Sarah and Steve 6


Topic: Sarah and Steve 6I woke up early on Tuesday and could hear Steve rusting around.    I told him I was getting up to pee and I had to go really bad, if he wanted to watch, I went straight to the shower and he came in right behind me.   We got in the same position as the night before and I started peeing all over his face.    When I was done he said he needed to pee to and turned to pee in the drain.   I told him to stand facing me and I grabbed his soft cock and as he started to pee I aimed it at me.   It was so cute, like a little hose.   We took quick showers and he got dressed.
 While Steve got dressed I went down and fixed us some coffee and breakfast.    While we were eating I told him I was thinking about having Wendy and Lisa over to hang out around the pool.   He admitted he'd like to see them, especially Wendy, in a bathing suit.   I asked him what if I could fix it for you to see them naked?  He grinned and said "no way".   I told him I had an idea, but he'd have to go along with it.   He asked what, and I told him he'd know when it was time.   When he got up to leave, his shorts were bulging.
I called both the girls and asked if they could come over and hang out at the pool this afternoon.    They both agreed and said they would be over after lunch.

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    Now I had to figure out how to make this work out for me.    I really didn't have a plan at the time.
There was more cleaning to do upstairs so I got on with that.   Around noon, Steve came home and he was done for the day.    If fixed us some lunch and I made some lemonaide for us girls and cut up some melons for snacks.   Steve went up to shower while I cleaned up the kitchen mess.    While Steve was upstairs, Wendy showed up first.   I didn't bother to dress and met her at the door naked.    She asked if Lisa was here and I said no.   She asked if I was going to get dressed, and again I said no.   Then, what if Steve comes home and sees you?.    I told her to keep it between us, but Steve is home and he doesn't mind it if I'm naked.
Wendy started to blush and asked if I've seen him naked.    I told her the truth, yes.   Then I told her that Steve really likes to be naked or partly naked around girls and he'll do anything we ask when he is.

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     She started grinning and asked if she could see his cock.   I told her sure, but first take off your clothes.    She thought I was kidding, but I told her really, take off your clothes.   She blushed, but took them off.    I told her to follow me upstairs, and as we started I told Steve, don't bother getting dressed, please, but we have company.
When we got upstairs, Steve was standing in the hallway wearing nothing but his T shirt and a smile, Wendy looked really shy, but was looking right at his hard cock.    Steve said "it's really nice to see you Wendy, and I mean, really nice. "   Wendy blushed even more crimson and told Steve she had wanted to see him for a long, long time.    This was a bit awkward, but within about 18 minutes we were just visiting while sitting on my bed, then I suggested that we go downstairs and wait for Lisa.
I got us something to drink and about the same time I sat down, there was a knock at the door.    We all looked a little bit panicked, then I could see Lisa out the peep hole of the door, so I opened it to let her in.   She looked at me and wanted to know what I was doing naked.    I smiled and said we all are, as Wendy came up to the door to give her a hug.   Lisa was grinning as she saw Steven sitting in the living room.   I told her to take off her clothes and join us. 

     She hesitated a little bit but Wendy convinced her it was fun.
This was an oh my god moment.    When she got her clothes off, I saw it right away.    Her pussy was shaved and before I could ask, she told me that Wendy told her about her and I being shaved, so she figured she'd try it too.   She shaved it in the shave of a V, instead of a strip up the midddle, she had a thin one on each sice making a very noticable V.    I asked Steve what he thought and he stood up and pointed to his rock hard cock with precum starting to appear.    Lisa turned pink and said this is just way to much, she can't believe we are doing this.   
That's when I told her that while we are out sunning, Steve will be our pool boy and put on our lotion for us and get us drinks and do whatever else we want.    As soon as I said that, Steve said "please", this is just way hot.   I got us some towels and we went out to the pool.    When Lisa went to put some lotion on herself, I stopped her and said Steve would do it.    She said she could, I made a face, and she handed the bottle to Steve.    He knelt down besider her and started rubbing suntan lotion all over her breasts, arms, tummy and legs.   Pre cum was starting to drip from his cock, but he didn't touch it.   When he was done she said thanks, I told her that the way to thank him was to rub his cock a little bit.

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     She got really embarrassed and said she wasn't sure, Wendy and I told her to give it a try, so she did.    She reached for his cock and held it a little bit, the Steve very softly said, just rub your hand up and down on it, and she did.    Then she let go and started giggling.
Wendy handed a bottle to Steve and he went to work on her.    Since she had been naked longer with him the Lisa she was feeling more at ease.    When Steve was done, she reached for his cock and started rubbing his precum onto the head of it.    Then she told him that he better take care of his sister so she doesn't burn.   He did exactly that.    When he got done with me, I started to stroke his cock with one hand while cradlinghis balls in the other.   I did this for about a minute, then told him to fill our glasses.
While Steve went to the Kitchen, both Wendy and Lisa were giggling, this was the most fun they've had in a long time.    They agreed, nothing is to be said outside this house about this whole day.    Then I told them that maybe they can come over a few more times before mom and dad get back.    Wendy said she really liked the way his cock felt and wondered if he'd mind if she held it more.    I told her, he likes to be naked in front of girls and he'll do anything you ask him to do, just don't be afraid to ask.


When Steve filled got back out and filled our glasses I decided to show them what I meant.   I told Steve to put the pitcher down and stand in front of us, he did, I then told him to jerk off his cock, but don't cum.    He slowly started to work his hand up and down on his cock.    After a couple of minutes I told him to stand by Wendy so she could hold his cock and he did.    Wendy reached for his cock and started to move her hand up and down on his shaft, she gasped as she started to get horny too.   Then I told him to go to Lisa so she could feel his cock.   Again, he did just that.    Lisa was pretty bold this time.    She sat up and licked the end of his cock, then giggled and said she wanted to taste it.    Steve said she needed to stop or he'd cum, so she did.
This went on for the better part of two hours.    Steve rubbing lotion on us and we stroked his cock.    He kind of lingered on our breasts, pussy and ass when he applied lotion.    None of us cared.    Lisa asked how long he and I had been doing this, I told, just since this weekend, but I've been going naked alone for years.

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     I asked her how she liked a shaved pussy, she grinned and said it was fun and now that we're all naked, she's glad she did it.    Then, she asked Steve, why don't you shave your cock, he blushed and said he didnt' want other guys to see it that way.    She asked how many cocks he looked at?   He looked perplexed and said I don't look at guys.   Lisa said exactly, none of them will notice, because they don't want to get caught checking out another boy.    He just said he's been thinking about it, but not yet.
I asked both of the girls if they'd like to see him cum.
       They both smiled broadly.    I said, "OK, why don't we masturbate for him to watch, and he'll masturbate for us to watch until he cums?"  There was a little bit of a discussion, then they agreed.    Without thinking of it, Steve asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth.    I got embarrassed, I really wasn't sure if we should have let them know about this part of our relationship.    I didn't have to worry, both of them were going alright, I want to see that, do you swallow, etc.    I admitted I like to play with his cum in my mouth and swallow it.    Wendy asked what it tastes like and I told her kind of like egg whites and just a little salty.   She said hmmmm, is there anyway I can taste.    Lisa asked if she was kidding and she said no, she wants to taste it.

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         So Lisa said, "OK, how do we do this?"
    Wendy said, how about he cums in Sarah's mouth and then she just gives us a little bit of it.   Lisa said, "how, by kissing us?"   Wendy said it's not a kiss, she's just going to give us some of his cum from her mouth.   I told them that we'd see how it goes, he'll cum in my mouth and then they can decide.   The three of us laid back on the lounges, spread our legs and started to finger our pussies while Steve stood in front of us and masturbated.   Lisa and Wendy must have been really turned on, they sounded like they climaxed in about three minutes, I was close, but not quite there when Steve stepped over to me and said "it's time".    I opened my mouth and he shot his load into it.  
    Again, it was so hot, so creamy, I just love the taste and the feeling, now I didn't want to share, but I knew if they wanted to try it I would.    I kept sucking his cock until it was totally soft, I got everything and it was in my mouth.    As soon as he stepped away Wendy was sitting next to me, grinning and asking to taste it.    I put my lips against hers, opened them just a little and passed some of the cum to her.    She sat up and I could tell she was playing with it on her tongue, she swallowed and grinned.    It's not what I thought, it's actually not bad, I kind of like it.
    With that, Lisa came over, said she wasn't sure, then started to put her mouth against mine.    Damn, it was a sensual kiss, I started to let some of the cum into her mouth when I felt her tongue enter mine.    For a good 30 seconds we were tonguing each other and playing with Steve's cum in our mouths.

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         I didn't want it to end.   When she sat up, she winked at me, smiled and swallowed.    Then she said getting the cum was more fun than eating it.
    Well, when it was time for them to go home, I let them takes showers to get the lotion off, we never did go in the pool.   Steve and I had supper, cleaned up and went upstairs.    He just couldn't stop talking about how much he liked this, he wanted to know when they could come over again, was there anything else he could do to make us happy.    I've never seen him like this.   Before we went to bed I did ask him if he'd go down on me.    Everyone else climaxed today but me.    He grinned and didn't say a word.   As I laid on my bed his head went right between my thighs and that tongue of his worked it's magic.    I had gotten so close so many tmes today, it took no time for me to have a multiple orgasm all over his face.    When I was done, he leaned over and gave me a little kiss goodnight and said he'd fix breakfast in the morning.