Mom take me to a party


My name is Tom.   I am a pretty normal 18 year old. I live with my Dad who is 40 and my step mom (Linda) who is 35.   I would love to tell you that I have a smoking hot body and have been fucked every day since I woke to my 1st hard on when I was 10.   But the fact is I am pretty much normal.  
I lost my virginity in the front room of our house to my girl friend when I was 18 I have been lucky a few times since then but no ware as lucky and I would have liked. I beat of every day and often several times a day.
My mom died when I was 18 years old and when I was 18 my dad married Linda. Linda had been a friend of Mom and Dad’s since before they got married.
As I said Linda is 35 with 38 DDD tits and while she is not as thin as a model she still looks smoking hot and has been the subject of my masturbation on many occasions.
It was a Saturday afternoon in August and I was looking forward to Dad and Linda going out that night.   I did not have much going on.   My girl friend was out of town and my guy friends were busy.   So I was going to spend a night home alone watching porn and beating off.   In fact I recently found my folk’s personal porn collection so I was going to watch Linda getting fucked.   Or so I thought.

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I was working in my room when I heard the phone ring.   Linda in the kitchen answered.   At 1st she seemed happy and I could tell by the tone of her voice it was my father.   He had been out of town all week and was supposed to be coming home that night so they could go to the party.
The tone of Linda’s voice quickly changed.   What do you mean you’re not going to be able to make it?  I have been looking forward to it all week and so has Teri and all our friends. You’ve got to be there!
OK!   I know you can’t control the weather.   I just need you so bad!  Hell, if you can’t make it I am going to take Tom.   Yes he’s old enough and it’s not like it will be his 1st time.   Yes I hoped you’d be there for his 1st party too but I am not going alone.
Ok you have a good night with out me and remember! NO touching your self. Love you, and she hung up.
I was confused by this conversation to say the least.
Linda then walked in to my room. (The door was open)  Your dad just called his flight has been canceled and he can’t get home until tomorrow.

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   I was wondering if you might be willing to go with me to the party tonight?  If you don’t have any plans?  It’s just going to be people you already know like Teri and our other friends people your dad and I have known since before he married Kristy (my real mother) and you have known all your life. It should be fun.   Like your 1st TRUE adult party.
I told her I would go with her and asked what I should ware.   She Smiled and said to tell you the truth it really won’t matter.
The Party was supposed to start at 6:00 but we were running a little late and did not get there until 6:30.   Linda had on a T-shirt and a wrap around skirt.   We walked up to the door and Linda rang the bell.   Teri opened the door.   She was wearing white shorts and a halter. When Teri saw Linda her face exploded into a big smile as she grabbed her and they kissed.   They were old friends from high school so at 1st I was not surprised by this until I saw Teri’s hands needing Linda’s beautiful ass.
Linda pulled back from Teri and said and you remember Tom BIG Tom can’t make it so I brought him instead.   Teri’s face developed a hungry look and she leaned in and hugged me.   Then her hand reached down and felt my cock while she whispered “God I wish I could have been the 1st.

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Linda laughed and said now Teri you have to wait and we walked though the door. Once Teri closed the door Linda pulled her t-shirt over her head and asked me to undo her bra.   I stood there in shock and Teri said OK I’ll do it. She stepped up behind Linda and undid her bra then slowly moved her hands around to squeeze Linda’s tits while the bra fell to the floor.   Looking down I was shocked to find 3 other bras just lying there.  
Teri was kissing Linda’s neck while Linda turned around and there tongues dance with each other.   I could here Linda saying I love it when you touch me as she untied Teri’s halter and pulled it off.
The two ladies looked at me and said well we need to get the fun started.   They each took a hand and led me to the back yard.
As we walked on to the porch I could hear Teri saying Ladies Look what Linda has brought for you! Fresh meat.
I looked around there were 3 couple standing on the lawn and none of the women had there tops on. One was completely naked.   I knew all of them, they were my parent’s friends and had been around our house all my life.    Hell one of them was my god mother.
I stood there looking around while Linda stepped forward and announced that BIG Tom could not make it to night and that she had brought me instead.

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    Since it was about time I joined the fun.   As she said this Teri walked up behind me and slowly removed my T-shirt.  
I know that most of you have been waiting for this moment well here it is.   Teri’s hands were now moving all over my chest while she pushed her breast in to my back.
I know you all have enjoyed BIG Tom well now it’s time you all get a taste of this. As she said this Teri undid my pants and pulled out my cock.   Now I really like my cock but compared to the ones I had seen in the porn’s it was just average.   But all the ladies applauded and Linda started stroking it.
She then squeezed the head putting some precum on her hand and tasted it saying.   God it tastes so good.   So like his fathers and you all know how good he tastes. After all I’ve tasted him on each of your lips. They all laughed.
Teri was still going wild behind me her finger roaming up and down the crack of my ass and Linda had to tell her to come out from behind there.
Linda then looked at the group and said.

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    Now you know what we do with Fresh meat.   It’s time to play make him cum, but don’t.
For those of you who do not know the rules they are simple.   We are going to blind fold Tom then we are going to tie him to the lounge on the ground next to him will be a bowl.   It will cost each of you $20. 00 a ride.   Who ever makes him cum gets the money in the bowl.   So the longer he holds out the more money the lucky lady gets.   We have no way to measure but each lady will agree to try harder then the last to make him cum.  
Oh and Ladies. You should know that he has already cum at least twice today.   I know, I watched as he was beating off and smelling my cum soaked underwear. She gave me a wink and a Kiss and then said Oh yes I will not be playing this game as he knows my sent so well. I will be enjoying him later and she pulled on my cock as I am certain all of you will and winked.
The next thing I knew some one had blind folded me and was leading me to the lounge.

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    I lay down and they tied my ankles so my legs were spread and my hands were tied behind my head.
Just laying there naked with my cock harder then it had ever been I was lost in lust waiting for the 1st woman to have her way with me.   I was disappointed when I felt a small kiss on my lips and I heard Linda’s voice say next!  I guess the 1st woman wanted to grow the pot.

    After what seemed an eternity I could feel hands running over my chest pinching my nipples and then something warn and wonderful smelling covering my face. My tongue shot out to lick it but it pulled away and then there was a quick feeling of something warm and wet running over the head of my cock and she was gone.   Once again Linda cried next!
    Soon I felt warm breath on my cock as someone teased me then took my balls in her mouth as her hand reached out and caressed my face. Then Linda cried next!
    This time I felt a tongue slowly circling the head of my cock while hands massaged my thighs and a finger circled my ass hole.   Then I felt the face pressing against my thighs as she deep throated me one time and was gone. NEXT!
    After a small break I felt someone’s leg cross over by body, then a deep kiss followed by a hand reaching down and guiding my cock into a warm and very wet pussy.   I could hear applause as she started to ride me then she disappeared. NEXT!
    Quickly this time I felt a pussy walk across my face and sit down on my mouth.   I did my best to lick her and then I felt her bend over and start to suck my cock while one hand rested on my balls.   I thought this would be it. I could feel my balls tensing as I was about to blow but so could she.   She stood up and walked away.

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    The Ladies knew I was getting close after all I was only 18 it did not take much to make me cum but these ladies were
    They gave me a good long break.   I could hear people talking but I could not make out the words.   It was summer so the sun was still up and it was warm.
    After what seemed for ever I felt someone step over me again and start to fuck me.   I think she was riding me backward because one hand was holding my balls and waiting for the right moment to stop.   NEXT!
    Finally some one decided to put me out of my misery.   That was clear from the moment she started, thank god.   She took my entire cock down her throat and started going down fast. Then as I was getting close she stuck her finger right up my ass and I shot my load down her throat. I could hear the applause then I felt a deep wet kiss as she shared with me what she had taken.
    It took a few minutes before some one untied me.   They did not want me to know who won.  
    By the time I got up the other party guess were all ready busy.   I could see Laura in the hot tub getting fucked by Teri’s husband Bob while Beth was going down on Steve Laura’s Husband.  
    Linda and Teri came over to me and asked if I had enjoyed that.

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       HELL YES.   Both of them were now naked and said they thought they had better talk to me so I knew the rules.
    We disappeared into a bedroom. Linda told me that the rules here were pretty simple NO means NO! Ask before you do something. Do not open a closed door unless invited to.   Also there  was no drugs or alcohol at a party.
    She also explained that She, Teri and Kristy had been having these kinds of parties since they were in high school.   That my father had been a part of it since back then as well.   They all loved each other here it was a kind of family.   That my mother had so wanted to be here for my 1st party.  
    Linda asked if I understood and I said I did.    Teri on the other hand said good.   Because I have wanted to do this since you were born.   She pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me.   Linda looks over and said hay wait for me.

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        The two women started ravaging me and each other I lost track of who belonged to what.   Tongues darted in and out of my mouth.   If there was not a tongue in my mouth my tongue was sliding into a pussy.  
    At several points I could feel the two of them fighting over who was going to get to suck my cock next.   It was wonderful. I lay there while Teri road my cock and Linda had me eating her.   Then Linda got on all fours while eating Teri and I fucked her ass.   I made them both cum and I finally got off my 4th load of the day.   For a while I just lay there between the two of them. Quietly holding them and feeling there warmth and love.  
    There may be more later.