Master Whored Me Out As A Cum Dumpster For A Weekend Party


This particular gangbang party Master whored me out to took place April '08.   (This is the second half of my account from that weekend. I lost the first half in my comp. files. )
After awhile the men treated my body like a fuckmeat rag doll throwing me around on different pieces of furniture to get different positions. . . they had me on the floor, then threw me on the bed, bent me over the arm of a chair and the 6 of them each took turns pumping my ass full of their cum 2 times thru, I heard one of the guys say, "Let's flip her over so we can get at that sweet tight pussy!". . . . . I was moaning and cumming repeatedly as wave after wave of orgasms hit me. I’m not sure how many orgasms I had that weekend, I lost track after the 15th one. The first guy rammed his big cock up into my pussy, pounding me brutally and yelling, "Oh Fuck, this slut has the tightest cunt!!. .

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   Oh man, so fuckin' sweet!. . . AWWW SHIT! I’m gonna dump my load so deep in your pussy bitch!" he fucked and grunted like some wild animal, then he managed one last hard thrust, his body shuddered and his cock exploded, releasing his cum so deep inside. . . then the rest of them each took their turns using my cunt as their cum receptacle, usually 2 of the men were constantly pinching, twisting or sucking my nipples so fucking hard. Sometimes the men would tease and make fun of me because I was cumming and squirting so much…they’d say things like, “Boy, you really are a true little cum slut aren’t you? You just love being stuffed with cocks in all your holes don’t you?” I moaned back, “Oh Fuck yes!! I love cock and having cum drip from my holes…MMMmmm”Then they took me to the middle of the room as their cum loads were oozing out of my ass and cunt, one of them yelled at me, "Cunt, look what you did, you're making a mess on the floor, go clean it up. ". . . . . I got down on all fours and licked up the cum from the floor that had leaked out of me. They had rigged up some type of wrist restraints to the ceiling with a pulley system.

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   They placed me on my knees, attached the wrist restraints and pulled me up a little ways off the floor. 2 guys stood in front of me and told me, "Open your mouth slut, we're going to give your mouth and throat a workout", I obeyed taking in one cock first deep to the balls, then the other cock, then back to the other for awhile. A different guy attached the nipple clamps with the chain that Master had used to lead me there that day onto my nipples and tightened it so tight and pulled up on the chain, pulling my tits up. . . FUCK, they felt like they were on fire!. . . the men who stuffed their cocks in my mouth took turns grabbing me by the hair throatfucking me hard, gagging me while spit was running out the corners of my mouth down my chin. . . "DAMN!. . . this girl can suck cock!"
One of the guys that had been standing around laid on his back next to where I was, then I felt someone pull on the rope that worked the pulley and I was being raised off the floor further by my arms.

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  . . the pain was incredibly intense. They lowered my pussy onto the man's cock, and then would raise me up again and ram my cunt back down on it hard! I felt like I was going to pass out. . . each time I was lowered 2 men would slap my tits, making the pain from the clamps even more intense. . . this non-stop fucking and abuse of my body went on for 48 hours. Sometime during the last 2 hours I had passed out, and yet even then the men were still going at it, abusing my fuck holes and forcing my mouth open so their cocks could slide in and out. Occasionally, some of the men would slap my tits and pinch and twist my nipples trying to get me to come out of it, but it was no use, I was out cold. Finally after the final 48th hr. the men stood back surveying their handywork. .

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  . there I was sprawled spreadeagle on my back, bruises on my inner thigh and ass, on my tits were bruises in the shape of handprints, my nipples were bright red, inflamed, swollen and extended 1"-2" their normal size. Streams of cum were covering my body,  in my hair, running out the sides of my mouth and loads of it trickling from my cunt and gaping asshole. . . . I faintly recall hearing one of the men proclaim, "Hell Yeah! We totally tore that bitch’s ass and cunt up! We fucked her upside down and sideways!. . . Hey, we'd like to arrange another party w/ this slut of yours if we could, we'll pay you triple what we paid tonight!" Master told them ,"Yes, that can be arranged but I'd like to wait a couple weeks so her body can recover from this one, then she'll be good as new and ready to go again!". . . I slept for the next 12 hours and after I woke up Master told me that I took between 50-60 loads of cum into my fuckholes. . .

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  . And ya know what? I loved every fuckin’ single second of it!Kisses,~Shayna (aka Master's Tit Whore)