I Was Just Hungry Pt. 2


I was still soooo hungry, it seems sometimes the more I get the more I need. PLease notice I said "need" since I could not stop if I wanted to and I hardly ever want to stop. Well, I laid back in the car after sucking the Deputy and felt my whole body tingle from his cock down my throat. . . I really get off sucking cocks and his was sweet, the cum hot. . . we pulled back onto I-85 now and drove and I was naked in the car. "Still need more Hun?" steve asked me. "Oh yes, that was nice but I need a few more. . . " I moaned massaging my tits and pussy. We drove on and were on the east side of Atlanta and we pulled alongside a kind of college bus. Steve pulled up even with it since we could see there were people in it and I turned on the dome light to see if we got any reaction.

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Faces appeared in the windows and now I could see at least 18 guys and the others from both sides of the bus at the windows on our side. I put on a show as Steve drove and had an orgasm and licked my fingers after. Suddenly one window went down and a man (we later found he was the coach) motioned for us to roll down our window. I did and he shouted to pull over somewhere and they would follow us. THere was a place coming up that had a good size parking area and some of it was not too well lit so we pulled off there and sure enough the bus pulled of behind us. Steve pulled to the corner of the lot and they pulled next to us hiding the car with the door to the bus facing our car. Steve looked at me, "Well, enjoy hun, I will take a nap. " and so naked I got out of the car and leaned against it. A lot of the guys got out and gathered around me and made comments that all made me that much hotter. There were black and white basketball players of a college team coming back from a game and some were in shorts and some jeans but all of them looked great to me.
I leaned against the car, my legs apart and my tits in my hands the nipples hard as hell and juices flowing from my pussy. "He guys, how are you?" I said massaging myself all over. "Fuckin great. " was the normal response and as they gathered around the coach stepped to the front. "So what is the offer here?" He said.

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   "What will this cost? Is it just a show or real action?" he said rubbing a growing bulge.
I slipped to my knees and freed his cock and massaged it, "Well, I don't do just shows, I never charge and all I require is that I get to suck and fuck every one of you here. Any questions?" I said and took his cock down my throat. He let out a moan that told me he was really in need and would unload soon so I took him deep into my throat and wrapped my tonguearound his cock until he shot his load and I swallowed it all down. I got up and walked to the bus door, "Let's go inside so I can get off this gravel lot, it kills my knees. " I said and went in and to the middle of the seats. They were nice and roomy and so I sat down and motioned for another man to let me have his cock. Several moved forward and I reached inside their shorts and pulled out some nice sized cocks, al ready to be sucked. With one in each hand and one down my throat I began sucking them, slowly so that they made a lot of noise and moaned a lot. That always makes me hotter and make me have lots of orgasms and I stopped and said, "Look guys, Obviously I am a cum slut and I like to hear the men I suck and fuck tell me how great a whore I am, so get vocal, it makes he hot. " I said and took the cock back down my throat. Now there was cheering and shouts as to how hot and how a whore like me was really great and my orgasms soaked the seat.
I looked up and black guy was standing there his cock bulging and I said, "I need something to sit on too baby, how bout letting me ride that. " Now I had a swollen cock in pussy and they kept stepping up for me to suck off. I don't know how many or how many times I sucked them but I know I was filling up my tummy with cum and that each time they also swapped out cocks for me to sit on.

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   I took one in puss then in the ass then in puss. I was having globs of cum flowing out of me and I kept having orgasm after orgasm. I swallowed what must have been a gallon of cum from these cocks and they all made me feel so good.

    I finally was sitting on a cock and it swelled and filled my ass and the cum shot into me like a rifle shot. "Oh my god, that was great, please fuck pussy now. " I said and a younger guy that was short had filled my ass. "Sure lady. " he said and laid me on the seat with my legs in the air. I looked down and his cock was huge and thick. He drove into me and cum ploppled out on the seat and he filled he. "Oh fuck me hard, come on, fuck the slut, fuck her good. " I moaned and then almost was shouting. I had been having orgasms but this one sprayed all over the cock in me and the cum from my pussy soaked his balls and the floor and hit a couple guys near us. He kept ramming me since he had not cum yet and another squirting orgasm soaked his cock again. Finally he filled me and again I sprayed his cock and balls.

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    I laid there with my hips unable to stop moving, "Anyone got anything to put in pussy till she stops cumming?" I saked and someone shoved a 2 liter Pepsi bottle into me and my pussy grabbed onto it and had more orgasms. I laid there with it in me and just enjoyed it. I was helped up and Steve was at the door, "You guys take care of her yet?" he said. They all gave a "hell yes" almost at the same time. Steve gave out our number to them and some promise to come over and take care of me when I need a really good gang fuck. We drove home and I laid in the bed still shivering from the sex I had. I slept great and the next day got up and showered and got the cum off my body and out of my hair but the cum I had swallowed was still there. . . LOL.
    Well folks. I love you all and if ever going down I-85 around the Commerce exit I may be there. Short, hot, 42EEE tits and pussy that needs fucking and a hot mouth that loves to suck cocks.