Glad I Didn't Wear Panties


Hi, Emma Raddison here again. Time to tell you a little more juicy facts about me, as well as a kind of public service announcement.
Anyway - on with the story. For those who didn't read my last story - I'm (now) 18, I've got bright red curly hair, green eyes, and a very nice figure. I'm tall and slender, with a nice hourglass figure and c-cup breasts. I have a good figure because of the fact I'm a runner on my high school track team, so I'm in nice shape.
I've always been popular. Girls looked up to me, guys wanted to get with me - you know the typical thing. I'm confident and I don't give a damn about what anyone thinks about me, which is probably why I'm so popular.
Throughout highschool, I dated a few guys, had sex with a couple of them - and also didn't mind fooling around with a few really good girlfriends of mine (that's a story for another day. ) I've been on birth control a good two years - so I've never had to worry about getting pregnant.
It was nearing homecoming, I had been asked to the dance by a really nice guy. His name was Todd. He was tall and skinny, with long black hair and no real muscle mass to him at all. Most girls would look the other way when he would come by, but I was happy to date him.
Homecoming is a really big deal in my town, cause it's in the middle of nowhere, and we don't get anything incredibly exciting.

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   I decided to go to the only boutique in town to get my dress. The dress I ended up choosing was a very nice emerald green dress with sparklies all over. A slit went up the left leg all the way to my hip - it was just amazing.
Eventually, the dance came. I had just gotten out of the shower, dried my hair, and walked into my room. As I stood in front of my mirror, inspecting myself - I began to think about what could happen tonight. Todd was sweet, he wouldn't take advantage of me at all, so I decided to kind of force it. After the dance there was a party or three elsewhere in town. If I went to one of those, I could get some alcohol into my system, and maybe his - and he'd probably drop his inhibitions for me.
I dropped my towel and sat back on the bed. My body was tingling at my imagination, thoughts of Todd's wonderful body pressed against mine, nothing but skin separating us as he thrusted his hard cock into me. My fingers trembled over my trimmed pussy, daring to tease the aching slit - but I forced myself back, and went to get my dress on. I pulled on a pair of panties - a green color matching the dress - and then slid the dress on. As I inspected, I saw that the slit on the side was just a little high - and the panties I had purchased weren't exactly the same color. You could see the edge if you even glanced over.

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I'm really anal about matching - and even more so about whether or not everything looks good on me. . . so abandoning the entire thing - I pulled my panties off and stuffed them in my drawer. The dress was silky smooth against my body, and I liked the feeling - so I decided to stick with it. I was about to go to my high school homecoming with no panties on.
The homecoming really wasn't that good, though - nothing thrilling happened, so I'm skipping completely over it. Todd offered to drive me to my house after the dance, but I stopped him by the car. "Hey. . . do you think we can go to one of those parties?" I asked him.
"Ems. . .

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   you know I don't like to drink - and they usually smoke there. If you want to go, then go ahead - but. . . I don't want to go. "
"Please? You'll be popular if you do, you know that. I really want you to go. " I scooted closer to him, and gave him a gentle hug.
Todd sighed, and opened my door for me, before going around to get in the driver's side door. "Fine. . . but I'm not drinking. "
A few minutes later, we were walking into one of the parties. A big party like this was bound to have alcohol in it, I knew it, Todd knew it, everyone in school knew it.

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   The police knew that they had to break it up, but they usually missed at least one party. Todd and I stuck together for a bit, but I eventually lost him as I went in search of some beer.
Not soon after this - I was knocking back a third bottle of beer. I didn't realize how much it was affecting me. Some time in the middle of it, Todd came to me and told me he was leaving. He made sure I knew my way home, and made sure that I would call a taxi (Such a nice kid. . . ) but I hadn't even heard him.
My original plan killed - I decided to sit down on the couch. I didn't realize that the way I was sitting scrunched my dress up a little. A girl sat down next to me - just about as drunk, if not more, than I was. She stared down at my side and leaned over, whispering in my ear as she let her hand slide onto my hip. "Hey. .

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  . you know. . . I can see your pussy. "
I jumped a bit, but felt her hand move over a little more, sliding along my thigh. She was very soft and smooth as she moved, and continued her soft whispering. "Come downstairs. . . some of us. . . are gonna have a little fun. " She kissed my cheek and stood up, heading for the basement stairs.

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  . . my heart was beating so fast in my chest, I feared it would leap out. . . but after a short moment of contemplation, I got up and followed her.
The downstairs room smelled of beer and cigarette smoke. In the room there were the original girl who had touched my leg, my friend Jessie, and two guys. The girl was a cute blonde, her hair short, a little shorter and a little pudgier than me - with larger breasts. Jessie was a brunette with long hair. She and I were basically body doubles, though hers was just a little tanner than mine. The two guys were jocks, both nice bodies, one with black hair, the other a kind of browny-blonde.
I sat down next to Jessie, who passed me her bottle of beer. She and I had been friends forever, and it was she who basically introduced me to sex. I sipped from her bottle, and looked at the other people in the room.

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   Introductions went around, but I wasn't really 'there' so I can't remember. I soon felt the blonde's hands on my stomach as she kissed my neck. It was only a matter of time before Jessie got in on the act as well, leaning forward to wrap her arms around me, and kiss me on the lips. Her breath was smelling of beer - and I imagine mine was as well as I kind of melted into the kiss, returning it with fervor.
The blonde released her hold on me and started to take off her clothing. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts - having probably changed before coming to the party. Jessie - who was not at the dance, was in similar clothes, though these, too, were removed. Both guys were in nice clothing, black pants and a button down white shirt - and they just sat and watched as the three of us girls began to undress.
I felt a twinge of panic in my stomach as Jessie started to lift the bottom of my dress upwards. I pushed her hands downwards, and lifted my own to the zipper on the back. The blonde, who was back there, helped me unzip, and let the dress drop. Jessie and her were in their bras and panties, but I had not worn either - and I was stripped naked before three strangers and my best friend.

    Jessie lowered herself downwards, and blew a soft breath over my slick tunnel. I shivered a bit, and leaned backwards. The blonde behind me lowered her hands to my breasts, and started to gently tweak my nipples.

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       As Jessie moved forward, I felt her tongue begin to invade my privacy, like she'd done before. She flicked her tongue softly over my sex, her mouth lifting up to gently grasp my clit and nibble just the slightest bit on it. I cried out in pleasure - I loved when she did that with me.
    The sound of zippers being undone and cloth furrowing let me know that the two guys on the couch were taking off their clothing. I took a good look at them. Nice, muscular bodies, with generous dicks on them. The brown haired guy was a little shorter and a little smaller than the black haired one. Black moved behind Jessie, and slid her sodden panties back. He undid her bra and started fondling her breasts as she flipped over onto her back. Brown moved behind the blonde, and they started to kiss each other very deeply, as the he removed her clothing in much the same manner as Jessie's were removed.
    I felt Jessie pushing me a little, and looked down to her. She was motioning for me to flip over, and so I did. I turned onto my hands and knees, spreading my legs quickly, as Jessie dove into my pussy. Her arms held around my waist as she greedily slurped at my slit. Black lifted her legs up, putting his hard cock into her pussy.

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       She moaned a little, and nibbled down on my clit. The blonde pointed to me and whispered something to Brown. He got up from kissing her, and moved behind me, lifting my hips up a little. The blonde moved to my mouth, and pulled it down a little onto her slit. I felt the Brown's hard cock slide into my sex, joined by Jessie's agile tongue slurping around and flicking my clit.
    I began to greedily munch on the blonde's pussy, sliding my tongue in as deep as I could, swirling it around a bit, and nibbling on her clit how Jessie had taught me. The blonde squirmed in pleasure, gently moaning, as I felt Brown start to thrust into me. His hard cock went deep into me, pulsing into me as Jessie swirled her tongue around my clit. She was moving under me, and I could tell she was getting as much from Black as Brown was giving to me.
    Due to how I was being treated, it was eventually me who hit climax first. Brown's hard thrusting drove me beyond my peak, and I let out a heavy groan of pleasure, my juices leaking out, letting Jessie get a taste of them. Brown pulled out, and quickly masturbated himself until he came over my ass. I panted a little, but the blonde pushed my head down into her pussy, making me continue my ministrations until she, too climaxed. I don't know exactly when Jessie and Black climaxed because Jessie never once stopped licking me.
    As we sat there, all of us spent, Jessie and I were left alone as the three others got cleaned up, got dressed and left.

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       Jessie took a towel from the laundry room and we cleaned ourselves up. As I pulled on my dress, I felt Jessie slide her hand around my thigh and rub my pussy. "So you wore this dress for me. . . mm. . . you're so sweet. "
    I giggled a bit, kissed her nose, and nodded, "Want to share a cab?"
    "Mmm. . . but what about the driver. " She grinned and nipped at the tip of my nose, before she took my hand and led me upstairs.
    So there you have it - my story.


       I got tested for STDs a couple days later, of course, and thankfully didn't have any. In the future, I'll be a little more careful about drinking. Todd and I don't talk much, and I have never seen the three others I shared that night with - whoever they were, I don't think I'll ever know. But if you're out there. Thanks, I'm really glad I didn't wear my panties that night.



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