Revitalizing Her Youth


One day, Kelly approached Christina with a huge smile on her face. Christina was wondering what had gotten into her. She hadn’t seen her with a smile this big in years. “What’s gotten into you? Did you get laid or something?” asked Christina. Kelly held out a slip of paper. Christina took it and read it. It was a receipt for an operation but she couldn’t tell what kind of operation. She read further down the receipt and saw the words: Breast Augmentation. “Kelly, you’re getting your tits enlarged?”Kelly nodded hastily, her black locks of hair bouncing up and down. Her smile grew bigger. “Yes!” she said. “Is that why you never wanted to go out anymore and spent so much time at work?”“Yes, Christina, I was saving my money. It took me six long months of working overtime and staying cooped up in the house, but I finally did it! I’m having my surgery next week!”“Congratulations. ”Kelly had her surgery. Christina went to visit her at the hospital the day after. She was in bed with her eyes closed.

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   She had an expression of pain on her face. Christina sat down and talked to her. Kelly spent most of their time together complaining about how much her chest hurt. She knew any kind of operation leaves you in pain because of the cutting, but this pain was excruciating. She had no idea it would hurt this much. A day later, Christina was released from the hospital. She became very obsessed with her tits. She tried on different clothes and looked at herself in the mirror posing in various positions, admiring the huge bulge in her shirts and blouses. It took her an hour to take a shower because she would open the shower curtain and watch the way the water dripped and fell off her big tits. She liked the way they looked naked and wet, glistening in the light. When she got out, she had to spend another thirty minutes cleaning up all the water that had gotten all over the floor. She cleaned topless so she could feel the weight of her tits pulling down towards the floor. Her tits waved back and forth as she wiped the water up. When she stood, she couldn’t help but stop and stare at the sexy woman in the mirror. She groped her tits and imagined it was a man’s rough hands touching her.

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  She went to her bedroom. She lay down, still naked, and opened her legs wide open. She started fondling her pussy while she kneaded one plump tit in her other hand. They were so big. It seemed so strange after 30-plus years of having small tits. It was almost like she was in somebody else’s body. Just as her cunt started getting wet, her eyes popped open. She realized she might finally be able to do something that she had been curious to try since puberty. She cupped both tits and started raising them to her mouth. Up they went until she felt soft flesh touch her chin. She only had to lower her head a tiny bit before she felt her lips touch the spongy meat of her cleavage. The warm air coming out of her nose felt good passing over her nipples. She extended her tongue and licked her tits, sliding it from one side to the other. Then she put the whole nipple in her mouth and sucked it. Her pussy got drippy wet instantly.

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   She slid her finger inside her pussy and humped her hand while she sucked on her nipples until she had an orgasm. She lay in bed staring at the ceiling and playing with her tits. She wanted to get fucked in the worst way. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had some real cock in her pussy. It was a long time ago, way back when she had first started saving money for the operation. She let her head fall to the side. There was a small calendar propped on the end table. Today was Saturday and it was the last week of March. She looked out the window. The sun was shining brightly in the Florida sky. Fort Lauderdale was less than 30 minutes away by car. She hadn’t been there since her college days when she was a sexy vixen that every man wanted to fuck. The operation had her feeling more like the younger version of herself. She decided she wanted to spend spring break with the college studs and test out her new tits. She and Christina drove down to Fort Lauderdale.

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   After finding a place to park, they headed straight for the clubs. Kelly was wearing a low cut black dress that accentuated her breasts. Her hair was down and she had large hoop earrings. Christina was equally beautiful in her red dress that matched her reddish blonde hair. It had a great fit on her slim figure. They both wore sexy panties; it made them feel ten times sexier. The air was cool tonight. They heard loud music blaring in the foreground as they made their approach. Kelly and Christina realized at the same time that maybe they’d overdressed. All the other women were wearing skimpy clothes. They might as well have been naked. There were people walking past them drinking and talking really loud. Cars rolled slowly down the street trying to find a place to park. A car full of young men went past and the ladies noticed one of the men’s eyes lit up when he saw Kelly’s tits. He stuck his head out the window and stared at her as the car went around the corner out of sight.

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  Christina asked, “Did you see the way that guy was looking at you?”Kelly said, “No, I hadn’t even noticed it. ” Christina saw that Kelly was trying to hide a smile. She’d seen him but she was trying not to seem too excited. They stopped outside the first club they got to. There had to be at least a hundred people in it. Christina said, “Are you ready? Let’s go in there and hopefully we’ll get lucky. ”Kelly smiled brightly as they headed to the entrance. Before they could get inside, a really muscular, blonde man came walking up to them out of nowhere. Both ladies’ hearts stopped. This guy was just so handsome and tall. He introduced himself. His name was Jimmi Porto. He had moved to Fort Lauderdale from Milford, Connecticut. He had the look of a man who could fuck a woman silly. It had been a long time since a man this good looking had approached Kelly.

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  Christina nodded his way, which was her way of asking if she was interested in this guy. Kelly gave a subtle nod back and smiled, her way of saying yes. They stood outside and talked some more. Christina started getting fed up with how long it was taking them to get down to business because it was so obvious that they were hot for each other. Kelly was too nervous to make the first move when it came to sex. Jimmi would be perfectly happy to fuck either of these women but he didn’t want to say the wrong thing too quickly and scare them away. Christina was never the type to waste time bullshitting so she pushed them along in her own special way. She knew Kelly well and she only needed somebody to start talking about sex to get her going. Christina said, “Jimmi, what did you say your last name was?”“It’s Porto. ”“Hey, your last name sounds a lot like porno. ” People had been teasing Jimmi about his last name all his life. He was to the point that it really irritated him to hear it, but he wasn’t going to say anything to them about it because he still wanted some pussy. He laughed as if this was the first time he’d ever heard that joke. Christina said, “Have you ever fantasized about being in a porno?”Jimmi said, “Yes, actually I was almost in one. When I was living in Connecticut, I called up one of those phone numbers to get in one, but I never did.

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  ”“Oh, yeah?”“Yeah,” said Jimmi. Then he smiled and yelled, “I wanted to have my cock hanging out for everyone to see!”Kelly’s pussy was starting to get wet as a vision of this young, blonde stud fucking flashed through her mind. She walked around to his side and rubbed her big tits up and down on Jimmi’s arm. He said, “Ooh, a little bit lower honey. ”Christina gave him a sultry smile and said, “Well, it just so happens my friend, Kelly, is out here looking for a man who can get it up and stuff a pussy like a porn star. ”Jimmi said, “I’m a dead ringer, baby. ”Kelly snuggled her breasts tight on his arm and held his hand looking up at him with her dreamy, bedroom eyes. Kelly said, “A lot a guys can’t get a stiff one when it comes to porno. Did you know that?”“It doesn’t matter, baby, because that never happens to me. I’m known as the belly buster in Milford, I’m telling you. I’ll knock that back out. ”“You have a huge cock?”“Fuck, yeah. ”“Can we see it?”Kelly lifted his shirt and stuck her fingers in Jimmi’s pants. She pulled them out so she and Christina could see inside. There was a semi-erect cock stuffed in his pants.

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   It was thick and meaty, just how Kelly liked it. Kelly said, “Whew! This is a winner right here!” Her pussy was tingling with lust and her legs started quivering. Christina smiled at the way Kelly was starting to let loose. “Jimmi Porno, why don’t you come with us?”They drove to a romantic spot on the other side of the bay. It was a small building with a rounded top that tourists used to sit and watch boats sail by in the day through its huge pillars. It was night and empty now, perfect for people who wanted to have sex in public, but still have some privacy. They walked to the center and took a look around. The lights from the night clubs on the other side of the bay were so beautiful from a distance. Kelly and Jimmi started kissing gently, very sensually caressing each other’s bodies. His hand went straight for her tits. Her pussy was dripping under her black dress. Christina felt the itch in her pussy as well from watching them. She started kissing Jimmi’s neck as she undid his pants and started massaging his cock and balls. He alternated between kissing the two women as they took his shirt off. There was a tattoo of his name on his shoulder: PORTO.

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  Christina massaged his shoulders from behind. Jimmi and Kelly were facing each other. He kissed her sticking his tongue in her mouth. She sucked on it and let it slide out of her mouth. Jimmi grabbed a handful of Kelly’s ass and started to lift her skirt up over her hips. As he squeezed her ass, he felt the strings of Kelly’s thong passing through his fingers. His dick was so hard. Christina lifted his shirt over his head. Kelly felt the need for a hard cock in her mouth. She squat with her legs open—dress to her hips—and looked at the bulge in Jimmi’s jeans. The cool air felt good blowing on her hot pussy. She pulled his pants down and started groping his dick. The way it jumped in her hands when she touched it really got her pussy greasy down low. His dick was already hard and poking straight out in his plaid boxers. She pulled his underwear down and his meat jumped out and bounced in front of her face.


   Christina and Jimmi were both watching her. They loved the way her eyes lit up when she saw that stiff cock. Kelly grabbed his dick and started sucking it slowly. It had been so long since she felt the ring of a man’s cock head sliding along the roof of her mouth. Her pussy was gushing cunt juice in her panties. She pulled the dick out and started slobbering all over his balls. She licked every inch of them and forcefully pulled his underwear all the way down to allow herself more room to work. Meanwhile, Christina was rubbing her hands all over Jimmi’s muscular chest and abs and Jimmi reached behind with his long arms and felt her tender ass. Kelly licked the vein from his balls back up to the cock head and inserted it back in her mouth. Hearing this big-tit woman slurping his cock made Jimmi’s dick harder to point that it hurt. She spit on it and stroked it with her hand as she kneaded his balls with the other and flicked her tongue on the ring. Her tits were out in the open shaking as she enjoyed polishing his cock with deflated jaws. Kelly started sucking his dick with no hands. She got a firm grip on his ass. She looked up at him with her big, baby eyes and said, “It’s so fucking big.


  ” Jimmi didn’t hear her. He was too busy enjoying the way Christina was touching him and kissing his neck. A few minutes later, Kelly stood and everybody started taking off the rest of their clothes. That’s when a set of moving lights caught Christina’s attention. “Oh, shit! Look!” she said. There was a tourist boat sailing past them. It was way too close for comfort. Christina stood in front of them to provide cover and said, “Just keep going and they’ll never know you’re here. ”Kelly went back to sucking Jimmi’s cock, but she stopped when the boat seemed to slow and come to a halt directly in front of them. It seemed like the people on the boat were watching. “This is so fucking funny,” said Kelly. It still made her feel a little creepy so they put their clothes back on and sat on a stone bench and talked until the boat left ten minutes later when they realized they weren’t going to get to see anymore live porn. Kelly’s pussy was twitching the whole time they waited. As soon as it was gone, she pulled Jimmi’s cock out of his boxers and resumed giving it a lip massage. Christina sucked on his nipple.

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  Kelly’s pussy was so steamy in her panties. She stood and took off every article of clothing until she was standing buck naked in front of the other two with her chest proudly stuck out as if on display. Jimmi and Christina both stared at Kelly’s beauty. Her tits were so perky. It was like she was a teenager again. This was the first time that Christina had ever seen tits so succulent and mouth watering. It was doing something to her that scared her and excited her simultaneously. Christina was never a lesbian or bisexual, but her reaction to seeing Kelly’s voluptuous body in the night light was something she couldn’t control.
    It was making her pussy sopping wet. She and Jimmi stood to take their clothes off too. Kelly lay on the stone bench and waiting for whatever Jimmi wanted to put inside her, be it the dick or the tongue. She didn’t care. She just wanted to get her pussy fucked. Jimmi stroked his cock as he stared at Kelly’s bald cunt hole. He approached her and lowered his body like he was going to put it in her, but he just kept squatting lower and lower until he was on his knees with Kelly’s hot cunt inches from his mouth.

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       He dove in. The pussy was already soaked with salty pussy juice. He stuck his tongue deep down inside and swirled it around all over her clit. Christina was watching the whole scene take place in front of her. Her pussy was so wet. She liked the way Kelly looked laying spread wide open with her huge tits fallen back in place and her face taut in a lustful grimace. She took a step forward, then another step. She eyed Kelly’s tits as she approached. She started to kneel beside Kelly with her mouth open. It was as if she was hypnotized by her nipples. They were forcing her to move forward. She looked at Kelly when she was beside her and then looked back to her heaving breasts. All she wanted was some kind of sign from Kelly that it was okay to get a taste. Kelly grabbed the back of Jimmi’s head and started fucking his face and moaning as she looked at Christina, almost begging her with her eyes to go ahead and do what she wanted. Christina latched her mouth around Kelly’s left nipple and started sucking it.

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       Kelly’s leg trembled as she went into an orgasm and fucked Jimmi’s mouth in a harder circular grind. Jimmi stood and made Kelly raise her pelvis in the air so high that she was almost upside down. He stuck his finger in her pussy and jabbed at it hard while he licked her clit. “Oh, yes!” moaned Kelly as her body convulsed. When Jimmi was done, Kelly grabbed his finger and started sucking her own cunt juice off of them. Then she used her mouth to unroll a condom onto his cock. Jimmi nudged her to lie back down. He dragged her body over the stone bench with her legs cocked wide open. He shoved his throbbing cock into her pussy and started ramming it. “Oh, yes, fuck this is so good,” screamed Kelly. Jimmi’s cock was buried deep in her pussy, so deep he could feel cunt juice hit his leg as he pounded her. That’s when he noticed she had a tattoo of a butterfly halfway between her belly button and pussy. He started fucking her harder. He wanted to touch that tattoo with his dick from the inside. Christina stood back and enjoyed the show.

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       Kelly’s hair was a mess. It was wildly spread all over the bench and it looked so sexy with Jimmi’s muscular tanned body rammed her horny cunt. Jimmi lay down on the bench and Kelly started riding him holding on the pillar behind them for balance. “Oh, yeah! I’m cumming! Fuck, your dick is so good!” she screamed as she bounced her swollen pussy on Jimmi’s cock. Christina started playing with Kelly’s nipples and said, “Yeah, fuck it, baby, fuck it. ”Jimmi got a good grip on Kelly’s hips and forced her up and down harder onto his shaft. He wanted to make sure she got it all. He stared at her protruding clit and wished he could feel her pussy without the condom. Kelly was in an uncontrolled lust. Christina walked around to Jimmi and started kissing and sucking his nipples. He was so sexy with his bulging muscles and short, blonde hair. Jimmi sat up with his legs on either side of the bench and Kelly straddled across his lap. He grabbed a handful of ass as she wrapped her arms around his neck and started riding him hard. “Oh, shit, yes, fuck that pussy!” she screamed. Christina stayed to the side and watched.

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       They were so into each other she didn’t want to interrupt. Jimmi started sucking her tits and playing with her asshole as she rode his meaty prick. They got in a doggy style position. Jimmi pulled on Kelly’s hair and started fucking hard from behind. They’d both worked up a mild sweat that left goose bumps on Kelly’s sexy body from the night’s cool air. Jimmi fucked her so good that she collapsed on the bench. He went down with her and continued sticking her hot pussy as she struggled to regain her strength. He flipped her on her back and pinned her legs behind her head so he could give her a good pounding. Christina watched as Jimmi’s balls flopped around all over Kelly’s ass with every brutal thrust, Kelly screaming from the intense pleasure and pain it inflicted. They went back to the missionary position. Jimmi was so desperate to feel Kelly’s pussy without a condom that he actually tried to take it off while he kissed her. Christina saw it and ratted him out. They were mad, but it was still funny. She started sucking his dick. She didn’t want it to end without feeling his hot cum all over her face.

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      She said, “Look at me. I want to get you off. I’m sucking your cock and I want you to cum in my mouth. ” She stroked his cock as she slobbered all over the head and then took it deep into her mouth, which had gone somewhat dry from dehydration. He said, “Keep sucking it. ”She smiled and said, “I like cum in my mouth; I’m a little slut. ” Then she deep sucked it and twisted her head around it, dying to favor the taste of cum for the first time in six months. Without warning, a load of hot, creamy spunk flew up and hit Kelly’s lips. She put his meat back in her mouth and started sucking the rest of it out and swallowed it down. She collapsed to the floor with a big smile. She licked the rest of the cum off her lips and swallowed it down. She felt spent and satisfied, her cunt tingling as she looked across the bay at the club’s lights. A huge weight had been lifted. She felt like she was 20 years old again. She closed her eyes.

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       A deep breath filled her lungs, and then she slowly exhaled. She looked down at her glistening tits and wanted to thank them for revitalizing her youth. Copyright 2003 http://www. dramasex. com.



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