Old Friends, New Lovers


Each year we take a sailing trip with our friends Michael and Kathy. We’ve been friends since our college days. Bonnie talked about trying to seduce them. She new that Michael was a real horn dog, Kathy says he fucks her every day. And she says that Kathy thinks I am attractive.
“Boy, have you ever changed! A couple of months ago you would flirt with our friends with no intentions of letting it get out of hand. Now you’re lining up people you’d like to fuck!”
I thought about how when we visit Michael & Kathy. Some time during our time together the subject of sex always comes up and we can count on Michael to bring up the subject of anal sex. Kathy always puts him down and then we always end up in their hot tub naked. Michael waits until just after dinner and says “Let’s get naked and jump in the tub!” He likes to sit next to Bonnie and check out her tits and bare pussy. He never fails to say “Kathy, I think you should shave yours too!” Kathy seems to linger outside of the tub and I like to think that she wants to give me a chance to check her out. And her little gymnast type body is nice to look at. Her flat belly, sparse bush, and those small tits with their long pencil eraser nipples! I’ve often imagined sucking on them.
I had to ask “Do you really think it’s a good idea? It might endanger our friendship. ”
She said “I slept with Michael in college and I think he slept with all the women we knew! If we handle it right, I think we can do it. Besides, wouldn’t you like to have Kathy?”
“OK,” I said “I’m willing!”
Last summer we were on a bare boat charter out of the port of Canouan in the Caribbean.

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   We had arranged to take out a 38’ Catamaran. It was a 7 day trip, visiting just 4 islands. I love these trips because they’re so casual. On the boat the boys wear bathing suits or shorts while the girls their two piece bottoms and go topless.
It so happens that we were moored off of Union Island on Kathy’s birthday. We made arrangements with our local boat boy, Tiger, to have a lobster feast in her honor. We told Tiger that we wanted his help and asked if he could tell us of a secluded cove for the evening’s party. Following his directions we made off in the afternoon and sailed to the west side, a more deserted part of the island.   We anchored about 100 yards off shore in 30’ of water.
Bonnie decided that the time was right. She said “Let’s divide and conquer. If you can get Michael away from the boat, you can tell him about our adventures with “The Club” while I talk to Kathy. I’ll tell her all about my first experience with Roger’s cock. I’ll even show her my “Roger” dildo so she’ll have a better idea of just how big he is. That should peak her interest, and then I’ll tell her all of the details of my party.

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   I’ll broach the subject of swapping. ”
“Okay, I’ll do the same with Michael. I’ve seen the way he looks at your bare snatch and I know he wouldn’t pass up the chance to play with it. Michael would have sex with a dishtowel so if he knows that you’ll suck him and fuck him, he’ll jump at the chance!”
“If she’s receptive I’ll see if she’s willing to help me with an enema, and see if she’ll let me do the same for her. I’m sure of Michael’s reaction, it’s Kathy I’m not sure of. So when you and I get back together, wink if he’d be receptive to sharing. I’ll do the same. ”
A little while later I talked Michael into taking some supplies to shore so we could get ready for the birthday bash.   We landed the dinghy on the beach and off loaded the supplies. It was a great spot. The cove was at least a mile wide. The sides were rocky cliffs that worked shoreward and ended with had about a half mile of sandy beach extending from side to side. We saw the hut and BBQ pit where Tiger told us to meet him.
I said “Let’s relax, smoke a cigar and have a couple of beers before Tiger gets here. Then one of us can go get the girls and bring them ashore.

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We started talking about this and that and I managed to steer the conversation around to sex. I told him that I thought he was a lucky man because his wife was so cute and has such a great figure. I asked him, “Is sex with her still great?”
Michael said “She let’s me have her anytime I want, but it’s always the same. We have straight sex, nothing else. What about you guys, same thing?”
“Oh no, for a quite a while now we’ve had nothing even close! Bonnie is an animal! There’s nothing she won’t do!”
“Does she give you head?”
“Of course she does, and she swallows! Doesn’t Kathy suck yours?”
Michael answered with a resounding “Hell no! My woman hasn’t given me a blowjob since we’ve been married!”
“That’s too bad! But you go down on her, don’t you?”
“No, because I know she won’t go down on me. I did tell her that I’d go down on her if she shaved herself like Bonnie, but she said no way!”
“Well, maybe you’re the problem. You might not be using the right strategy or maybe you’re just not trying hard enough. ”
“Yeah, but let’s not go there. Tell me more, what else does Bonnie do?”
I knew I had him now. “Well, she’s decided she likes it up the ass!”
He said “Holy shit! No way! How in the world did you ever get her into anal sex?”
Then I told him about our first night with Roger and Shellie. I described how I had always admired Shellie’s big tits and how much my wife now coveted Roger’s enormous cock. I talked about that first night and getting sucked off in the hot tub and my intro to anal. I went on to describe the further adventures of “The Club”. I didn’t go into great detail but gave him highlights about many of our experiences. It was obvious that he had a hard on as he kept reaching down adjusting his dick.

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   And when I described the other women and what they let me do to them, he was saying things like “No way!” and “Holy shit, really?”
Then he stopped me during my description of Bonnie’s party and asked, “This all sounds great but aren’t you afraid one of you might catch something?”
I told him about “The Rules”.
He asked “Doesn’t it bother you that these guys were taking such liberties with your wife?”
I had to tell him “The first night watching her with Roger and his huge cock really turned me on! I was amazed as I was watching her work on his unbelievable cock. It was like I didn’t really know her. And besides, I was more concerned about being able to have Shellie than I was about what Bonnie was doing. Then, at the first party, I was surprised at how she reacted to the other men and was excited watching her with the other guys. Besides, we’ve both agreed, it’s only sex!”
Then I went into a very detailed description of Bonnie being Roger’s first ass fuck.
He eyes got huge and he questioned me. “She really took his cock in her ass?”
“Oh yeah, and she was going nuts!”
“So something has had to have changed. How has all this affected your relationship?”
I was honest and told him “We are having better sex more often and loving it! Bonnie has become an animal! Now she’s the one who suggests we go to bed, and she almost always begs me to fuck her in the ass!”
“You’re so lucky! I’d give anything to fuck someone’s ass!”
I said “Anything, are you sure? I know Bonnie wouldn’t hesitate to suck your cock and let you have a go at her ass. But, fair is fair, so you’d have to get Kathy to agree to be with me. Could you do that?”
He said “Really! She’d let me do her in the ass? Well . . . I’d like that but I don’t think Kathy would go for swapping. ”
I had to ask him “If she did, how would you feel about me being with her?”
He thought for a moment, staring off at the boat.

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   “I can handle it. If you can get her to play, it’s okay with me. But how would you do it?”
“I suspect that Bonnie might be working on that right now . . . “
Just before sunset Tiger arrived and we helped him off load the dinner supplies. He started a fire and I told Michael to wait on shore while I went back to get the women. When I pulled up to the boat Bonnie was there to handle the dinghy’s landing line. She looked at me and I winked. She smiled but didn’t wink back. She just shrugged and said “I didn’t get a reaction. So I don’t know what to tell you. ”
I said “Oh well, let’s go ashore and see what happens. ”
Kathy came out of the cabin and she was wearing a shear sundress. The sun was behind her and I could tell by her silhouette that she was naked underneath it.

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   She stepped onto the transom, took my hand and climbed into the dinghy. Bonnie got in and we were off to the beach.
When we reached the shore I beached the dinghy and helped both women out onto the shore. I pulled the boat up above the water line and tied off the mooring line. As I turned to join the others I found Kathy waiting for me. She put her arm through mine and we walked together up to join the others. She said “Bonnie talked to me this afternoon and suggested that we swap partners tonight. Do you want to have sex with me?”
“I think you have a gorgeous body and I’ve fantasized about it. I’d enjoy having sex with you. Do you want to have sex with me?”
“Yes, but I’m afraid of how we’ll all feel about each other after . . . ”
 “Well, you think about it and let me know. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. It won’t change anything if you decide it’s not for you.

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   But think about what sex was like with Michael the first couple of times you were together. It’s a chance to rekindle those same types of feelings. ”
“Okay, I’ll let you know later. ”
Tiger had a fire going and was already cooking our feast. Michael was pouring drinks as he and Bonnie sat together, waiting for us to join them.
The sun had now set and it was a calm moonlit night. We were sitting around a picnic table that was set under a thatched roof open sided hut. Kathy and I sat together opposite our spouses. We drank and talked and there was a little tension in the air. Michael was not his usual boisterous self and he was paying more than usual attention to his unusually quite wife.
Tiger announced that dinner was ready and we went over to dish up our food, right off of the grill. We returned to the table and began our meal. Now that the preparation and serving was finished, Tiger began to straighten up and collect his supplies. Then he hung around making sure that we were happy and that everything was in order. When we emptied a glass he was right there to refill it.

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We were feasting on fresh grilled lobster and grilled vegetables. We continued to drink our wine and now everyone seemed a little more relaxed. The conversation picked up and we began to tell stories and laugh.
When we finished our meal Tiger helped us clear the table and bag up the trash. We helped him pack up his boat, paid him and thanked him for a great meal. And then he was off.
We returned to our places at the table and told Kathy we had a surprise for her. There was a box on the table and we told her to open it. Inside was a cake that Tiger had gotten for us. We sang Happy Birthday to Kathy and drank more Champagne.
She asked “Who arranged for the cake?”
When I told her that I did she leaned over and gave me a kiss. I was a pleasantly surprised when she lingered and parted her lips as she stuck her tongue in my mouth. She had never done that before.  She broke the kiss and said “It’s so nice that you thought about getting me a cake. ” She put her head on my shoulder.

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   Then she said “You’re so sweet!” She turned to me and once again kissed me but with a little more passion. She stopped kissing me and said “All afternoon I’ve been thinking about what Bonnie told me about your new friends. At first I was shocked, but I must admit that the stories she told me made me very horny! And now, after all this champagne . . . ” Her hand was on my thigh and as she kissed me again she slowly slid her finger tips up until they were on my now hard dick. She looked at her husband and asked “Would you mind if Frank and I play with each other?”
“It’s okay with me as long as I can watch. Do you mind if I play with Bonnie?”
“I won’t mind at all. . . ”
Kathy stood up and pulled her sundress up over her head. Now she stood before me naked. I reached up to fondle her breast. I started to tweak her nipple and said “I’ve often thought about doing this. I’d love to suck on you.

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“But there so small. ”
“They’re small but beautiful!”
She passionately kissed me while she took hold of my cock and started to stroke it through my bathing suit. I pulled away from her kiss and began to lick and suck her erect nipples. She bent her head back and started to moan.
Bonnie got up and moved around behind Michael. She put her hands on his shoulders and moved them forward and down his chest, pressing her breasts on his back. She reached down to his crotch. She was nibbling on his ear and said “Someone’s excited! You’re so hard! What do you want?”
He replied “Would you suck on me while I watch them?”
“I’d love to! Take off your shorts. ”
She took off her tee shirt and suit while he slid his shorts down and kicked them away. She moved beside him and made him straddle the bench. She knelt down, went right to his cock and began to suck him. Then she said “Michael, all this hair will never do. ” She reached for her shoulder bag and pulled out my beard trimmer. She returned to Michael and said “Let me give you a little trim. ”
“Hold on! What are you going to do?”
“You and Kathy will love this.


   I’m going to clean you up, and tomorrow I’ll help you shave off the stubble. ”
We watched as she used the trimmer to reduce his pubic hair and left him with stubble. She brushed away the leftovers and said “That’s better. ” She took the bottle of champagne from the table, poured it over his genitals and then took him into her mouth and began to suck him again.
 I moved a hand between Kathy’s legs and fondled her, fingering her lips and clit. She had her hands on my head and was holding me while saying “That’s wonderful!”
Then I said “Sit up here on the table. ”
“Lay back!” As I leaned forward I spread her knees with my head as I went to her and began to lick her. God she tasted good! I brought my fingers up and slowly started to pull back her hood while I sucked on her labia. When her erect clit was exposed I sucked a finger of my other hand and put it inside of her. I worked it in and out while nibbling, licking and sucking her clit.
I glanced sideways and saw Michael smiling as he was watching us. I could see the back of Bonnie’s head as it bobbed up and down over the opposite edge of the table.
Bonnie came up for air and said “Michael, sit up on the table. I want to watch too!”
So Michael moved up to the table’s edge and Bonnie sat on the bench. She was stroking him while watching me eat Kathy.

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I stopped eating Kathy and reached across the table to grab my trimmer. “How about a little trim?”
Kathy replied “I wouldn’t mind a trim, but I don’t want to be bald. ”
“OK, so let me do just the bottom. I’ll trim it all close and then tomorrow I’ll shave between and around your lips. ”
She spread her legs and I turned on the trimmer. “This thing vibrates so your sensitive little clit might just get hard. ” She was watching intently as I began to fluff up her bush with one hand and trimmed the long hairs away.   Then I spread her lips and moved in for a real close trim. When that was done I turned the trimmer around and used the base to tickle her clit.
“That feels so good!” She put her hand on her pelvis and pushed down. Now her eyes were closed and she was concentrating. She started to shudder and bent slightly forward. It was only a minute before she came. I could see that the base was very wet. Kathy was obviously excited.

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Bonnie said “I want you to cum in my mouth. Can you do that for me?”
“That won’t be a problem. ”
She looked up at him and smiled while she stroked him.  She started to lick the head while stroking and would alternate sucking and stroking Michael. Now he was leaning back with his hands on the table, watching me and his wife while enjoying his blow job.
I used a towel to brush away the loose hair and moved forward to mouth her mound. I really wanted to taste her. I used my tongue to separate her lips and her mucus tasted sweet. I tried to penetrate her as deeply as possible as I sucked on her. I was really enjoying her as I began to lick upwards between her lips on my way to her clit. I inserted 2 fingers and was searching out Kathy’s g-spot. As I began to lick her clit I felt that it was hard! She was moaning and had a hand on the back of my head, holding me in place. As I was reaching up circling the inside of her pubic bone I used my thumb to tease her urethra. I started lightly flicking her clit with my tongue and she began to whisper “Oh, yeah, that’s it, oooh, keep it up, just like that!”
I used my free my hand to press down on her mound, opposite my other fingers, right above her g-spot. She arched her back and now had both hands on my head.

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   She started to buck and I knew she was having a powerful orgasm! I withdrew my fingers and slowly licked her labia, tasting her juices.
I heard Michael say “Oh man that feels good! This is too much! I’m going to cum!”
I snuck a peek to see Bonnie taking in his entire dick, moving up and down, eating his load. She licked him from the base to his tip, cleaning him thoroughly. He looked pretty happy.
I helped Kathy sit up. I moved to her and we kissed. I asked “Was that good?”
“Yes!” was her reply.
I said “I want to be inside of you. ”
I had her move to the end of the table and while she sat on the edge, I removed my trunks and slowly stroked myself as I moved to her. She spread and raised her legs. I put my arms under them and caught her knees with the inside of my elbows. She placed my dick at her opening and I easily slid inside. I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips and then whispered “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time!” I stroked slowly, not wanting to rush. She had her hands clasped behind my neck and she was looking me in the eye, smiling.
“I have to admit, Bonnie’s often told me that you two have always had great sex.

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   I was torn when she told me those stories this afternoon, but I decided I wanted to have you. I just felt funny and couldn’t admit it to Bonnie. ”
 I looked over her shoulder and Bonnie was now sitting on the table with her legs spread wide, stroking and fingering herself. I heard her say “Now Michael, I want you to return the favor. ”
Michael sat down and put his head between her legs. He said “It’s been a long time since I’ve done this. I hope I remember how. Oh man, your shaved pussy looks so sexy!”
Bonnie looked over at me and smiled. “So honey, how does she taste?”
I said “Her taste’s marvelous! Want a sample?”
“Sure!” was her reply.

    I pulled out of Kathy and climbed up on the table so I could feed my dick to Bonnie. She moaned while she sucked me. I pulled out and she said “She does taste good. Kathy, have you ever tasted yourself?”
    Kathy replied with a resounding “No!”
    I moved back to in front of her and said “You really should give it a try. ”
    I fingered her and I saw Michael look up as I brought my fingers to her mouth. She hesitated as I held out my finger.

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       She looked me in the eyes and opened her mouth. I stuck it in and she began to suck on it.
    I asked “Do you like that?”
    She nodded her head in response. I removed my finger and used two fingers to enter her. A few deep strokes and I returned them to her mouth. She started to suck them and now she had her eyes closed. I said “I’ve got a better idea. ”
    I moved forward and entered her. God she felt good! After a couple of strokes I said “Would you suck on me?” I pulled out of her and without hesitating she climbed off of the table and knelt down and took me in her mouth.
    I looked over at Michael and said “See? You just have to understand what a woman likes!”
    Kathy was greedily sucking on my cock and stroking me at its base. She looked up at me and said “Please don’t cum in my mouth. ”
    I replied “Okay. ” And she resumed my blow job. She was being gentle as she slowly sucked me in and out.
    Bonnie pushed Michael’s head away and said “I want you to fuck me!”
    He stood up and she climbed off of the table, turned around and bent over.

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       Michael quickly got behind her and started to fuck her from behind. I looked at him and stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked on it. Then I pulled it out and gestured in such a way as to indicate that he should stick his thumb in her ass. He caught on right away. He lubed his thumb with a little pussy juice, placed it at her brown hole and slowly pushed it in.
    Bonnie said “Oh Michael, that feels good! Does it turn you on?”
    “Oh yeah, I’ve never done this before. ”
    “You can use your finger, even two. ” He removed his thumb and licked his fingers. He put two of them to her anus and slowly inserted them. “Oh yeah, put them all the way in! Yeah, that’s good, fuck me Michael. . . ”
    I looked at Michael and he had this big smile on his face. His fingers were all the way in and he was slowly fucking her. Then he said “Can I fuck you there?”
    “Sure you can! I thought you’d never ask.

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       Can you get the lube from my bag?”
    Kathy tried to look around me to watch them. I pulled out of her mouth and I said “Let’s move over a little closer so we can watch. ”
    I took her by the hand and led her around the table until we were next to them. Michael searched Bonnie’s shoulder bag. Then he said “Holy shit, what’s this?” He was holding up Bonnie’s dildo. It’s a 12” cock that she uses when she can’t have the real one.
    “That’s my Roger Roadie. I take it with me whenever we travel. ”
    “Michael asked “Is he really this big?”
    Bonnie replied “That’s almost a perfect replica. But he’s a little wider than that. Bring it over with the lube. ”
    He reached back into the bag and found her tube of KY.
    I moved behind Kathy and said “Hold on to the edge and bend over. ” As she watched her husband, he took the top off of the tube and put some lube into the palm of his hand. He stroked his dick and covered it with KY.

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    “That’s right Michael, make it ready and fuck my ass!”
    She was looking over her shoulder as she was still bent over with her legs spread wide and her elbows on the table. He stepped forward and lined up the head of his dick with Bonnie’s asshole. He pushed forward and with one stroke his dick went right in, all the way to the base!
    “Oh man, I can’t believe I’m doing this!”
    I entered Kathy and began to stroke into her. Her pelvic bone against the underside of my dick felt great! She was tighter than I was now used to. I slowed my rhythm, not wanting to cum yet. As Michael fucked my wife’s ass I listened as Kathy said “How can you let him do that? Doesn’t it hurt?”
    Bonnie replied “The first time is the worst. Then it feels so good! I couldn’t believe how intense it was when I have a finger up my ass and my lover brings me to orgasm!”
    Michael said “This is great, but I thought it would be tighter!”
    I couldn’t resist, so I said “Welcome to Roger’s world! After his cock, they’re never the same. ”
    Bonnie asked “Do you want to stop?”
    “No fucking way!” was Michael’s reply. He was slowly stroking in and out of her while holding on to her hips for balance. It was now very quite as each couple was engrossed in each other.
    Bonnie said “Michael, you aren’t very energetic. Can you fuck me hard?”
    “I’m just so surprised that you’re so loose! I expected first time fuck tight!”
    Bonnie offered “I’m sorry, but if it’s a tight ass you want, you’ll have to fuck Frank or Kathy. ”
    Michael stopped dead and asked “Frank, has someone fucked you?”
    I said “Not yet, but Bonnie has done me with her dildo! One night I asked her “What does it feel like?” She had trouble explaining it so I thought I’d give it a try. She did me with her little toy and then sucked me off while her dildo was deep inside of me. It was the best climax I’ve ever had!”
    Bonnie said “There is another way to make me tighter.

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       Michael, get my big dildo out of the bag and put in my pussy. Put it all the way in. Then when you’re in my ass you’ll love it!”
    He smiled and said “Sure. ”
    He pulled out of her and I watched as walked to her bag of tricks and took her toy out of the bag. He played with her, sliding it up and down without putting it in. Then he began teasing her by putting in a little and pulling it out.  
    She leaned forward and said “Come on Michael, shove it all the way in and put your cock back in my ass!”
    All 12” of her toy went into her. He pushed on the base as he was stroked himself. He held it in place as he used his other hand to line up his dick and then he pushed himself into her.
    “Oh yeah, that is tighter!”
    Bonnie said “Oh yean Michael, give it to me, fuck me hard!”
    Michael began to fuck her with long fast strong strokes. ”
    I asked, “So Kathy isn’t this exciting?”
    “More than I ever would have guessed!” was her reply.
    I had my hands on Kathy’s hips and I started to stroke faster and was going as deep as I could.
    Kathy said, “Do you like it? Are you going to cum in me?”
    I stared to have an intense orgasm. It must have started building when I first thought about finally being able to fuck Kathy. I pushed as hard as I could and felt myself pumping my load into her.

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    Michael said “I’m going to cum again!” and I saw him push all the way in! He had a huge smile on his face! He held himself in her, with his head back, smiling a huge smile. He pulled out his now limp dick and said “That was too much! I haven’t cum twice since forever. ”
    We decided that we’d leave most of our gear on the beach and get it in the morning. We didn’t bother to dress as we got in the dinghy and headed back to the boat.
    As we were boarding Bonnie said “Michael, come take a stern shower with me. I’d like some help cleaning up. ”
    Kathy and I sat in the cockpit and watched the new lovers wash each other. When they were done they toweled each other off and when they came to the cockpit Bonnie said to me “I think they like it. I thought they would. You know, after tonight our sailing trips with them will never be the same. ”
    Then she took Michael’s hand and led him inside. She turned and said “I’m the only one who hasn’t cum yet so Michael has a little work left. We’ll see you two in the morning. ”
    After Bonnie and Michel went below I asked Kathy if she wanted to shower. I took her by the hand and led her to the stern.


       We helped each other soap up and rinse off.
    I said “Sit here, I’ll be right back. ”
    I went to my cabin and got my kit bag. I returned to Kathy and set it down next to her. I opened it and took out my beard trimmer. She was sitting on the top step of the hull with her feet on the second step. I knelt between her legs and said I had her lay back and used the shower nozzle to wet her down. I spread some soap around her lips and rinsed her off. I soaped her up again and used the lather to slide my razor across her sensitive skin. I was really enjoying this so I took my time. When I was done I rinsed her off and said “There, feel how soft you are. ”
    “That does feel nice. Thank you!”
    I leaned forward and kissed her fingers as she felt herself. She took her hand away and I began to lick and suck her lips and clit. “Would you like another orgasm?”
    “Do you really have to ask?”
    I took a finger and slid it between her juicy wet lips.

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       I used another finger and leaned forward to begin again. Oh she tasted good. I removed my fingers so that I could tongue her and suck on her lips. I held her by the hips and said “Scoot forward a little. I want to get more comfortable. ”
    She moved towards me so that her backside was just on the edge of the step. I worked on her some more and she said “That’s so good! I’m going to cum again!”
    As I took to licking her very erect clit, I pressed my finger to her anus. She moaned so I continued to enter her while I worked her clit. I had my finger in just past half way when she shuddered through a very powerful orgasm.
    When she calmed down she said “Bonnie was right! That was awesome!”
    I stood up and she looked at me seeing that I was erect again. She said “Now it’s your turn. You sit here and let me suck on you. ”
    We changed places and she began to suck me. She stood up and said “Let me make you a little wetter. ” She straddled me and directed my hard on to her slit.

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    She returned to her step and began again. I was so hot that it only took several minutes before I was ready to cum again. Remembering what she’d said before, I warned her “Your making me cum!”
    I tried to lift her head and she pushed my hand away. I couldn’t wait any longer and started to explode. She didn’t miss a beat and was sucking me off while I came. I started to soften and she let my limp member leave her mouth. She looked up at me and was licking her lips.
    “I thought you didn’t like to swallow. ”
    She replied “I didn’t think so either. . . ”
    She reached for my hand and said “Let’s see if we can get some sleep. ”
             End of part 1



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