Mikey Part II


Robbie didn’t know how long he had been asleep. He woke gradually, feeling lethargic. He could tell that he was nude, but that he was now under the sheets and blankets of the hotel bed.   He could her voices murmuring in the background, as he lay motionless. He opened one eye just a crack and he could see his best mate, Mikey, and his cyber girlfriend, Elaine, on the other bed, both still naked.  
 Mikey was reclining on his side with one leg, bent at the knee, and the other lying flat alongside Elaine, while Elaine was on her back, her head on the pillow. Mikey was gently fingering Elaine’s pussy, while she was gently massaging her breasts, rubbing them and pinching her nipples. Elaine had her legs spread apart to give Mikey easy access to her slippery cunt. Robbie could see Mikey’s large cock, only semi-erect, lying across his thigh, and his large, oval balls draped beneath it protruding from a tangled mass of dark pubic hair. At first Robbie couldn’t make out what they were saying, their voices were pitched so low, but after a bit he began to understand them. He heard Mikey say, “…you are one hot lady. Don’t you get enough at home from your old man?”
“Well, he’s a cop, and he works long hours,” she replied.   “What about Robbie? Doesn’t he get enough from Lianne?”

“I don’t think it’s exactly that, “ Mikey whispered. “I think it has more to do with what he fancies. ”
 “What does he like, do you know?” Elaine asked quietly, her pelvis moving slowly up and down in response to Mikey’s probing finger.

“Well, I’m not sure of it all,” Mikey said, looking at Elaine, “but I think it has to do with him wanting to watch someone fuck his wife.

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    He’s talked on about it with me from time-to-time… Something about him not being able to satisfy her…”

“Ummmm, well, if anyone is going to fuck Lianne, it ought to be you…” Elaine whispered, shutting her eyes. “With that big hunk of iron you’ve got between your legs, you could satisfy just about anyone…. ”

“Well. . ,” Mikey began slowly, “can you keep a secret?”
 “Sure, baby, what,” Elaine said quietly, her hands still kneading her ample breasts.
“I have done…” 
“What!” Elaine’s voice rose as her eyes snapped open and her hips stopped their ancient motion. Elaine sat up, her hands grabbing Mikey by his bicep, “Really! You have?” 
“Yeah, well Lianne started coming on to when I was still in the army,” Mikey said, pulling his finger from Elaine and licking her honey from it. “I tried to resist it because Robbie’s my best friend,” he continued, leaning forward and licking Elaine’s slim neck.
 “What happened?” Elaine asked, still holding onto Mikey’s arm, her head tilted back giving Mikey room to kiss her neck and shoulders.

“Well, one night we were all at the local. . , the pub. . , the bar or whatever you Yanks call it, and I popped outside for a breath of fresh air. I was standing around back in the car park when all of sudden Lianne was there.


   She put her arms around my waist and hugged me telling me she fancied me. ”  Mikey cupped one of Elaine’s tits in his hand and jiggled it, hefting it, judging its weight. “She is a nice little piece with really nice, soft boobs and a really nice ass. I couldn’t help myself, I sort of hugged her back, her big knockers in my chest and my hands feeling her ass through her dress and knickers.   I could feel how hot she was through my jeans. Her pussy was on fire…”
Mikey paused as he remembered that night.   “So, she sort of turned me about and she sat on the bonnet of the car, hiked up her dress and said, ‘Fuck me, Mikey, I want that rod of yours in me. ’  What was a bloke to do, so I unzipped and she pulled her knickers away from her box. What a lovely big thatch of black pussy hair she has. I could see her gash shining all red and wet in the light above the backdoor to the pub.   So, as hard as I’d ever been in my life I poked her there in the car park. ” As Mikey told the story, his cock began to rise and harden. Robbie could see the veins snaking just under the skin and admired the bright and shiny cock head as it began to poke out from under his foreskin.

“Even though we had to hurry, ‘cause who knew when someone might come looking for us, she was a great fuck. He pussy was tight and I just pounded away in her, the car springs squeaking as I fucked Lianne.

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    She gripped me around the neck and I could see down her top. What lovely melons she has… Anyway, after a bit I came in her like it was my first time. I must ‘ve shoved a liter of baby juice up her snatch.   Even thought it didn’t take long, Lianne came so hard she had tears in her eyes. ” Mikey paused. Then he continued, “She has this black hair with just a hint of red in it. She is a lovely lass, that’s for sure…”

“She hugged me and wouldn’t let me go, even though I wanted us to zip up and all.   She told me I had just satisfied her more than Robbie ever had. She said his dick was too small, or something like that. Although now that I have seen Robbie, he isn’t exactly tiny, and she is as tight as a drum… So, it must be something else. ”

Elaine grabbed Mikey’s cock and started to stroke it. “You are soooo, hot,” Elaine breathed.   “Imagine, fucking Robbie’s wife right there in the parking lot! Bet he would like to have seen that!”

“Do you think so?” Mikey asked, his voice doubtful. “I dunno. She’s his wife ‘n all.

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“Oh, sure,” Elaine said earnestly, “He’s written me about it many times. His fantasy is to watch some man satisfy his wife while filling her with his seed.   You know, really filling her pussy with his sperm. ”  Elaine cupped Mikey’s balls in her other hand while slowly pumping his large penis.

“He told me that we would love to hear her yelling, ‘Come on, fill me with your baby juice, fill my cunt to the top…”

“Jeeze,” Mikey said. “That’s a surprise.

“But, if that’s what he wants, I could probably do that for him. ” Mikey continued, smiling wickedly.

“What’s she like,” Elaine asked, “Is Lianne pretty?”

 “Aye, she’s pretty alright, “ Mikey answered, and pausing to reflect on Lianne, he continued, “She’s a soft woman, nicely rounded. Her breasts are larger than yours and she has great lovely nipples, large ‘round than yours and a dark pink color, and she has a nice round tummy and ass. And. . , well, I love her ass. She has the most wonderful ass and when I fuck her from behind I love the way it shakes each time I hammer my rod deep into her cunt. She has hips a man can grasp and hold on to while he fucks her.

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    And her back is wonderful, a smooth, smooth back. . , so white and pale when I fuck her.

      “She has a lovely, thick patch of black cunt hair; all soft and curly.   I love to lick her clit with my nose buried in her silky pussy. It smells so nice and womanly.   Like fresh-baked bread.  

      “And her cunt, what wonderful soft lips she has, and when I spread her inner lips like the petals of a flower, her scent fills my nostrils and enflames my cock. She is all red and shiny and wet.   I love licking her outer lips alongside her legs and tickling the hairs around her asshole with my tongue.   She loves it when I tongue her asshole and probe it with my tongue. Drives her nuts.

    “Sometimes I put her on all fours and just sort of walk around the bed looking at her magnificent self. She has such a lovely face and smile, short dark hair; black with a little red in it, lovely tits hanging down with those wonderful nipples I told you about,  and her nice round stomach and thighs, and her magnificent ass. When I gaze at her from the rear, I can see her cunt plainly framed by her luscious round ass cheeks, and the tufts of soft black cunt hair spread out along her pussy and ass.

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        Sometimes I ask her spread her cheeks for me. She rests her head on the pillow, her great melons pressed against the bed, and she reaches ‘round back and spreads her ass cheeks so I can see her anus and her cunt. With her fingertips, she spreads apart he pussy, and I can see it all red and inflamed, with her juices dripping down over her clit. And what a clitty she has. She loves it when I eat her. I take her clit between my lips and flick my tongue over it like she does my cock when she gives me head.

    “Lianne is such a great cocksucker. She really knows her way around my cock. I love cumming in her mouth or spraying my cum on her lovely tits.   But mostly she wants me to cum in her pussy. She wants me to fill her cunt with my baby juices and flood her full of it.

    “And,” Mikey paused again, “and she such lovely feet.

     “I love to kiss her feet and toes. It makes me so hard when I hold her feet up, me kneeling between her open thighs my cock all red and hard and dripping my pre-come, one of her lovely ankles on my shoulder and holding her other in my hands, while I kiss and lick her toes.   I love to watch her begin to pant when I do.

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       Her tits shake when she trembles and she massages her tits and nipples like you are doing now.

     “And, I love it when she climaxes. She moans out to me and begs me to fuck her hard; to fill her cunt with my big cock, and to empty my balls of my baby juice. . , to fill her up with my cum. Sometimes when I finish, she will scoop my cum from inside her pussy and feed it to herself, all the while smiling at me as she licks my thick, white sperm from her fingers.

    “She tells me I satisfy her better’n Robbie ever could. . ,” Mikey said.

     “Lianne is naughty, and nasty, and lovely. A man’s woman.   A woman to come home to to fuck. ”
     “And how do you know all this? You couldn’t have known all this from a quickie in the parking lot…” Elaine asked.

    “Well,” Mikey said, smiling slyly, “The rest of the secret is that I’ve been going ‘round to Lianne and Robbie’s sometimes when he’s off at the factory. She stays home some mornings and we have a regular ‘go’ at it, so to speak.

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    “Really!” Elaine says too loudly, she turns and looks at Robbie who quickly shuts his eyes, pretending to still be asleep. Turning back to Mikey, she says again more quietly,  “Really?” She strokes his cock slowly, her thumb rubber the sensitive head on the up strokes.

    “Yeah,” Mikey replied softly, “But it’s times like this that I don’t feel so good about it…”

    Elaine stopped her hand movement, but still gripped Mikey’s hard penis, She looked him in the eye and said, “Mikey. Don’t you see, this is what Robbie wants. Robbie wants you to fuck Lianne and fill her with your cum. He wants you humping his wife like there’s no tomorrow… He wants her to be sexually satisfied. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. . , he lovers her and wants her to be happy. ”

    “Yeah, well…” Mikey looked unsure of what Elaine was saying. “I dunno about that. Maybe he likes watching. You know, like watching porno. ”

    “Well, maybe he does. Maybe he’s hiding in the closet while you fuck Lianne,” Elaine said.

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       “Maybe he’s in the closet watching you hump his wife and beating off…”

    “Damn!” Mikey said, “Do you think so?”



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