my wife, my friend Julee and me on a beach


This is a fantasy I wrote for a friend of mine, who is also married but enjoys fantasizing with me.   I love comments and emails. . . feel free!  hubbydoug@gmail. com
We were all down in Cancun for a week of sun and fun.   You and your husband had met us there.   Right from the start we all clicked really well.   My wife and you got along really well, although you both had very different personalities.    Cheryl, my wife, is 5'6", blonde with blue eyes, curvy with a small waist and soft, full 36c tits.   She's very pretty, with a gorgeous smile.   She's a little more reserved than you, but she was on vacation, at a place where she didn't know anyone else, so she was a little more "wild" than otherwise.
Cancun for a week of sun and fun. You and your husband had met us there. Right from the start we all clicked really well. My wife and you got along really well, although you both had very different personalities.

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  Cheryl, my wife, is 5'6", blonde with blue eyes, curvy with a small waist and soft, full 36c tits. She's very pretty, with a gorgeous smile. She's a little more reserved than you, but she was on vacation, at a place where she didn't know anyone else, so she was a little more "wild" than otherwise.  
The four of us met down at one of the beaches, you were set up next to us when we found a spot to spread out our towels.   I confess that I chose the spot simply because I saw you there, but the location seemed innocent enough at the time.   The beach was fairly secluded, but by no means devoid of anyone else.   In fact, the resort had a cabanna down the beach a little ways where you could borrow a sailboat or catamaran.  
You smiled as we set up, and I noticed your husband glance over at Cheryl's legs and ass as she bent down to straighten out her towel.   She was wearing a bikini, a black one that was a "full" bikini, if there is such a thing.   By comparison, your bikini was much more revealing, as I noticed the front of it covering a rather narrow strip over your pussy, and the top limited to two spandex triangles over each breast.   The light blue looked great against your slightly tanned skin, and I wondered if the fabric, which was obviously thin, would have an element of transparency if it got wet.
After getting organized, I headed off to the water, while Cheryl laid back in the warm sun.   I wasn’t' gone all that long, but by the time I got back I found the two of you chatting and laughing, and your husband asleep beside you.    I sat down, joining the conversation.   As we talked and laughed, I kept stealing glances at your body, taking every chance I could to admire your slim, tight body and that bikini that didn't hide anything hardly.

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    A couple times you caught me looking down at you, but said nothing.   I don't know if Cheryl didn't notice or didn't mind that her husband sitting right beside her was checking out the pretty brunette next to us, but in any event she didn't say anything.
You suggested that we jump into the water, and Cheryl immediately agreed, getting to her feet.   You got up too, bending as you did giving me an amazing flash of your narrow, thong bikini.   Cheryl definitely noticed this too, but still said nothing.
I decided I'd stay back and let just the two of you go for a swim.   Truth be told, that look at your ass and your bikini-covered pussy from behind had started my cock, and I was worried that you'd see the "growing" evidence of my surreptitious staring.
Even staying back, the view was spectacular as I watched the you and my wife walk down to the water, only about 18 feet away.   My cock only continued to get harder as I watched the sexy brunette and her sexy blonde friend headed into the water.   I kept watching over the next few minutes as you both swam, talking and laughing still.   Soon you were walking back towards me, and I didn't miss the chance to check out your bikini to see if it went see-thru.
As you got nearer, I couldn't resist looking down your body at the wet fabric.   You could easily see that I wasn't exactly making eye-contact with you, but you just smiled and kept walking, chatting with Cheryl.   As you got to your towel, I was pretty sure that your bikini did become somewhat see-thru, but I thought that I should have been able to see your pussy through the fabric, but I couldn't.   Unless…….

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   Were you shaved totally bare?
Cheryl leaned down, her full tits hanging down right in front of me, and kissed me.   She whispered in my ear that you had suggested removing your tops, and would I mind.   I couldn't believe that she was considering such a thing, but I told her that I'd love to see her take off her top.   She sat down between you and me, and looked over at you,  "I don't think Doug will mind…" Then turning to me, she asked me if I'd "help" her with her bikini.
Mmmmm…. What a moment, I thought to myself, sitting on this beach, several people around, reaching up to my wife's bikini to undo it right there in front of everyone.    My fingers briefly fought with the clasp, but it sprang open.   Cheryl hesitated, and then let her bikini slide down her arms, exposing the soft, white skin of her breasts to the sunshine, us and all those around us.    You winked at me, and reached back to undo your own bikini.
Looking past my now topless wife, I could see your nipples prominent beneath the thin light blue fabric of your bikini top…. You reached behind your neck to untie the string, and pulled the fabric down , exposing your smaller, prominent tits, your darker pink nipples hard and inviting.   I continued to stare as you reached to undo the bottom strap, pulling the bikini top off completely.   Suddenly, there I was, sitting on this hot beach with two even hotter women right beside me, both topless.   I couldn't help it, my cock was so hard, straining at my shorts.
My wife grabbed a bottle of sunscreen, and asked me to help her with her back. 

    I moved behind her and started to rub the lotion onto her back, reaching around as I dared to brush the sides of her tits.   When she didn't object I loaded up my hands with lotion again, and this time more boldly reached right around her, cupping her tits fully, working the lotion into her very white skin, telling her (lamely) "we don't want you to burn now, do we…" 
You watched all of this, and when I was finally done gave us a coy smile and said that you could use some help with your back, too.   I immediately grabbed the lotion and moved behind you, as my wife watched.
The sun had already warmed your back nicely, and your skin felt silky smooth under my hands.   I couldn't believe I was massaging lotion into your back with my wife sitting right there, but I wasn't going to stop…. Completely unsure of how far either you or her would let me go, I tried my best to restrict my hands to your back, but once in a while my fingers crept around your sides, brushing lightly against the sides of your breasts.   Your nipples were hard, almost inviting my fingers to reach around further, but I really wasn't sure how far my wife would let me go with you.   Finally, after the lotion was more than worked into your skin did I retreat to my towel, my cock uncomfortably hard in my shorts.   Both you and Cheryl noticed as I unsuccessfully tried to shift the fabric, my hard cock tenting outwards.
I just watched as you applied the lotion to your stomach and chest, your pink fingernails dancing over your breasts, squeezing them and rubbing over your nipples more than was strictly necessary, knowing that you were driving me crazy.
After a little longer in the sun, one of the catamarans returned to the beach, and you and Cheryl decided to go take it out.   You briefly debated whether to go "as you were" and after a little convincing, Cheryl agreed.   I couldn't believe that my very conservative wife was about to walk down the beach and borrow a sailboat from some guy with her tits totally exposed the whole time.   I didn't think she'd do it, but to my surprise, she followed you up, and walked towards the cabanna.
I could see what you were doing, but I couldn't hear anything.

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    I saw some shaking of heads, and some very devilish smiles from you.   Then, both of you appeared to reach down to your bikinis and although your backs were towards me, it sure looked like you flashed him your pussies!  I was still trying to figure out what happened, when you trotted off towards the catamaran, climbed on and started out.
Both of you looked amazing, sitting there on the catamaran, totally topless.   You were smiling at people on the beach who you noticed looking at you, which included every guy there.   As you approached me, you called out to me to swim out to you.   You also suggested that I'd me more than a little interested in what just happened…. .
Not waiting for another invitation, I waded out and swam a short distance to you.   Hanging onto the edge of the sailboat you told me that there was actually a signout sheet, and the boats had all been reserved since early that morning, but you and Cheryl had convinced the young man to make an exception for you.   I knew exactly where this was heading.
You also told me that I'd be allowed onto the catamaran with you, but only on the condition that I removed my shorts.   I looked at my wife, who nodded.   She said it was necessary in order to see my reaction when you told me how it was that you were given the sailboat.
Hanging onto the edge, looking up at two fantastic sets of tits… who was I to argue?  I struggled to pull off my shorts, and flipped them onto the boat with you.   I then started to crawl up onto the webbing stretched between the pontoons.

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     The warm water had done nothing to prevent my cock from being rock-hard already, and I noticed both you and my wife staring down at my cock as I got onboard.
I knelt facing you both, my cock very much on display for you.   I couldn't believe that my blonde wife and our new brunette friend were sitting there, tits on display, staring at my erect cock.   "so how did you get the boat…?" I asked.
"Well," you started, "there's some silly rule that the boats have to be signed out, and the list gets full quickly, so the nice boy wasn't going to let us have this one.   But he kept talking to us, and staring at our tits, so we decided he might be persuaded somehow.   That's when Cheryl offered to show him her pussy if he'd give us this boat…"  My wife blushed and started to object, as you continuted, "OK, it was actually me who suggested that if Cheryl showed him her pussy would he give us this boat.
      He said that both of us would have to flash him, and he would. "
    Cheryl kept the story going, "He was cute, and I loved the way he kept staring at my tits, before I knew it my hand was reaching for my bikini, watching his eyes staring at me…. "  As she spoke, her hand was reaching towards the edge of her bikini, starting to reach under it along the inner curve of her hip.   "I just couldn't help myself, Doug…. I pulled my bikini aside like this to show him my pussy…. "
    There, right in front of both of us, my shy, reserved wife pulled her bikini aside, exposing her trimmed golden brown pussy and shaved cuntlips.   She kept the fabric pulled aside, letting me stare, reliving the moment of when she let the young sailboat jockey peek at her cunt.

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      . and what about you, Julee…. Did you also show the boy your pussy?"
    Your hand darted down to your thong, and traced over your slit before sliding under the edge just like my wife had done.   "Oh yes…. I reached down like this, and pulled it off…. . "  Your hand pulled back your thong, showing me your wet, pink slit, shaved totally smooth.   I stared at you, my cock twitching in appreciation, with my wife sitting right there watching me.    Your voice softened as you felt my eyes, "I think the kid wanted to cum for us, Doug…. . just like you want to cum for us right now…. . don't you…. "
    I couldn't believe what I was hearing… my cock was pulsing with need as I stared at the two exposed pussies right in front of me.   Cheryl said "come on, Doug….

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      . show Julee how good you look stroking your cock…. Pump it for us… think about that guy staring at me… staring at my tits… my pussy…. "
    I reached down to my shaft, and closed my hand around it.   My cock twitched violently with the first contact, and felt so hard and hot in my hand.   My other hand reached down under my balls, gently pressing as I began to slowly pump my cock for you and my wife.
    I loved seeing you both staring at my hands working my cock and balls.   I moaned, watching you watch me.   Almost in unison, both you and my wife reached down with your free hand to your wet pussies, gently touching, rubbing.
    "mmmm, that's it, Julee…. Touch that pretty little cunt for me…. . show me how wet you are…" I said, as you spread your lips between two fingers, displaying yourself for me.   "good girl, Julee…. .

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       rub it, baby, rub your cunt……"
    Cheryl was really starting to rub herself too, her legs spread, her bikini pulled off her pussy, one finger disappearing into her hole…. "Oh fuck, Doug…. Watch her…. Watch Julee masturbating for you……"
    My hand was pumping my cock quickly, running up and down the full length of it, as my other hand squeezed and rubbed my balls, one finger working down towards my ass.   I loved that my wife was watching me jerking off for another girl, watching me and getting off herself.
    You were sliding first one finger into your cunt, then two…. Withdrawing them all shiny with your wetness, rubbing your slippery juices over your clit…. Anyone on the beach could see what we were doing, Julee, including your husband.
    We knelt in front of each other, masturbating while my wife looked on, doing the same thing.   She told you "come on Julee… cum for him, show it to Doug…. . Lie down and let him kneel beside you…. . "
    You lay down on the webbed decking, allowing me to kneel beside you, my cock over top of your tits…. You looked very vulnerable beneath me like that, spreading your legs as your fingers massaged your clit and fucked your cunt….

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       I kept beating my cock, getting closer and closer to cumming, wondering silently what my wife would think when I exploded all over another girl's tits….
    "Oh yes," you moaned, "jerk that cock for me…. Cum on me, baby, cum on me…. " You screamed as your orgasm began to take hold of you, lying there, rubbing your soaking wet clit and fucking your sloppy cunt with your fingers.    Your body began to convulse, shaking as the waves of pleasure ripped through you, much to the delight of your audience.
    "Cum on her, Doug" Cheryl urged, "cum on her…. "
    "yes, Doug, cum on me…. Wherever you want, baby…. Show your wife what you can do…. . "
    Suddenly my body tensed as I groaned, my cock throbbing visibly in my hand, the head of my cock a dark red, begging for release.   I squeezed my balls, and erupted over top of your sweet tits, my hot cum spraying across one breast and nipple.   Cheryl moaned as well, clamping her hand hard onto her cunt as she began to orgasm, her tits bouncing with her own convulsions, watching her husband creaming the pretty brunette with the shaved pussy…. . I kept stroking my cock, squeezing out spurt after spurt onto your tits and chest and neck, looking down at you smiling back at me, begging me for more….


       "That's it, baby, right here on my tits, cum on me, Doug…. Right in front of your wife…. . "
    Oh god…. This was too much, looking down at your cum-covered tits, seeing my wife trying to catch her breath right beside us, I reached down to your smooth cunt, and cupped it with my hand, feeling your warmth…. "That was amazing, Julee…. "
    "Next time,  I want you to cum in my mouth" you said, staring up at me, "that is, if your wife doesn't mind…. "