My Mom and the Frat boys


Thoughts of my mother like this made me nervous but strangely excited, and with this I went to bed. The next day me Mike and Dan came to my room and woke me up, we packed our stuf into my car and headed home. The drive took about four hours, but when we got there my mom was waiting for us and welcomed my friends with lunch. During lunch i noticed mike was staring at my mother's body, and i cant blame him it was very ine. She was 42 years old but looked much younger, and as i looked at my mother and watched mike stare at her I couldn't help but remember last night and my incestuous thoughts about mom. Suddenyle her supple breasts were begging to be let out of her blouse, and her tight hips needed to be ravaged and grabbed. My hard on was getting out of control so I concentrated on my food and tried to hide it, but it didn't escape Dan's view. He saw me and smiled which was quite embarrassing. Honey how has school been, asked my mother in a sweet concerned voice. I told her it was good but I was glad to be home, class had been stressing me out. After my mom asked about girlfriends, Mike and Dan just had to chime in that they wouldnt call ALL of those girls who stayed in my room girlfriends, and my mom looked a little taken back by their comments. The guys had really like being home with me, we went out the first night to a local bar and had a great time. When we got back my mom asked us if we wanted some morer beers because we were home now and didn't have to worry about driving so we all jumped at the chance. After a few beers, Mike started flirting with my mom innocently enough, but i noticed that she was flirting back as well. How come you dont have a boyfriend, quirked Mike to my mother. When she replied, How do yo know all the guys that stay here aren't my boyfriends, we all laughed but i was still shocked that my mom was being this open.

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  We all shared stories and had more beer, my mom told us how she had been lonely without my dad for so long and she had not dated for years. She explained that recently she had been more adventurous in dating and was exploring alot more things. Now this kind of talk normally would have seemed wierd but because i had been so turned on by her cute tight little body i was eager to hear more. She explained how she needed to be satisfied in that aspect of her life and was too afraid to have a lover for a long time. Mike and Dan looked shocked but said nothing. I was a little buzzed so i told my mom that my sexlife was very satisfiable at college, and she laughed a little but i thought i sa a flash of passion graze her eyes. After more probing my mother said she felt comfortable enought that we were all adults and she could talk to us about her sexlife too. She said how guys her age were not what she was looking for, she was more attracted to younger men. This was Mik'es cue i guess, as he put his hand on her leg and said that he was attracted to older women. I was outrageously turned on by this but did not say anything. My mother looked at me, and i smiled and told her how Mike always says how hot she is and what he would do to her. I figured this would embarass him into leaving her alone, but instead my mom put her hand on top of his and said, Well Mikey what would you do to me. The next thing that happened is that an innocent joke turned into a wild confusing time. Mike looked at me, saw i had a raging hard on and kissed my mother right on the lips. She shifted uncomfortably but I could tell she liked it.

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   Her face was flustered and her eyes sort of rolled a little, she was into this and I din't know why but i wanted to watch my mother get fucked by my friends so bad i had to say something about it. Now she was wearing a skirt and tank top and when she had shifted I saw her panties, so I got up and walked behind her. I started massaging her neck and shoulders, "you look a little tense mom", I added and she looked back at me with surprise and lust in her eyes. Why dont you put your hand up her skirt Mike, i said confidently. Wait this is going too far, my mom said nervously, but i bent over and whispered in her ear that she was a dirty slut and i knew she had these feelings about me too. I dont know why these words came out, and i was half expecting to be slapped but instead she grabbed my face and deeply kissed me. The feeling of my mothers toungue in my mouth got me so hot that i didn't even realize Mike slid his hand up her smooth leg and started to rub her pussy over her panties. After the kiss ended there was no turning back, and my mom jumped on the table and spread her legs. I told Mike to eat her pussy, and he happily obliged. He pulled off her panties and led his way up her legs with his tounge. Me and dan watched as mikes face was burried between my mother's legs and his toungue started to wash her clit with excitement. Her head rolled back and she started to moan involuntarily, her body writhed as her hips vibrated and rocked back and forth. It wa sincredibly sexy as the scent of mom's pussy filled the air. While Mike ate her out Dan pulled her shirt off and I admired her beautifull round breasts. They were full and perky, and her nipples were erect as Dan started sucking on them.

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   Now mike had his pants off and his hard on was throbbing. Mom pulled him up and started rubbing her clit with his dick. She motioned for me to come over by her, and as i did she whispered into my ear. . . "do you like it when mommy is a slut like this", and that was enough for me. I plunged my hard cock into her mouth and begand to fuck her face.
    Right there on the kitchen table Mike was fucking my mother while she sucked my cock. I could feel how turned on she was by my hard cock being rammed down her throat, and she began to lick the head all around and i could have came rigt there. Now Dan was standing next to me and watching, and at this point i was so turned on by Mike fucking my mother like and animal, and my cock about to fill her throat with spunk i didn't care what happened. Before i knew it my hand was on Dan's cock too and i was jerking him off. He began to respond really well to this he looked at me and we both knew without saying what was going to happen next. Mike stopped momentaritly to watch me jerking Dan's hard cock and getting sucked off by my mom. Then i pulled my dick out of mom's mouth and she jumped up and started to kiss me. The taste of my cock turned me on even more and i knew exactly what i wanted to do now.

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      My mom bent over a chair and told me she wanted to be fucked by everyone. . . "Are you going to suck his cock like i did yours baby" she asked. I entered her from behind and grabbed a fist full of her hair. "do you want to see that you fucking slut" I yelled, and my mom could not respond with anything except gasps. At that moment Dan stood on the table and his cock hovered right by my mouth. Mike was directly in front of my mother and told her that i was about to suck another guys cock. She grabbed Mike's dick with her mouth and this got me so turned on that i had to do the same to Dan. His cock filled my mouth, and the hot sensation of a stiff dick in my mouth instantly mad me wanna cum. Dand slid his erection in and out of my mouth untill i felt it pulsing and knew what was going to happen. I took my cock out of my mom's pussy and turned all my attention to dan. At the same time my mom sat on Mikes lap so they were both facing me and Dan. I looked over at my mom fucking mike and started to play with Dan's ass hole. I couldn't believe i was sucking a cock for the first time, and i was loving it.

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       As soon as i entered his ass with my finger I felt his cock explode with semen into my mouth. I swallowed some of it but the rest leaked onto my chin. I was still hard and hadn't come yet, and i had had Dan's hot spunk dripping all over my face. My mom looked at me with incredible lust and beckoned for me to come over there. I walked over as Mikes cock was pounding her tight pussy over and over and stood right infront of her. She grabbed me by the hair and said. . . " now baby give mommy a cummy kiss". I bent over and kissed her, the feeling of hot cum passing between our lips was incredible. The sticky spunk was dripping down my chin on to her tits, and i pulled back to see a white ring on her lips. I had passed Dan's cum on to her face, and seeing her all slutty with semen dripping onto her tits was enough for me. I took Mike's cock out of her pussy and slowly made him push it into her ass. She laughed at me taking chargebut she seemed to love getting fucked in the ass. I can't believe what a slut she was, but i loved it, and at the same time.

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       i stood in front of mike and started to fuck her pussy. Two cocks fucking her wa senough to make her cum, and i felt it as she grabbed my ass and screamed. "fuck me baby fuck me" she yelled as i felt her pussy tighten. As she was cumming i couldnt hold it and felt my cock explode with cum. This was it i had just fucked my mother and came at the same ime as her. In the immediate after math of it all i sat ther and looked at my mother still being ucked my Mike with cum dripping out of her pussy and on her tits from her mouth and was still excited. I had just fucked my mother like a slut with two of my friends, there was definately more to cum from this. .



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