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i will start with an introduction. im 25 shoulder length blond hair, size 18 in oz not sure of the us size, I am told I am good looking.
Up until now my sex life had never been anything out of the ordinary, I have always enjoyed myself. I have only had sex with 5 guys the first at 18 and I have been with my husband to be for 3 years.
the night started out pretty normally , we went to a resturant for dinner then to a nightclub , for a few drinks and a dance,. There was 18 of us girls , but as the night went on a few left, We started talking to a group of guys, they were cyclists here for a race meeting . It got to about 2am , and one of the guys invited us back to there hotel for a few more drinks as the club was about to close. By this point there were 5 of us girls left and 7 guys. we went to there room and started drinking again , by this time I had quiet a few.
then a bit of dirty talk started, and one of my friends said the guys should do a strip show for me, as guys have strippers at there bucks nights.
In the middle of the room there was a big solid coffee table, the girls pushed me up and made me sit on the table so the guys could strip and dance around me.
So there I am sitting there with these rally fit guys slowly taking there clothes off right in front of me.
then one of the guys gets right in front of me and tells me to pull his undies down, I say but the girls all started yelling out to do it. So I put my hands on either side and slide them down, with that there was this semihard cock staring me straight in the face,  I really didnt know what to do or where to look, then he grabs my hand and puts it on his ever hardening cock. I tried to pull away but he used his strength and held it on there, so I just wrapped my hand around it and started slidding up and down the by now rock hard length of it, with the girls cheering in the background.
By this point the other guys had stripped off and 2 of them were rubbing against me and a third guy was kneeling behind me with his cock against my back, he put his hands around me and started rubbing my boobs.

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  I was thinking to my self this is  getting out of hand, when one of the other guys put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it down so his cock went into my mouth. I suppose at that point I should have screamed and ran out, but I was so turned on by these gorgious fit guys all over me. I just opened my mouth and sucked allowing this cock all the way in.
Then they started to move me. until I ended up  laying on my back on the table, the guy with his cock in my mouth ,straddle my face and started pumping his cock in and out of my open mouth, Then at the same time I felt someone pushing my top up and someone else with there hands up my skirt pulling my pants down. With my boobs exposed I felt a mouth on both of them at the same time, and my legs being pushed apart, and a tounge licking my by now soaking wet pussy.
I was in total extacy, squirming and thrusting myselfat these guys, having never felt such pleasure on every part of my body at the same time. then the guy who was in my mouth started to thurst harder and blow a big load of cum in and on my mouth and face before I had time to think about it he pulled out, and another guy took his place. then the guy between my legs move and another guy replaced him, but this time on top of licking he pushed what felt like 3 fingers into my pus, and started ramming them in and out, it was hurting but I couldnt help but to thrust back to meet the invasion on my dripping wet pus. This went on for a while with me cumming at least 4 times. then I heard one of the guys say "OK ITS FUCK TIME" and with thatone of the guys layed down beside me and pulled me on top of him. his cock feel into me I was so wet, as I started to pump up and down on his cock another guy grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. So there I was with 2 cocks in me at the same time,I had heard of girls who had done this, but I never though it would be me.
But that wasnt the end to it, I then felt another guy get up behind me, as I am pumping the guy I am on top of, this guy starts licking my arsehole. something I had never had done to me, I was enjoying, then he started pushing his finger in there, now that hurt a bit ,but I didnt have much time to think about it with the cock in my mouth and the one drilling my pus, He was slidding his finger in and out and I was starting to get use to the feeling ,but it was stilling hurting a bit.

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   Then I heard him say I going to fuck this hot little arse of hers, with that he got up behind me grabbed hold of my hips  and drove his cock into my virgin arse, I tried to scream and pull away , but between the cock in my mouth and the guy under me and the guy fucking my arse holeing me I was stuck and just had to take it, it only took him a coulpe of thrusts and he was right up me, Then both of the guys really started to give it to me ,ramming as hard as they could from both directions, i felt like I was being ripped apart and it was the most intense pain I had ever felt, then all of  sudden my stomach started to cramp and my whole bodt was tingling and I exploded into the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced, and while I was cumming I could feel the guys blowing there hot cum deep inside me , and my mouth being flooded with yet more of this hot sticky liquid.
all the guys pulled out of me, So there I was laying on my back on this table in the middle of this room my top and skirt pushed up my legs spread wide open and my pussy arse and face covered in white sticky cum, I thought what must the girls think, I didnt need to worry all of them had either there pussy mouth or arse holes full of cock as well.
As I am laying there one of my friends Sue is on her hands a knees facing me being rammed from behind, Sue is 23 long black hair and hot little bod and tiny little arse . I could see the guy was about to blow his load into her, as he was ramming her hard and she was pushing back with equal yigior to meet his thrusts when there was a load moan from both of them and they collapesed on the floor.
then something happened that supprised me, the guys lifts sue up and says to her I think you should go and clean your friend up , pointing to me. without giving her time to reply he lifts her up and pushs her dowmn on top of me, with her face in my puss then lifts her on top of me so her puss was in my face , he then pushed her head into my pus and her down into my face , and said go on you dirty sluts lick each other, her pus was against my mouth I could see and taste it , so I just started to lick it, I was thinking to myself this is so wrong , but gee I like the taste, Sue was also licking me and I was feeling good, the more she licked me the better it felt amd the more I would lick her , this went on for a while until we both cum in screaming heaps.
She then turned around and layed on top of me and started kissing me wispering my ear that she had never done anything like that before , but how much she loved the taste of my pus.
I was laying there thinking well it must be just about over , when the other 4 guys came over too me , having just pulled there cocks out of my friends , and said we havnt fucked the bride to be yet. With that thek rolled me over and got me on my hands and knees and proceeded to fuck me first in the pus then he pulled out and stuck it up my arsehole and blew his load into me.
Each of the seven guys did exactly the same thing. The feeling of each of those cocks slidding in and out of me make me feel so disgusting and slutty and so horny I cum at least another3 times, and what supprised me , by the time the 3rd guy had fucked and cum up my arse it didnt hurt a bit it was a just pure joy and if there had there been another 7 guys there I would have happly taken them too.
Once all the guys had been through me , the guys told all the other girls to come and clean me up , so so to my supprise they amm surrounded me and had turns licking the cum from my gapping pussy and arsehole. making me cum over and over again.     



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