Me, Arron, and Shayla


We had been looking for a female to join us for months. We had found two but the closest we had gotten to a threesome was either sucking on one woman's tits and watching the other woman eating me out. Then I met one online the other day. We went to see her about 5 days after i had talked to her. We were only supposed to meet her. She was complaingthat she was sore from working the night before and she asked if i was any good at massages. I began laughing and she asked "Arron" what I was laughing about.

He told her because she is good at it. We ended up going to her bedroom so she could lay down because it was easier for me to massage a person like that. She took her shirt off and i gave her a massage from her back to her ankles. Then i had her turn over so i could do the front of her legs and feet.   The whole time she was moaning and getting me hot. I laid down beside her and she grabbed me and kissed meI had my boyfriend lay behind me. He started kissing my neck while she kissed me passionately. Then while she was sucking my tits he stuck his hand down my pants but they were too tight to do what i wanted him to do. So of course I took them off.

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   He started fingering me and she started to help. He moved his hand so she could do what she wanted. He then let her suck his finger so she could get a taste. I told him to finger her and he was suprised but did it. Then i went to finger her and he moved his hand and let me taster her. I couldnt wait to taste her better. The taste that He gave me was so sweet just like i like it. I suppose she couldnt wait either. She jumped up and spread my legs and proceeded to eat me out. My boyfriend just watched till i told him i wanted his dick in my mouth. I love sucking him. I stopped when I knew he was going to cum. I stopped her because i need a moment to recover. She was the best female that had ever ate me out.   I then had her lay under me.

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   Damn it I wanted my fanatsy. We began to 69. Myboyfriend had always known my fanatsy but I had to tell him what to do. He got behind me and started fucking me real hard while she was eating me at the same time. OH that felt so good. He came quickly but he is one of the types that stay hard for a bit so he just kept going. He slipped out and went to rub my clit and ended up in her mouth for a little bit. I don't know if she knew he had already shot his load in me or not but i didn't care (he also didn't know that I could tell she sucked his dick till we were on our way home). We contuied to eat each other out while he laid beside us. Then it got too much and her and I came one last time. . . . . Next time he will get his chance and I'll stradle her face  while he does it.

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   I will rub her clit while I kiss him. It's going to be so much fun. Arron is going to love it. . . . . . . There will be more to cum laterThis is my first story so please be kind. . . . .