House Calls 3


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It was a new day. Carrie was feeling good and horny as ever.
She worked her normal 9 to 5 gig at the hospital today. The time seemed like it was going really slow, but that’s always what happened when she was looking forward to something.
Today she was supposed to tutor two other nurses on the art of masturbation. The other nurses could please themselves, but they had a difficult time bringing themselves to orgasm. As a matter of fact, their orgasms were so far and in between that both of them had forgotten what an orgasm felt like.
Jackie was an older woman with big tits and a very sexy figure. She had a wide mouth, which men found attractive for obvious reasons. She had managed to maintain her curvy body mainly because she was obsessed with physical fitness. Her hair was short and blonde. It was always kept high and tight. It gave her a professional look to go along with her natural beauty.
Sue was about the same age as Carrie.

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   Like the others, she was also blonde, good looking, and had a gorgeous figure.
After work, Carrie, Jackie, and Sue, went to a hotel since all three of them had men at their houses. They got settled in and sat on the couch while Carrie got some low music going.
There was a lot of talking at first—mainly about sex—but then they started taking their clothes off. Since all three women were bi-sexual, they were more than happy to help each other get naked, plus the sight of their bodies helped a lot with the masturbation lesson. The ladies were horny as hell watching each other jack off so it aided in their own pleasures.
It was a fun evening. They started out with just fingers, but Carrie wanted to teach them thoroughly, so she whipped out some sex toys and really got them juicing.
Everyone had orgasms by the time they were done, but for Jackie, being older and clinging to the last few years of her sexual prime, it was just a teaser. Now she was dying for the real thing.
The ride home seemed twice as long with a horny pussy. She called home and told her boyfriend, Tommy, all about her lesson. She was pissed to find out Tommy had company over. She couldn’t have sex until he was gone.
She was frustrated as all hell.

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   When she got home, she went to her room and changed clothes. As she was changing, a brilliant thought came to mind. She could have sex with both of them.
Tommy’s buddy, Victor, had been her boyfriend once, which just happens to be how she ended up with Tommy in the first place. Vic would get drunk and wind up fucking her in front of Tommy. Tommy would watch until he couldn’t take anymore (or until Vic passed out) and then he’d join in.
She and Tommy became good friends, but she realized she got a long with him much better than she did with Vic, so all three some them agreed that it would be best for her to be with Tommy even though the rules of the relationship stayed the same. She could fuck either of them. The only difference was that Tommy was officially her boyfriend.
It had been a long time since the last time the three of them had gotten together. As horny as Jackie was, it was kind of a blessing that Vic was there. There was no way one man would be able to satisfy her tonight. Her cunt was already dripping down her thigh.
She put on a skimpy, one-piece, pink skirt that showed a lot of cleavage. She left her room and squeezed between the men on the couch.

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Tommy didn’t seem to notice her, but Vic gave her tits a quick glance before returning his attention Tommy. They were talking about a baseball game.
When he was done, Tommy pointed to Jackie and said, “This one here. Can you believe her? She goes to work. She comes home and tells me about watching Ms. Cox masturbate. ”
Vic chuckled. He said, “That’s the nicest work that you can get. Did she let you watch?”
His arm was around Jackie. She had her legs crossed with the skirt hiked up a little higher than normal. She leaned a little closer to him, said, “Yeah, well, it’s all part of the job. How else am I supposed to learn?” She squeezed both their inner thighs and said, “But now I’m horny as a bull moose.
Both the guys chuckled. “A bull moose?” asked Tommy.
Before she could elaborate, Vic said, “You’re gonna show me how horny that is, right?”
It’s amazing what effect words can have on human emotions.

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   With Vic’s last statement, Jackie felt the tingles in her pussy magnify ten fold.
She giggled and started fidgeting and rubbing their thighs harder. She squeezed her legs together tighter because it was the only way to keep them from flying open.
She was trying to play it cool. She liked for men to chase her.
She said, “Well, if you wanna see…”
“Hell yeah I wanna see. ”
“I want you to show us both,” said Tommy.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
She threw one of her legs across Tommy’s leg. She said, “First she had us rub our pussies,” as she slid her fingers up and down the slit.
Now that her legs were open, the guys could see just how horny she was. The smell of wet pussy filled the air immediately and her panties had a wet spot in the middle that stretched all the way from the front to the back.
“… then she had us put big, wet toys inside of us,” she continued.
“I thought you were just watching,” said Tommy.
“No, we were participating.

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   It was on-the-job training,” replied Jackie with a huge smile. “And we did it until we climaxed. ”
Like most other men, Tommy and Vic loved the thought of women having sex with each other. Just listening to Jackie’s story had their cocks getting hard.
Jackie’s legs were spread really wide and she had her back arched and her breasts sticking out—the posture of a woman who wanted to get fucked really bad.
The guys grabbed a tit each. They started kneading them. Her tits were soft and took up all the space in their hands.
Tommy hooked his fingers inside the thin material of her outfit. He started working it downward as he felt her up. Her nipple became visible. His mouth started salivating.
He lowered the part of the outfit that covered her chest all the way down, cupped her tit, and pulled it out. Vic did the same. Both tits were exposed.

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   She had the prettiest light nipples with the perkiest breasts.
Tommy started sucking her right nipple. Vic sucked the other.
Jackie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. A rush of tingles had started in her nipples and spread throughout her whole body.
She knew there was a reason she liked having threesomes. How else could she feel two mouths on her tits at the same time? Anything less than three people just wasn’t cutting it.
The men made her lean forward so they could take the straps off Jackie’s shoulders. They pushed the top of the outfit all the way down to her belly so there wouldn’t be anything in the way of those melons.
They started sucking and squeezing them again, but now Vic had put his hand under her panties. He slipped his fingers between her pussy lips.
He massaged her soft pussy up and down. It got wetter by the second. She was moaning and leaning farther back in her seat as her legs opened wider. She started grinding against his hand as she stuck her chest out and pressed it closer to their warm mouths sucking on her nipples.

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   Nothing could be heard except for loud slurping, smacking, and moaning.
Tommy sat up while he used one of his hands to undo the buttons on his shirt. He looked Jackie in the eye. Her eyes were heavy-lidded with lust. She stuck her tongue in his mouth and started intertwining them as she continued moaning and grinding her soft cunt on Vic’s hand.
“Oh, you got me really wet now. Oh, yeah. ”
Tommy slid off the couch. He took his shirt all the way off, revealing his huge muscles and hairless upper body. He moved his hand across her hot mound of flesh.
Jackie was moaning louder and squirming in her seat. She knew what Tommy was going to do.
She looked over at Vic, who was still feeling her up, and she realized her hand had somehow found its way into his pants. She was rubbing his cock and hadn’t realized she was doing it.
Then she felt her panties being moved to the far right, a finger sliding up and down her clit, and then a wet tongue coming in contact with it.

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   She let out a loud moan of ecstasy. His tongue felt so good.
Having her pussy eaten was having the same effect on her as it always did. It made her want to suck something. That’s another reason she enjoyed threesomes so much. She could start sucking cock right away instead of waiting her turn.
Tommy wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on above his head. His eyes were closed. He was too deep into giving Jackie’s pussy a good licking, but his ears worked perfectly well. He could tell by the loud slurping that Vic’s cock was in Jackie’s mouth. Jackie gave the sloppiest blowjobs in the world.
“Oooh, eat that pussy, Tommy. ”
Tommy looked up after he heard his name. As expected, he caught a glimpse of Vic’s cock glistening because it was drenched in spit. Then it disappeared back down Jackie’s throat.

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They continued like this for a while longer, only stopping so Vic could take the rest of his clothes off and so Tommy could take Jackie’s panties completely off.
She was having a damned good time sucking Vic’s cock. She took it deep every time, but sometimes she’d nibble on the head or rub it across her lips and smack really loud on it or lick along the sensitive bottom.
“I love to suck on your big cock,” said Jackie. “Ooh, yeah, baby. ”
Once her pussy was soaking wet, Tommy climbed up her body, put one of her legs over his shoulder, and thrust his tingling hard member inside of Jackie’s steaming wet hole.
“Oh, god. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, fuck me, baby. Yeah, that’s right! Yeah, fuck my pussy!” shouted Jackie.
She stopped yelling, but only because she wanted cock in her mouth. Her screams were replaced with slurps and muffled moans while Tommy kept pummeling her twat.
They stayed in this position much of the night. They switched later in the evening so Tommy could get a blowjob. He knew how good Jackie’s mouth was.

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At this point, Tommy was leaning back on the arm of the couch, Jackie was bent over the seats of the couch, and Vic was behind her giving her a good fucking in the doggie style position.
Things were getting intense. Jackie had already had two orgasms and both men could feel an orgasm of their own coming soon.
“How about we cum on your tongue?” asked Vic.
Jackie’s mouth was too full of cock to understand what she said, but it sounded something like, “I’d love it,” so they lay her on her back and Vic started fucking her while Tommy watched and masturbated.
“Fuck me harder; your dick feels so good,” screamed Jackie.
Her legs were pinned back by his shoulders. Her tits were shaking with every thrust into her hot snatch. She was fingering her clit. Her third orgasm was approaching as the guys were nearing their peek.
“Oh, god, yeah, right there! Fuck my pussy!”
Her pussy started contracting. Vic could feel it tightening and loosening around his cock. The feeling was unbearable. He felt a burning shooting up his shaft. He pulled it out and started stroking it as Jackie sat up to receive her reward.


As soon as she was upright, Tommy stepped up, pointed his cock at her mouth, and a gust of warm cock juice shot out and landed all over her lips. He had been masturbating the whole time, feeding from the vision of his girlfriend fucking her ex. More cum sprang from his prick and hit her directly on her tongue.
Almost instantly, more cum splattered all over her mouth and lips. It was coming from the other side. Vic was moaning like crazy. His orgasm was so intense he could barely keep his balance.
He kept stroking until every drop was out. Jackie’s mouth was drenched in cum. It was dripping all over the place.
After Vic stopped moaning, she looked up at Tommy and said, “Thank you. ” It was something she always said after a threesome because she appreciated him allowing her to fuck both of them.
“You’re welcome,” he said.
They made a joke about the enormous amount of cum dripping off Jackie’s face. They laughed about it, helped her up, and sat back on the couch.

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It was quiet for a long while. That was the best sex they’d ever had together. All three were lost in their thoughts and lightly touching themselves as they stared blankly at a television that wasn’t even turned on.
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