Road to Heaven


Its getting time for closing in 18 mins. I announce to the four customers we still have that we are closing. I headed to the girls locker room and start taking off my sweaty clothes and cover my self by a towel, went to the shower. Our shower room is big, as I turn on now the hot water from the shower I just jump right in and start soaping my whole body, when I shampoo my hair I hear some one open the shower door its kind a blur to my sight I cant get a clear view who it was I wash my eyes as it gets clearer. It was the four guys and they are completly naked in front of me. As I covered my private parts and said to them get out from the girls shower room , they just laugh right back at me now Im starting to get scared.  I think of a way to get out but they were blocking the door. When they start to get closer  Jim just grabs my both arms and hold it behind my back. My breast and vagina were now expose to there eyes to see. Mark step closer in front of me and caress my tits as I felt my nipples are getting harder, he said you like to be touch this way, aahh!!.   comes out my mouth.   Ok lay her down to the floor we gonna make some extra workout. . .   Laying down at the floor Jim is at top holding my hands, Fred and Marvin was playing with my nipples and Mark is right between my legs.

This guys have large and thick cocks.

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   Mark put his head inside my pussy I feel that his dick was getting bigger each time it comes in and out at me and each strokes I release a moanning sound Jim say men she is feeling it. Jim start to feel the erection of his dick on each time Im moanning. He put his dick at my face and thrust it to my mouth deep at my throat. As for the two guys making me please by sucking my tits. I felt that Mark is ready to explode in me he quickly pull it out and shot it outside my pussy but I havent come yet, so Fred move on Mark place and start again what he still not finish, Mark went up to hold my both arms, Jim start to suck my tits hard again. . .   As I lick off the drips from Mark dick and start sucking it gets hard again, Fred dick is a bit bigger to Mark its kinda hurting me, but for more then a min. it turns to  pleasuring me I come and Fred felt my come ouse out my pussy still humping faster and faster more of my come flows out he shot a big load inside as he pull it out more comes just ouse out. The two guys said  hey men Im not gonna stick my cock inside there, Marvin said turn her over Marvin put his cock at the butt hole as Jim is getting a blowjob again. Her hole is tight wow shouted by Marvin, Jim push Marvin aside and he begins to hump her now Marvin said Im not yet finish.  Jim said I cant wait no longer im also ready to shot  my load, Marvin let Amy suck his dick he fire his load what a feeling he said and as for Marvin he shot his load at the face of Amy.  The four guys start to clean up there body and headed to the locker rooms Amy is still laying at the floor tired from the pleasure that she got from those customers. .



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