Oral Lessions For Kathy's and Julie's Friends


Since Julie and Kathy became good friends and lovers Julie seems to be an adopted daughter. She is always over and she constantly is trying to keep Kathy, my daughter naked. Months gone by and Kathy had her baby and put her up for adoption (as I did the first child I had) and she was proud of her wonderfully big chest and the fact that she got so much attention from the boys at school and some of the girls. She told me of lots of times in the showers that the more boy like girls in gym class came over and took advantage of her in the showers.
One day we had been discussing oral sex and how to best give boys (and men) good suckings and Julie was all questions. "How do you make it all go into you mouth, does cum always tatse good, what else can you do with a man's cock?" she was asking ove and over. One day I came home and heard noises upstairs, there was definitley sex play going on upstairs. I expected to see Julie and Kathy naked but got the surprise of my life. Julie and Kathy were completely naked and there was another girl there also, Kara was her name. Kara was naked from the waist up and was very cute and tomboyish. Her skin was olive and her nipples, hard and large for her 34B breasts but also very dark and hard.
THere was 8 boys there, all with their cocks out and in one or another stage of erections. The largest was a good 10 inches and there was one that was small, maybe 6. Kathy got up when she saw me and came over and kissed me. "Mom, we are trying to show Kara how to suck cocks. She has troulbe doing it.

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  " she said after the kiss. The boys all tried to cover themselves and one said, "Damn, Kathy, you didn't say your mom would come home. " Kathy laughed and said, "Don't worry, Mom is here to join us, right Mom?" she said and turned to me. Without a word I took off my blouse and undid my bra. My 42EEE tits got comments from everyone including Kara. "Wow, Mrs Cain, they are huge" she said. I walked to her and took her hands, "Here baby, massage them for me. " and she began doing just that. I undid my shorts and took off the panties that were soaked and stood there letting her massage them. "Suck them Kara" one of the boys said and she did. She was really sucking them nice and hard and my pussy flowed with juices down my legs as my first orgasm shook my body I almost fell.
Kara sat back and looked at me, "I will show you more later dear, when it is just us girls. " I told her. "Okay Mrs Cain" she said. "Now to the art of cock sucking"I laughed.

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   MY pussy was soaked but I thought that doing these boys would be a good start. I went to one and got on my knees between his legs. I moved his hand and took his cock in my hands. "Now girls, the cock is really a very lovley thing. The head is sensative and so you must be very careful how you treat it. The shaft is also if you know how to suck it and run your tongue around it and down to the base near the balls. " I began. All three girls were gathered next to me. "Watch now. " I began teasing the head of the cock in my hands, around the rim and the shaft and then slowly took it into my mouth. My pussy was shuttering waiting for attention. I slowly took it all the way in and began moving up and down taking time to let it come all the way out of my mouth and lick the head of it. After a little while I felt the boy tense up and his hips moved to my mouth, then he filled my mouth with his load. I let it run out of my mouth for the effect and then licked my lips getting it all in and swallowing it down. My pussy was screaming for attention so I moved to the big boy, the ten inch cock standing straight up.

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The boy looked at me, "None of the girls have ever been able to take this Mrs. Cain. " he said. "I am not one of the girls' I said and took the head into my mouth and began teasing him. Now all the kids were watching me d my thing as they sat near to watch. I took in the cock till it was buried in my throat and sucked him nice and slow. After a halff hour his cock loaded my throat with cum and he shivered all over. "Oh that was nice' I said. The cock stayed half hard as I had hoped. I sucked it back to life, "Time to pay the cock sucker now dear. " I said and he asked "How can I pay you for that Mrs. Cain. " I was licking his nipples and sid, "Fuck me baby, fuck me good and hard. " I laid on the rug in the middle of the floor and spread my legs. He got on me and withou any help the hard cock was in me.

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   It sank all the way in and he said, "No one has ever taked it all. " I almost yelled, "Well I am and now give Mrs. Cain a good fucking. The kids sat around us, watching and massaging their own bodys as the 18 inch boy fucked me nice and hard. He drove into me everytime all the way and after 4 or so orgasms for me he filled my pussy with hot cum. After he moved out Julie laid between my legs and began eating me, the cum coming out in globs as I had more orgasms from her sweet mouth.
I laid there and began telling them, "Okay boys, now we are going to hae a gang bang, that means that as many of you that can fuck me all at one time will do just that. I have a mouth, an ass and a pussy that need cock, so lets do it. " I laid there and the boys began getting into place. One filled my pussy and another my throat. My ass was vacant until the next round when I sat on a cock in my ass and laid back to have one in my pussy, Another took his place in my throat and we began all over again. I was on the floor and saw Julie on one side sucking Kara's tits and then down to her pussy. Kara was screaming for orgasms and she was really loud in her sexual pleasure but we all enjoyed her dark skin covered with hot cum when a couple boys took over after Julie finished her. I had been fucked for two hours when I felt Kathy kissing my tits and took her into my arms and we began playing. We began lessons every week after that.

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   Kara really began to fill up with cock and later we all were in my bedroom, Kara, Julie and Kathy and myself for some girl to girl fun.