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Topic: I just need to get fucked. I have been taking mirapex for a while now and even though my sex drive is usually high this really made it go wild and I didn't care and in fact I like it. I have to have sex as often as possible some days (and nights) and when the urge is on me it does not matter with who, where, when or how many times. I remembered the time Steve had put me out with only my panties on and left me in a neighborhod in the Atlanta area. I drove to Atlanta and tried to find the same place but could not. I stopped and masturbated and got off some but still needed real raw sex and a lot of it. I finally found a club that looked like a real good place to look for a gang bang. I parked the car around the side that was not well lighted and took off my bra and panties. I slipped on my blouse that was in the bag I carried with extra clothes and it was see through. I found a skirt that buttoned at the hip and did not over lap, I thought of sewing it that way and it had been a wrap around but I found it really more sexual to have it be able to fly open with any breeze at all.
I had nothing on under now and my low cut tank top was sheer and see through to the point of not being there. I went to the entrance and the guy there really looked me over and said I could come in with no charge. I stepped close to him and managed to brush against him with my tits.

He was over 6 feet tall and I am 4'8" and so am at the right place to give anyone a view if I want to. He smiled and let me in the door after putting a stamp on my wrist "This one gets youi in all parts of the club, enjoy. " He said and let me in.

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   I walked in and several men (and women) looked me over. My skirt was loose and flying open as I walked in. The button was on the side and I sat at the bar and let it open. My leg was showing up to my waist and there were now several men around me at the bar acting like they were just looking to order a drink.
I turned to the bar tender and smiled and he said, "What will it be lady?" I looked at him and licked my lips slow. I want something with lots of cock. " I said lound enough to be heard by the men around me. "First I want several strong drinks, you pick what. " He put three drinks in front of me and I put them down. I waited till I felt the buzz and then turned around on the bench and now my skirt was open in front, my shaved pussy visible to anyone that was close enough to see. I leaned back against the bar and carressed my tits, the top now riding up to just below my nipples that were now hard as rocks.
"Who is first?" I said and a guy stepped up to me between my legs. I reached down and unzipped him and puled out a nice hard cock and he stepped closer and it slipped right into my pussy. The group had grown and several bar tenders were watching behind the bar too. My legs wrapped around his hips and I pulled him into me deep and began fucking him nice and slow, then I could not wait and humped him fast making him swell and fill me with a nice load.

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   "Another, I need another cock. " I was moaning now. Another guy stepped up and slipped into my dripping cock, "Oh yes, nice" I moaned and he began filling me with hard cock. I pulled my shirt up and my tits were there now for everyone that wanted to see or play with and sure enough a mouth was on my nipple on each side me me. "Oh fuck yes," I remember moaning and was filled with a load of cum.
"More, of god, please more cock. " I said and another was in me. His swelling cock soon filled me and then another was in me and another. Spmehow I was now lifted onto the bar and was naked and a guy was on top of me fucking me and another was now in my throat fucking my mouth. I was filled in both places and still another replaced the ones that had cum. THere was a pause and I called out, "Oh please, more cocks, don't stop fucking me, give me more cocks. " There was now a steady stream of cocks filling me with cum and I felt hands all over me, pulling my nipples and sucking them.
Somehow I was in the back room on a bed and there were men and women all around me now, all naked and all getting ready to fuck me in one place or another. I found myself impaled on two cocks, one in my ass and one in my pussy, then I grabbed a cock for my mouth. I passed out in the proces of the the gang bang and woke to a woman shaking me.

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   "Hey hun, time to get up. " I looked at her and felt sore all over but felt good. "No more cocks?" I asked seriously. "Just the clean up crew. " she said. "Bring them in for me please. " "Hey, guys, anyone wanna get their loads off?" I heard several voices and then 5 black men came in and saw me laying on the bed. "Fuck yes man, lets do it" they said and now they were naked and one stepped up and filled my pussy. He was huge and made me cum several times. "Come one guys, give me a black baby. Fuck this slut. " I said. Now, they got really hot and made me really sore. "Give me a cock in my mouth. " I almost yelled and there was on down my throat.

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   I took it and swallowed all of his load.
I took each one in the mouth and the ass and the pussy and was sloppy with cum, dripping out al over. I got up and huge glob of cum came out of my pussy and ass onto the floor. I left the club and the guy that let me out said "Thanks lady, great fuck session. " "I will be back Friday night" I told him, "Have lots of hard cocks waiting for me. "
Friday night took a long time to get there but it did and there was lots of fun for me.



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