Kissing Santa Claus


New red lingerie for the occasion, a soft jazz Christmas CD, and red candles on either of the end tables. She’d even fastened Mistletoe at the top of just about every doorframe in the apartment. With such obvious clues as to her intentions, she just couldn’t understand why Rob hadn’t gotten the hint. And Bill! Like he didn’t know she meant business tonight – he’d offered Rob a drink and that had encouraged him to stick around! She had been furious but now, after several glasses of wine and shots of Cinnamon Schnapps they were settled in the living room having silly conversations and enjoying music together, the three of them. She walked, happily buzzed from the wine, into the kitchen where Clapton was singing the blues on CD and poured herself another. She fumbled with the cork and dropped the wine key. As she bent down to retrieve the implement she saw a rather large pair of loafers and started to giggle uncontrollably. She lifted her head and looked at him, he seemed a long way up. I oughtta be cut off she thought to herself. Rob bent to grab the wine key from her hand and when he did he looked into her eyes. “Thanks for having me tonight. ” he mentioned offhandedly, “Let me take care of that for you. ” God! He was sexy. It must have been the alcohol, she’d never really thought about him that way before. And that stupid Santa Hat! She couldn’t stop snickering while she thanked him and clumsily attempted to fill her glass. She noticed as he looked at her that the whimsical, friendly blue eyes had turned to steel and raw lust.

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   He used his right hand to squeeze her ass as he growled “Have you been a good girl this year?” He’d squeezed so hard, she was sure it would leave fingerprints. It hurt and it had shaken her, so she pushed past him and hurried back into the relative safety of the living room trying not to think about the feelings that had erupted at the exchange. He was right on her heels the whole way. She could hear him breathing behind her. “Hey Bill, What do you think? Has Sandra been a good girl this year?” Bill’s head lolled to one side as a drunken guffaw escaped his lips. Rob plopped into the armchair and patted his knee. “Come on over here Saaandraaaaah, tell Santa if you’ve been naughty or nice. ”Bill, having had way too much to drink, was on the couch chuckling. “Go on little Sandy, tell Santa,” he slurred, “Tell Santa what a naughty girl you’ve been. ” Her discomfort with the situation was quickly turning to sexual excitement when in one swift movement Rob got up from the chair and lifted her over his shoulder so that her ass was up in the air and her blouse at her chin. As she banged his back with her fists she pleaded with him to let her down he movement had caused her normally mid-thigh length skirt to ride up so that her new red panties were exposed. “Would you look at that Bill!” Rob said. Bill rubbed the crotch of his pants and replied with a low groan of “Ho, Ho, Ho. ” Rob twirled her around and sat down in the armchair so that she straddled his knee. Her skirt had ridden up around her waist.

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   She was feeling so conflicted; turned on and repulsed by their lewd behavior at the same time. She tried hard not to squirm on Rob’s knee, she really did try hard. Once, when they had been involved in some exceptionally intense and “nasty” sexual play, Bill had asked between clenched teeth if she wanted to be filled with dick. She’d talked dirty with him before, really dirty, but wasn’t really sure that he wanted to hear that particular fantasy. He loved to hear her talk about licking and fingering pussy, but what guy doesn’t want to hear about a little girl-on-girl action. She wasn’t sure she wanted him to know that, Yes – Oh Yes, she wanted dick all right. When she’d hesitated to think about how she could best phrase her words, he had snaked a finger into her and wouldn’t give her anything more until she described in graphic detail exactly how she would handle more than one man. He’d finally fucked her lying on her belly, straddling her so tightly that his cock had to be pushed in hard. With each deep thrust, the comforter rubbed against her swollen clit and brought her to magnificent orgasm. One of those that leaves a woman ready to climb out of her skin. “O. K. Guys, that’s enough. ” She whined as started to get up. As she moved away, Rob pulled at the front of her blouse to keep her down and three tiny buttons fell to the floor.

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   She looked to Bill for his expression. He was sitting straight up now at the edge of his seat – hand still on his crotch, his buzz had apparently faded. All right then, she thought. All of the sudden, she was feeling very naughty. Bill’s expression had given her permission to act and she most definitely was going to take full advantage. “I …I…haven’t been a very good girl this year Santa. But I really, really don’t want to get coal in my stocking…” she pouted playfully. “Well,” Rob said as he unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse and slipped it down her shoulders and onto the floor, “Bill, what do you think, should our little girl get another chance to be nice?” Bill was hungrily staring at her partially clothed body as he considered the question. He stood and walked to the sofa that was near the chair where Rob sat with Sandra squirming on his leg. Finally, Bill spoke, “You might be surprised at just how nice Sandra can be. ” It was no more than a whisper and he had looked directly into her eyes when he’d spoken. She needed nothing more, she was so into this now that she’d gotten past her initial distress; she was melting into her own fantasy. She put her hands on either of Rob’s shoulders and slid off of his knee so that she was standing between his legs. She leaned forward and arched her back so that her breasts strained against cups of the red push up bra, and so that Bill was presented with an ample view of her juicy, round ass. She knew he was getting harder by the minute, without having to even take a quick peek.

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   To fuel her fantasy, and the guys’ she imagined herself as one of those really nasty porn girls – she slipped into the role easily. With her hands still on Rob’s broad shoulders, she spread her legs just a bit; her pussy was so hot. She dug her nails into Rob’s shirt and moved her lips to be just barely touching his, her tongue licked his lips. He remained completely still while she traced her tongue over his lips, jaw, earlobe, and neck. She pushed at his collar to expose more hairy skin for licking and then proceeded to unbutton the shirt. She traced and twirled her nails through the curly brown hair of his chest and worked her lips downward from his neck to his nipples. She was keeping her back arched and her ass in the air. Bill started to moan. She turned her head just a little to look at him, to gauge his reaction to the scene and he had unzipped his fly and released his cock. He took hold of his bobbing penis with one hand and gripped it tightly, his head tilted back, mouth slightly open and eyes rolled upward. She decided to turn it up, just a notch. She stood and took one step back. As she did this, she gently grabbed Rob’s hands and pulled him to a standing position right in front of her. She unzipped his jeans and used both hands to pull them to his ankles as she knelt into position and sat on her calves. Her hands were placed on the upper part of either thigh with thumbs touching at the base of his penis and resting on his balls.

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   She scooted forward and lifted her behind a little so that she could nuzzle and curl her tongue around the shaft. She then gripped him with both hands so that she could tease his head with the tip of her tongue. She moved her hands to knead his balls. She was ready to suck dick earnestly and as usual played a little mind game where she pretended that she was licking a big, hard, cock lollipop. She took nice long licks and tried hard not to miss a spot. The lubrication, she learned with experience, made the sucking lots more enjoyable. The other part of the game, was to pretend that her mouth was a warm, wet, hungry, cunt. She had used her hands to squeeze the base of Rob’s cock and was fucking him with her mouth. She sucked faster and harder, and still squeezing, she felt that little jumping sensation at her fingers. He was about to go over the top. She sucked even harder and he shot come down her throat. She moved her lips to the head of his penis and rubbed his hot cream onto her lips. She stood and gently nudged him to sit back in the recliner. She turned and walked over to Bill, who sat speechless and hard on the sofa. She straddled him, lightly rubbing the soaking crotch of her panties on his stiff dick.

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   She held his face in her hands, just beneath the ears and sucked his lips and tongue. “You like that Baby?, you like watching me suck cock?” she cooed. “Did you like when he shot his hot come into my mouth. I swallowed every drop. I’ll bet you’re rock hard. ”He was rock hard, and he was speechless. She hadn’t taken her panties off and she was grinding onto his cock. Teasing him, she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and used her hand to rub the head of his dick back and forth over her pussy lips. “Oh,” she moaned, “I’m so wet. Can you feel how wet?” Bill could only nod his head as he growled with desire. She finally sat down and impaled herself on his stiff erection. Oh God! she thought as she rocked back and forth. Remembering her persona for the evening, she began to chant, “Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Oh deeper, deeper, deeper, yes, yes, yes – FUCK ME!” Bill disengaged and guided her roughly onto hands and knees on the couch. He was about to pound that pussy until it screamed. She braced herself against the arm of the sofa and stuck her ass up high into the air so that she could get the full impact of his cock – hard and deep inside her.

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   He pulled at her skirt and panties until she was free of them. Rob came and stood, naked, in front of her. Bill was pumping her from behind and as hard as she was trying to brace herself, she was still pushed forward, face first, into Rob’s dick with every thrust. He slid his hands underneath and pinched her nipples hard. He commanded her to suck his flaccid dick but she was having a difficult time. Bill was ramming her from behind and she was on her way to an orgasm – not thinking very clearly at all. She was dying to come, dying to have Bill’s come inside of her when Bill pulled out. He grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and pulled so that her face was tilted upward and Rob’s dick was touching the end of her nose. “Suck It. ” Bill growled and pulled her hair even harder. “Suck his cock again!” Sandra whimpered and wiggled her ass in the air hoping and praying that Bill would stick it in. He didn’t. He cupped his hand and slapped one side of her ass and then the other. She refused Rob’s dick by clenching her teeth and as he jabbed his penis against her closed lips he became erect again. She knew the game and wanted to play.

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   She continued to make her half-hearted attempts to refuse his still growing cock and he used one hand to grab her jaw and “force” his now fully erect cock between her lips. Her ass was still up in the air, and her pussy was trying to find Bill. Bill was jamming fingers into her pussy, curving them forward, scooping out her juices, fingering her for all he was worth. When his fingers and hand were soaking wet, he jerked them out and spread the cheeks of her upturned ass. He eased one finger into her tight little asshole and then two. He pumped them in and out, stretching, widening, making her ass ready for fucking. She moaned. Her mouth was filled with cock, her ass was filled with fingers. Keeping Rob in her mouth, she reached with one hand to rub her clit when Bill yanked his fingers out and sat. He pulled her roughly onto him and in the process her teeth raked across Rob’s shaft causing him to issue a loud moan. He moved around so that she could suck him again but she was busy trying to fit Bill’s big hard dick into her tight, nasty place. She moved slowly at first, giving her asshole time to accommodate the invasion and when she had settled on for the ride, Rob’s cock was right in her face. She grasped the cheeks of his ass to use them for leverage so she could continue to fuck Bill with her ass and took Rob deep into her mouth. Rob grabbed her hair and fucked her face; Bill pushed her up and down on his dick. Sucking and biting like an animal, Sandra was almost afraid she would hurt Rob but couldn’t control her actions at this point.

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   As the concerns rolled around her head, Rob pulled away and used his hands to aim the squirting stream of come at her face. It had found its target and he collapsed and sat on the coffee table behind him watching the creamy white fluids of his cock drip from her mouth and chin onto her tits. She was still wiggling on Bill’s cock, trying to come when he pushed her gently forward, she knew that he wouldn’t want to lose the connection and she obediently moved forward to a standing position. She placed her hands on Rob’s thighs and let Bill do the work and she looked into Rob’s sated eyes and held the gaze while her asshole was being hammered. Her look must have been telling, because Rob reached underneath her and pinched her clit. He rubbed hard from side to side and it was almost too much to take. Sandra screamed and felt the waterfall of come that in only a few seconds would trickle down to her ankles. Bill grabbed her waist and pumped harder and harder until he shot a hot load of come into her burning asshole. She collapsed onto Rob’s lap and was dazed and helpless for what seemed like forever. .