Fun Night at the Cabin Chap. 1 - 3


Chapter 1: Are we there yet?

It seemed like we had been driving for days now. I was staring out the window, watching the long winding road ahead.

"How much longer till we get to the cabin ? I'm dying in here and I need to get out of this damn car. "Jen smiled at me at responded,

"Don't worry babe, we only got about another half an hour or so. Then we can relax in my parents cabin and do whatever you want. "

Anything I wanted? Heh, I doubt it, but it was certainly worth a try. Several ideas were rushing through my head, all ending with Jen moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs. I had been dating Jen for about a year now. We met through a mutual friend and hit it off from the start. Jen was about 5'9, long auburn brown hair, deep brown eyes, nice long legs, a great firm ass, and full 34 C breasts. She was quite amazing indeed and all mine.

As I continued to think in the car, my thoughts wandered to the possibilities for this weekend. It was rare that we got a weekend alone together without any interruptions with how busy we were with our jobs. But the thing was that we weren't going to be completely alone. Jen invited her best friend Jazzy (Jasmine) who was bringing her new boyfriend Adam. "So what's the deal with Jazzy's new boy toy? Is he going to last more than two weeks?" Jen laughed and then replied,"No, no.

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   I talked to her and she said that this guy is the real deal. He's not just looking to to have sex with her. Adam is really sweet, so don't give her any crap about her new boyfriend. " I laughed and then promised that I wouldn't be mean. But I was still skeptical about how genuine Jazzy's new relationship, she had a habit of meeting guys that were interested in merely getting with her and fucking her, but never staying around for very long. I then started thinking about Jazzy more intently. She was very gorgeous in her own right, curly brown her, green eyes, amazing legs, and 34 B breasts. I admit I was attracted to her, she was hot, but I was perfectly happy with Jen. The thing is, it didn't stop me from fantasizing about Jazzy every now and then. More often it was a fantasy involving both Jen and Jazzy and it always ended with me satisfying them both quite well and vis-a-versa.

As a couple, Jen and I had been fucking like rabbits for months now. Jen was the perfect lover in my eyes, her appetite for sex was relentless and she was sweet and caring so there was a strong passion in our relationship. We were always trying to mix it up in the bedroom with new positions and preferences. Jen was so open minded that when I jokingly poked at the thought of doing anal, that she said that it could be fun. I was surprised to see how willing she was to such an idea, it made me wonder what else she might be willing to do.

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   The thing was that we had brought up the idea of swinging a couple times before, but more so in curiosity of the idea. We thought that it might be hot to watch each other getting off by someone else. But we knew that we would probably be too jealous to go through with it. If I ever saw Jen with another guy, I know I would lost it. But if I was with another girl at the same time while we watched each other. . . it could be a big turn on. So I decided to bring up the idea since we were going to be rooming with another couple.

"Hey. . . so you know how we've talked about trying different things in the bedroom?" She nodded and awaited for what I had to say. "I was thinking about how Jazzy and Adam are going to be joining us and I was wondering what you thought about us all maybe. .

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  . um. . . swinging?" Jen looked at me in slight surprise and laughed,

" Whaaaaat? Are you serious?" I hesitated respond. I wasn't exactly sure if she was asking because she thought I was crazy or because she was trying to make sure she heard right.

"Well yes. . . I was just thinking that it would be kinda hot for us to have some fun with another couple and do something different. " Jen took a moment to think about what I was saying before she replied. From the look on her face, it wasn't looking good for me.

"I don't really think that would be a good idea. First off its my friend Jazzy and second we don't even know Adam so that would be just awkward just trying to bring that up. I just don't think it would make things weird for the weekend.

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  " My head hung in disappointment, but i told her that I understood. She noticed that I wasn't happy with her response and grabbed my hand. "Babe, cheer up. We're going to have a fun time at the cabin. " Then she whispered in my ear, "And if you're a good boy I'll let you fuck the hell out of me any way you want. " She pulled back away from me and smiled and she refocused her eyes on the road. The little whisper was a spark in my mind that drove me crazy for the rest of the ride. The worst part of it was that Jen knew that her attempt to tease me was working quite well. Fortunately for me, I loved it whenever Jen teased me because it worked me up and made the sex that much better.

A while later we made it to the cabin. Finally I could get of the car and stretch. We got our stuff out of the back of the car and saw that Jazzy's car was parked on the side. I followed Jen through the door, with Jazzy and Adam no where to be scene. Jen said that they must be in one of the bedrooms. The thing about the cabin was that aside from the bathroom and front door, there were no doors.

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   As we started to walk down the hallway to the bedrooms, we could hear the distinctive moaning the could only come from a guy. We peeked our heads in the doorway only to see Jazzy on her knees sucking off Adam as he was standing in front of her. It only took him a few seconds to realize we were at the door and once he did he immediately lifted his pants back up. Jazzy turned around and instantly turned bright red, realizing that she was caught in a compromising situation. "Oh my god! I told you something like this was going to happen Adam. " We walked away from the doorway to give them some privacy. Both Jen and I looked at each other and smiled, trying not to laugh. A few minutes later, Adam and Jazzy come out into the living and joined us. I could tell they were still feeling embarrassed, but we quickly diffused any awkwardness by asking each other how they were doing. After an hour of catching up we started talking about what we wanted to do. It was almost 7 in the evening. and the sun was coming down onto the horizon. The girls wanted to out on the lake and watch the sunset. Unfortunately Adam and I had to row us out their in the canoe. I wanted to just stay in the cabin and relax, but Jen easily convinced me with her pouty face and saying that it would mean a lot to her.

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Chapter 2: The Boat Ride
I got changed into my swim trunks and a t-shirt and so did Adam while the girls were in the bathroom changing. They were starting to take a while and I noticed that they were discussing something, but I couldn't make any of it out since they had the fan on. But I figured it was just girl talk about whatever. Ten minutes later the girls walked out in their bikini tops and super-short denim shorts. I had to admit, they were looking amazing and I'm sure they knew that Adam and I would not be able to keep our eyes off them.  We all got in the canoe and started rowing, Jen said she knew this great spot that she wanted to go to see the sunset. Roughly twenty minutes later we got to our destination where the view was spectacular. The horizon was an amazing mix of golden orange and pink and I finally got to lay back with Jen in my arms. I could tell that she was really happy to be out on the lake with me. Jazzy and Adam followed suit and cuddled up together. A while later i noticed that Jazzy was looking at Jen, as if trying to communicate something. They were both smiling here and soon enough I was curious what was being conveyed between them.

"What the heck are you two smiling about so much all of the sudden. ?" Jen turned around and looked at me, looked back at Jazzy for approval, and then back to me.


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  . . . you know how you were talking about trying new things? Jazzy and I we're talking and were thinking it might actually be fun for us all to have some. . . fun. . . together. If you know what I'm saying. " I wasn't exactly sure what she was trying to suggest we all do when Jazzy and Jen leaned into each other and start lightly kissing each other on the lips. I couldn't believe what was going on in front of me and I saw that Adam had the same reaction. Neither of us knew quite what to do with our two hot girlfriends kissing each other. All I knew for sure what that a bulge in my shorts was starting to brow and the girls kissed each others sweet lips, mixing in some tongue here and there.


   A minute later Jen turned back to me and said, "Does that turn you on baby,? Do you like it when we kiss?"

I was still shocked at what I had witnessed, I stuttered to say,"yea. . . yes. It turns me me on a lot. "

She looked down towards my shorts,"Ah yes. . . I even have proof that you like it. " She gently grabbed my cock for a few seconds and smirked. "Yes I think we have two happy customers here. " Jazzy then reached to rub Adam's cock through his shorts. Then they continued to make out with their hands still rubbing our cocks. I was getting so hard watching my girlfriend kissing another girl AND rubbing my cock nice and good. I really wanted her hand on my bare cock though.

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   I tried to move her hand and guide it inside my shorts.

But she pulled her hand away and said, "nu uh! We can't be doing that yet. We need that cock for later, but you what you could do is play with my pretty little pussy and get it nice and wet. " I really wanted to get jerked off, but I loved making Jen wet and seeing her moan. So I moved in and unzipped her short and slipped them off, shoving her thong to the side to give my fingers access.

Jazzy looked at Adam, "Well am I gonna get some service here or am I on my own. " He immediately followed Jazzy's orders and undid her shorts and got to business. Once my fingers were deep into Jen's pussy, the girls resumed their hot kissing. As my fingers slide back and forth slowly in her pussy, Jen kiss Jazzy more and more passionately. This gets me more aroused and i move my fingers in and out faster and faster, wanting to feel her pussy get really wet. Soon enough my fingering starts to get to Jen and she pulls back from the kiss and starts to let out some soft moans. Meanwhile Adam was keeping up and making sure that Jazzy was just as satisfied. It was quite a site to see us all, two girls making out while getting finger by their boyfriends. After a few more minutes decided to get down and start licking on her clit. This drove Jen crazy and she was in and out and kissing Jazzy while moaning louder and louder in between.

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Eventually she couldn't take anymore of my tongue sliding back and forth on her clit as my fingers pushed themselves deep in her juicy pussy. "Oooooh fuuuuck! Ooh I'm gonna cum, shiiiit!" Jen laid her head back as moaned out loud and had an orgasm shake all throughout her body. Her legs up to her pelvis were twitching and writhing in pleasure.

Watching her cum sent Jazzy into an orgasm yelling, "mmmmm fuuuck I'm cuuuming! Oh my god, yesssss!" A couple minutes later the two girls caught their breath. Each looking at us in satisfaction. Then Jen said, "Well boys. . . you both did quite a good job. I think you two should be rewarded. . . . " 

Jen crawled over to me slowly and kissed my lips softly as her hands worked there way down my body until she put her hand over my crotch. "Hmmm looks like our little show got you excited.


   I think we need to do something about that. But first maybe we should do another little show. . . . " Jen looked at Jazzy, they both nodded and smiled to each other. I could tell they had something planned in store for us. Jazzy walked over to me as Jen moved over to Adam. Then Jazzy said, "I heard from someone that you wanted to do some things to me. . . " I gulped and tried to find the right words to say but I couldn't put a sentence together right away. Here was my girlfriends best friend (who was quite gorgeous) seducing me into doing things that I only fantasized about. I looked to Jen to see if she was okay with it. She smiled at me and Jazzy told me, "oh yea, this was your girlfriends idea, so you don't have to feel any bit guilty.

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  " Jazzy then turned away from me and started to lower her ass into my lap, looking back at me into my eyes. As her ass slowly grinded on me, I felt my cock start to grow. I noticed that Jen was doing the same thing to Adam. It was weird, I was somewhat jealous and yet really turned on by watching my girlfriend giving another guy a lapdance while I was getting one myself. Jen is just so hot to watch, I suppose that it included seeing her with another guy. My cock was starting to grow nice and hard with Jazzy's ass rubbing on it, it was amazing. After a short while Jazzy turned around and  slowly pulled down her jeans in front of me, giving me a nice view of her bent over in a sexy black thong.

I couldn't help but give her ass a nice smack, Jazzy moaned,"mmm you're a naughty boy aren't you?" She turned towards me and then straddled me. "I don't know what we're going to do with such a naughty boy. "

It was at that time that she started to grind on me again, as if she was riding me. "Mmm i think you're liking this. . . hmm. .

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  . . actually, I know you're liking this. " She grinned and continue to ride me like a mechanical bull, making sure she got my cock nice and hard. I leaned in to kiss her soft lips, our tongues intertwining together. Jazzy was different when she kissed in that she liked to pull on my lips and tongue with hers, which really turned me on. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Jen giving Adam a world class lapdance, I could only imagine how good it felt for Adam. I couldn't get over how turned on I was in seeing Jen grinding on another guy's cock, even though a part of me was green with envy. Jazzy pulled back a little, "Awe, do you want you girlfriend?" in a teasing way.

I was reluctant to tell her anything that might make her stop grinding on my cock. "I don't know, you're doing a pretty good job doing what you're doing. "

She then got up and tapped Jen on the shoulder,"I think we should switch back so we can really please our men. " Jen looked to me, as if she knew I wanted her right now after seeing her give a lapdance to another guy.

"I noticed you were watching me, couldn't stop thinking of me could you?"

"Well. .

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  . ya. . . I just loved watching you. I definitely liked what Jazzy was doing don't get me wrong. But right now I really want you. " From her reaction I could tell that Jen really wanted me too. She got down on her knees and looked straight into my eyes.

"Though you've been a naughty boy, you have been a patient one. " She unzipped my jeans and put her hands down my pants and pulled out my cock. "Hmm I think you're cock needs some special attention. We can't have it getting it all hard and not give me some nice hot cum in my mouth. " She lowered her head and started to lick my shaft slowly from the bottom to the top, then she put her mouth barely over the head of my cock and licked it back and forth with her tongue. I could feel my cock filling all the way with blood, becoming as hard as it could.

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   Jen continued to look me straight in the eyes and her mouth enveloped my cock. I started to let out soft moans, telling her that it felt so fucking good.

She periodically talked dirty to me as she sucked on my cock, "Mmmm yeah, you like that when I shove your hard dick all the way in my mouth?" All I could do was let out a moaning "yessss" as my body started to tense up. "Your cock feels so fucking good in my mouth, it makes my pussy nice and wet" I loved that whenever she would give me head, it turned her on so I told her to rub her pussy for me while she sucked me off, it really turned me on. "Mmm I really want you to cum for me baby so I can take you hot load into my mouth and swallow every last drop. " I couldn't take much more of her mouth and her dirty talk, she was starting to push me over the edge. My body tensed up to the point to where I could hardly move.

"Ooooh fuck I'm gonna cum. " Instantly Jen got into position in front of my cock.

"Yeah baby, gimme all of that hot cum in my fucking mouth. I wanna taste it all and swallow it. " Immediately a felt an orgasm take over my body as I shot out a huge load of cum into her mouth. After my stream had ended she put her mouth over my head to get any drop of cum she missed, in which she swallowed it all like a champ. It took my a few seconds to come down from my heavy breathing, Jen sat in front of my smiling. "That was so hot baby, I love it when you cum for me.

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  " We then noticed that we had been watched most of the time. Jazzy was jerking off Adam as they both had watched me cum in Jen's mouth. "Apparently we put on a good show," I said. Jazzy laughed and went back to stroking Adam. Soon enough she got him to cum in her mouth. She followed suite and sucked every bit off cum off him, looking back at us while she did. "Damn Jazzy, you really know how to give a blow job from the looks of it. "

She laughed, "What can I say, I have skills. " It was getting dark so we decided to row back to our cabin. Little did I know that our night of fun was not over yet. . . . .

Chapter 3: Dinner Talk

After we tied up the boat, we all scrambled for the warmth of the cabin.

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    The ladies decided to make us a nice dinner for our hard work and Adam and I decided to relax on the couch. We didn't have any tv to watch so we started talking about sports for a while. Nearly a half an hour had passed from the start of our sports talk. "

"Honey will you two stop talking about sports," said Jen. "Dinner is almost ready and we need you two to set the table. " Adam laughed and replied.

"What are you talking about, you two are already in the kitchen where you belong. The dining table isn't that far away. " I laughed until I saw that Jen was not happy. Jazzy gave her boyfriend an even more evil look. In order to save myself and make sure I still got some tonight I told Adam that we should help out our ladies, that it was the least we could do for their hard work. It seemed that he too didn't want his girlfriend mad at him so he helped me set the table. We all sat down to eat our meal and have a nice wholesome conversation.

So how long have you two been together?" Jen asked inquisitively.

"Well we met at a bar in Seattle about a month ago.

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   I wasn't really looking to meet any guys that night but he was just so direct that I couldn't help but see what he was all about. So we danced for the rest of the night and I gave him my number when I left with my friends. He called me up and we talked for hours. Next thing you know we went on a few dates and he asked me out. "
"Well it sounds like you two have hit it off well, I liked seeing you two together. " I couldn't help but laugh as she said that.
"Yeah. . . She really liked seeing you suck off Adam in the bedroom earlier. " Jen turned and glared at me.

"Marc! I cannot believe you just said that""Well you didn't turn away until they realized we were there after a minute" Jen didn't have anything to say in response and blushed a tiny bit. "Oh it's okay Jen, don't be embarrassed. We know we're a hot couple. " Jazzy elbowed Adam in the shoulder for his remark.


   "What? They obviously liked what they saw and after our boat right I think it's safe to say everything is out in the open. " Adam had a point, we had just watched our girlfriends kiss, give each of us a lap dance, and suck the other one off. I knew if I wanted to make tonight into a special night, this was my chance. "You know. . . We didn't completely follow through with what we talked about Jen. " She looked at me confused. "I got a nice lap dance from Jazzy, but I think we should take it the the next level. " Everyone looked at me, wondering what exactly I was suggesting. "We should all get nice and comfortable with each other and share the love. ""What exactly did you have in mind babe?" Jen asked, "I'm quite curious. " I could tell Jazzy and Adam really wanted to know to. "I thought Jazzy and I and you and Adam could start where we left off and see where it goes from there. If it get uncomfortable.

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  . . then we'll just take it easy. " Everyone looked at each other as if to gauge if the others were in. We all came to an agreement that it sounded like fun. Then I eagerly yelled, "Well what are we waiting for?! Let's have some crazy hot sex!" Everyone laughed and got up from the table and headed to the master bedroom. I couldn't wait to see what was ahead of us.
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