Life of Alexandra Ch.4


Well, the first three chapters got us up to where things started to get a little bit more interesting for us. As was the case in the first chapters I'm going to take the liberty of combining a number of events to make it more interesting. As a group of friends we had a lot of time when nothing more than kid stuff went on, but we got more interested in sex as time went on. When we were 18 mom and dad only let Al and me have one or the other's friends to the house at a time, no boy/girl groups. Either Al had his friends or I had mine and it was only once a week limited to four or five friends. That changed when we were 18 and 18 Mom and dad now said it was OK to have have both sexes over at the same time but no more than twice a week. Since we had the most room to play, everyone preferred coming to our house anyway. By the river the original owner had made a real nice play/picnic are. He dug a pond to get fill to level the area. The pond had a liner and was filled with sand. It was only five feet deep at the deepest but averaged three to four feet. We had kayaks, canoes, picnic shelter, fire pit, volleyball and basketball. As a family we were not only nudists but very active. The pond area became our favorite place to get together and play. Usually, once everyone was there and we were having fun someone, usually one of the boys, would suggest going skinny dipping. That was usually met with some reluctance from the girls but the boys would be naked and in the pool in no time.

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   Most of the girls would go topless but only a couple of us would go naked. Heck, I don't need an excuse to get out of clothes, I hate wearing them. Once in the water there was always a lot of touching and feeling under the water. I really used to love to get close to one of the boys and reach for his cock under water. They always seemed to be so nice and hard. As the time went on with us we got bolder about having sex play and invented some games to play. One of my favorites was for the girls to pick two boys. Next, the boys picked two girls. Then we had a contest, which girl could get her boy off the fastest. They could only use their mouthes and once the boy had cum in it they had to stop, open their mouth to show everyone he had cum. This was always fun to watch and got the rest of us turned on. The boy that lost, didn't get to cum. Then we did a turn around. The boys in the contest now had to see which girl they could make orgasm the fastest. Again, no hands aloud, this was strictly an oral moment.

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  While this was fun, the most fun we had was playing a game kind of like Russian Roulette, only with cum. This was more fun to watch and had a dangerous consequence for the boys. The girls would pick one boy, he then got to pick four girls. The first girl picked was to get him to cum in her mouth, the other girls could help, this was just to get a mouth full of cum. Once he came, each of the girls took turns kissing the girl that had the cum in her mouth to start with. It was her option to hold it in her mouth or pass it along. Once all four girls had kissed and were standing there with their mouthes shut, the boy would point at two girls to step forward. He then had to kiss each of the two, if his cum was in one of their mouthes he would up with it in his. If he picked correctly, the girl with the cum would open her mouth to show it and then swallow. The boys did not like losing at this one. There were a couple of times that I know of that the cum was split between two girls just to make the odds worse, that was cheating but oh so fun. Nothing like the looks on a boys face when he got his own cum back. Most of the girls that came over to the house really liked to play with the boys cocks and didn't mind sucking them, but only a couple of them didn't mind getting cum in their mouth. There were a couple of girls that didn't even want that. This was to my advantage, ever since I first tasted my brother's cum I was pretty much hooked.

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   I really like the taste and texture of cum and only wish boys could cum more than they do. I'd like to meet that male of some of the stories that can cum whole mouth fulls or even more. All I've ever met are the ordinary boys with six inch cocks that cum about one tablespoon full. But get enough of them toghether and it's not too bad. Since most of the girls didn't want to swallow I almost always got the cum. It did give me sort of a strange reputation, but that comes along with the territory. Just about every time we had a group of friends over I got the cum from every boy, sometimes it was from sucking their cock, sometimes from a handjob, but mostly from other girls having them cum in their mouth and then they would pass it to me. As we got older, the sex play became more intense. Our group of friends grew as we were in high school and got more involved with sex acts in college. We still get together twice a year for a sex party. I'll tell you more about this later on. I hope you are enjoying reading a little bit about me. I'm really into both watching and being watched, I think that is the mutual thing that has gotten our group of friends. We all like about the same things and we like doing them together. The only secret has been my brother and I, up until last New Year's Eve we have never done anything sexual together in our group of friends.

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   They all confessed that they thought we were in private, but nobody was sure. Because of that, you won't hear much about Al and me at the parties. Once everyone was on their way home Al and I did have a little bit of fun. Al is really good at oral sex and he likes the taste of my pussy. He loves to go down on me and bring me to a climax while cleaning up all of my juices at the same time. One of the reasons he's so good, I've let him know exactly what I like and he is really good at following directions. After he gets me off he's usually been leaking precum all over his cock and it doesn't take much to get him off once his cock is in my mouth. It might be my imagination, or just because I'm used to his the most, but Al's cum is the best, it's sweeter and less salty than some of the other boys. Next time I'll go ahead a couple more years to where our parties actually were about sex, not a bunch of kids doing some stuff awkwardly involving sex. .