Rummy for Two or Three


Around midnite everyone was messed up. Jan stood up and said," I dare you guys to let the other one shave your dick,balls, asshole, everything".   "On one condition, we get to shave your pussy and asshole when were finished with each other" Larry replied. I was high enough I didn't object. We all headed for the shower, dropping our clothes along the way.   I was a little bit scared, but only of the shaving, I wasn't too sure about that. But I had enough weed that I went along and was even gettin turned on by the idea of my friend with my dick in his hand and vice versus.

  I was first, and Larry did a great job, and he was very gentle. Then it was his turn, his cock grew in my hand as I shaved around it. Jan was sitting on the counter masturbating while watching us shave.   Now it was her turn we put some towel on the bed and laid her on her back. Manned with razor and shave cream we went to work. By the time we finished Jan was soaking and completely bald. We must have looked silly to some else. Jan wanted an orgasm bad, but asked for her favorite dildo, then looking at our puzzled faces, she said, " Now, I want you guys to lay next to me and suck each other off while I fuck myself". "Just do it, you know it goes no futher than these wall".

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   she explained. And before we could discuss it Larry grabbed my cock and started jacking me off. It felt great. It wasn't long before we were 69ing like mad. Being shaved clean everything felt better.   Larry licked my balls and then big long licks at my asshole. It was great, so I returned the favor. Larry quickly stuck his dick back in my mouth and began fucking I knew what was next. He was leaking precum by the quart. Then he tensed up and shot a huge load of warm, salty, not to bad, cum. Once he started the triggered me. I almost drown poor Larry, but he loved it. We all sucked each other all night, but we never fucked, we decided we'd save that for another time.   .



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