Stan and Angela, Part 1


Once I got to the door that exited to the outside grotto, I looked around and spotted the hot tub. 'Great timing', I thought. There was another couple was just drying off and getting ready to split. I looked a bit more closely and recognized them as that handsome couple that Maria and I had spotted at the bar during the dinner. They were about our age, but I suspected a bit older, nonetheless, a nice looking pair. Once at the hot tub, I stuck my foot into the water – it was hot and inviting. Right about the time I was thigh-deep, I felt the heat of the spa consume me, up through my shorts - the steam flowing over my chest and around my neck. I sat down on one of the seats that seemingly grew out from the inner-side of the spa. I was lost in thought. These seats were definitely too narrow to have Maria perched on my dick and be comfortable. I laughed at my own train of thought and mentally chided myself for thinking SO much and so frequently about fucking her. I put my head back replaying the events of the weekend until now. I figured I must have cum six or seven times already, if you counted that last one. Hell, that last one was essentially nothing, a drop, maybe two; Maria had lovingly removed that with her tongue. I got the orgasm part, just not the cum dripping off my dick. Maria always said one of the coolest things about sucking cock was the finale, the cum blasting the back of her throat and the roof of her mouth.

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   Alas, Maria would have been left wanting this last time. As I thought about Maria darting her tongue out and lapping those few drops of cum from my tired but pleased cock, I began to fondle myself. The water seemed SO soothing and slick as I pumped my dick. It was then, I noticed those same two people returning to the tub. They sat down on the other side and introduced themselves as Stan and Angela. We were talking about this and that, when Angela leaned over to Stan and whispered something in his ear. Stan nodded. "When we were walking past the door back to our room, Angela noticed that you were stroking yourself. We watched for awhile and thought we'd come on out. ” Stan said looking directly at me. Angela quickly and softly added, “I love to watch men masturbate, it's so. . . sexy. ”With that, Stan stood up and thrust his cock into her gaping mouth.

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   She sucked his shaft like one of those women in the videos that Maria and I often watched. Amazingly, Angela was one of those gals who could take a dick and engulf it to the base, the entire shaft. In no time, I found my cock in my hand, stroking and grasping. I didn’t want to, but found it hard to stop. I watched as she sucked the head of his cock, only the head, six to seven times hurriedly. Then Angela would impale herself on his entire cock - deep throating! She would entrap his entir cock, her lips around the base of Stan's eight inches - there she stayed for perhaps ten seconds. Her throat and cheeks were puffed out; her gasping and very slight gagging sounded like a sexual symphony. It was incredibly exciting and kinky, a life-sized porn happening right in front of me. Maria sucks a mean dick, but this was Hollywood! As I began to get into it, I realized that I was using my hand just like her mouth. I had captured the exact same tempo with my hand as she had with her mouth. There was something extremely erotic about the event, she gliding her mouth over Stan's cock, me mimicking her up and down head-thrusts with my hand. I thought of Maria, as Angela attempted to turn her head to watch me jack off to their sex show. She removed her mouth from his saliva-covered snake. “Stand up so I can see you; and move over here with Stan so I can watch,” she moaned. Immediately she restored Stan's cock to her mouth, all the time watching me stroke mine.

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  From this new angle, I was taken aback to see that anyone walking down the hallway had this perfect 100% view of the hot tub area in the grotto. It wasn't a lot of space, but if anyone looked out at just the right time, well, they would have had the same show as me, except theirs would have included me!I became a bit self-conscious and began to think that I must have lost my mind. Christ, what was I doing? Anyone could have walked through the door or looked through the window and caught us. As I thought of this reality, I unconsciously looked toward the doorway. Maria was standing there. She was in her bathing suit, well removed from the people walking up and down the hotel hallway. She was watching this whole scene and was doing nothing, just staring, watching. It looked to me like her mind was going in a million different directions. As Maria walked over to the hot tub, I say, well more like croak, to Stan and Angela, “Uhm, my wife Maria is coming over. 'The only thought I remember going through my was, 'FUCK!! I'm busted”I don't know if she is pissed off, crying, or what, but my dick returned to its normal, flaccid state. Angela, meanwhile, removed Stan's cock from her mouth as Stan simultaneously sat down. It seemed like this took forever, when in fact, only three to four seconds had passed. Once Maria got to the hot tub, she had this incredibly sexy, foxy smile. She leered at all three of us. “I was watching from the sliding glass door.

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   Don't you guys realize that there's like 18 sliding glass doors looking into this grotto?”As I looked around, I realized ANYONE could have looked out and known what I was doing. Now, to top that, I’m standing here jerking off watching Stan and Angela doing the throat mambo. I felt more than a bit embarrassed. “I almost wanted to stay there and rub my pussy, but thought why should she be the only one with a dick in her mouth?” Maria continued. As Maria climbed into the tub she grabbed my dick. Seated on that uncomfortable narrow ledge-seat, she deposited my meat between her lips. It didn't take Stan and Angela two seconds to get back to Stan's deep throat extravaganza. I must admit I was a bit wowed by this whole turn of events. I stood there knowing people were traveling up and down the hallway in the hotel. Couple that idea with the knowledge that 18 rooms, perhaps all filled by voyeurs, were able to gaze upon me. And there we were, Stan and me, getting sucked off. I watch Maria watching Angela inhale Stan, never once losing her suction on my swollen, pulsating cock. At the same time, Angela was obviously watching Maria blow me. I honestly think the two of them were getting off more than Stan and me. Angela reached over and cupped my balls in her hand, I felt the sensations as she began to work my nuts.

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   I swear I was about to explode - my gorgeous wifey sucking my cock and this awesome blonde kneading my balls with her hand. Without hesitation, Maria reached over to massage Stan's sack. If anyone looked through that damn hallway window now, Maria’s arm and Angela's would look like an X, criss-crossed - playing with one guy's set of balls, while sucking another guy's cock. I thought this was way too cool. As I watched Stan blow his load into Angela’s mouth, I couldn’t hold back any longer. Stan and Angela were now watching us intently as I pulled my erection from Maria's hungry mouth and finished by jacking off into that open waiting mouth. Some of my load went off target settling on the corner of her mouth; it began to ooze down the side of her chin. Maria used her tongue to lick the side of her mouth and her index finger to catch the cum on her chin. Without skipping a beat, Maria inserted the dripping finger into Angela's mouth. Totally spent, the four of us sit down. A minute later, a group of guys, who had obviously been at the lounge two drinks longer than they should, came out to the hot tub grotto. They were talking too loudly, laughing, wearing only their underwear, and carrying hotel towels. Their disappointment was evident as they saw us already occupying the spa and turned to leave. At this point Maria says, “Hey you guys want in here? We were just leaving to go back to our room. ”I got out with Maria following, holding my hand.

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   As I looked back to say goodbye to Stan and Angela. I am floored to hear Maria say, “Aren't you two coming up to the room with us?”. To be continued…. .