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Topic: Page 1Jenni moaned and groaned as she was fucked harder and harder. Tonight's guy was a 24 year old called Michael. All she had to do was a show a little bit of her ass when she was dancing and he was hers. Easy.
The next day she went to the beach. She got many stares from guys checking her out as she walked, tits nearly escaping from her too-small bikini. She sat down and looked for a target.
There he was. He had blonde hair and brown eyes, with a hot body aswell. She watched him stand at the bar, sipping on his drink. Time to make her move.
"A bottle of water please. " she said, handing over some money to the bartender, who was also checking her out. The hot guy seemed unaffected by her presence. . and Jenni soon found out why.

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"Mark!" squealed a petite blonde who ran out of nowhere. Jenni glared. The blonde, with a stunning figure and cute ass ignored her and began babbling to her boyfriend, who seemed uninterested.
Hmm. . she can be dealt with. . I'll have to try again later. she thought.
As she walked out of another guy's hotel room, wearing tight shorts and a t-shirt, she bumped into the guy from the beach.
"Hey. " she said. She got a bored glance back and she sighed loudly. As she turned around he grabbed her and placed a rough kiss on her lips, before dragging her to his room.
"What is up with you?" Jenni exclaimed.

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   The guy was half-way pulling his pants down.
"Don't try the sweetness and light act with me, love. " He was British? Even better. He pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her everywhere.
This is more like it.
He ripped off her shorts and got his cock out. Jenni nearly gasped-it was big. He quickly got himself inside her and started fucking her.
"Harder! Oh yeah Mark, like this! Ohhhh!" she moaned. They started fucking in different positions.
"My. . . ass. .

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  . " she managed to say. He grunted in reply and turned her round, ready to pound her. After they had been fucking for half an hour, Mark got up and held his dick near Jenni's mouth.
"Suck it. "
She grabbed it and put her whole mouth on as Mark groaned.
Shit shit shit shit shit.
It was his blonde girlfriend. But she was pulling off her clothes and deciding to join in. Even better.
The blonde spoke. "Mark, can I? You said I could. " Mark grunted. "Yay" she squealed, whilst going into the other room. Two minutes later, she was out, with a strap-on.

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"Bend over. "
Jenni did as she was told, still having Mark's cock down her throat. The blonde started fucking her ass with the strap-on. Between sucks and fucks she groaned, enjoying the sensation of being fucked in the ass by a hot girl and having a big cock down her throat.
She was definitely coming to this hotel again.