Starting Something Good? Part 1


As the months went by, we moved in together. I'd thought that if I'd been oversexed before, that would be nothing like what I was in store for. Unfortunately, I was right. Within months of our cohabitation, her sex drive fell straight thru the flow. Right into the basement. We went from having sex maybe 4 times a week (only seeing each other twice a week) to only once a month if I was very lucky. I think, before we moved together, she was still living with her mom, and I was her escape. She'd come over for the night and I'd spend three hours treating her like the sex kitten/goddess I thought she was. . . I think I was the first guy ever to eat her pussy. And what a job I'd do! I've always enjoyed oral sex almost more than regular sex (probably 'cause I've been treated to less of it) When I'd met my girlfriend, she was seventeen. Her next-door neighbor, Kristi, was thirteen, and they were pretty much best friends. She was about the same height as my girl, but other than that, absolutley opposite. She had short red hair, and was stick thin- no more than ninety-five pounds. She was from the kind of background I was typically drawn to- alcoholic, sometimes abusive parents, older sibling as corrupted as they come, and she was starting to drink with her friends in seventh grade.

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   She was kinda cute, but it was the kind of cute that typically gets the girl just enough attention for sex but not a relationship- you'd try to hit on her at the party, but probably not the next morning. Right from the start, I had more in common with Kristi than with my girlfriend. We became rather close over the course of the next four years, in the sense that we'd talk now and then, but that when we'd talk, it could be about anything. She talked me thru my six-hour breakup with Natalie, I gave her advice on her guy troubles, and I basically became her "gay friend" in the sense that we could talk about sex, or our partners without worry- the three of us would often even sleep together in the same bed when she stayed over. During this time, it must be said, I was almost feeling gay. My relationship with my girlfriend had devolved into more of a friendship with occasional sex attached. When we did get down, it felt more like a service stop or a tune-up than any passionate exchange. Oral sex was a one-way street- and it wasn't in my favor. I was at my end, almost considering cheating. That was when I hatched my plan. I set out to seduce Kristi, but in a manner that I would get caught by Natalie. For a couple of months, I did my research. Thru our phone calls, I discovered that Kristi had on one drunken occassion fooled around with one of her female friends, and had found that she rather enjoyed it! I quized Natalie about her thoughts on the whole girl-on-girl thing. She said that while she wasn't disgusted by it, she likely wouldn't get near another girl's pussy. I didn't think she would, as she already had a cum-phobia.

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   I learned that Kristi loved to have her boyfriend's cock in her mouth. At this point, I knew this thing was gonna work just the way I wanted. The next time Kristi was over was a Friday night. We had dinner, the three of us. Natalie had to be at work at seven-thirty the following morning, so she had fallen asleep on the couch around nine-thirty. Kristi and I sat together at the end of the couch, nice and close. I "accidentally" chanced upon some skinemax channel on my cable box, and she was immediatley tuned in. With having her that close, and witnessing the onscreen action, I had developed the hard-on to end all hard-on's. We sat there talking until late into the night. It was all I could do not to make a move on her. I knew that she could feel my cock thru my shorts- while I'm not too huge(maybe eight inches, about two around), I was only wearing mesh shorts. . . After our long talk, I woke my girlfriend up for work, and Kristi and I retired to the bedroom to sleep, as it was almost five-thirty. It was so hard to fall asleep with my balls aching the way they did.

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  We woke up the next day about three thirty.
    We were curled in each other's arms, and I woke up once again with raging wood. As she woke up, she ground backward against me, and I almost lost myself right there. As she was waking up, I reached around her body, and began caressing her tummy and the bottom of her tits under her pj's. I noticed that while she was still stick-thin her tits had nearly grown to Natalie's size. She had an incredible tummy, and oddly, rather than ass or tits, it's the stomach that really turns me on. Nothing is sexier to me than a hot girl whose tummy is visible. . . I think that by the time she was fully awake, I already had her feeling too good to bring herself to a stop. I trekked my hand down between her legs, and slowly started to massage her clit, until I could feel her start to get moist. When she started to get her senses about her, she half-turned, spreading her legs just a little, so as to grant me a little more access. "We really shouldn't be doing thiiiiii. . .

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      . " She never quite got out her sentence, as I buried my middle finger as deep as I could in her hot, terribly tight pussy. She turned her head to kiss me, and our lips soflty brushed. I sat her up, and turned her around into as sixty-nine, pulling her panties off. My head on the pillows, I pulled her pussy down to meet my mouth. As I began to lightly tease around her pussy lips, she began to lick and suck the shaft of my cock. Between my deprivation, and her hot, expert mouth, I thought I wouldn't last another second. But I knew I had to. I tried to concentrate on her beautiful, salty pussy . I, by this time, had a finger all the way inside her, and was furiously tonguing her clit. I knew she was having a good time, as she had a death grip on my head with her suprisingly powerful thighs. I heard a key in the door over Kristi's muffled sobs, and finally I couldn't hold back any longer. I tapped Kristi on her back with my free hand to warn her about the coming explosion, but rather than move, she bottomed her mouth on my throbbing cock, and I exploded into her mouth just as my girlfriend walked into the bedroom. Kristi lay there, slowing cleaning the rest of the evidence off of my cock with her fanastic mouth. As she looked up at my girlfriend, I could see in the dresser mirror a rivulet of cum that had escaped her loving mouth, hanging from her chin, as she said, "Hi Natalie.

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      . . "I could see the "What the fuck?" look in my girl's eyes, and now it was time to see if my gamble paid off. . . . To Be Continued. . . . . .


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