Sexual Healing- Ch. 1


Characters (not all appear in the first chapter) :::Draven: the kingShayna: the king's 18 year old virginal daughter looking for a husbandErik Collins: the man who wants Shayna for his ownDark Lance: The other guy that wants Shayna and will try to steal her from ErikMaid Mary: Erik's virginal servant who will soon be introduced to some really kinky sex>--<Chapter One: Shayna and ErikKing Draven posted a sign in his kingdom which read: "The Man in the Kingdom with the Biggest Cock Shall Have My Daughter's Hand in Marriage. " Princess Shayna was the most beautiful woman in all of the kingdom. She had just turned 18 and was a virgin with a ripening body. Every man in the kingdom read the message and longed to have her. Two men in particular had decided that they would be the one to have the princess. A knave by the name of Dark Lance was one of them. He was very good-looking, but selfish and lustful. In truth, he wanted to hurt Princess Shayna. But Erik Collins was secretly in love with the princess. He had watched her from afar, longing for her. Unlike Dark Lance, he only wished to make gentle love to her and make her happy. The day arrived when all the single men in the kingdom would attend the contest in the palace in search of the one with the biggest cock. Erik and Dark Lance both attended. The princess would be the one to decide which of the men had the most impressive male organ. Erik arrived at the palace, wearing a light gray sweater and a pair of tight-fitting white pants. He saw Shayna wearing a lovely soft yellow gown, and his heart pounded with desire for her.

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   How he longed to have her and make her his. Across the crowded room, Shayna caught a glimpse of him, too. He was so handsome, he stole her breath away. Erik lived in his own castle not far away. He had his own canopy bed in a tower room complete with wine-colored drapes. There he planned to make sweet love all night long to Princess Shayna. After awhile, the contest began. All the men in attendance were instructed to remove their clothes. Shayna watched Erik's every move. Then the men were instructed to start jacking-off. It was important for every man to reach full arousal, so Shayna could pick the guy with the biggest cock. Shayna's eyes wandered from cock to cock. She stared in disbelief. But her gaze finally stopped on Erik's fine hunk of meat. She knew this was the man of her dreams.

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   She was imagining herself making love to Erik. All of the sudden her fantasy was interrupted by her demanding father's voice. He instructed all of the men to go into the adjoining room for Shayna's decision. Every man was thinking, "She's mine," but Erik knew for sure it was him for he had seen the look of lust in the princess's eyes as she had gazed at him. He then stood there, daydreaming about the moment he made sweet passionate love to her. In the other room occupied by Shayna and her father, Draven asked, "Have you decided?""Yes, Father, I have. . . ""Who is the lucky young man?"But what came out of Shayna's mouth was not what she had intended to say. . . . . "Dark Lance. ""Then he will be your husband," Draven proclaimed.

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  It was in that moment that Shayna had realized her mistake. Actually, Erik Collins was the man she had wanted to marry. Why in the world had she said the other man's name?!?!"Father!" Shayna cried out, but it was too late. Her father had went into the adjoining room, announcing to every one of the disappointed men that Dark Lance had been selected as his daughter's choice for a husband. Erik stood there, very hurt at first, but then he vowed to make Shayna his no matter what. He decided to speak up and fight for her. All of the men yet stood there, entirely unclothed. Shayna then entered the room. Her eyes met Erik's, and she appeared very, very sad. "I demand the princess look again! My cock is much larger than his!" Erik spoke up, pointing to Dark Lance's mediocre penis. "She already chose me!" Dark Lance snorted. "Father, I have changed my mind. It is Erik Collins I want," Shayna said, imploring her father. "But. .

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  . I already told Dark Lance you would be his wife. ""I will not!" Shayna said very loudly so all could hear. "I belong to him!" Shayna looked at Erik, so it was quite clear to all who her choice was. "Alright," Draven spoke. "You are now Erik's wife by law. From this day forward, he will be known as Prince Erik and will be treated as royal a brief wedding ceremony at the palace, Princess Shayna went to live with Erik in his nearby castle. It was love at first sight, but Dark Lance had promised to take Shayna away. It was their wedding night. . . and their first time to share sexual love. They lay upon Erik's canopy bed together, gazing into each other's eyes. Erik gently kissed Shayna's soft lips. The fine light from the single window of his tower room reflected off Erik's blond hair.

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   Ohhhh how much he longed to fuck her forcefully, but he didn't want to hurt her. As they kissed hungrily, Shayna longed for Erik to make sweet passionate love to her all night long. In a way, she was a bit scared. She was a virgin, and she was afraid his huge cock would not fit into her virginal cunt. Slowly, Erik began removing Shayna's delicate, silken wedding gown. Softly, he caressed her body as he slipped her panties off of her. Shayna was very tense and scared, but Erik knew this so his movements were slow and gentle, reassuring her. He began to explore her virgin's body as he began to caress the inside of her mouth with his hot tongue. She could feel his hot breath, and the more he caressed her naked flesh, the more she wanted him. His lips began to move over her neck, softly nibbling her sweet flesh. His mouth then slid down, tasting and licking at her breasts. He then stood, swiftly removing his clothes. After Erik was naked, he joined Shayna once again upon the bed. "I long to taste your pussy," he groaned, sliding his face between her legs. She cried out as his tongue dashed inside of her, drinking at her feminine heat.

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   He teased her hard clit, hearing her moan and call out his name. Shayna was on the verge of an orgasm as Erik slid back up over her body, his erect cock ready to pierce her. "Shayna," he moaned, his thick arousal poised to enter her virginal cunt. Very slowly, he pushed his way inside of her tight slit. "Ohhhh!!!!" Shayna gasped out, feeling the huge throbbing hunk of meat sliding between her slick pussy lips. "Am I hurting you?" Erik asked in a whisper. "No," Shayna lied, for she wanted to be brave for him and wanted him to fuck her hard and fast. "Good. . . I wouldn't want to hurt you," he groaned heavily as he thrust himself fully inside of her. "Shayna!"Shayna felt his engorged cock come to rest deep inside of her. She loved Erik very much and all she wished was to give him sweet pleasure. Gently she began to caress his back, then slid her hands down to his tight asscheeks, rubbing them. She could feel a fine sheen of sweat cover his body from the restraint of not forcefully fucking her.

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  Gently Erik caressed Shayna's breasts as his large erection moved gracefully in and out of her. Shayna ignored the pain and discomfort it caused. Her thoughts focused on Erik and giving him pleasure. Erik longed to make love to her with animal wildness. Never before had a woman made him so full of need and hot hunger. Only his deep love kept him from ravishing her brutally. His thrusts became swifter as his hands caressed her breasts. He could feel her warm wetness engulf his entire cock. He could think of nothing but thrusting deeper and deeper inside of her pink little pussy. And he wanted her to love him just as much as he did her. Erik continued thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Soon Shayna was feeling full of joy. The pain was fading, and this is how she dreamed it would be. Suddenly Erik cried out, shuddering as he began to spill himself into her tight, wet pussy. As he was cumming, he rubbed Shayna's swollen little clit, making her cum as well.

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   After the loving, Shayna went to sleep in his arms, completely exhausted from the wild, sensuous fucking. Seeing his bride asleep upon his bed, Erik left to get himself some refreshments. From the window, Dark Lance was watching, rage seething within his heart. He thought to himself, "That could have been me, fucking the princess. . . and it WILL be me!" He quietly stole into the tower room where the scent of fuck surrounded him. He picked Shayna up and disappeared into the moonlight. (Stay tuned for part two::: Shayna's Captivity).