Stan and Angela, Part 2


br />To be truthful, the little, anonymous sexcapade in the hot tub was too cool - pretty fucking HOT. I had no problem with the ‘ball-grabbing-thing’. To be totally honest, the thought of it got me stimulated all over again. However, I was wondering how I’d react to actually seeing Maria accomplish more than that. The concept really put me at odds. As all four of us, clad only in bathing suits, shifted into the hotel suite, I thought, ‘Well, Maria and I could sneak into our bedroom and they could use the guest, pull-out bed in the main room…. ’‘God, that’s stupid’, I immediately corrected myself, ‘that is exactly NOT what they have in mind. ’Needless to say, the spacious living room portion of our luxurious accommodations were somewhat in tatters. The lubes and oils were still laying about and a couple of Maria’s toys were still on the coffee table – thoroughly encased in a thick soup of juices, cum, and lubes. Looking about and really accessing the room, I became conscious of the mess. I thought that even though Maria had dutifully swallowed every drop of warm, thick cum from my dick or had infused it into her hot pussy, one could, nonetheless, see cum trails wandering hither and yon. As I returned to reality, my first sight was Angela handling that nice flesh-toned dildo I had gotten Maria awhile back. ‘Maria, I would simply adore it if you were working this rubber cock into me. ’ Angela said jokingly, with an all too-phony southern accent. I looked over at Stan; he was taking the whole thing in. In fact, he never even glanced in my direction.

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   I returned my attention to Maria, I could tell by her flushed cheeks and sexual stare that she was psyched - hot and ready to give this foursome a shot. As Angela slid down into one of our plush chairs, she immediately spread her sumptuous legs, grabbed her thighs, and lifted her legs into the air. Her pussy and asshole were staring directly at me as I saw Maria’s tasty ass walk in front of me and inhibit my view. With the dildo in her hand, Maria sank to her knees and slowly began rubbing the head of the faux cock all around Angela’s soaked pussy. Within moments, the rubber cock was covered with Angela’s juices. Maria, who until now had never professed a desire to have sex with another woman, looked as if she had been doing this for years. She seemingly had this lesbo-thing down to an artform. Angela’s expectant moans were all it took for me to relocate to a different chair. And, actually, this one had a much better view – directly off to the side, but with ‘front row’ viewing rights. I gawked at the lurid display of female sex. I watched as Maria repeatedly sank the dildo into Angela. In and out…in and out; sometimes turning it right and left within Angela’s hungry cunt. This whole thing was SO totally erotic and sexy! I swear, I could smell their sex in the air. I literally could feel the heat that was emanating from them – and the both of them were 100% oblivious to my ogling. From the far corner of my field of vision, I noticed that Stan was busily working his cock.


   Like Maria, I had never ‘really’ watched another man masturbate, so I was kind of engrossed on watching him massage his shaft. After no time at all, I too grabbed my rigid dick. I was watching Stan – who was watching Maria. I realized that it excited me to no end to watch another guy getting his rocks off on my, now, woman-loving wifie. It brought me to a scare, though, when I watched Stan walk over to Maria, on her knees pleasuring Angela, and felt the mix of butterflies and excitement as he shoved his cock into Maria’s gaping and hard breathing mouth. Maria, without hesitation, wrapped her lips around Stan’s cock and attempted to get a cadence going. My wife is trying hard to slide her mouth back and forth over his 8 inches of dick. It was obvious to me that Maria was having some trouble – ramming the dildo into Angela and still trying to glide up and down Stan’s meat. I walked over and held Maria’s head still - I stopped the whole show. What a sight, my wife on her knees with an 8” cock hanging from her sexy mouth – and an even bigger dildo in her hands; the weird thought of ‘Kodak moment’ popped into my bewildered head. I said to Stan, ‘You’ll get better results if you fuck her in the mouth. She’s a bit preoccupied fucking Angela. ’With that Stan started to pump into her mouth like he would if he were fucking a pussy. Maria basically just had to NOT close her mouth to continue Stan’s pleasure. It was obvious he was enjoying this mouth fucking-thing.

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  I figured Maria had to be getting pretty well worked out by now, so I got on my back and slid myself beneath her soaked and open pussy. She lowered her ass and pussy to face-level and I began to eat her with every ounce of passion I had. Normally, I’m sure she would have asked me to slow down and not use so much pressure. But, the time was right for a ‘serious’ pussy lapping. The immediate increase in her appetizing secretions, as well as her grinding her ‘other regions’ further into my face was definitely proving my guess correct!It seemed that Maria and Angela came at damn near the same time - Maria was, nevertheless, still hungrily absorbing Stan’s cock. However, now that she was done with the dildo, she began to move her head. The more she started sliding her mouth over Stan’s cock, the less he rammed. Soon enough, Maria, still on her knees, her hand wrapped around Stan’s stiff, erect cock – she finally began to get her own rhythm. As I stared at this show, I could feel Angela’s lips slither past the head of my dick and down the shaft. By the time I would have normally expected to feel a hand grab the base of my cock, I felt Angela’s lips. When I looked down at my cock, I see Angela’s mouth swallowing the entirety of my swollen dick. Her nose is essentially embedded in my pubic hair, and I could tell that she was constricting her throat to tantalize the head of my staff. After about 18 seconds of what I can only term a ‘throat fuck’, she comes sliding back up my cock like any ‘normal’ blowjob. This, however, is followed by another nose-dive into my pelvis. Once again, I can feel my dick in her throat – and the same type of constrictions…like she was actually trying to gulp or swallow the whole of me.

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   The feeling was fucking incredible!I leaned back to enjoy this extraordinary blowjob and decided to turn my attention back to Maria. Stan was writhing now, his hands on my wife’s head directing her. It’s apparent that he’s on the edge of orgasm. Both of Maria’s hands grip his ass as her mouth slurps and greedily surrounds his massive cock. Stan continues to submerge his cock into her mouth and I painstakingly observe the action. Within moments, I sense his orgasm - just as the splattering of Stan's hot, thick, cum fill Maria’s mouth. I watched her throat pulsate as she swallowed Stan’s entire load. It was incredible. As for me, I’m not about to cum. Not that I don’t want to…I have nothing, not a drop of semen left in me. After the amount of cum I had expended earlier, I doubted if I would ever have any decent build up again. The downside of my current cum status, of course is - no cum, the upside is…I am basically a fucking machine. I tell this to Angela and she says, ‘The only thing better than a nice fat dildo is a REAL cock that won’t cum’. Upon hearing that, all four of us laughed, it was a pretty cool ‘awkward moment’ icebreaker. Not wanting to let the heat die down, though, Angela laid on her belly and asked me to fuck her ass.

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   As I began to position myself, Stan led Maria over in front of Angela, who immediately started in on my wife’s beautiful cunt. Maria was certainly getting quite the slurping that evening. Maria’s pussy was, yet again being filled by mouth, tongue, and finger(s?). She followed my every move as I started Angela’s ass fuck. I positioned myself by laying down well below the ass I was getting stoked to pummel - I had my face right between Angela’s perfectly shaped ass cheeks and slowly my hands began to spread these glorious mounds of ass. I watched as Maria’s face became contorted into that SO erotic ‘sex face’ she gets when she totally out of control. The last thing I saw, as I thrust my tongue into Angela’s waiting asshole, was Maria throwing her head back and moaning, ‘All right, Harrison, you can eat my ass the next time we fu-ahhhh-ck……. . ’I had told Maria, on several occasions, how much I would love to eat her ass; to stick my tongue deep into her other hole and fuck her with it. To feel her pleasure as her lovely ass squirmed in my face. Now, as she watched Angela’s delight, she knew that my intuitions were on the mark – getting her ass eaten was the fantasy that would carry her through to her next orgasm. Maria couldn’t see all that well, but she knew that I was giving Angela’s ass a serious bath. Getting it nice, moist, and ready for my still-hard cock. It must have gone on for awhile, because my tongue actually started to cramp. Assholes can be tricky, you need a lot more pressure and tongue muscle to eat an ass than a pussy.

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  As Angela focused full attention to swelling Maria’s ½” clit with her tongue, I got to my knees and began applying some lube to my cock. Now, I may not be a ‘table leg’ sized cock, but I’m no Tiny Tim, either. The one thing I do remember is that no one’s ass is the ‘wide open spaces’ - ass fucking is special, its got to be just right!I remember Maria turning to watch Stan jacking off; God, how she loves watching male masturbation. Nonetheless, with Angela’s face buried deep into her crotch, Maria figures that watching me ass fuck someone would be time better spent. I mean she would be able to take in ALL that I’ve told her about anal sex and not get her hole ripped!Besides, she can watch me jack off any time she wants to; I would always do that at her request. I lowered my hips down as Maria watched intently. I slowly began to insert my cock into Angela’s waiting ‘other’ hole and wait for Maria’s reaction. Immediately, Maria can tell a difference in how she's being eaten. Angela’s tongue-action is much more sporadic, much more intense – almost confused. She watched as Angela’s head seems to go left, then right. Angela’s moans of pleasure are intoxicating. Maria simply watched, horny as hell, as I plow into the upraised forbidden hole. Maria’s thoughts travel from the ‘lesbian-thing’ to my fucking this vixen right in front of her. Maria thinks, ‘That’s exactly what I must look like when Harrison is fucking me!’Angela’s hips rise up to accept this foreign, but wonderful shaft filling her ass. I once again enter to about mid-shaft, followed by several pumps, then SLAM! A really deep thrust.

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   Again, I pull my dick out, just to where the head rim is and ‘slowly’ go back to the mid-point level and then SLAM! Another hard, deep thrust. Angela’s moans have become groans - her tongue is doing the fandango on Maria’s pussy. It was seconds later I heard Maria cumming in waves. Wave after wave of pleasure zip through her body…its absolutely electrifying. Watching her cum, gives my balls one last chance to perform. The intensity of Maria’s orgasm leads me to experience one final orgasm. Of course, there’s no cum involved; that just isn’t going to happen. Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away the body spasms and electric rushes I feel. Finally, after what seemed like forever Maria and I finally latch on to each other’s eyes. No weirdo-stuff, no worries, just smiles and love. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, as they say, I realize that Maria hasn’t had a cock in her pussy since around 3 PM this afternoon. Angela is spent, so I look at Maria and ask what her thoughts when I was fucking Angela up the ass? Maria is ALWAYS honest and she tells me that, ‘…It’s funny you mention that. I was just thinking how you’re going to eat my ass, this evening, and then shove your great cock into MY asshole. ’Maria crawls over to me, straddles my chest, and proceeds to move her thoroughly soaked cunt on my face. Before I could even get my lips latched to her protruding clit, she begins to slowly slide down my face.

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   After starting on my mouth, Maria continues the slow-slide – leaving a trail of her juices all over my face, neck, chest, and stomach. Finally, when her box is at cock-level, she skewers herself onto my rod. 'God, after ALL the shit I’ve seen today, even after cumming a couple times…there’s nothing like getting fucked!', Maria said to no one in particular. Maria rode me like there was no tomorrow. While riding my cock, Maria looked down and asked me if I was OK with this whole thing. I told her that I should/could be asking her the same thing. All the while dropping her hot pussy up and down my shaft. I don’t really even have to work, as Maria was hitting it pretty good. She leaned down to kiss me, the way we kiss…not shoving big-ass tongues around…not all that slobber. Lips. The lips are the most sensitive, sensual part of the human body. We kiss each other’s lips, suck on them gently… One caress on the lips, in just the right fashion, can make a romance…. I can smell and taste Stan’s cum, Maria realizes this and pulled away. I don’t really care, the way I feel about her. As I watch Maria fucking my dick, riding it for all its worth, Stan comes up behind her and starts playing with her ass.

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   A finger, covered in lube slides up Maria’s ass. One finger leads to two fingers and before you can sing ‘Hail to the Chief’, Maria knew that she wanted that two dick-thing. One rod up her pussy and one up her ass. I knew that she wasn’t sure she could even handle it, physically, but I also knew that her mind was 110% focused on it. I can tell that she’s almost driven to at least try doing it. Besides, if it hurt or bothered her, she knew that, in present company, she could always say ‘stop’ and it would be over. After getting a finger ass-fuck, she leaned down, her face directly into mine, we’re looking at each other… directly at each other. I’m forced to begin pumping into her cunt, because she’s now bent over anticipating Stan’s cock up her ass. When he actually entered her, the feeling was excruciating…AND, pleasurable!I watched her face contort, as if she had gotten hit by a Mack truck. It’s apparent, though that she was loving/hating it. Hurts like crazy, but feels so good. She was damn near screaming, ‘ AHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHH GODDDDDD, OOOOOHHHH’. The only interruption of these far too loud shrieks were the staccato, heavy, breathes, that seemed to start somewhere deep in her throat. ‘Ugggh…. .

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  Ugggh…. Ugggh’, Maria was grunting in perfect tempo with Stan’s hard thrusts. I watched as her face began to relax; her body was starting to adapt and accept the pounding it was getting. Her sensations were inconceivable, she could honestly feel two dicks, separated only by the inner flesh that divides her ass from her pussy. I could see that the thought of what was happening to her drove her to cum almost immediately. The fucking isn’t going to stop for awhile, though. I’m not the only one spent. After Stan’s massive load into Maria’s waiting mouth and the BJ Angela gave him at the hot tub, he’s about a ‘fucking machine’ also. Maria said, ‘Actually, I’m almost numb down there, feel free to fuck me HARD!! Both of you……’Her body was compensating for the multiple and unusual penetrations. Finally, I had another cum-less orgasm and observed as Stan pulled his dick from Maria’s ass and came, more than I would have thought he had left - all over Maria’s oily and lubed ass and lower back. Angela, who had been maturbating furiously, removed her finger from her pussy and, getting off the sleeper-sofa, walked around Stan and me and licked the still hot cum from Maria’s backside. After what I figured was 3-4 hours of non-stop sex, Stan and Angela finally bid farewell. They gave us their address in Western Ohio and telephone number - we returned with our info. And, shortly thereafter, they were gone. Maybe, we'll see them again, we said.


  Maria and I were exhausted - spent. I remember thinking to myself that there has NEVER been sex that wore me out like that…never! I looked into Maria’s eyes and said, ‘I love you, my Honies’. As I kissed her forehead. I noticed that she had little tiny beads of sweat starting to dry; she was finally cooling down. We smiled, not knowing what to say – yet…The one thing we did know is that tomorrow will be fine, we’ll have something to say to each other then. But, for now going to sleep on the floor in each other’s arms; knowing we love each other like crazy, is all we needed to feel…. To be continued…. . .