Getting back at Nadia


That was it. The last straw. Nadia had pissed me off for the last time and I was going to let her know it. I had to forcibly unclench my jaw and I picked up the phone and dialed the number my friend had give me a few days ago. I had been telling him how much Nadia pissed me off and he jokingly wrote down a phone number and told me it was immigration and I should get her deported. I flipped my long brown hair out of my eyes as I waited patiently as six rings went by. Finally someone answered. "Hello this is the INS main office how my I help you?" the female voice came across in that fake chipper secretary voice. "I'd like to report and illegal alien please," I replied and then waited while she switched me to the correct person. "This is Mr. Jones, I understand you have and alien to report. May I have your name please?" Mr. Jones had one of those agent style voices, deep and cryptic. "My name is Rafe. . .

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  . and that's all. Just Rafe," I replied. "Ok then just Rafe, tell me what you know," Jones said after a second. "It's a girl named Nadia Saleh, she's an illegal alien living at 475 Crescent road in Abner," I told him. "Thank you just Rafe, we will investigate, and if your claim proves to be true you will be thanked by the government," Mr. Jones. After about a minute he said in a hushed tone, "We will be going to her house on the 15th of July. " Then he hung up abruptly. I took a moment to wonder why he had told me that but then decided that I didn't care. It was only the seventh and I was damn near giddy with excitement. Nadia the bitch would finally be out of my life forever. I decided to take a trip to the mall and treat myself with a videogame that I had been wanting for a while now. I got in my car and about thirty minutes later I found a primo spot right near the front of the lot. I walked slowly throug the mall enjoying the air conditioning of the building after being in my car for so long with its busted air conditioner.

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   I eventually made my way around to the electronics store and went inside. I made my way over to the corner where the videogames were shelved and began scanning the titles looking for the one I wanted. I had just found it when my anger surged forth as a familiar sound reached my ears. Click-click-click. It was the sound of the heels Nadia wore clicking against the tile. I turned to see her approaching where I was standing with a wicked grin on her face. She wore a black skirt that stopped just above her knees and a red dress shirt with the sleeves pulled up around her elbows. Her hair dropped straight down behind her glistening as if freshly washed. I had to admit that she did stir erotic thoughts in my eighteen year old mind and my cock surged into its full eleven inches, but she was the devil incarnate. "Hello Rafe, fancy meeting you here," she said and stood closer to me than I would have liked. Of course she could be on Mars and she'd still be too close, but she was too close for anyone with her C cup breasts brushing my right arm. "Buying a videogame? What's the occasion?" She picked up the one I had been after, the last copy and held it behind her back. "I received some very good news," I said and gave her a self satisfied grin. I reveled in the glory of her not knowing of her impending doom. "I saw you looking at this one," she said holding it out and then whisking it away.

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   "I'm here for this one too, and it looks like I've got the last copy. " She walked off with it and was immediately helped by the cashier. I silently cursed her once again but was relieved to know that she would get hers on the fifteenth. I stalked angrily out of the store and drove home in a rage. The next few days went by in a blur as I anxiously awaited the day Nadia would be out of my life. I decided that I would go to her house the day that Mr. Jones had told me they would be there, I still couldn't reason out why he told me, but I didn't want to miss her deportation. Then on the fifteenth I made my way to her house. I rang the bell and her mom opened the door a moment later. "You must be a friend of Nadia's, please come in. " She opened the door further and I went into their living room and sat down. "Nadia will be down in a moment, you can wait here for her if you want, but I have some things to attend to," she said. I sat on their black leather sofa and looked around at the pictures on the walls. There was one of Nadia in her cap and gown and one of her and her mom together. I waited patiently for the fun to begin and actually dozed off for a few minutes.

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   I awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the front door. I looked around for Ms. Saleh, but she was nowhere to be seen so I stepped to the door and opened it. A black man and a white man, both in suits, were standing on the porch. There was a nondescript brown sedan parked in front of the house behind my car. "I am Mr. Jones from the INS. I'm here for Nadia Saleh," the black man said. His shaved head brushed the top of the doorway as he stepped inside. "Is she home?" I grinned with glee and pointed to the stairs. "I'll show you where she is. " I turned and made my way up the stairs and the two men followed me. "I take it that you are just Rafe," Mr. Jones said as we made our way up the stairs. I nodded in reply.

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   He gestured for me to move quickly and I did. "This is it," I said stopping at the only closed door in the up stairs hall. The other three doors were a bathroom, her mother's room, and a water heater closet. "Thank you for doing your duty young American, now step aside. " I moved and Mr. Jones opened the door to its full extent. The three of us gaped in surprise at what we saw. Nadia was lying naked on her bed one hand gripping a nipple and the other holding a vibrator on her clit. My cock quickly sprang to attention as I feasted my eyes on her nude body. Her pink nipples jutted out as she played with them, still not aware of our presence. Her vibrator hummed merrily and suddnely she moaned. "Oh Rafe fuck me!!" She lay there panting in the afterglow of her orgasm and Mr. Jones looked at me with one eyebrow raised questioningly. I shrugged to show my ignorance and suddenly Nadia screamed. We looked over at her and saw that she had finally seen us.

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   "Nadia Saleh you are hereby taken into custody of the INS and will await deportation in a holding cell," Mr. Jones told her. "Deportation!!" She shrieked. "You can't deport me! My whole life is here! Please! Surely I can do something to convince you. " Mr. Jones looked her up and down as she jumped up from her bed, her tits shaking. "I'm sure we could reach an agreement," he said and reached a hand out to cup one of her tits. "You can't be serious," Nadia seemed shaken by his proposal, but made no move to remove his hand. "You can come with us to the holding cell then," Mr. Jones said and began to pull his hand away. "No!" Nadia said and jerked his hand back to her tit. "I can't be deported. " She slowly sank to her knees and began to tug at the man's belt. He helped her and in a matter of seconds his pants and boxers were around his ankles. Nadia wrapped her hand around his ten inch dick and slipped the head into her mouth.

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   She sucked just the head for a few seconds the slid her mouth down the shaft until her nose was buried in his pubic hairs and bobbed up and down.
    I watched with growing excitement as I felt my own dick snaking its way down my pant leg. The sounds she was making as she slurped the black man's cock were driving me over the edge. When I could stand no more I slid my own pants down and off and walked over to where she was kneeling. I poked the side of her face with my eleven inch penis until she turned her head to me. She gave me a lusty grin and slide my dick into her throat. I reached down and grabbed one of her nipples violently as I shoved my dick into her, fucking her mouth with a need that I hadn't known was inside of me. Letting of animal grunts I fucked her throat until she was gagging and then shot my cum into her stomach. As I was pulling out another burst exploded into her mouth and spilled out onto her chin. A thin strand of it stretched from the tip of my dick to her lips. Mr. Jones shedded the rest of his suit grabbed Nadia by her hair dragging her up onto her bed. He forced her onto her hands and knees and shoved his dick into her cunt. She screamed as her hymen was torn to shreds and Mr. Jones started pounding the shit out of her.

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       In and out his dick slammed her making the bed shake and her scream with each penetration. I watched as her tits slapped her stomach with each thrust and slowly my dick came back to life. I moved to her head and slipped it into her mouth and she began to hum as she sucked on my cock. I groaned as she slurped and grinned as each of the black man's thrust forced my dick into her throat. She gagged in a most satisfactory way as it passed her windpipe. I didn't last long and soon blew another load into her mouth. Suddenly her mom came out of nowhere screaming for us to get off of her daughter. "Get off of her you brutes! Stop this right now!" She pounded worthlessly on Mr. Jones' shoulders until he backhanded her. "Get out of here mom, this is great," she let out another high pitched scream as Jones went into her with renewed force. "Ohhhh my daughter is a filthy whore!" her mom wailed and fled the room. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me," Nadia began to chant as she orgasmed. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh slam your dick into me you sick fuck, screw your blackmailed whore!!" Jones grunted and suddenly stopped moving and I knew he was shooting his seed into her. I reched down and pulled her nipple as hard as I could while the two of them orgasmed together. "My turn," I said and pushed Jones off of her.

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       I looked down at her cum dripping cunt and decided that I couldn't put my dick in that nasty hole. I got a better idea and gripped her ass cheeks in either hand and spread them apart. "No no don't Rafe not my asss you're too big!" she cried. I paid her no heed and crammed my dick in to the hilt without warning or preparation. "Auuughhhhh," she screamed at the top of her lungs. The neighbors heard her for sure. I began pounding her ass as hard as I could, pulling out so that just the head was past her anus and slammed all eleven inches in with no mercy. Soon she began push back at me with a moan or two mixed in with her cries of pain as I continued to hammer her ass. I reached around again and began to tug her nipples as her tits flopped around in time with my reaming of her ass. She screamed again, but the moans were more frequent. Her tight anus slid back and forth over my dick, squeezing constantly against its invader. I grunted three time and spewed what must have been a gallon of cum into her ass. I pulled out and cum and blood drained from her stretched hole. It didn't close. "You are free to go Ms.


       Saleh," Jones said. "We will be by in one month for a follow up visit. " I spit on Nadia's sweat soaked body as I walked out. I didn't get the bitch out of my life, but I got a new fuck toy and I would be playing with it every day. .



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