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After a few more delicate conversations we came to a conclusion. We would ease our way into some new situations. I had always had a desire to see Claire get fucked by another man (or two). It was a recurring masturbation fantasy for me, but I never thought about actually experiencing it. It seemed too far out there. When I mentioned it to her though, she liked the idea right away and we began the process of figuring out the details. After much discussion we came up with a course of action. We would go online together and search for a suitable stranger. After about a week of chatting we had narrowed our pool down to three guys. They all passed my standards, which were simply that we didn’t know them and Claire had approved of their looks, which was all she cared about. After careful deliberation and a few more chats she decided on this 25 yr old guy named Steve. He was a graduate student at the local college and seemed like a perfect candidate for the job. We decided to meet at a hotel bar in the next town over the following Friday night. The week leading up to the meeting was filled with a growing nervous anticipation that almost reached the boiling point for me. I kept asking myself if we were really going to go through with it and wondering what the ramifications would be if we did. I could see in Claire’s beautiful blue eyes that she was going through similar battles with our decision.


   When we chatted with Steve that Thursday night and confirmed the plans, I had to fight the urge to call the whole thing off. If this turned out badly for some reason, I was at risk of losing my girlfriend and best friend in one fell swoop. But I managed to bite my tongue and the plans were finalized without a hitch. I couldn’t concentrate at all that Friday at work. I was so useless in fact that my boss told me to take the rest of the day off. I went home and continued my pacing and incoherent mumblings as I packed my bag for our weekend stay at the hotel. Claire came home a couple of hours after me at around 4:00pm. And while her anxiety seemed evident, mine was downright obvious. After about fifteen minutes, she stopped in the middle of her packing and approached me in the bedroom. Without a word she began to kiss me deeply. I groaned into her mouth as her hand found my cock and began to stroke it gently. I regained my senses and began to kiss her back hard as she slowly unzipped my khakis and pulled my nearly rigid cock out of my pants. She then gracefully dropped to her knees and turned her sweet face to mine as she grasped my throbbing prick at its base. Again I groaned out as she softly took my swollen head just into her mouth and rolled her pink tongue over it once, then twice before releasing it with a pop. She lapped from the underside of my balls all the way to my tip where she slid the full length of my seven inches down her throat in one smooth motion.

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   Claire kept her head motionless for a moment before beginning to rhythmically swallow my entire cock as she started to massage my churning balls. It had been a while since I’d gotten a blowjob like this, quite a long while actually and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last very long. Sure enough after a few more minutes my balls began to rumble from deep inside. Claire was still swallowing me whole in perfect time and her hand had made it’s way to my ass where she was teasing my sensitive asshole by just inserting her fingertip repeatedly. I then moaned loudly and just as I was about to come she slid the length of her middle finger deep into my ass. I managed to grunt out “I’m gonna come!” as a warning for her. However much to my surprise and delight, Claire just kept pumping her pretty face into my crotch as she deliberately rotated her buried finger. A moment later I erupted in one of the greatest orgasms of my life. My knees literally buckled and I had to grab Claire’s shoulders to keep myself from falling as I emptied a mighty load down her willing throat. She swallowed every drop and continued to suck and finger me as my cock began to soften in her mouth. She licked and suckled my twitching balls for a minute or two as I struggled to catch my breath. She then slowly stood up and moved her face in close to mine. Claire then said through her big smile “See baby, it’s working already. ” And planted a deep passionate kiss on me. When the kiss ended we both began to laugh as we hugged lovingly.

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   I realized instantly that she was right; it was working. I couldn’t recall the last spontaneous blowjob I’d gotten and forget about the swallowing. That hadn’t happened in over five years. I was still nervous but I felt much better afterwards. In less than an hour we showered and left for the hotel. We weren’t supposed to meet Steve until 8:00pm and we got to the hotel around 6:00, giving us a couple more hours of maddening anticipation. They dragged by but finally the time came for us to go down to the bar. As we rode the elevator down to the lobby, I couldn’t help but marvel at Claire. She looked so incredibly beautiful. Her medium length blonde hair was naturally wavy and her eyes seemed to be two reflecting pools set deep into her beautiful face. Her body was amazing, petite, about 5’1” with a gorgeous set of 34D breasts and one of the hottest asses I’ve ever seen. One thought kept going through my head as the door to elevator rang and opened into the lobby “How am I not fucking this gorgeous girl every minute of every day. ”I was brought back to the real world as Claire took my hand and we walked towards the bar. We entered the bar and both paused to scan the room for Steve. When we didn’t see him we made our way to the bar and ordered some drinks.

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  I sipped my neat scotch nervously and finished it within five minutes. I ordered another one and as the bartender passed it to me, Claire tapped my leg nervously. “There he is honey!” she whispered excitedly. I turned my head and we saw each other at the same time. We each gave a knowing kind of half smile and he walked towards us. When he arrived he gave me a firm handshake as we exchanged hellos before turning his attention to Claire. “You look absolutely beautiful, Claire” he said as he kissed her softly on the lips. I felt an immediate twinge of jealousy but managed to suppress it and ordered Steve a drink. We made small talk for few minutes until we decided to get a table. We took a quiet booth in a corner and soon ordered another round. We sat across the table from him and the conversation gradually started to become less awkward. He really seemed like a cool guy and we were feeling pretty comfortable pretty quickly. About an hour later, and after four scotches, I was riding a fairly strong buzz. I left the table for a few minutes and hit the bathroom. As I returned to the booth I noticed that Steve was sitting in my seat, next to Claire.

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   He looked up at me and wordlessly asked for my approval. I smiled weakly and sat down across from the two of them. As more time passed, and a few more rounds as well and I noticed that he was slowly but surely moving closer to Claire, until their legs were in constant contact. He also became more touchy and kept leaning up against her. I guess your confidence flies pretty high when you know you’re going to get laid and Steve was definitely feeling it. He then turned to me and said: “You’re a very lucky man, Dave. ”With that he turned back to my girlfriend and began to kiss her lips softly. I sat there and stared dumbly as his soft kisses turned into a long, deep tongue-kiss. My psyche was instantly locked in a battle with itself; a bloody fight between my suddenly searing jealousy and the undeniable heat simmering in my loins. Their kiss lasted a good two minutes before they broke, Claire turning right to me and smiling broadly again. I could tell by the look in her eyes it wouldn’t be long before we were on our way up to our room. We had one more round and sure enough, after another deep kiss from Steve, Claire suggested we head up to the room. I settled the tab as this stranger and my girlfriend continued to make out in the booth, their hands beginning to roam more liberally with each passing moment. We then all headed for the elevator and entered it alone. As soon as the doors closed, Steve pulled Claire close to him and stood behind her as he began to kiss her neck slowly.

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   She then gasped as he ran his hands up her stomach and onto her big, round breasts and squeezed them tightly. “Stroke my cock”, he hissed loud enough for me to hear as his hands began to knead my girlfriend’s beautiful tits. Claire whimpered as she reached back and began to stroke his obvious hard-on over his pants. I stood there, my cock throbbing madly against my pants as this guy and my girlfriend ground into each other hard and groped at one another wildly. We were interrupted briefly when the elevator door rang signaling our floor. Claire hurried out of the elevator, with Steve in tow and made a beeline for the room. I barely had the door closed and they were all over each other. Steve picked Claire up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they kissed wildly and made their way over towards the bed. I sat down in the chair by the bed, staring in a lust filled daze as he backed my girlfriend against the wall and began to dry hump her forcefully. Claire shuddered and groaned as he ground the form of his big cock hard over her panty-covered pussy. He pinned her to the wall with his waist and continued to hump her as he pulled off her tight shirt and resumed tweaking and twisting her round globes roughly. After a few minutes, he laid her down gently on the bed and kissed her hard as he unhooked her bra and freed her awesome tits. His hand then slid down and with some effort he removed my girlfriend’s pants. Claire began to squirm more frantically beneath him as he started to suck her hot tits and stroke her soaking pussy over her panties. She gripped Steve’s head tightly as his pace quickened on her pussy.

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  A short while later he pulled his face from her breasts as he yanked her panties to the side and resumed his manipulations on her bare, pink cunt. Claire’s hips were thrashing around as she whimpered and moaned throatily. Once his hand was good and soaked, Steve brought his hand up to her face and slid his sticky fingers into her mouth. “How’s it taste?” he asked as he fingered her mouth smoothly. Claire groaned an approval as she licked his fingers clean. “Do you want me to eat your little pussy Claire?”“Yes!!” she half screamed immediately in response. Steve then turned his head to me and asked “And what about you Dave, do you want to watch me eat your girlfriend’s cunt?”Immediately I responded in a growl “Ohhh fuck yeah!” as I continued to stroke my aching cock through my pants. Steve smiled wide and quickly positioned himself between Claire’s trembling legs. My girlfriend then gasped loudly and began to moan as he started to eat her tight snatch. He ate her slowly at first and again had her writhing around spastically. It wasn’t long before he pinned her knees up by her jiggling tits and began to suck ferociously on her exposed, flowing pussy. Claire then groaned out a deeper sort of groan as Steve began to flutter his tongue on her tiny little, asshole. She gasped and whined as he slid his powerful tongue deep inside her ass while continuing to rub her enflamed clit rapidly. I could take no more and finally pulled my raging cock out and began to jerk off. Steve, after a long and thorough rim job, returned his tireless mouth to Claire’s juicy cunt and sucked and licked her madly.

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   About two minutes later, my girlfriend squealed as she began to flop around the bed like a fish thrown up on the shore. Steve kept his mouth locked on Claire’s flowing cunt as her orgasm ripped through her lithe body. He continued to kiss her sweet pussy as her moans and gyrations finally slowed. He then climbed off the bed and stood at it’s edge as he slowly beckoned to a panting Claire. She re-energized instantly and sprang up to meet him. They again kissed passionately as she slid his sweaty shirt off revealing a more muscular chest than you would have guessed. “Tell me what you want” he said softly. “I want your cock” she responded as she began to stroke his huge bulge again and kiss his salty neck. He then turned to me smiling slyly and asked Claire “What are you gonna do with it?”She replied instantly “I’m gonna suck on it” as she started to lick and suck his small nipples. I then watched closely as my girlfriend kissed her way down his muscular stomach, still stroking him through his pants. When she finally reached his pants, Claire unbuttoned them quickly and slid the zipper down deliberately. She pulled his pants down all the way before slowly tugging at his boxers. She then audibly gasped as his cock sprang out from behind his underwear. It had to be at least nine inches long and proportionately thick. Claire turned to me in a wide-eyed gaze as I stared at his huge cock admiringly.

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   He then gripped the back of her head firmly and turned her pretty face up to his. “No, no, no… you’re on my cock, you little slut. ”He then slid the underside of his giant tool over Claire’s face slowly and stopped with his balls resting on her lips. She got the hint and began to hungrily suck on his big hairy balls. Her petite hand reached up and grasped Steve’s massive shaft as she rolled his nuts around in her mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes off his incredible cock. I had long had an interest in men. It had exclusively been a masturbation fantasy, with me always ending up in the submissive role. I enjoyed the fantasy but never took it seriously, mainly because I never found a man attractive, not once. For me the appeal was in the cock (and balls), whether I was sucking it, jerking it or getting fucked by it, it was all about the cock. Up until this moment, I’d never seen a hard one in person, other than my own, but it was clear that his awesome phallus had my interest. Plus the fact that he was about to impale my hot little girlfriend with it only made me hotter, and I was nearly on fire. “Do you wanna suck my cock now, bitch?” he asked Claire firmly. Again all she could do was groan an approval but before she could move, Steve jumped up on the bed and straddled her face, facing her feet and subsequently, me. “First you’re gonna suck my ass.

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  ”He leaned his ass back onto Claire’s beautiful face and she began to tongue his asshole powerfully. Claire and I used to engage in assplay all the time, and she knew her way around a pussy too, so I knew she was giving his asshole a good tonguing. He groaned a little and leaned back further so his mighty cock was pointing right at me. I tried to stare discreetly but gave up on that as soon as he began to stroke it. After I had been staring at it for a full minute or two, I slowly trailed my eyes up and froze when they met his. He held his stare for about ten seconds then closed his eyes and groaned as my gaze dropped back down to his swaying monster. Claire continued to slip her tongue in and out of his asshole as he rode her face and jerked his flagpole of a cock. After a short while, Steve dismounted my girlfriend’s face and again stood by the edge of the bed, only a few feet from me, as she sat on the end of the bed and gripped his rigid prick. I watched closely as Claire feathered his head with soft, wet kisses, then did the same down his shaft. I was amazed at how small her hands and face seemed in comparison to his impressive manhood. She continued to tease him, licking and suckling his rod from the side for a little while until she began to work him down her throat. Again, he gripped her hair tightly as she slowly bobbed her face up and down on his cock. I honestly didn’t know who I was more jealous of at that moment. My eyes remained glued to Steve’s glistening shaft as it disappeared and reappeared out of my girlfriend’s mouth. All I could think of was what that would feel like buried in my throat, how he would taste.


   At the same time I was thoroughly impressed by Claire as she managed, with much effort, to slide his giant tool all the way down her throat until her little nose was buried in his dark thatch of pubic hair. After nearly ten minutes, he laid my girlfriend back gently and started to finger her soaking pussy as she continued to feast on his huge cock. She popped his head out of her mouth long enough to moan as he added a second finger inside her and began to lightly slap her face with his swollen beast. Steve rubbed his gleaming hard-on all over Claire’s face as he looked over at me and smiled. I barely noticed, though, as my focus was locked onto the sight of another man’s cock massaging my girlfriend’s pretty face, and much to her liking too. I was beating away at my throbbing hard-on as I watched unblinkingly. “Tell me what you want now, Claire?” Steve asked, still looking at me. My squirming girlfriend groaned and answered in a low, husky voice;“I want you to fuck me with that cock, baby” and gave his balls a good sucking to emphasize her point. . It was so hot I almost came as the words left her mouth. Steve must have thought so too because he instantly grabbed her ankles and spun her around so he stood between her legs. It was a sight to behold, him standing there over my girlfriend’s wide spread pussy, his giant hard-on standing at full attention, casting a shadow on her flat belly. He then leaned over and hooked Claire’s twitching legs over his shoulders as he slid the tip of his head between her tight lips.
    She just stared up at him in wild anticipation and subconsciously ground her naked pussy against his burning shaft. Steve then repeatedly began to rub my girl’s desperate cunt with the underside of his glorious 9” cock.


       Claire responded by grinding harder against his heat as she started to whimper audibly. Suddenly my girlfriend’s hot body went rigid and she gasped deeply as Steve slid about three inches of himself inside her. Her hands were now gripping his sides tightly as he gently began to thrust in and out of her tight cunt. Claire’s breaths came in sharp, high pitched gasps as he drove himself deeper and deeper with each steady thrust. I swear I felt drool running form the corners of my mouth as I stared dumbly and jerked my more modest cock hard. I was watching another man fuck my girlfriend, and loving it. So was Claire. Steve soon had two thirds of his mighty prick rhythmically pumping the blonde and she was moaning loudly and thrashing beneath him. I watched closely as his ass rose and fell with growing intensity and listened to Claire’s constant moans and groans lustily. He then stopped abruptly and pulled out of her juicy pussy. In one smooth motion he pulled Claire upright by her hair and slid his glistening meat into her mouth forcefully. I watched in awe as he began to fuck my lover’s dazed face. He held her head tightly by her blonde hair as he pumped her mouth harder and harder. He soon had a little over half his length sliding in and out of Claire’s ecstatic face. For her part, she just held his hips tightly and swallowed his thick cock as best she could, constantly moaning as she did.

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      Steve then just as suddenly pulled his cock from Claire’s throat and flipped her over on all fours roughly. My girlfriend let out a deep rumbling moan as he buried his huge dick into her from behind. He paused for a few moments before withdrawing his whole length only to drive it back in hard. Two seconds later, Steve was drilling Claire’s sweet cunt. He held her hips tightly as he pistoned his full length in and out of her. Claire was going wild, like I’d never seen before; and when he grabbed her wrists pulling her up off the bed as he pounded her, she got even louder. I watched her beautiful tits shake violently as Steve fucked her brutally from behind. Steve then motioned to me. I was in such a daze, it took me a moment to react. “Go fuck her face!” he snapped at me. Again I hesitated but only for an instant before I jumped up and stood over by Claire’s strained face. I grabbed her hair with both hands and began to fuck her face pretty hard. My balls were soon slapping off Claire’s chin and I stared down at Steve’s cock as he withdrew and buried mercilessly. Her constant moans vibrated my aching cock, increasing the pleasure and bringing me to the brink. I groaned out and continued pumping Claire’s mouth as I began to come wildly.

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       Dumping about half my load down her stretched throat. The rest running out her mouth and down her chin as she moaned and gasped frantically. Steve then flipped her back over again and resumed fucking her, even harder than before. Claire pulled me down and began to kiss me deeply. However, this kiss had a purpose. I groaned as she slid her tongue deep into my mouth, feeding me my own come I had just deposited in her mouth. To eat my come out of my girlfriend’s mouth was amazingly sexy and turned me on more than I ever imagined. When she broke the kiss to scream some more, I swallowed my come down, loving the feeling. Then suddenly Steve grunted as I lapped the rest of my come from Claire’s lips and chin. He thrust a few more times before pulling out and pouncing up by my girlfriend’s pretty face. I turned my head and was shocked to see his pulsating head just a few inches from my face. Claire suddenly grabbed the back of my head and forced my face down on Steve’s wondrous cock. In an instant, my mouth was full of him and without hesitation I began to suck him passionately. Years of pent up frustration were released as I stretched my lips and sucked on his delicious cock, aided by Claire’s hand in my hair forcing me up and down. A moment later I felt him tense up and groan primordially.

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       The next instant, my girlfriend jammed my head down and held it there as the first spurt hit the back of my throat. I struggled to swallow as blast after blast shot deep into my mouth and slowly down my throat. When she noticed his orgasm subsiding, Claire slowly pumped my face on his cock again for a few moments. She then pulled my face completely off his dick and it fell between her tits with a flat thud. She quickly grabbed it and began to milk it dry, sucking every bit of his come as I stared blankly, shocked by what had just transpired. Much to my amazement, he started to get hard again and Claire soon crawled out from beneath him. “Suck his cock, you little bitch” she hissed. I needed no more encouragement and instantly was slurping away at Steve’s hardening dick. I quickly made my way to his big, low hanging balls and groaned as I took one gently into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and sighed deeply as I lovingly began to suck his beautiful balls. I then whimpered as I felt Claire start to lap at my sensitive asshole lightly. After a long sampling of Steve’s nuts, I returned my mouth to his hot cock, which was fully erect again. Claire soon had her tongue buried deep in my ass as I moaned and sucked Steve for all I was worth. After a long while, during which he repeatedly slapped my face with his hard-on, he suddenly knelt behind me on the bed. I quivered as I stared back and saw Claire give his dick a couple of long slurps before guiding it to my tight asshole.

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       I panted as I felt his hard cock begin to push against my small hole with increasing pressure. I then shook and shuddered as his head slipped past my clenching asshole and slightly into my ass. Claire lustily licked and sucked Steve’s balls as he gently pumped his head in and out of my ass. It felt amazing and so filling, how was I supposed to get the rest of him inside me if his head felt like this much?I had barely finished the thought when I got my answer. I tried to yell but nothing came out as he buried about half his length and started to fuck my ass. I was moaning uncontrollably, the sensation driving me wild, when Claire pulled my head down between her widespread legs. Before I even knew what was happening I was sucking on Claire’s juicy pussy as Steve drilled me deeper and deeper. My moans were erratic now, flowing into one another, and her cunt, as my senses overloaded. I’d had dildos in my ass before but they were no match for the real thing. Steve’s cock was so hot and hard, so much more than I’d imagined. I don’t think Claire was ever hotter as she rubbed my face with her crotch and made me suck it. I was moaning and yelling as Steve pumped me fiercely with about two thirds his length. After ten minutes of intense and incredible fucking, Steve flipped me over on my back and held my twitching legs by the ankles. I moaned unsteadily as he easily slid his cock deep into my ass and resumed his powerful thrusting. Claire quickly slid down and began to suck my aching hard on as Steve’s fucking grew ever more intense.

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       I was in complete ecstasy. As Steve drilled me rhythmically I felt my orgasm coming on and grabbed Claire’s head tightly. She knew what was coming and buried my cock deep in her throat as I began to empty another load into my girlfriend’s willing belly. It was the longest and most intense orgasm of my life, lasting a good thirty seconds. Just as my climax was fading, Steve moaned out and after a few final thrusts pulled out of my ass. He slipped his condom off and pounced up by Claire’s and my face. He then grabbed both of our heads as I began to jerk him off quickly. With one final grunt, his swollen head exploded. He held our heads tightly and deposited a huge load all over our faces. Stream after stream of hot come splattered us equally as I pulled on Steve’s beautiful cock desperately. When he finally emptied, Claire and I took turns slurping at his softening cock and big balls swallowing what was left of his mighty load. We then all collapsed on the bed just panting and stayed silent for a long while. .



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