soft gasp of pleasure came from Jade's lips. Tears of love and need filled her eyes as Erik began to kiss her thru the damp fabric of her bikini top over her hard little nipple in which he had been caressing earlier. It stood up, very swollen against his lips. She couldn't believe how wet she had become in that very moment. Suddenly Erik pulled away, gazing at Jade with blazing blue eyes. He wanted to make passionate love to Jade, right here, right now, but there were some things he needed to say first. Reluctantly, he stopped his erotic caresses upon her lovely body. He looked so very serious as he stared into Jade's eyes and said, "Let's go walk down by the beach again, babe. There is something very serious I must discuss with you. ""Uhhhh yeah. . . . sure.


      . . " Jade said, adjusting her bikini top while gazing at Erik. She was suddenly very shy after her passionate display while making out with him. His hand came down to tenderly force up her chin so her eyes were looking deeply into his very soul. "Look at me, Jade. Babe, you should not be embarrassed. "She returned his gaze a few moments, then smiled brightly. His hand took hers as a grin quirked his lips. "Ahhh, c'mon," he chuckled as he lead her out of the cave. Jade felt an ache in the pit of her stomach, sensing that what Erik had to tell her would not be good. She had seen something shining in his blue eyes which told her that he was going to come forth with something which would change their lives forever. Finally they reached the beach, where Erik sat down on the boulder, drawing Jade into his arms. "You know, Jade, I have really missed you a lot. Right now all I want to do is be with you.

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      . . . and I really don't care what anyone says. But I need to tell you something first, babe. . . . I hope you can understand. . . " Erik spoke as his eyes locked with hers. "What is it, Erik?" Jade asked with concern. "Jade, I overheard my mom and dad talking last night. They are planning to take me to a Drug and Alcohol Rehabiliation Center located in Colorado.

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       It's quite a distance from here, but it's the best place I could go for my addictions. I don't want to be stoned and plastered all the time. I don't want that for you, babe. I never wanted that for you. I can get help there. Then maybe I will be truly worthy of you," Erik said with sadness in his eyes. "I just want you to know I will call you. You know I am not much of writer. I don't know how long I will be in. Maybe they will let you visit. ""Ohhh Erik, I am so proud of you. Never say you are not worthy of me. You mean the world to me," said Jade as she gave him a hug. "I promise, I will call and visit you. And I will miss you.

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      . . SOOO much. ""Never as much as I will miss you, Jade," Erik said as he struggled to speak thru the lump which had formed in his throat. "I hate this. . . but I have to leave really soon. There are a few others I need to say good-bye to. ""Erik please, do not forget to call," Jade said tearfully. "Kiss me please. . . just once more. ""Jade," he breathed in a husky murmur as his mouth moved over hers.

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      (Stay Tuned for Chapter Five ::: Jade Gets Laid).