Tender Love Hurts- Ch. 2


Chapter Two: Alicia Meats Nik AgainJade Connely had gone with Alicia's sister Brook to see a movie. Theyhad watched "Nightmare on Elm Street Part Two. " After the movie wasover, the girls walked over to the Malt Shoppe on 31st Street to havedishes of strawberry ice cream and nachos. Just then Erik Daniels came in with a couple of his buddies. Jade saw him enter out of the corner of her eye. Erik and his friendssat down at a table next to hers and Brook's. Erik's raucous voicecaught Brook's attention. He glanced over at Brook and winked. Jadecould feel her heart clench up with jealousy. For as long as shecould remember, she had been in love with Erik. Erik's two friends began snickering. Bob said, "Go get her,Daniels. "Then Chad said, "I think she wants you!!! NOW!"Brook said in a whisper to Jade, "Isn't he a gorgeous stud?""Yes, well, I---" Jade started to say, but she was interrupted. Erik moved over to their table, placing a hand on Brook's arm. "Hey,Brook. .

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  . wanna go for a ride in my new car?" Erik asked with lustshining in his blue eyes. "Sure! See ya later, Jade," Brook said, standing up to go off withErik. Jade's heart sank, seeing Erik and Brook walk out together,Erik's arm around Brook's waist. Part of her hated Brook, but sheknew that was stupid. Brook had no idea that she loved Erik Danielswith all of her heart and next day at school, Jade went to find Brook. She found her in thecafeteria with Erik, and they were holding hands. Sadly, Jade leftthe room, tears shining in her eyes. She walked blindly into theladies room and began crying her heart out. That is where Aliciafound her. Jade had her face turned the other way, so Alicia did notsee the tears. "Hi, Jaders. I've been looking for you all morning. Where in theworld have you been?" Alicia asked with excitement in her voice. "Hi," Jade mumbled, slowly turning to face her best friend.

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   "How didit go with Nik?""Great. What happened? What's wrong?" Alicia asked with concern,seeing all the tears. "Your sister ---- she slept with Erik. ""Yeah, I know. She's had sex with him a few times. Hey, you don'tmean…. ??? You like Erik AGAIN?!" gasped Alicia. "Lish, it isn't funny! He was my first and only love. I can't get himout of my heart! Seeing Brook all over him makes me SICK," said Jadewith disgust. "I understand. . . . Seeing Brook with ANY guy makes me sick. Don'tworry, Jaders.

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   It won't last. Next week she will have a differentguy," Alicia crooned, stroking her friend's hair. "I know. . . but it still hurts. Tell me about you and Nik. ""Well, I met him at the park. ""And??""We went to his place. . . . ""And?? Come on, come on!" Jade said impatiently. "We--- we made love," Alicia spoke with a small giggle. "It wasperfect!""Ohhh Wow!!! Was he gentle? Did it hurt? I want ALL the details.

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  ""I'll tell you everything later. We better get to class; the bell isgonna school Jade was standing at her locker. She was moping andfeeling sorry for herself because there was a school dance tonight,and she longed to be Erik's date. "Hi, Jade!" she heard a cheerfulvoice say as someone approached her. She turned to see the charming face of Kyle Boyd. She had beenfeeling a little sorry for him since Alicia had dumped him forNikolas Tarrick. "Hello, Kyle. How are you?" asked Jade. "I'm great. Would you like to be my date at the dance tonight?" askedKyle, looking at Jade. He was thinking that taking out Alicia'sbest friend would definitely make Alicia insanely jealous. "Sure, I'd love that," Jade said. "Thanks, Kyle. "As Jade agreed, she knew she was only going out with Kyle in anattempt to make Erik jealous. Erik was crazy for Jade before.

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  . . butthat had been about 2 years ago. She hoped with all her heart that hemight still care. Jade met Alicia outside of the school building. They usually walkedhome together. "Alicia, guess what?" Jade said with excitement. "Ihave a date for the dance tonight!""Great! Who is it?" Alicia asked. "What about this morning in thebathroom when you were crying over Erik and Brook?""Well, I decided to fight fire with fire. I'm going to try my best tomake him jealous! Kyle has asked me to go to the dance. . . and Iaccepted. ""You did WHAT?! How could you, Jade?! He is. .

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  . . was MY boyfriend!!!""Jeez!!! What in the world's wrong with you?! I thought you were withNik! And besides, I am only going out with him to get to Erik. ""If you go out with him. . . . I will never speak to you again as longas I live!""Is that a promise?!" Jade sneered, stomping Alicia was walking home, Brook approached, asking her to go for awalk. They walked by the construction site of the new building andsaw Nik working. He had taken the job to make a little extra moneysince he hadn't gotten too many gigs lately. Nik's muscles bulged ashe was lifting some heavy bricks. "Oh my Gawd! What a gorgeous hunk!" Brook gasped, staring at Nik withlust in her eyes. Alicia looked at her sister, hate flashing in her emerald eyes. Itcouldn't be happening twice in one day! Why didn't other girls justleave HER guys alone?! Why didn't Brook and Jade just stay satisfiedwith Erik Daniels?! Suddenly Alicia ran off in an angry huff, andBrook was left there on the sidewalk to stare after her. Brook walked up to Nik, tracing his sweaty arm with herfingertips.

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   "Hi, Nik. Are you almost done?" she asked. "Ohhhh hi, Brook. Wasn't that Alicia with you?" Nik asked, lookingaround as he could have sworn he had seen Alicia walking with Brook. He only had eyes for Alicia; he didn't give a flying fig about thesluttish Brook. "Yes, it was. Would you like me to come over tonight---- for some…uhhhh . . . fun?" Brook asked, licking her lips while swinging her hipsin hopes of enticing him. "No, I'd rather you didn't," Nik answered, pulling away from herbewitching touch. "I have work to do, Brook. ""Ohhh come on," said Brook, throwing herself at him. "You know youwant me. .

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  . . "Erik and Bob were driving by in Bob's sports car, and they saw Brookall over Nik. "Jeez!" Bob said in disgust, pulling up to the curb. "Listen here, slut!" Erik yelled out the window to Brook. "I'm goingto the dance alone tonight. I will not be taking a whore like ran home, went to her room, and slammed the door. A fewminutes later, her mom stormed in, a look of rage on herface. "Alicia Nikola Forest, what did your father say?! Where wereyou. . . and where is Brook?!" her mother demanded. "Fuck off, Mom. I'm tired of you and Dad treating me like a child. Ionly went for a walk.

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  . . and I am not Brook's keeper!!""You better not leave this house tonight--- or your father will----!" her mother threatened. "Mom, I don't really care what Dad does. You can't boss me aroundanymore. I'm eighteen fucking years old. I'm going to Nik's housetonight. . . whether you like it or not. "When Alicia's dad got home, they had a huge argument. Alicia got upand left before her dad had a chance to stop her. Alicia went over toNik's. When he answered the door, she fell into his arms. "Make loveto me!" she begged.

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  Nik grinned, pulling her inside and closing the door. He slowly slidhimself down Alicia's body, kneeling there are her feet. He thenbrushed his face against her legs, letting her feel the sharp stubbleupon his unshaven face against her skin. "Alicia," he whispered, hishot breath touching her flesh. He began to kiss his way up her legs,sliding his head under her skirt. He blew his breath against the dampfabric of the crotch of her panties. "Mmmmm. . . " he said, his voicevibrating against her pussy thru her silk panties as he inhaled thesweet scent of her aroused pussy. He began to kiss her and lick herthru the damp material, his lips and tongue like a burrowing animal. "Ohhh Gawd, you taste so good," he said, moving the crotch of herpanties aside with his fingers and sliding his tongue into her. Alicia cried out, nearly losing her balance as Nik was spearing histongue deep into her tight slit. "Ohhh Nik, ohhhh Nik," she moaned, as his tongue was fucking her. Shewanted more than just his tongue as it slid deep into her tight,slick channel.


   She wanted him……ALL of him. "Please make love to menow. I want you to fuck me, Nik. Ohhh please!" she begged. Nik peeked out his dark head from beneath her skirt. He had a wickedlittle grin on his face. "Of course I want to fuck you, Alicia. . . butfirst, I want you to suck my cock," he said, rising to his feet andtaking her hand into his. He then lead her into the bedroom, thesame room in which she had lost her virginity the night before. "Nik!" she gasped. "I--- I don't know. I have never done that before. ""Come on, Alicia.

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   You'll love it. . . " he said, as he was stripping outof his clothes. He went to lie back on the bed, stroking histhrobbing hunk of meat. It stood up at full erection. Alicia gasped, looking at it. She couldn't believe Nik actuallywanted her to put her mouth on it. She looked into his eyes, unableto utter a word as she began to strip away her clothing, dropping itall to the floor in a heap. Nik stared at her perfect, pertbreasts, reaching out to cup and caress one as he urged her over tothe bed with him. He gave the nipple a little twist, trying toentice Alicia to give him what he wanted which was oral pleasurebeyond his most erotic dream. "Angel, please. . . " Nik moaned.

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   "I want you to suck my cock. . . I wannathrob against your tongue. . . ""Ohhhh Nik," she said, because she really did want to taste him. Shewas just a little shy and scared as she had never preformed oral sexbefore. "Promise you won't cum in my mouth?""I promise, angel," he said, pulling her down on the bed with him andgently pushing her head down close to his cock. It seemed to reachout to meet her lips. Cautiously, she ran her tongue over the velvetyhead. He tasted warm and salty. After she slid her tongue down hislength, and caressed the throbbing veins, he moaned, spurring her on. She soon had taken his member between her silken lips, drawing hiscock down her throat. Nik was making passionate sounds of approvalas Alicia brushed her tongue along the underside of his erection.

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  Alicia experimentally began sucking on him. Nik just about explodedinto her mouth without warning, although he had promised her he wouldnot cum in her mouth. "Enough!" he finally said, tearing her lips away from his cock. Hethen grasped her roughly, turning her around so her lovely ass washigh into the air. "I'm going to fuck you from behind this time!"She let out a scream as Nik tore his way inside of her tremblingpussy from behind, pumping himself hard and fast against her ass withhis every wild thrust. "Nik!" she yelled. "Ohhh yesssss!" Nik startedfucking her faster and faster, his movements deep and rough. Aliciascreamed. Her pussy felt so good when he pounded himself deep insideof it. The tight, wet walls were clinging to Nik's cock as heplunged and withdrew. "Ohhh Gawd, Nik. . . . I'm gonna cum!!!" shecried out, clutching at the covers as exquisite passion ripped thruher young body.

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   Her hot wet pussy clutched at his cock like a skin-tight vice as an orgasm made her convulse again and again against thebed. Nik let out a ferocious growl, spilling himself into Alicia's silkendepths. Then he just remained there, joined with her for the space ofseveral heartbeats. "Angel," he said softly, withdrawing and turningher over. He caressed her hair while gazing into her vivid greeneyes. "I will never get enough of you. "Alicia could only stare at Nik as though mesmerized. She was so madlyin love. She never wanted to be apart from Nik. . . . EVER. .