New Years 3some


New years had come and gone, and people were gradually filing out of my parents’ house, stumbling for coats and bags, trying to find rides with designated drivers. My parents had gone away to Paris for the new year, so I’d arranged a house party in their absence. I was 24, tall and slim with short dark hair and a reasonably athletic physique. I guess I was good looking as I got a reasonable amount of attention from girls.

Before long I was left chatting with just two of my friends, Heather and Nikki. Heather was supposed to be getting a ride with Nikki, but I’d thought Nikki had had too much to drink and offered to let them both stay in the guest room.

Heather was 21, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure with 32B breasts and a tight ass. She’d worn a lacy black dress, very short but with dark tights to make it more acceptable. She was single and flirty, but I could never tell whether she was into me. Nikki was 23, blonde, blue eyes, with a fuller figure and bigger breasts to match, about a 34D I thought. She wore a long green dress that really showed off her cleavage, I’d been stealing glances all night. She used to be flirty like Heather, but now she was taken by a good friend of mine, so I could look, but not touch.

The three of us had been forced to sit in a circle on the floor earlier in the night when it was busy, and we’d stayed there as people left. Pretty soon after the house emptied, Nikki starting dropping hints for bedtime with loud yawns and stretches.

“Aw you’re not tired yet are you Nikki?” Heather teased her, “I feel like the party’s just started!”
“Well, I’m not really that tired, it’s just that everyone’s gone, so I figured it’s time for bed. ” Nikki replied.

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“Hmm. ” Heather looked up at the ceiling in apparent thought, “How about we play a game?”
“OK. ” I said without really thinking, “What do you want to play? Strip Poker?”
I said the second comment as a joke and they both laughed.
“Hmm. ” Heather said again, “Shall we?” She followed excitedly.
“What, play strip poker?” Nikki responded “No way. ”
“Aww c’mon. ” Heather said “We’re all friends here, it’s just a bit of fun!”
The thought that it might happen for real started to get me excited as Heather reached for a pack of cards on the table.
“We’ll just play down to underwear if you like, keep it clean. ” Heather offered, trying to coax Nikki to join in. I, apparently, didn’t need persuading.
“Do you want to play?” Nikki asked me.
“Umm, yeah, why not?” I replied, trying to sound nonchalant, despite my growing erection at the thought.
“OK fine then. ” She reluctantly agreed “But underwear only.

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I was sure she’d have flat out denied had it not been for the alcohol, but I didn’t mind.

Heather explained the rules as she dealt the first hand. Whoever lost had to remove an item of clothing, fairly simple. The first hand played, and I lost. I started off by removing my socks, which was met by mock wolf-whistles from both girls. I lost the next hand too, so I had to remove my brown shirt, revealing my slightly hairy but toned chest. I wasn’t amazingly proud of my body, but I liked the way they looked at me and my cock grew even harder. I could hardly wait to see them out of their dresses, their hot bodies barely covered by underwear.

Heather dealt another hand and this time she lost. With a quick smile she stood, lifting her dress above her hips to get to her tights. She then turned around and slowly pulled them down, revealing a small black thong barely covering her smooth, tight ass. Seeing this, accompanied by the way Nikki stared at her, made my cock pretty much rock hard and I had to adjust myself to try and cover it.

Next hand I lost again, which meant it would be impossible to cover my erection. Still, the alcohol and the arousal gave me confidence, so I stood up, undid my belt and flys, and let my jeans drop to the floor. My cock stuck out so obviously under my boxers, but I loved the way they stared, with me standing it was right on their eye level.

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“Someone’s getting excited” Heather teased.
“Yeah well, can’t blame me with two beautiful girls like you” I replied, sitting down again, my cock still making a tent in my boxers.
Heather dealt again, and she lost. I watched with delight as she stood up, lifting her dress over her head to reveal her sexy slim body. Her thong was slightly see through and I could tell she was shaved, her bra was also and I could just make out the areolas on her firm breasts. She looked at me and winked before sitting back down with a small giggle. I desperately wanted to stroke my cock, throbbing against my boxers, and considered excusing myself to the toilet, but I didn’t want to miss Nikki undressing if and when she finally lost a hand.

Heather dealt, and lost again. There was a moment of silence as we all realised she had nothing left to remove without changing the rules of the game.
“I know it’s underwear only. ” She said “But Nikki, you’re still fully dressed, and I’m fine to carry on…”
“You don’t have to Heather…” Nikki began to say, but then stopped as Heather reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She let it fall to the floor in front of her and smiled at Nikki, who only stared at her breasts. They were perfect, small but with small erect pink nipples, perfectly smooth white skin. You could see faded tan lines still from the summer. I squeezed my cock quickly while they looked at each other, wishing it was one of their hands on it.

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Heather turned and dealt again and Nikki finally lost a hand. She stood up and turned round, undoing her dress at the back before letting it fall to the ground. I had to fight to keep my eyes on her instead of Heather’s breasts, or her eyes looking at my cock, but as she turned around I was glad I’m stayed focussed. Her white underwear wasn’t as small or as see through as Heather’s had been, but the shape of her body was enough to drive any man wild. Big, voluptuous breasts straining to be released, slim waist curving out to beautiful hips. Her ass had been hot too, bigger than Heather’s but still firm and smooth.

She sat down and waited. The game was officially over now, but noone said anything to stop it.
“Shall we play on?” I asked, breaking the silence. There was an intense atmosphere, which to me felt like arousal, and I hoped they felt the same.
“I already have!” Heather laughed, bouncing her boobs playfully. She looked across to Nikki, who looked down at her body before responding.
“I can always cover myself if I need to. ” She finally said “And, besides, the way you two are playing you’ll both be naked before I lose another hand!”
We all laughed, and Heather dealt another hand. This time the losing hand fell to me.

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   I watched the girls’ eyes home in on my crotch as I stood, my cock straining for release. I slowly pulled the waist band down, my cock straining downwards until it finally sprang out, 8 inches long and 2 inches thick sticking forward rock hard in front of their faces. I could have sworn I could feel their breath on the end of it, pre-cum glistening before their eyes. After what seemed like an age I sat down, cock still sticking up hard. Heather and Nikki could barely take their eyes off it an I was loving it.

Eventually Heather woke from the trance and dealt again. I watched her breasts jiggle with the movement, then watched Nikki’s under her bra as she reached for her cards, I could almost see the tops of her nipples as she leant forward and I imagined my cock sliding between those big, hot mounds, her mouth at the end of each thrust. Her lips would be great for a blow job, I thought to myself. The hand played, and Heather lost. She was definitely in a teasing mood now as she stood and pulled down her panties, facing away from us she bent over, pushing her bald pussy towards my face before turning it towards Nikki’s. I could smell her arousal.

“What now?” Nikki asked as Heather sat again “I’ve won haven’t I?”
“Not if you lose the next hand” Heather said.
“What if I win again though? Neither of you have anything left to take off. ” Nikki asked, although she didn’t really sound like she wanted the game to stop.
“Well…” Heather stopped and thought “ I know! If one of us loses, then the winner of that hand gets to choose something the loser has to do to, or with, the other loser… like a naked dare or something?”
She looked at me for a reponse.


“Sounds OK to me, like spin the bottle crossed with poker” I said.
“I have a boyfriend though” Nikki interjected
“That’s OK, you still have clothes, so you can just remove something instead. ” Heather said, flashing a smile at me after. Nikki looked up, seemingly imagining how the game would work now.
“OK” She said “I’ve still got two more lives!” She leant forward with her hands on the carpet, ready for the next round and exposing her breasts a little more again.

Heather dealt the next hand. She dealt herself the best hand, and I got the worst.
“Well,” Heather said “You have to do something with Nikki then?” She questioned me.
“Erm… I guess so?” I looked at Nikki, who seemd perplexed.
“It’s OK Nikki,” Heather said, “I’ll go easy on you. ”
She thought for a moment, looked at me and decided.
“Do an erotic dance for Nikki. ” She said, laughing.
“An erotic dance?” I questioned, getting to my feet. “Like this?” I said as I gyrated my hips, my hard cock swaying in front of Nikki’s face.

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   I expected her to recoil, but instead she opened her mouth, pretending to catch some imaginary cum.
“That’ll do” Heather said, clapping and laughing as I sat back down, “Well done!”

The next hand Nikki lost, I watched with delight as she took off her bra. Her nipples were larger than Heathers, but her breasts were amazing, big but still firm. She put an arm across her chest quickly, squashing them out a little as her face flushed red.
“You have amazing breasts” I said, before I could stop myself.
“Thanks” Nikki responded, slightly embarrassed.

Heather dealt again. This time I lost and Nikki got the best hand.
“No need to go easy on us. ” Heather jumped in before Nikki could decide a dare, looking at my cock with desire as she spoke.
“Hmm, OK then,” Nikki said “Feel his cock. ”
Without hesitation she leant across, bringing her face just in front of mine and looking into my eyes. I felt her hand snake down my chest, passing by my shaft to my inner thigh, before coming back up around my balls. She held it there for a moment, her breath heavy against my face, before grasping at my shaft firmly, sliding her hand up and down with a few quick strokes before letting go. I almost came there and then.

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   In the corner of my eye I saw Nikki’s eyes glaze over as she stared at the scene, her hand temporarily dropping away from her breasts.

Without another word Heather dealt again, surprisingly with the exact same results.
“Do it again,” Nikki said “But this time, don’t stop, make him cum. ”
The words sent a shiver down my spine and my cock throbbed. Heather leant over again, this time straddling my legs before sitting down, my cock up against the front of her pussy. I could feel her wetness as she kissed my neck, her hand snaking down to my cock again. She wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke up and down, grinding her pussy against the shaft as she went. We both moaned with pleasure as she continued, building up speed. I could feel myself building and as I looked over at Nikki I saw her hand slip under her waistband, bulges of knuckles moving in her panties as she played with herself, her big breast heaving as she breathed heavily.

    “I’m gonna cum” I whispered in Heather’s ear as she continued. Before I could do anything she lifted herself up and slid my cock back to her wet pussy opening, sitting down and taking me into herself. I groaned with the hot, wet feeling and within 2 thrusts I was spurting hot cum inside her. Heather rocked back and forth for a moment, moaning lightly and then pulled herself off me and sat back, leaving my wet cock twitching as my erection subsided, cum dripping down the shaft.

    “Another hand?” Heather asked Nikki, who had half covered herself again and stopped playing with herself. She stared at my cock and nodded.

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       Heather dealt again. Nikki lost this time and slid her panties off as if in a trance, her gaze still locked on my cock. She sat cross legged, small dark hairs around her pussy still visible through her fingers as she covered herself. My cock was flaccid now but I could feel arousal building again as Heather dealt another round, no discussion of rules this time. The losing hand fell to Nikki again, the winner being Heather.

    “You want to touch his cock?” Heather asked Nikki, who still stared at it. She didn’t say anything but reached forward, her fingers trembling as she held it lightly, sliding across the skin still wet from Heather’s pussy. It began to grow again as she stroked up and down and then suddenly  let go.
    “I shouldn’t be doing this!” She said as she recoiled, out of her trance.
    “Don’t worry Nikki, we won’t tell. ” Heather said smiling, dealing another hand before Nikki could say more.

    I lost, Heather won.

    “Lick her out. ” Heather said, opening her legs and beginning to stroke her pussy.
    “No!” Nikki protested “I don’t want to, I’m spoken for.


      ” She leant back covering herself, closing her legs tighter.
    “Fine then, if you won’t play. ” Heather turned to me “Lick me out. ”
    Her legs were still open in front of me as I leant forward at the command, kissing down her thigh towards her wet hole. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating and my cock grew hard again. I began to stroke it as I reached out my tongue to lick Heather’s juices.

    She moaned with pleasure as I licked and kissed around her pussy lips, pushing a finger into her hole as I reached her clit. I flicked my tongue back and forth, her hips bucking as she ground herself against me, her moans getting louder. I continued pulling on my cock with my free hand as I went, building up my own arousal with Heather’s. At some point I looked up and noticed Heather’s arm stretched out, her fingers rubbing against Nikki’s pussy. Nikki was kneeling, playing with her nipples as Heather brought her off. Heather then reached behind her legs and pulled her closer, Nikki shuffling on cue so her pussy was now over Heather’s face. There was no card game any more.

    A few minutes later Heather’s now muffled moans grew louder as she came to her climax, juices flowing down over my face as I lapped her up. I pulled away and moved around toward Nikki, from behind reaching my hands up around her full breasts, playing with her nipples as she moaned, grinding her pussy on Heather’s face.


       I ground my hard cock up against her ass, feeling the soft flesh close around me as I went inbetween her cheeks. She reached around and held my shaft, pulling up and down as I thrusted. I let go of her breasts and pushed her forward, she put her hands either side of Heather still beneath her and began licking her pussy. I watched for a moment as the two hot girls 69’d each other, stroking my throbbing cock.

    I had to fuck Nikki, I looked down to see Heather looking up at me as she licked, her eyes were telling me to go for it. I placed my cock at the entrance to her wet cunt, stroking up and down to see how she reacted. Nikki reached back and grabbed my steel shaft, pulling it in towards her.

    “Fuck me. ” I heard her say and she stopped licking Heather for a moment,
    “Fuck me now, I want your big hard cock in my pussy. ”
    I pushed my cock into her tunnel, she was tight and wet. She gasped as I went in to her, perhaps not used to my size. I grabbed hold of her hips and began pushing deeper and harder, her moans growing louder as Heather continued to lick her clit. She pushed back against me with each thrust, taking me completely inside of her as I pounded her pussy. She nearly screamed as her climax hit, her muscles spasming around my cock deep inside her. Heather stopped licking her and started licking my balls instead, inbetween moans of orgasm as she came too into Nikki’s face.

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       I could feel myself about to cum again.

    “I’m gonna cum Nikki. ” I said, pulling out of her. As if reading my mind she rolled off Heather and onto her back, legs spread in front of me. She squeezed her breasts together, nipples sticking out, and opened her mouth. My build-up subsiding a little, I pushed my cock into her pussy again, knowing what was coming next. I thrusted into her, feeling my balls slap against her ass, and was tempted to cum inside her like I had done with Heather, but I could tell she wanted to taste my cum, so I pulled out again. Moving up her body quickly, I placed my cock inbetween her hot breasts, lubricated by her wet cunt juices she pushed them together as I began to thrust again. She opened her mouth at the top, the head of my cock pushing inbetween her warm, wet lips each time, her blue eyes starring up at me with desire.

    “cum… in… my… mouth. ” She gasped inbetween thrusts. Heather sat watching, playing with herself to the live porn show.

    Tension began to build in my thighs and balls, like electricity and heat I felt it rising. With one last thrust I came into her mouth, lifting away from her breasts as she grabbed hold of my cock with her hand, milking jolt after jolt of hot cum into her, swallowing it down with gulps. She continued sucking for what seemed like hours as more cum spurted out, eventually some of it dribbling down her cheeks as she couldn’t swallow any more…

    The end
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