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After dancing for a while we decided it would be fun to play our little game again. Kim danced with a couple guys and was really shaking that hot little body of hers. When she came back she said that she found one of the guys very attractive and wanted to tease him real good this time and asked me if that would be OK. He looked Italian with dark hair and eyes and was about the same size as me. I said sure, so she returned to the floor for a couple more dances. This time she was really cutting loose, first with the dirty dancing and then rubbing herself all over him. He had already run his up hands across her tits once when she pulled him closer looking up at him with her tits firmly pressed against his chest. She reached around him and began grabbing his ass. He promptly returned the favor only he began reaching all the way around her ass hiking up her skirt a little and running his hand down her naked ass up between her legs. Kim never wears underwear so I am sure he was getting quite the feel. He was also giving a section of the dance floor a great little shot of what he was doing to her. She then wrapped her arms around his neck as he picked her up by her ass pulling her bare pussy to his pelvis where she wrapped her legs around him. He made sure to keep his right deep around her ass where he would still be able to access her sweet honey pot. They began to grind on each other as he continued rubbing her pussy. She released his neck and he supported her upper body with his left hand on her lower back She leaned back giving everyone a great shot of her big young titties bouncing. The dance got nastier and I believe she was actually beginning to cum on his hand right on the dance floor.

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   Her orgasm came complete with all the vocals and bucking that had the entire place staring at them. Right about then the song ended and he set her down. As he did her skirt either stuck or got caught on his hand a little giving several people a quick glance of her goodies. She gave him a little kiss thanking him and then rushed over to me. “ Lets get out of here ” she said. “You have been a very bad girl ” I replied. She was short of breath and flush as she grabbed me by my hand pulling me out of my chair. “I need to be fucked now ” she said as we were in a half run to our room. “You looked like you already came to me ” I said on our way. “I did” she replied, “I couldn’t help it, he got his hand up under my skirt and was rubbing my pussy “. We headed back to our suite to take advantage of the situation that had both of us horny as hell. During sex she would pretend she was fucking him. She kept mentioning how big his cock was and badly she wanted him to fuck her with it. His name was John and she kept saying things like “fuck me with that big cock of yours John, fuck me good. I want your cock inside of me.

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   I want Steve to see you make me into your dirty little slut ”. Needless to say this got us both very excited and we fucked like rabbits until early the next morning. When morning came I asked her if he really turned her on that much at which point she confirmed that he did but assured me I had nothing to worry about as she understood her marriage vows and fully intended on keeping them. That afternoon she decided she wanted to take a little trip down to the health club for a quick workout. I decided to head on down to the casino for some blackjack. After playing for about a half hour, guess who decides to sit down right next to me? That’s right John. After a few uncomfortable deals John finally broke the silence and said that he thought my wife was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and thought that I was a very lucky man to be with her. I thanked him and after awhile we began to discuss gambling. We were both disappointed that there wasn’t a table set up for poker in the casino. I mentioned that I had a table in our honeymoon suite but it wouldn’t be any fun without more players. He thought he could round up a couple guys so I gave him our suite number and said I would be there for the next couple hours if he could find them. I reminded him to bring plenty of cash. About an hour later there was a knock on the door and it was John with 2 buddies. Apparently he had come on this cruise with these guys. John owns a vitamin and supplement company and Tony was his top guy.

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   Tom is a professional football player that he had just signed to a contract promoting his products. Tony is about 6’ 210lbs with blonde hair and approximately 30 years old. The other guy’s name was Tom and he was larger than any of us at 6’6” and probably 280lbs with black hair. Everyone was just getting seated when Kim walked in the room. I am not sure who was more surprised Kim or the guys. She was shocked to see John there and the boys just couldn’t seem to quit staring at her. Kim was wearing little pink workout shorts that are made out of spandex and it really grips to her figure. You can even see a little crease between her swollen pussy lips. I think that this was even more pronounced as we had all the body hair permanently removed from her lower body last year leaving her with the softest, sexiest, bald pussy you have ever seen. She also wore a matching top that leaves little to the imagination when wrapped around those giant tits. I introduced Kim to the boys and then added a sarcastic “and I believe you two have already met” when it came to John. She asked everyone if they would like some vodka martini’s at which point everyone replied yes. We all sat down and began to play our poker game. A little while later Kim came back and served the drinks. I noticed that she put her hand on John’s shoulder and he ran his finger along her calf under the table where he thought I wouldn’t see.

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   I also noticed she got goose bumps all over and her nipples immediately stood at attention when he did this. Kim must have really been nervous because she poured herself one as well and she rarely drinks more than a glass of wine. The martini glasses are 8oz. as well so you really get looped quick. During the second round Kim really began loosen up and began a little flirting with the guys. She was putting her hands on their shoulder and brushing up against here and there. They were really having trouble concentrating on the game. Every time she would bring something to the table John would get a little more aggressive, running his fingers up a little higher each time now reaching up to her inner thigh. Every time she would get goose bumps and her nipples would stick through her top like it wasn’t even there. She would look at me to see if it was all right and to my own surprise I would just smile back wondering how far she planned on taking this game. She was starting to develop a wet spot on those little pink shorts now exposing to everyone at the table just how much she was getting off on this. I could tell she was really getting hot as the last time he touched her she looked like she was going to cum right there shutting her eyes and letting John run his fingers along her inner thigh. John really enjoyed showing off for Tom and Tony and it wasn’t long before other guys were started getting in on the action with a few loving feels of their own. She was really enjoying this game as every time she brought something to the table she accidentally brushed up against then with her breasts and ass. I decided to excuse myself to go to the restroom to see just how far she was willing to take this.

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   Naturally I left the bathroom door cracked little to see what would happen. Kim was standing at the table next to John when I looked out. As soon as he thought I wasn’t looking he immediately got more aggressive began grabbing her ass fairly hard. He stood up and bent her over a little and started rubbing her pussy through her spandex shorts from the back side. She gave out a little moan and bent over further giving him better access. “God you are one hot bitch” I heard him say before he sat back down. By the time I came back to the table everyone was really worked up. John was still smelling her pussy juices on his fingers when he decided to finally make his move “what do I have to do to see your wife’s big beautiful tits?” he asked me. Before I could even respond Kim replied “ When you show me that big cock of yours. ” I was absolutely blown away as I was beginning to feel like I was losing control of the situation. I really wanted to protest but the idea of having my wife show these guys her big tits was really making me horny. I knew I better do something soon though as Kim was so hot by now I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to stop. John looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and promptly stood up and dropped his pants releasing all 8” of his man meat. Kim responded by saying “that’s a beautiful cock you have there, a deal was a deal ” and pulled her top up over her head releasing her big tits with a bounce for everyone to see. She told John that that was quite cock he had there but then turned to Tony and Tom.

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   “It’s not fair that you guys get to look at my tits and I can’t see your cocks “ Tom replied by saying if she wanted to see his cock she would have to lose those little pink shorts of hers. She quickly replied OK but only if he took them off of her. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. Something inside of me was screaming to have her stop right now but another side of me was completely getting off seeing her in heat like this. Tom replied gladly as she walked over to him and stuck her ass in his face. He smiled as he slid down her little pink shorts exposing her ass and perfectly bald 19 year old pussy for everyone to see. He grabbed both of her ass cheeks and squeezed them pulled them slightly apart exposing her tight little asshole for his own personal enjoyment. ”Kiss it ” she said “ what? “ he responded “ kiss it if you like it “ she said. He obliged her giving her asshole a kiss and a good couple lick too which she responded by giving a moan of approval squeezing her own tits. “Thank you” she said as she sat in his lap straddling him a giving him a very deep French kiss. She stood up and looked at both of them “ So let’s see what you boy’s got. “ Tony and Tom quickly disrobed showing her their manhood. Tony was about as big as me at 7” but Tom was bigger than any guy I had ever seen before. He had to be good 10” and was very thick as well. Kim eyes bulged out of her head as she looked at the size of Tom.

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   “Oh my god that is the biggest cock I have ever seen” she said “big cock for a big guy. ” Tom replied. At this point I was so fucking hard, I could of cut glass with my dick but I had to stop my beautiful wife from going any further. “ This is not going to happen! “ I blurted out. Everything went silent for a second. Kim looked at me with her wanton eyes but wouldn’t say a thing. John spoke up as usual “ Look at how hot that sexy little bitch of a wife you have is, her pussy juices are just running down her leg. She totally wants it” Kim body was literally trembling in anticipation as she began pleading with me “ Just let me……… …. just let me do this one time and I swear I will never ask for anything again. I have always wondered what it would be like to be a dirty little slut. ” Here is my new beautiful wife standing there completely naked, only nineteen years old, pleading with me to be a complete slut with all these guys? I couldn’t believe it. I got angry “ You want to be these guys dirty little slut?” I said “ you better be a good one. I couldn’t believe those words actually came out of my mouth. She turned around all excited “I am yours to do whatever you like to boys “ she said gleefully. Show my husband what a dirty little slut he has for a wife.

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  ” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. The next thing that would go in it would be John’s cock. They picked her up and layed her back on the card table. Tom spread her young thighs apart and began eagerly licking her perfectly bald teenage pussy. John had slid her head back off the table and had inserted his 8” cock into her mouth. Kim gives the best head I have ever seen, she really takes pride in taking it all. It wasn’t long before her throat was accommodating his huge cock. He couldn’t believe how much she was taking. “What a cock starved little slut you are” John responded. It was just minutes before she had her first orgasm as she began bucking and grinding her pussy on Tom’s face covering him with her sweet juices. “What a sweet little cunt” Tom said as her pussy juice dripped off his chin. “You want some of this sweet pussy while the getting is good” Tom said to Tony. “Absolutely” Tony eagerly replied as he slipped his hands under her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He began tonguing her asshole and she responded with muffed moans of pleasure as John was still driving his cock in and out of her mouth and down her throat. Tony pushed a finger into her sweet little asshole and began sucking on her clit and lapping up all of her juices.

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   John began pulling his cock out of her mouth and slapping her with it. “Tell me how bad you want my cock you little whore” John said. This kind of dirty talk she was really getting into. “ I love the taste of your cock in my mouth” she pleaded. “Please put it back in” John retuned his cock to her wanton mouth and began drilling her face again. Tom had begun sucking her big tits now as well. The pitch of her moans was getting higher as I knew she was getting ready cum again. Her whole body shook violently as she began to cum very hard flooding Sam’s mouth with her sweet teen nectar. Immediately following John began shooting his hot seaman straight down her throat. “ take it all you little slut ” John said as he continued shooting his cum down her throat Kim took all of it and then rolled off of the table and got her knees and milked every last drop of his cum onto her tongue. She stood up and showed me the cum and then swallowed it going “mmmm, like that baby?” “Based upon the size of the bulge in his pants I would have to say he liked it a lot” Tom responded. Kim came over to me and pulled out my cock out “don’t worry I’ll take special care of you “she said to my cock as she began sucking it all the way down. “I can’t have you cumming now though” she said to my cock. “ You let me know how turned on daddy is. Get our video camera?” she said to me.

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   “I want to be able to remember this night forever” she said. “Yea that way you can see me fuck your wife anytime you want” John said laughing. John’s response bothered me but I would soon forget as Tom objected. “I am a professional football player and I can’t have video’s like that floating around” he said. “I won’t let it get around” Kim assured him, “I will even make you a copy if you like. You can show all your friends that way” She said. Tom agreed and I broke out the video camera. “Now who wants to fuck me first?” Kim said. “I do” Tony quickly responded. “Well come here then” she said as she grabbed his hand and took him to the bed. The real action was about to begin. I was really nervous almost to the point of being sick. I was still not sure I really wanted to go through with this. My cock reminding me of how turned on I actually was though as it began to seriously ache in anticipation. The video began to roll as Eric got on top of my wife and began slip his cock into her pussy.


   He began slowly and gradually increased his speed. Her groans of pleasure combined with dirty talk were really turning Tony on as he eventually began to fuck her at a feverish pace. “Fuck me harder” she said “work that cock in my pussy” “ How can you just let somebody fuck your wife like that?” John responded. “Because his wife is cock worshipping little whore ” she responded angrily. Eric was ready to cum and she knew it. “Cum on my face” she said. Tony pulled out and mounted her tits blowing his entire load all over her beautiful young face. Kim grabbed his cock and sucked every last drop out of it once again responding with a “mmmmm” She then began feeding herself his cum by pushing it off her face and into her mouth with her fingers She then stuck the two fingers into sucking the last of the cum off them once again going “mmmmm”. Tom had grabbed a towel and began wiping off the cum she couldn’t push into her mouth. ” “ Thank you ” she responded with a loving glance. I could tell that Kim really liked Tom and the affection was growing deeper. “I want you to fuck me with that monster cock of yours” she said to him. Show my husband just how much cock his wife can take. She got on her knees and grabbed his cock and began stroking it. She began kissing it and running her mouth the length of his shaft from the underside and then began licking it as she looked up at him.

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   She then lifted his cock all the way up and began sucking on his balls one at a time. She went back to running her mouth along his shaft working her way back to his huge mushroom head. She started milking all the pre-cum she could get out of it before she tried putting it in her mouth. “ Mmmm, that is sooo good “ she said. The size of Tom’s cock is enormous though and the best her small mouth could accommodate was a little more than the head in her mouth. “I wish I could suck you off” she said, “ I guess you’ll just have to fuck me with it” she said sheepishly looking up at him as she gave it a few more loving licks and kisses. To give you an idea of how big this guy’s cock actually is it’s a good 10” and the size of my wrist. They returned to the bed where Tom began with a big French kiss and then started kissing her down her neck and then worked his way to her big tits. He mentioned wanting to taste her pussy one more time as his mouth went back down to her pussy and she pushed his head between her legs. He licked her back to orgasm and she flooded his mouth with her sweet pussy juices once again. He saved some for her this time finishing with another deep kiss so she could taste her own juices. He then began inserting his enormous cock into her tight little bald teenage pussy. He had only slipped the head in when she let out a scream that seemed half passionate and half painful. He slowly began working his cock into her pussy pushing it in slowly a little further then a little further. Her screams seemed painful as he was stretching her pussy to the limits until he had finally got it all in.

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   I couldn’t believe she had taken his entire cock. Her scream of pain eventually turned to screams of passion as he slowly increased speed until his balls were violently bouncing off her ass. He pushed her knees back to penetrate her even further, really giving her pussy a good work over. ”Jesus fucking Christ, I have never seen anything like that before” John said. He had been fucking her for a good 25 minutes and she had already cum another time. She began to cum a second time as she glanced over to me, her eyes glazed over in complete fuck lust. “Thank you baby” she said extending her hand out to me. At this point I could tell he was having trouble holding back so he quickly went back to licking her cunt for a little while. John had joined in now began slapping her in the face with his cock teasing her with it and making her beg to suck him again. When her pleads for his cock were sufficient he would allow her suck him off sticking his cock deep in her mouth and down her throat. When Tom felt he had control again he flipped her over taking her from the backside. John was sitting at the head of the bed and continued to use her mouth to pleasure himself. He also continued the dirty talk reminding her of what a total fucking slut whore she was to which she would just respond um hmm with his cock in her mouth. Tom began fucking her harder and harder making it impossible for her to continue with John. He then lifted her up by her inner thighs and was pulling her toward him violently assaulting her sweet young pussy.

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   Kim was screaming and going crazy cumming more times than I can count. “Fuck me, fuck me, oh god keep fucking me ” she said in a complete fuck rage. “ I need more cock “. After the 30 minute assault of her pussy Tom layed back on the bed and had her climb on top of him facing the other direction. “Get a shot of this” Tom said to me “ I want to get the best shot possible of me fucking your wife’s sweet pussy so I can show the guy’s on the team what a sweet piece of ass you have here” I have to admit it was pretty hot watching her get on him putting that massive cock into her bald pussy. I made sure I got a lot of close ups for him too. Kim was completely over the top now as she rode his cock, pinching her nipples, her eyes were still glazed over as she looked at me saying “I want taste your cock in my mouth now baby. I handed the camera to Eric who continued filming. I stood on the bed and sunk my cock into her hot little mouth. I continued fucking her face for about 5 minutes when she said “ I want you to fuck me in the ass so you can feel his huge cock in my pussy” She turned the other direction giving me access to her tight little asshole. I slid cock slowly into her ass and began alternating thrusts with Tom. This was making her go crazy cumming again and again. John had moved to the head of the bed and began grabbing her by the back of the head thrusting his cock deep down her throat. We were able to continue this threeway penetration of her body for about 18 minutes when Tom just couldn’t hold it anymore and blew his entire load into her sweet young pussy. This put her over the top as she came once again.

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   I couldn’t take it any longer either and shot my load deep into her ass. John was getting close to cumming as well and eventually pulled her head back by her hair. She was eagerly anticipating his orgasm. She opening her mouth to accommodate his load. Take that you little slut he yelled his cock erupted shooting his hot cum in her mouth and all over her face. Kim collapsed on the bed pushing the rest of his cum into her mouth and sucking her fingers dry with moaning sounds of approval. It was quite a sight seeing my wife lie there with cum oozing out of her ass and pussy with the look of complete satisfaction all over her face. John quickly excused himself as he was on this cruise with his wife and needed to go back. Tony would end up going one more round with us later that evening and that would be the last we would ever see of him. Tom on the other hand would continue having fun with us for the rest of the cruise as her night of being a dirty little slut would be extend the duration of the entire cruise. As fate would have it we would we would be seated next to John and his wife for dinner two nights later. John would try to ignore us but Kim would have no part of that. His wife was drop dead gorgeous and both of us were very interested in her. She is Italian and was about 5”9” with that dark skin and jet black hair down to her waste with black eyes. Her tits were 36 C with very erect nipples that were pushing through her top.

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   Kim asked me if I wanted her and responded by saying “Hell yes!!” She struck up a conversation by asking John if she knew him from somewhere. “No”, John would nervously reply. “Yea, I know you from somewhere. I’ll think of it” she replied. This resulted in suspicious looks from his wife “were out of here” John said as he forcefully picked up his wife by her arm removing her from the table. “I know I’ll remember by tomorrow” Kim shouted as they walked away. “Were staying in the honeymoon suite if you want to stop by. ” “Your bad” I responded. “What an asshole that guy is treating her like that. I think she will come by just to find out who the hell I am ” she responded. Sure enough, next day his enraged wife showed up at our door around noon. “I’ll take care of this” Kim said as Tom and myself excused ourselves from the suite. We came back a couple hours later and to our delight she had her on the bed completely naked. I could tell Kim had already had her way with her and they looked excited to see us. “ “I showed the video to Maria and explained everything.

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  ” Kim said. She decided that if her husband liked dirty little sluts enough to cheat on her she would give him what he wants. We are inviting him up here to have her fucked by the three of you after the little show were going to put on for you guys. This night belongs to Maria” Later on John would come to the room. He pounded on the door and then immediately demanded his wife put on her clothes and leave with him now. When she refused he tried to become physical but that wasn’t going to happen with Tom there. “You can participate or leave” Maria replied. “If you don’t put your clothes on and come with me now the next place you will see me will be in divorce court. ” John demanded. “Fine” she replied. John blew his top and left, that would be the last time we would see him during the cruise. “ I can’t go back to my room now he will hurt me” Maria said. “Don’t worry you can stay with us” Kim assured her. With that they began kissing and show was on. It was Maria’s night so the three of us catered to all of her sluty little desires.

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   John’s wife was becoming the perfect little slut. Kind of funny when you consider he never even actually fucked Kim. I finally got to realize one of biggest fantasies that night as well. Fucking the shit out of another beautiful woman while my wife watches me. Then I come in her pussy, ending with my wife licking her box clean. The sex games would continue for the rest of the cruise. The women were not allowed to wear clothes when they were in the suite. We ordered room service and had them blow the delivery guy for a tip. He was so excited having those two beautiful babes going down on him he blew his wad within a minute. We blindfolded Maria and let a complete stranger have his way with her filming the entire event. That really turned her on. Of course we took lots of video and would eventually send it to John after the divorce. John was really and asshole so I enjoyed sending video of me turning his wife into the perfect little slut. Immediately following the cruise Maria would move in with us and we have all shared the same bed for almost three years now. Kim said she loves watching us have sex and I can have Maria any time I want whether she is there or not.

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   Maria’s divorce settlement was very lucrative so we have all certainly enjoyed the benefits of that as well. Sexually it’s pretty much just the three of us at this point except for when Tom comes into town once a year with the football team. I let him bring a couple of the guys as I have no problem with that considering my present situation. He has always done a great job of picking good looking clean guy’s the girls will enjoy and just happen to be fairly well endowed. Our three year anniversary is coming up and. I asked the girl’s if they wanted a trip down memory lane for a present. They said they are happy just like we are but would consider doing it one more time if it was a real good fuck fest set up with the right group of guys. Tom and I are trying to set something up now. I’ll let you know if it works out. .



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Tourism is a significant part of Egypt's economy, and the escort industry plays a role in this. Many tourists hire escort girls as companions to accompany them on their sightseeing tours, dinner dates, or social events. These escorts are well-versed in the history and culture of Egypt, making them not only attractive companions but also informative guides.
Escorts in Egypt
The entertainment scene in Egypt is vibrant and diverse, with something to offer for everyone. From the bustling nightlife in cities like Cairo and Alexandria to the serene beauty of the Nile River, there's no shortage of things to do and see in Egypt. Many escort girls are familiar with the best places to dine, dance, or just relax, and they can provide their clients with an insider's guide to the best Egypt has to offer.In conclusion, Escort Egypt offers more than just companionship. The escort girls are beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated, making them the perfect companions for any occasion. Whether you're a tourist looking for a guide and companion or a local looking for some company, the escort girls in Egypt can provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

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