Midnight surprise


Lying in bed, aimlessly watching the television for yet another night this week; waiting with little patience for my husband to get home from work. I shiver against the chill on my skin. Three layers of blankets still cannot compare to the warmth of his body. I contemplate putting some clothes on for a few moments, but realize that the cold floor between myself and the closet would not be worth the slight comfort a t-shirt would offer. I wrap the blankets tighter around my bare shoulders and wonder if my husband will take notice of my naked body when he finally climbs into bed. My eyes glaze over during the commercials and without realizing it sleep takes hold of me.
The rustling of sheets and the sting of cool air pulls me from my slumber. I open my eyes, squinting at the television screen that is still on.  Looking for the source of my discomfort I see my husband standing near the bed looking lovingly at me. I smile and welcome him home. I reach out to wrap my arms around his waist, but he is out of reach and doesn’t step closer. I pout up at him. He is still smiling and I notice the twinkle of excitement in his eyes. “I have a surprise for you. ” He says. I start to sit up to welcome whatever goodies he brought me home, but he stops me and catches my wrist.

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   He leans forward and meaningfully instructs me to relax, but also to let him know if I am uncomfortable with this. I look quizzically at him. He smiles and starts to tie a red silk scarf around my wrist. A smile pulls at the corners of my lips and I offer him the other wrist. His smile widens and he accepts tying both wrists together and then securing them to the headboard. I wriggle against the silky fabric, content that he didn’t tie them too tight. I could still get out of them if I wanted.   He pulls out another scarf, this one velvet and black. He leans over me and ties it around my head, blocking my eyes from all sight. He asks how many fingers he is holding up, but blackness is all I see.
I gasp as he pulls the sheets off of me and I twist my body in a feeble attempt to conserve warmth. I feel his hand cup my breast, his fingers glide from the sides up to my firm nipple which he gives a tight squeeze to.   I can hear my heart pounding and it feels like every single hair on my body can sense every breath he takes and how close he is to me. His hands glide up the length of me, from ankles up to my breasts and back down again.   He traces my small frame and modest curves with his fingertips and hands a few times, tickling here and fondling there.

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   He asks if I am doing okay and I nod in response, as if the smile peeking from under the blindfold wasn’t enough of an answer. I feel his lips engulf my breast, his tongue flicks back and forth against my hard nipple. I can feel the blood coursing down to my cunt with each flick of his tongue causing me to gasp with little waves of pleasure.  
I feel something warm and wet on my other breast and my lips part in an audible gasp as I realize that there is someone else there, someone who is sucking my breast. Even with the blindfold I close my eyes and try to draw in every millisecond of pleasure. I can feel my pussy growing wetter and hotter.
The mystery guest starts to run their hands up and down my body along with my husband. I try to focus on the feel of this stranger and notice that the hands are rough and large and the fingernails are short. The mystery guest must be another man. My whole body shudders in anticipation of what might happen next.
I feel my husband move his hand down towards my cunt, softly gliding over my flat stomach. He plunges one of his fingers deep inside of me. I gasp again. Without controlling it my body responds to his finger, pulsating against it. He withdraws both his finger and his lips from my body, pausing, I imagine, to taste the wetness on his finger.

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   The mystery man also removes his lips from my breasts and the cool air causes my nipples to stand erect.
“May I?” I hear a strange voice say. After a moment’s pause I hear my husband say, “Mandie?” without knowing what the guest is asking I hesitate for a moment and nod.
I feel my legs being pulled apart and I wonder if my husband is actually going to let another person have his wife. I am torn in conflict for a moment, wondering if I should stop them. Then I feel something flick at my clitoris. I lose my train of thought. It happens again, and then again. I wonder what toy they must be using. Then I feel a mouth wrap itself around my pussy and a hot tongue plunge into me. I moan with pleasure and start rocking my hips as if to fuck the face of this man. His tongue pulls out from inside me and starts slowly flicking my clit in steady rhythm.
My mind starts racing. I wonder if this person is someone I know. Is he black or white? Are they naked, too? That’s as far I get before a change in rhythm stops my thought process.

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   The strokes go from slow to fast, and firmer than before. I can feel the orgasm rising within me. My breath starts to quicken and I can feel my chest rising and falling in rapid succession. I hear my husband whisper for the other man to stop. I gasp “No!”  The mystery man retreats and I beg, “Don’t stop. Please. It feels so good. ” Then I feel it. My husbands cock plunges into me, deep. I gasp again and get lost in the pleasure of fucking my husband’s wonderfully large cock. He slows his motion and changes his position. My right leg is dropped to the side; I can feel my husband leaning back. I wonder what on earth they are trying to do. The mystery man whispers into my ear “I’m going to lick you while you’re man fucks you. If it works, we might have to switch.

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The anticipation is more than I can bear. The mystery man comes from the side; he uses one hand to stretch my pussy lips up towards my tummy, exposing my clit to the cool air. He locks his lips and starts aggressively flicking his tongue back and forth. I feel my husband start to slide in and out of me. I feel like I could explode. I try to hold off so that I can live in the amazing sensation. The wave of pleasure hits me hard. My toes curl under and my hips start bucking. I feel like I can’t catch my breath. Somehow both men are able to keep their rhythm. They ride me for a few minutes before I hear the sound of my husband’s breathing change. He tells the other man to back off. The lips release from my pussy and my husband leans over me. He starts sucking my breasts and pumping in and out of me fast and hard. I feel his fingers fondle my sensitive clit, I wrap my legs around him and we both explode into an orgasm at the same time.

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My heart continues to pound as my husband slides out form inside me and lays down next to me. I can hear that he is having a hard time catching his breath as well. I notice that my arms start to ache from the strain and the odd position. I start to twist my wrists to wriggle out, but a hand loosens the bond for me. My arms drop and I instinctively warp my arms around my husband and whisper a soulful thank you into his ear. He whispers back “Thank me when it’s over. ”
I ask, “It’s not?” Then I hear the other voice,
“Not unless you want it to be. I will go crazy if I don’t have another taste of your sweet pussy. ”
I’d like to clean up first” I respond. .
I feel the other man’s hand gently pull my arm to guide me off of the bed. I slide off the edge and he continues to guide me to the bathroom. I shut the door and take off the blindfold to freshen up and contemplate putting it back on. I wonder if the thrill or the passion would be ruined if I knew who the other person was. I decide not to let anything ruin this night.

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   I put the blindfold back on and open the door. Immediately there is a hand on each breast, massaging, squeezing, and flicking at my nipples.
“One leg. Step forward. ” I’m instructed. I slide one leg forward and it is guided out to the side. I recognize the feel of hot breath on my pussy and realize the mystery man is kneeling on the floor in front of me. His hands move from my breasts to my buttocks and then squeeze, pressing my body against his lips. I move my other leg to accommodate his head beneath me. I lower myself a little and feel his warm tongue moving against me again. A finger slides between my legs and up inside of me. I reach down and hold his head against me while my body moves against his affection.
I hear music. Dance music. Fast music.

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   I fuck his face with the beat and he fingers me at the same pace. Another set of hands appear on my breasts, flicking the nipples to the same beat. Apparently my husband has recovered his strength.
“Your tongue is amazing. ” I say in a breathy voice. “Is it a bad thing that I like fucking your face without knowing who you are?” I feel the head beneath me move from side to side.   “Do you like me fucking your face?”  The head nods.   “Do you want to fuck me?” The lips release from my cunt. “God. Yes. I want to fuck you so bad. You taste so good. I was about to lose my mind when I watched your husband go down on you. ” He starts licking again. “Let me fuck you.

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   Let me fuck you now. I need you. I need to fuck you right now” I lose control. “No,” He says “Wait. Wait until I am inside you.   I have to fuck you. Fuck. Please. ” My husband’s hands release from me and the man beneath me stands. I feel his cock throbbing against my clit. He doesn’t hesitate and drives his shaft inside me. Not as big as my husband he fucks me hard and fast. I feel his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. I can’t hold back. The situation, the music, the rhythm, the speed, its all perfect.

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   I orgasm with a scream and so does the mystery man. He pulls out and steps back. I gasp, begging for more. My husband steps in and slams his meaty cock into me. Pounding me. I wrap my arms around him and move with him, fast. ”God.   This is amazing. You feel so good” I gasp
“Fuck me harder” I beg. He grabs my waist and moves my hips against his thrusts. I cry out in orgasm after orgasm. “Kiss me” he says. I lean forward and meet my lips to my husbands. We share a deep, erotic kiss while fucking each other wildly. My legs start shaking- unable to handle the intensity.


   I fuck his cock for everything I am worth. He cries out and releases a hot stream inside me. I shudder as another wave of pleasure hits me. Gasping for air.    And then I wake up.
 Lying in bed, aimlessly watching the television for yet another night this week; waiting with little patience for my husband to get home from work. . . .



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