Life of Alexandra Ch. 2


Growing up as a nudist had it's drawbacks.   Number one among them was that we had to put on clothes when non nudists came to our house.   To this day I'd rather be naked than clothed but I wasn't aware that I was really a bit of an exhibitionist until I was around 14.
This isn't exactly just one incident.   I took the liberty of combining three or four incidents so as not to draw this out.   It actually took a couple of times with the boys visiting to get to this part.   I hope you don't mind.
My brother had four of his friends to the house to shoot baskets, play in the pool and do whatever guys like to do.   It was then that I decided to do something to give myself a thrill and possibly the boys.   They had quit playing basketball and had jumped in the pool to cool off, then they were lying on the lounge chairs by the pool.
I know this wouldn't last long so I had to get busy, I took off my shorts and T shirt, wet my hair and walked out the door drying my hair so that the towel was in front of my face, I made sure the door slammed as I walked towards the pool.   When I took the towel down all five boys were staring at me, Al, my brother, was smiling, he knew what I was up to.
I pretended to be startled that they saw me but didn't turn and run.   Instead I stood there and apologized for not knowing they were out there.   Then I slowly turned and walked back in the house, no one said a word.   It was like a super thrill for me, finally, I knew I was an exhibitionist.

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Al came in to tell me that I was all they could talk about and they wanted to see more.   He asked if I'd make them some lunch and bring it out to the river where we have a little recreation area about 100 yards from the house.   I told him I'd do it if he could get the boys to go skinny dipping in the pond or river or anything so that they were naked when I got there.
After they left the pool I made lunch, sandwhiches, iced tea, fruit, nothing special and put it in our wagon to bring out to the river area.   As I got close to the end of the trail and into the clearing I stopped to see if they were naked, they were all in the pond playing with a ball, ball tag I think, and their shorts and shirts were by the picnic table.   So, I walked out pulling the wagon and asked if anyone was hungry.   All of the boys, kind of sunk into the water, embarrassed about being caught naked.
Al started to walk out and asked if anyone else wanted anything.   One of the boys said something about being naked and Al told them we're nudists, She's seen naked boys before and kept walking towards me smiling.   That, I think, was my cue.   I told them if they were afraid to come out of the water because I had clothes on, I'd take mine off, and I did.   Then I walked over to the pond and told them to hurry up and get out or I'd bring the lunch back, along with their clothes.
Very sheepishly they started to get out of the water, every single one of those guys had a hardon.   I had never seen any hardons except Al's up until now and I think I was staring.   I've seen lots of cocks of other nudists, but not hard.

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    I loved it, especially when I thought I was causing it.
As the boys got something to eat I sat on the edge of one of the tables with my legs spread just a little bit so they could get a shot of my pussy.   Since I'm built a little different, with a large clit and labia, everything was pretty much sticking out of me giving them a good shot even though I hadn't started shaving my pussy at this time.   My pussy hair is blond and fine so it didn't really hide much.   I just pretended to not notice that they were staring at my pussy, even Al was getting a bit aroused, I loved it.
Since I was sitting right next to the iced tea, whenever anyone wanted a refill they had to come over to me.   On one occassion, one of the boys was getting a refill and I kind of swung my leg over just a little bit to touch his cock.   I thought he was going to cum right there, he moaned and looked at me like a little puppy.   I couldn't resist, I asked if I hurt him, as I got down, and said let me see.
I loved it back then, boys couldn't hold out long at all and I love cum.   When I said let me see I took hold of his cock and felt it almost jump in my hand it twitched so hard.   I told him I didn't see anything wrong, as I held his cock, and then said, I might as well kiss the boo boo and make it better.   I got on my knees in front of him an put his cock into my mouth.   I was so horny my pussy was starting to drip.   Here I was, naked in front of five boys watching me with one of their cocks in my mouth.

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    Before I could revel in it too long he started to cum, there was no holding back and I love the taste of cum so I just kept sucking until his cock went soft in my mouth.
During this whole thing, none of the boys said a thing, they just stared at us.   I figured it was worth a try so I asked if anyone else wanted some tea.   Immediately the three other boys came over to me, thank goodness Al didn't, I don't know what I would have done.
      It really didn't take long, one by one I sucked off each of the boys.   Not only was this the first time I had seen hardons other than Al's, this was the first time I had tasted cum, other than Al's.   I really knew at this point that I not only liked to see hard cocks, I loved the taste of cum, four just wasn't enough but it would have to do for now.  
    Later in the day, after his friends went home Al and I did our favorite thing.   Al likes to watch me pee, so we went into our bathroom and I stood over Al and peed on him, this gets him really turned on for some reason.   We rinsed off and went into my bedroom where we watched each other masturbate.  
    We both like watching a lot and it's fun that we can watch each other.   When Al would get to the point where he was dripping with precum I'd stop and clean up his cock with my tongue then I'd lie on my back and he'd clean out my pussy.   I get extremely wet, more than most girls but Al liked it.
    Al would get right to work licking all of my pussy juice off of my thighs and then he would work on my pussy.   Once he had me pretty well cleaned up he'd work on my clit, I had taught him to do just what I liked, which was to suck my clit into his mouth like sucking on a nipple and work it with his tongue at the same time.

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        It was unbelievably good.   I'd stop him just before I'd climax because he liked to watch this part, I'd spread my labia with my fingers so he could look right up my pussy.   He said it was open wide when I was fully engorged from by turned on and then he said it just went wild when I climaxed, he liked to watch that part.   Then he lick my pussy clean again.
    Now it was my turn.   I don't realy like sucking on cocks, I like the cum.   I do, however like playing with them.   Al would lie on his back so that I could hold his balls and work them the way he taught me to do while stroking his cock.   He didn't like it hard and fast, he liked me to hold his cock firm but not hard and stroke it slowly.   I would have to stop once in a while to lick up the precum that would be running down his shaft.   Once he was close, he'd let me know so that I could get my mouth on his cock.   I love the feel of his cock when he's ready to cum, it's so hard and throbbing then the cum would flood into my mouth.   I just love the hot thick feeling of it on my tongue and the slightly sweet but salty taste,  I could drink it by the glass full.
    That was my first experience with Al's friends.   Throughout the summer and for more to follow, Al would have between four and six of his friends to the house a couple of times a month.

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        I always got to serve the iced tea, wonder why.   Next time I'll tell you what happened when I had some of my friends to the house.   I hope you'll like it