Summer Heat


Topic: More Than a Ball GameSteve was gone for the week on a trip and no one had any time to come over that I called and I was in desparate need of attention. I had masturbated several times and had wonderful orgasms but I still needed to real thing.
It was about in the mid 80s outside and I thought maybe I could find something if I looked hard enough so I showered and shaved my pussy nice and clean and put on a sheer white string tank top and white shorts that were made of the same sheer material. Without a bra and panties If I did not shave my pussy the dark outline would have shown through and my dark nipples did show. I put on sandals and looked at the mirror. I tied my hair back in a long pony tail that was now at the midle of my back and smiled in the mirror. "I will get laid. " I said to the woman looking back at me.
I tokk only my wallet with me and drove around some trying to think of a good place to find either guys or girls to help me with my problem. I thought about the park, usualy on the week days there were some guys or girls or couples there getting back into the swing of exercise for Summer. I drove to the park and at the gate paid the 4 dollar fee to come in. The man at the gate smiled and was trying to se me as much as he could. He did not know how close he had come to getting jumped on.
I drove around the park and sure enough, there were some guys playing baseball at one of the fields. This one was near the woods and the lake. They were the only group at the park I dorve o the parking area and some looked as I parked my car in the shade.

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   I counted 18 guys, all lean and sweaty and in shorts and no shirts for the most part. I got out of the car and leaned agains my fender and watched them for a few seconds, just enough time for them to see I was watching them. My nipples werere hard as rocks and stuck out like a thumb. I was soaking wet between my legs and that was obvious through my shorts.
I walked over the the backstop and sat on the small bleachers there and made sure my legs opened and closed a lot and that the breeze blew my loose tank top a lot sometimes exposing my breasts that were not supported by a bra and were very close to the bottom of the tank top. The guys were all watching me, something that was easy to see since now they were missing throws and messing up when they had not before.
"YOu like baseball lady?" one called out. "Yeh, but I never got the hang of playing it. " I laughed. "Why not?" another called. "Well, when I got older let's just say, things got in the way. " I said boldly. No one asked what since it was easy to see that my tits would get in the way of any normal attempt. "Besides, it hurts too much when I run. " I added now waiting for them to respond.

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   No one did and I thought that I had been too bold.
THey played on for a little and I got up and walked to the lady's room and relieved my bladder and came back out. They had all stopped playing and were near an umbrella and cooler cooling off from the heat of the day. "Want a drink lady?" one asked as I walked near to them. "Sure, water please. " I said. He tossed me a bottle of water and I opened it and walked to the group. The next thing I did surprised them all. I opened the cold bottle of water and poured it over me at my neck, down my chest and down my face. I soaked my top and my hard nipples got harder as the cold water hit them and making my top transparent. Then down my front and soaking my shorts. "Damn lady, you are hot. " one said. "Well, not as hot as I was before. " I laughed.

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   "No I mean you are really good looking, you are realy hot. " he repeated again. I smiled at everyone slowly looking to see any physical reactions from my wet shirt and shorts. All were responding as I had hoped.
I sat on a blanket they had spread out and took another bottle of water and a can of beer. "Do you mind?" Iasked and opened and downed the beer all at once. "Hell no" they said. I took the other bottle of water and poured it al over me now making sure that I was wet all over and that everything was visible. THey were all looking at me now, bulges easy to see. "Damn, I am still sooooo hot. " I said in my best "damsel in distress" voice. Two of them picked up water bottles and started to open them. "Guys, you know, a woman can be hot in more than one way, and I am hot in several ways. " "Like what" one said. I pulled off my top and laid back and megan massaging my breasts.

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   "Like this" I said. "Anyone wanna put out my fire?" Then I lifted my hips and slipped of my shorts, now I was naked in the middle of these hot guys. I spread my legs and carressed my inner thighs wit my hands spreading my pussy lips which were soaking wet. "Well, anyone have a hose to cool me off?" I repeated.
Two guys stripped showing me nice young hard cocks and one got between my legs. I pulled his cock to my pussy and he sank it in making me moan. THe other I took in my mouth and began sucking fast. I wanted cum and wanted it now. Soon the one in my mouth rewarded me with a nice load and I swollowed it down. He got up, "Damn, that was great' He almost yelled. The guy in my pussy was almost ready to fill me up and so I grabbed another hard cock for my mouth. I was sucking the next one when the first guy filled my pussy up.
"Guys, I am very very hot and it going to take all of you to take care of me, who is next?" Two dropped to their knees, totaly naked. One rolled me on my side and laid in front while the other got behind me. "Oh yeh," I moaned, "Fill me up.

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  " One slipped into my pussy and the other my ass. I let out a loud moan and began telling them to fuck me, fuck me hard and fats and fill me with their cum. One after another they took turns and filled three holes at a time. I was dripping cum from al three now, making sure to let some leak from my lips and running my tongue along my lips to clean them off. Over and over I was filled with hard cock then hot cum and my orgasms kept on escaping and making me almost scream.
Finally they were all sitting around, one in me at a time now and another carressing my tits. I saw a bat and looked at it then thought how nice it would be to give them a little show. "Wash off that bat" I told one and he did and gave it to me. I took to thick end and spread my legs and slowly slipped it into my cum filled pussy. As soon as it was all in as far as I could take I began masturbating myself with this huge bat/cock. More orgasms came and cocks were hard again. They again began fucking me until we were all worn out. I laid there and said thanks guys, I feel good now. " I gave my phone number to the group and asked them to cal me again and if they had a another group together I would love to be there.
They began leaving and I got up and took my clothes and walked to my car naked.

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   I got in and drove homw and went in and got in the tub full of nice cool water and after slept soundly, my pussy was cooled down finaly.



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