Party of Four


When the time came and the slightly tipsy, yet very horny lovers moved into the bedroom, Sara offered to be the camerawoman for Emma and Paul's love scene. "I had to make a couple short videos for my film class at college and I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself," she smiled. The bedroom had a sliding glass door to the backyard and with the curtains open you could see the snow falling in the background. Jon took a seat in an easy chair to Sara's left and Emma and Paul sat down on the bed and began making out as Sara started the camera up. Soon Paul was softly groping Emma's breasts and unzipped the slinky party dress so it fell from her body and revealed a silver satin bra and matching panties. Paul kissed the small of her neck and down her chest to her cleavage where he softly nuzzled while his hands reached around her back to unhook the bra. Paul took one of Emma's hardened nipples into his mouth, sucked gently, took it out and breathed on it causing Emma to moan and shudder, then tweaked it with his fingers as he took the other nipple into his mouth for some attention. While this was going on, Emma had reached down to massage the bulge in Paul's pants and pretty soon she had him out of his button-down shirt and Dockers. Once she removed his boxers and freed his hard cock, she turned to the camera and gave Sara a wicked smile before sliding her tongue down the underside of Paul's shaft and back up, circling around the head before taking a good five or six inches in her mouth and moving back and forth in a quick rhythm on it.

Moments later the lovers switched positions and Emma was on the bed as Paul removed her soaking wet panties and spread her legs wide. Working the camera, Sara found she had to get up extra close to find a good angle so she could focus on what Paul's tongue was doing to Emma's clitoris. She found herself getting very turned on hearing Emma's screams of delight as Paul licked her back and forth, up and down and for a second wished she had a free hand to play with herself. She had to remind herself her time would come later and she wanted to make this video as good as possible for her two friends to watch later on. Paul inserted two fingers in Emma's pussy and fucked her with them while continuing to expertly flick his tounge on her clitoris until she exploded into a huge, quivering climax. Knowing she was being taped, Emma popped right back up, though, leaned over the bed and allowed Paul to penetrate her doggystyle as Sara scrambled to get in a good position to shoot it. Normally Paul would finish inside of Emma but they wanted to try the old "money shot" that was a staple of every porn film they'd ever watched, so as soon as Paul got close he withdrew, Emma turned around and Paul came all over her perky 34B breasts.

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   Sara could feel her pussy crying out for attention as she watched Paul shoot his huge load and Emma rub into her tits. Strangely enough, though, Sara found herself even more turned on by the thought of being with Emma than anything else. Did she have the courage to do anything about it, though? Sara turned the camcorder off and handed it over to Paul. "You guys ready?" he asked, looking over at Jon. Sara found herself grabbing Emma by the arm, the extra glasses of wine taking effect, and decided she might as well go for it. "Actually, I was wondering if you guys would care, I mean as long as we're making home movies it would be a shame not to have a girl-on-girl scene mixed in, wouldn't it?" The words sounded stupid as they came out of her mouth and Sara waited for Jon or Paul to tell her she was crazy or worse, for Emma to pull away with a disgusted look on her face. Instead, Paul and Jon just looked at each other and shrugged, large smiles breaking out on their faces, while Emma turned to Sara and led her over to the bed where she slowly undressed her until she was naked as well. "Who's got the camera?" she asked slyly and Jon took over the filming. Emma cupped one of Sara's 36C breasts in her hand and nibbled on the nipple just the way she enjoyed having done to her. Sara closed her eyes in ecstasy as Emma expertly moved around her body, kissing in all the right places, finding each and every last one of her hot spots, until suddenly Emma was kissing her inner thighs and Sara knew in just a second she would feel Emma's tongue pressing up against her clit and ohmigod, there it was, Emma had her pu$$y lips spread open and was gliding her tounge over Sara's button, hitting it again and again so that jolts rushed through her body.
    Halfway through, Emma jumped on top of Sara in a 69 position and Sara ran her tongue in Emma's pussy tasting her sweet nectar and trying to hold off her impending orgasm long enough so Emma could climax with her. Luckily, since Emma had been worked up already by Paul, she took very little time to hit her peak and all of a sudden the two women were sucking one another's clits into their hungry mouths and exploding into a blissful, out-of-this-world, transcendental moment of decadence. Jon's cock was rock hard as he finished filming the scene and he guessed that Paul's probably was as well. Emma turned to Sara and they began grinding their pu$$ies together, pinching and sucking each other's nipples and sharing long, soulful kisses. Emma came at least twice more from the friction she got grinding with Sara and then she offered to take over behind the camera so Jon could finally enjoy his relase.

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       Having watched Emma fuck Jon and then share a bisexual moment with Sara, it didn't take Jon long to remove all his clothes and jump on the bed. Sara was ready. Being with a woman was definitely all she imagined it was cracked up to be but now she wanted to feel Jon's hard c*ck penetrating her. "Take me," she cried as Jon slammed deep inside of her and began to thrust in and out in a steady rhythm. Sara's pussy was so dripping wet that Jon was able to go deeper and harder than ever before and it wasn't long before he felt Sara tighten around him and climax yet again. Jon then pulled out and climaxed all over Sara's incredible body, coating her tits, abdomen and pussy with his hot cum. Sometime during all this Paul took the camera from Emma, who came over and lapped Jon's cum off Sara's tits while he watched. Pretty soon all four lovers were passed out in bed together, the camcorder forgotten on the floor. They would enjoy the video in the morning, though, and a few more naked romps that would follow. .



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