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Hi.   My name is Frank and my wife is Joy.   We have been married for 20years and Joy is in her early 40's.   Joy and I have had a few threesomes and Joy has been in a couple of gang bangs.  I often share Joy with my friends and also with others.  Each Tuesday some friends, Josh, Aaron, Steve and Mark, and I get togetherfor cards.   We rotate between three of our houses (the other 2 guys have tiny apartments).   It works out well since Josh and Mark their girlfriends, and my wife and they go out on card nights together.   Three weeks ago was my turn and the girlfriends both cancelled, so Joy said she would "host" the card game.  Joy loves teasing men.   She has 34C tits, and loves to show them off. She loves seeing men look at her tits and seeing their reactions.   Before the guys showed up, Joy came to me in a small French Maid outfit with a satiny skirt down to her mid-thigh and asked my opinion.   I told her I might win for once since the other guys would be staring at her tits all night. The guys all choked on their tongues as they came to my place, with Joywelcoming them and serving us drinks and food.   I was right in that they couldn't stop staring, but wrong since I was still losing all of my money.

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   As the beers flowed, the guys stared more and more, and kept makingcomments about Joy's tits.   Finally, I was low on funds and my friend Aaron said "I'd put up your twenty bucks for a look at Joy's tits. "  On cue, Joy walked in and asked if he was serious.   Aaron blushed since he didn't think she would hear him, but when she asked again he looked at me for approval.   I nodded and he said "Sure, I'd put up twenty bucks for a look at your tits. "  Joy replied, "It wouldn't be fair for everyone to get a look if you're the only one paying.   Should we go to the other room, or would you guys be interested in seeing these also?"  As she said that, she squeezed her tits together so they nearly popped out of her tiny top.   Immediately, 2 of the other guys threw $20 of chips at me, Aaron paid up and then Josh said "Oh, what the fuck. " Joy rubbed her tits for a minute, loving the attention, then let thempop out of the top of her outfit.   She rubbed her fingers around the nipples, letting her nipples grow, and closed her eyes as she squeezed them hard.   "Wow," she said.   "I hope that was worth it.   I need to take care of something.   I'll be right back. "  It was obvious that she went to rub her pussy, and it took a few minutes for the card game to get going again.

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   Joy returned with her top back up and continued to serve food anddrinks.   I was winning my money back and the night was getting late when Aaron tried in desperation. . . "Man, I'd give $100 to cum on Joy's tits.   I mean it. "  That set off a few comments about how awesome she was and how the guys all wanted her.   Joy came back in and said, "Sorry guys, Frank's won his money back.   Maybe next time. "  With that, she excused herself and went to bed.   The game ended soon after with all of the guys begging for the next game to be at my house.   I said we had to follow the rotation and they'd have to dream while I went and titty-fucked my wife.   They all left with blue balls and hard on's. After two weeks of normal games, last week the game was back at myhouse.   The guys were all disappointed that Joy was out with the girls, but we had a good time.

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    Near midnight, Joy and Sonya, Joy's niece and who is also Mark's girl friend, came back to our place noticeably buzzed.   The guys all grumbled a little and when Sonya asked what the problem was, Joy described the last game at our house.  Sonya asked to see the outfit and a few minutes later, Joy was all decked out again. "I know your tits are amazing," Sonya said.   "Take them out for me. " Without hesitation, Joy popped them out again and Sonya reached out to feel them.   All of us were now totally mesmerized by this.   Sonya leaned down and licked Joy's nipple, then the other.   Then she started sucking on them.  Joy grabbed Sonya's head and pulled it into her chest, loving the tongue on her tits.   After a few minutes, Sonya moved up and the girls started caressing each other and making out.  Here was my gorgeous wife, making out with her niece (who had an amazing body and biggertits than Joy) and all of us were just speechless. Finally, Joy pushed Sonya away and said, "OK.   Which one of you guyswanted to cum on my tits?"  Three hands went right up in the air, with me just watching the show and Mark not sure what to do with Sonya there. "Why don't you guys come over here and live out your fantasies," Joy said.

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    The guys all looked at me and I told then to have fun. They all moved quickly over to Joy as she dropped to her knees. The guys stood in front of her, not quite sure what to do, when shesaid, "Come on guys.   You're looking at what you want.   Let me see what I want. "  The guys slowly started undoing their pants, and before you know it, my wife was on her knees in front of 3 hard cocks.   I personally was relieved none of them were bigger than me (they were between 5"-7", I am close to 8"), although Josh was a little thicker than I am. My wife moved up to Aaron, who was in the middle, and wrapped herperfect lips around his cock.   She reached out to take Josh and Steve in her hands, and she slowly started playing with all 3 guys.  Sonya came over and  straddled me, Joy often shared me with Sonya without Mark' knowledge, Sonya said "Go on, Mark.   You know you want Joy's tits.   I'll keep myself occupied. "  Mark gave me a quizzical look, then nearly sprinted to my wife while pulling down his pants. Meanwhile, Sonya shoved her tongue down my throat then slid to thefloor in front of me.   I helped her in removing my pants, and she proceeded to lick my cock and balls all over.

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   While Sonya gave me a great blowjob, my wife was going back and forthbetween the 4 cocks in front of her.   She'd play with 2 of them, suck one, and the other guy would usually stroke his own.   Joy was obviously enjoying this a lot, and she loved getting the guys close, then moving to the next guy. With Sonya sucking my dick, I looked over at the sight of my beautifulwife servicing 4 guys and knew how horny she was.   Apparently Aaron was pretty horny too.   While my wife was blowing Mark and stroking Josh and Steve, Aaron couldn't take it anymore.   He started jerking off harder and faster and finally told Joy, "Come here, baby.   Let me cum on those awesome tits. "  Joy immediately dropped everything else, propped her tits up with one arm under them (she's used to that because I love it) and started blowing and stroking Aaron.   In about 18 seconds Aaron screamed and clenched every muscle in his body.   Joy took her mouth off of his cock just as his first spurt of cum shot out, hitting her in the chin and dripping onto her tits.   Two more large streams shot out all over her left tit and she stroked Aaron's cock quickly to get all of the last drops on her right tit.
    Just as Aaron finished, Mark screamed, "Fuck.   Me now!!!"  Joy turnedto him and caught his first shot on her cheek, then held her tits up as her jerked a nice load of his cream all over her tits.   Aaron rubbed and slid his cock all over Joy's tits as he finished.

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       This was too much for me and my cock started swelling.   Sonya pulled meout of her mouth and started stroking me towards her tits.   "No way", I said, and pulled her mouth back over my cock.   Just as I heard Josh scream that he was cumming, I let loose a load down Sonya's throat.   Sonya never flinched, drinking every drop of cum that I had while milking my balls to make sure she got it all. I opened my eyes just in time to see Steve finish shooting his load ontomy wife's tits.   My wife was on fire, sucking the last drops of cum from all of the guys, and rubbing their loads into her skin.   Then Sonya got up and pushed Joy down.   It was almost like a slip'n'slide she was so covered, but Sonya rubbed against her, and the girls proceeded to lick the cum off of each others' bodies.  Joy finally got back to her knees and said, "I need to get fucked. . . NOW!!!"  "God, me too," said Sonya. They signaled for Mark and I to go to them, and my wife sucked my cockback to hardness, while Sonya did the same for Mark.   Then they each got down on their hands and knees and we moved behind them.

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        Just as I was about to fuck Joy, she turned and said, "No.   You'll get yours later," and signaled for Mark and I to switch.   Neither of us were about to argue so we swapped places and Mark slid his dick into my wife while I slowly slid into Sonya. As soon as I bottomed out inside of Sonya, she had an orgasm thatknocked her to the floor.   Joy was cumming hard as well, but she was forcing herself to stay up to keep sucking Aaron, who had put his cock back in her mouth.   I got Sonya back up on all fours and started fucking her again, while Josh filled her mouth with meat.   Steve was watching, waiting for a hole to open up. Finally, I got close to cumming so I pulled out, Josh took my place, andSteve started feeding his cock to Sonya.   Mark pulled out of Joy, Aaron took his place, and my wife sucked on my cock again.   This went on for over an hour, the girls changing positions, the guys taking breaks, until somebody noticed it was 3am and we all decided to cum. I threw Sonya onto her back, lifted her legs onto my chest, and fuckedher for all she was worth.   I grabbed her ass and buried myself as deep as I could go inside of her when I came.   She nearly made me deaf with her scream, and kept screaming until I was done.   Josh and Steve came inside of her after me, but she was pretty numb by that point.   Mark and Aaron came in my wife and then it was time to say goodbye.

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       When everyone finally left, Joy and I both agreed that it was a lot offun. She went to take a shower, and I joined her a few minutes later.   She managed to get me hard one last time, then crawled into bed and gave me another blowjob, letting me finish by fucking her tits and creaming in between them. The next week's game is at Josh's house, and his girlfriendwould never do anything like that.   Next week is at Mark's, and we're planning a late night again. .



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