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This is one episode that happened some years ago. Ana, my girlfriend for many years is a little nymph, 4. 9, 50Kg, beatiful breasts, not too big and not too firm but surely delicious, slim, with a tiny waist but with roundy hips and one ass to die for. . . Me and Ana were always very straight forward when it came to sex. . . or at least we used to let our minds go very far. There was a time, though, that we decided to go ahead with an idea that we used to fantasise about for quite a while: a threesome. . . that became a foursome. We used to talk about it sometimes while having sex. . .

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   instead of just pretending it in my head, I used to share it with Ana, every time I get her to suck my fingers in a doggie position, I tell her that she is sucking on someone else's cock, same thing when I finger her tight ass hole. We used to enjoy it just that way. But soon it became a topic for a more serious talk. We both agree that it would probably be great but we couldn't find the right people to call for such a thing. With all those ideas in mind, we started, at some point, in allowing people to enter our private chat room and cyber. This lead to several cyber-gangbangs that were getting me more and more excited about the idea of doing it for real. She was too and during those online sessions, we made some good virtual friends. We used to talk about the people we knew and we started to talk about hwo it would be if we invited some of those friends to do it with us, not just cybering, but do it for real. . . I already knew one of her favorits. He was always teasing her to do it for real, and he was one tall, muscular guy that I was always jealous about. He was always sending her photos of himself and by then we knew every inch of his body. So after some talks, we decided to go for it, with him. .

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  . but I put one condition: as she chose the one she wanted, I wanted to choose someone too to bring along. Ana agreed. . . even when I told her that my choice was Mr. Peter, a 52 year old man that was crazy about Ana. So, after a few chats and some emails, we all met: Me, Ana, Mr. Peter and Mario. We all talked a while, drank a bit and Mario was flirting with Ana every moment. We were all sitted in our living-room sofas. Mario was beside Ana, me and Mr. Peter were in different sofas in front of each other. I believe Mr. Peter was almost drooling with the expectation.

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   Mario was now very close to Ana, always peeking her cleevage, with a nice smile, she smiled back and his hands were touching her every now and then, till he started to slide his hand under her skirt, then massaging back and forth, leaving her thighs exposed and causing Mr. Peter to say a "Oh yeah. . . " while touching his cock. Ana had her eyes fixed in Mario's and he gave her a long tounged kiss that lasted enough to open her blouse completely and taking her tits in his big hands, one, then the other, Ana's chest was breathing hard, their tongues were cirlcing around inside theire mouths, I was getting unconfortable and aroused at the same time. . . my cock was hurted by the  tight jeans and Mr. Peter didn't wait any longer and started to strip. . . I took my shirt off and unbuttoned my pants. Mr. Peter sat beside Ana and squeezed her tits with one hand, the other was stroking his hard cock, then he took one of her hands, and guided it to his cock.


   Ana moaned and stroke him. Mario was still licking her mouth, tongue and neck at the same time that was taking all his cloths off. Mr. Peter took off Ana's cloths till she was completely naked, openned har legs and started eating her shaved pussy. I was watching it all in delight. . . by now I was all naked too and stroking my cock slowly. Mr. Peter was on his knees still eatting her up, Mario got up in the sofa, stroke his cock a few times in front of Ana's face, grabbed her by the back of her head and slide his cock inside Ana's mouth. . . I watched Mario fucking Ana's mouth for a while till I said "Its my turn. . .

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  " . Mario turnned her around, grabbed her hips, slapped her ass a few times and got his cock inside her pussy, she moved her ass against his hips and moaned loud, I got in front of her and shutted her mouth by slidding my cock in, she started to suck me greedly.
    . . the faster Mario fucked her, the faster she sucked. . . , Mr. Peter was having his hands all over Ana, on her bouncing tits, spanking her ass a bit, then I took my cock out. . . Mr. Peter hurry himself to take my place; pulled her head to himself, and made Ana suck his balls while stroking his cock. . .

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       then took her face in his hand and lead her to swallow his cock. His hips started to move fast, his balls hitting her chin, some liquid was dripping out of her mouth to her chin, I couldn't tell if it was saliva or cum from Mr. Peter. . . I sat on the sofa. . . Ana stopped sucking Mr. Peter, her mouth ,chin and between her tits was wet, Mario took his cock out of her pussy and Ana jumped to me, her legs wide oppened, I grabbed her by her ass cheeks and slided my cock in her wet pussy, she started to ride me, her tits rubbing and slapping in my chest, and we tongue kissed. . . Mario came from behind her and said "Now. . .

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      I'll take what you have promissed to me. . . "Ana leaned back and licked Marios tongue while positioning his cock in Ana's ass. . . he grabbed her tits and slowly going in. . . both moan when the head of his cock got in, and then he started moving his hips back and forth, a bit deeper every time, I could feel Mario's cock movements in mine. . . I was still moving inside her pussy. . .

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       Mario was moving more easily, and after a bit I started to ear Mario's hips slapping hard against Ana's ass cheeks, she was moaning and sometimes squeeking like a mouse. . . Mr. Peter said "I can't take it anymore". . . he came to our side and forced Ana to suck his cock, grabbed her head tight and fucked her mouth hard. I was looking at her mouth sucking Mr. Peter, her tits bouncing wild from the hard bumps in her ass from Mario. Mr. Peter started to grunt and move his hips a bit faster, still holing Ana's head tight. . . cum started to drip from her mouth, Mr.

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      Peter didn't stop, still fucking her mouth, till finally take it out ,still shooting a stream of cum in her lips and a load of cum dripped from her mouth down to her chin, neck and tits. . . . she hurried to tongue kiss me while Mario was finishing on her ass too. . . filling her ass with warm milk while spanking her hard. . . It was very nice! .


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