My Dream Cum True


Topic: My Dream Cum TrueHere I am about to get married. Yet me being me, I’ve decided not to have your normal bachelorette party.   Going out for drinks and partying with girlfriends, maybe getting a lap dance from a stripper. No. Me being me, I wanted to jump into married life with a BANG!
So I went online and joined a great personal site geared to hooking up for sex. Found 3 men Mark, John and Steve. Who were willing to meet me at a hotel and give me a proper bachelorette party!
Now that I had the men set up I made plans for us all to meet at the Point Hilton resort at the suite that I reserved for the weekend. I figured if this is going to be my bachelorette party we might as well enjoy in comfort.  On the big day I showed up an hour early. I wanted everything to be ready before they showed up. I can't wait for the fun to begin.  
* * * * That bath was a good idea; I was actually getting a little nervous. I decided to wear this silky black nighty but ended up wearing nothing at all. Thinking they would love the surprise of walking in to see me in nothing but a smile!
There is a Knock on the door.
 Wondering who got here first I open the door to my first guest.
“Mark! Hello sweetie.

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   Did you find the place all right” Oh My God he is better in person than in any of his pictures, I thought to myself, almost jumping for joy.
”No problems at all, I've been here before, plus I parked at the bottom and took the shuttle up to the room. ” Mark answers, as he walks in making sure he brushes up against me. “What a pleasant surprise to find you naked, waiting for us to show up. Looks like you just got out of the shower. ” Mark remarks as he takes off his jacket and sits on the edge of the bed.
”Not a shower, I took a bubble bath. I wanted to relax while I was waiting. And feeling all those silky bubbles rubbing up against my bare skin is such a turn on for me. ” As I talk I run my fingers over my body, mapping out the direction the bubbles caressed. Taking my fingers and lightly caressing my hard nipples, down between my 40 D size breasts to my slightly rounded tummy slowly down to the smooth silky pouty pussy lips. Watching as his eyes darken and his gaze follows my hands.  
”Why don't you come here, I want to feel that soft skin of yours. ” He asks, reaching for me and pulls me between his thighs. “Who would have thought I could be jealous of mere bubbles” He takes his large hands and spans my waist with his thumbs caressing the underside of her full and flushed breasts.

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   Then leaning forward takes a nipple into his mouth.
”Mmmmm…. I'll take you over bubbles any day Mark. ”  Moaning and arching toward his mouth.
Just then the door opens quietly as John and Steve walk into the room. Not even noticing them enter I straddle Mark's lap and start to deeply kiss him. Feeling his cock straining to get out of the confines of his jeans, I start to rub my damp pussy up against his bulge, as he arches up to grind up against me.
While this is going on John and Steve are quietly moving over to the chairs facing us, both grinning, John turns to Steve and winks and nods to us on the bed.
”Mark, I can't wait. I just have to have a taste of you. Do you think the boys would mind if we started without them?” I ask, yet already starting to unbutton Marks jeans to free the prize.  
”I don't think they’ll mind since they are already here and watching. ” Mark says as he laughs, nodding to John and Steve.  
Swinging around I finally notice that my two other boys had joined us.
“Well don't just sit there, come join the fun.

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  ” Turning back to Mark I gets serious with the unbuttoning his jeans. Getting the button undone and the zipper down his thick cock pops out, looking to me like it was begging to be licked and swallowed. The purple head already is dripping pre-cum.
 “Oh yea Jen, you know you want to suck my cock don't you Come on baby; take him into your mouth. ” 
Doing like he says I get off the bed and kneel between his legs allowing easy access to his throbbing member. Leaning over I start with just licking the tip, wanting to taste that cum that was leaking out.
 Mmmmm how delicious!”
After taking my first taste I start to lick up and down the base, then swirling my tongue around the head getting him all wet with my saliva. Reaching up with my right hand I cup his balls and start to rub and massage as I take part of him into my mouth. Knowing I could never take all of him, working as much as I could down my throat.
“That's it slut, you like that don't you? You love my big dick down your throat. Just wait till I'm fucking your hot pussy. I'll make you scream!” Mark says as her grabs her hair to thrust more of him into her mouth.
 “Suck me! That's it; I want to see more of my cock down your throat. Take more into your mouth. God, your a fucking tramp aren't you?” 
John, not wanting to be left out kneels behind me to get to my sweet looking pussy.

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   Having it thrust up in the air is too much temptation. He just had to have a taste.  
”Steve, would you look at this! She is so damn wet her juices are dripping down her thighs. My God! I haven't even touched her pussy yet!” To show Steve, John reaches up taking each cheek of my ass spreading me open to show me off. Then lowers himself so that his face is directly under me, for easy access.  Not being able to talk with Mark's cock deep down my throat I show John how much I need that needy clit licked and sucked by lowering my pussy over his face. Grinding my slit over his mouth begging for his tongue without words.  
Steve, totally loving the show lowers the zipper on his jeans to free his dick from its confines. Sitting down on the chair facing the action he starts to slowly pump on his hard cock, not wanting to cum just wanting to tease himself till he can sink himself deep into that pussy. All he can think of is how he wants to cum deep inside of her. Shooting his load and filling her up. His plan is to do his best to knock her up! What a surprise she’ll get to find out she is pregnant and not by her husband to be. He can be patient till his turn.  
”God Jenny, I can't take it anymore. I have to fuck that pussy of yours.

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   Steve, man, come over here and lay down on the bed. She can suck your cock while I'm fucking her from behind. But lets wait till John is done with her. Looks to me like she is really damn close to Cumming all over his face!” Mark laughs as he and Steve watches me grinding my pussy down on John's face. My nails sunk deep into Marks thigh holding on as her orgasm hits her.  
”OH GOD! Suck my clit harder! Finger fuck me, stick your fingers in my hole PLEASE!…I'm so close…I'm going to cummmmmm. . !!!!” I scream.  
”Yea John, suck that pussy…make her cum all over your face!” Steve says as he reaches over. “Let me give you a hand, I'll finger fuck her while you keep sucking. ”  With that John starts to really suck on my clit and Steve starts to pump two of his thick fingers in and out of my hole. Throughout the room you can hear the squishing sounds from my juice being lapped up by John and the pounding of Steve's fingers.  All of a sudden I tense up and let out a wail. AHHHHHHHH OHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS IM CUMMMINNGGGG!!!!!!!!!” squirting my cum all over John's face and chest.
”WOW! She fucking squirts!” exclaims Mark.

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   I have to taste some of that. ” So Mark nudges Steve over so that he can dip his finger into my well loved pussy. Sucking on his finger he grins at the other two guys.  
”Mmmmmmmm tasty! Now let me fuck this dripping pussy! You want that don’t you, you fucking slut? You want my cock pounding you deep and hard?” Mark grabs me by my hair and pulls me to the bed. “Get on your knees slut! I want to pound you from behind while I have a grip on your long hair. ”
As Mark gets me on the bed the way he wants me I can see Steve move near my head, reaching down stroking his cock and pointing it at my mouth. Not wanting him to have to stroke himself I move forward a little bit to take him deep in my mouth. Sucking on him and getting him nice and wet and even harder than he was. At the same time I was arching my back as much as I could, my pussy seeking that thick cock I was promised!
“Mark! Fuck me! Fuck me now! Pound me hard and deep! I need to feel your balls pounding my clit! PLEASSSEEE” I scream out.
“Oh bitch your going to get this cock! Now stop talking and start sucking Steve! And take this cock!”
Mark then slams his thick cock deep into my pussy. Doesn’t go slow, just rams it home! Starting to really pound me I feel his balls slap my clit just the way I like it! Mark then reaches up and grabs on to my hair as he promised he would. Using my hair to get in deeper and harder, at the same time allowing Steve to get his cock deeper into my mouth.
God the feelings just won’t stop! My pussy starts to clamp onto Mark getting ready to cum all over him.
“Oh yeah cunt! Cum on my cock!” Mark yells and he pounds me harder and slapping my ass. “Cum with me bitch! I’m about to cum too! I’m going to cum inside your hot, wet pussy!!!  I’m going to drop this nut deep inside you!”
Having Mark talk to me so dirty and wrong takes me over the edge and I start to cum all over him.

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   I can feel my juices squirt out and all down my legs. At the same time I can also feel Marks balls tighten up and to my shock his dick gets bigger! I know he’s going to cum. And for a moment there, just as he’s about to shoot his load inside me, I start to wish I didn’t choose these three guys for one main reason, they all three had gotten fixed. Neither of them could get me pregnant. Right then I wished that Mark would shoot his load inside me and knock me up!! That thought alone caused me to start Cumming all over again…
“oooohhhhh goooddd I’m cumming againnnnn!!!!” I scream out. At the same time Mark starts to growl, grabs my hips and shoves himself deep inside of me. Holding himself there as he explodes!
“Fuck yeah!!! Take all of my cum you whore!! Take it all!!! I bet your man doesn’t fuck you this good!” As Mark shouts out his demands I lay there with my ass up in the air, shaking with the effect of my orgasm. My pussy is twitching and throbbing and begging for more. As if reading my mind Steve jumps down off the bed, grabs me by the arm and flips me over.
“It’s my turn Jen! I have to be inside of that pussy right now! I hope you’re ready for some more cock!”
“Wait!” John shouts as he jumps up from the chair he was sitting on. Stroking his dick and watching. “I want to taste that pussy; I love the taste of creampie!” He shrugs his shoulders as the guys look at him with a bit of shock.  “What? There is nothing better than the taste of well fucked pussy and cream. ” At that John leans into me and starts to clean up all the juice that had started to run out of my slightly red pussy. Running his tongue up to my clit, down my slit, all the way down to my little brown star.

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   Completely cleaning me up of Mark’s cum. “There you go Steve, a nice clean pussy” John laughs and crawls up on the bed.
“Are you ready baby? Want to feel me deep inside you now?”
“Oh God! Please Steve! Please fuck me!! Fuck me slow and hard, please!”
“You got it!” replies Steve as he positions himself between my thighs. Taking a hold of my legs and draping them on his shoulders. He then takes a hold of his thin but long cock and nudges my hole and slowly sinks inside of me. At the very last couple inches Steve grabs a hold of my thighs and slams his cock inside of me. Completely bottoming out, bumping up against my cervix. Giving me an instant orgasm!
Steve then starts to slowly pump in and out of me. Always bottoming out, slightly tapping on my cervix. In and out, in and out.
“Wow Mark, I would have thought after she fucked you her pussy would be like fucking a warm bowl of water. But damn, she’s still tight! You feel so good on my cock babe! So hot and wet!. ” Before Steve could finish what he was saying I squeezed my pussy around his cock, trying to milk that dick. Wanting him to lose control and flood my pussy with his cum too.
“ OHHH fuck yes! You fucking slut! Milk my cock!” He starts to pound into me faster and faster.

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   “I’m so close to busting! Where do you want me to cum?” Steve asks, at the same time thinking and knowing he wasn’t going to really give her a choice. He knew he was going to bust deep inside of her. Doing his best to get her pregnant and not by her choice! He always wanted to knock up some woman who thought she was completely safe from getting pregnant. The mere idea has him pounding into her harder and harder. Making his balls tighten up in readiness of him cumming.
“ Cum inside me! Give me all of your juice! Let’s give John some more cream to eat!!”  I yell out, as I arch up to meet each and every thrust Steve pounded into me.
“That’s it…that’s right…deep inside of your pussy!! God you’re a fucking whore! Here it comes. Here comes my load!”
Just then Steve slams into my pussy one last time and erupts inside me. At the same time he leans into me as if in deeply tired, grabs a hold of my hair and whispers into my ear.
“By the way, just so you know. I never got fixed. And I’m going to do everything in my power tonight to knock your whore ass up!!! And as your getting married you’re going to know your carrying my baby! You may marry him but we all will know you will forever be my whore! I will fuck you whenever and wherever I want you!!!!”
Just hearing those words had my pussy clinching up and cumming as I had never came before. My cum squirted out of me, my body started shaking and I yelled out….
“Fuck yes Steve!!! Make me your whore! Give me your baby!”
Just as I yelled that out, I feel cum squirting all over my face and tits. Looking up I see John standing over me, jerking on his cock and cumming his load all over me.

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“Don’t worry John, I didn’t’ forget you! You’ll have plenty of cream to eat tonight! “
All three of us laugh!!
* * * *  Thank you for reading my story. I wrote it in 2004 and posted it then. I’ve revised it and am reposting it to see if you all enjoy the repost. . Please email me with your thoughts. . sweetstace75@yahoo. com



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