Fran Part 3


“So you’re from the city then” I asked, “yes I am, sorry that “Fran, Yashika or Christy isn’t here” se replied. I couldn’t believe my luck.   My mom got sick and I had to go see her, that was two weeks ago and now I got back and all the office staff was away for our yearly sports day. The lady I was talking to was Candy a black girl from the city who was hired to fill in for our office staff in their absence. She was built like Mellissa Ford, voluptuous with a nice fat ass and pendulous breasts that defied gravity, in one word she was hot and caused a stirring in my loins. She kept flicking back her hair and lifting up her arms giving me an eyeful of her beautiful boobs.   From her body language I could tell that she wanted me and I asked her bluntly if this was the case. Nothing like fucking 3 different women for a month to give you bravado beyond compare.   She was taken aback by my bluntness and lifted her arms once again to give me another eyeful of her boobs.   I swooped in and cupped her boobs in my hand. It was heavy and soft within my hand and I now knew I wanted to fuck her.   I ran my thumb over her nipple and it immediately sprung up to welcome my caress. She opened her mouth slightly in a pout trying hard to remain calm however her body had already betrayed her.
“We have to close the door” she gasped, “don’t worry all the security gates are locked already only staff will be able to enter and we both know where they are don’t we?” I replied. Tentatively she started unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her flesh trying to escape the confines of her wisp of a bra.   Without further ado I unclasped it and I expected her boobs to flop down onto my waiting hand.

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   Instead they stood out proudly, taunting me as if to say gravity won’t pull me down, you could imagine I was now in awe at these beautiful black boobs.   I immediately stooped and took her nipples into my mouth and started nibbling on them and sucking on them.   I just couldn’t believe that I had them in my hand. I first paid homage to the one then the other whilst always making sure that no breast was unattended, using my hand to stimulate the boob that wasn’t in my mouth. She unzipped me and I let my pants fall to the floor. I jumped onto the desk sitting down on it my member proudly jutting out like a mast pole. “Come here I said” as I pulled her closer by her boobs, when her chair was underneath me I slipped my dick in between her lovely breasts and started fucking her boobs.
“I’ve never seen any like these” I said “and they’re a 100% real” she replied, “do you like them” she added. “Yes I do” as she started licking my dick every time my head climbed up above her boobs. In this sexually charged atmosphere I knew that I wasn’t going to last and all too soon I exclaimed “I’m going to cum” she grabbed hold of my pole and drank my juices as if it was the first time she had gotten anything to drink this day.   As my dick diminished in size I pushed back her chair and started licking her wet cunt. Before she could do anything my lips were enclosed around her big clit which was about an inch long. She closed her eyes and started thrashing from side to side as I placed one finger inside her pussy.   Her juices was flowing so much that my finger were making a squelching sound as I entered her and the seat had an ever increasing circle. “Than do Sam (my loved one) you’re making me come sweetie, oh yess fuck my cunt with your fingers, yess, yesss, yess” she screamed and her eyes got larger and larger as she came.

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“What’s going on here” I heard and I understood why her eyes enlarged so much. “I’m just about to fuck this beautiful minx, sweetheart” I replied to Fran “care to join us” I asked.   Fran stepped closer to us and said “man aren’t these boobs beautiful and look at her backside so big and yet so firm and not a sign of hail damage”, “this is the way most African woman are built sweetie, Candy you don’t mind if Fran joins us” I ask as I motion her to stand. “No of course not” she replies as I lower her fat pussy onto my love pole.   I enter her with ease and remark to Fran that this is because African men are all well endowed. “Yes they are well endowed but a few are as thick as you Jerry, I’m feeling stuffed” she replies. “Mmmmm “Fran muffles as she takes Candy’s nipple into her mouth and starts playing with her big clit. I’ve placed my hands on Candy’s hips and I’m lifting her up and down my shaft after a while of this I stand up and with her still impaled on my dick I lift her leg and place it on the desk whilst she holds onto the cabinet for support.   I now ram my dick into her pussy physically lifting her off the floor with each upthrust. “Eeeeek” she squeaks as I thrust into her, my hand have replaced Fran’s on her boobs and Fran is now only concentrating on her Clit, tonguing it.
“Hai, hai, hai, yebo yes (no, no, no, yes, yes) she shrieks as she comes “fuck me Jerry, ooh I love your truncheon up my pussy, mmm lick my clitty Fran oooooh I’m cumming. Her pussy walls starts closing in on my prick gripping me so hard that I have no choice but to cum. “Oooh I’ve never felt this before it’s as if your pussy is sucking the head of my dick” I exclaim as she milks me of my juices, “oooooh oooooh weee, yess Candy, yes baby yes, yes. ” After a while my deflating cock slips out of her pussy and Fran bend’s over to clean her pussy.
The sight of Fran’s delectable derriere has me hard in no time and with my dick in hand I approach her.

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   I start licking her already soaking quim and then pay particular attention to her butthole, lubricating it. As I place my head at her butthole Candy remarks “Hai are you going to put it in there?” “Off course I reply and she’ll enjoy it too” I reply. I slowly enter her making sure she has enough time for her ass to adjust to my size. I motion to Candy to lick Fran’s muff as I’m fucking her in the ass. Candy slides under her and Fran immediately pounce on her proud boobs.   By now her ass have adjusted to my size and soon I’m pummelling into her. Fran’s body has moved so far over Candy’s body that she can reach her clit and this is now in her mouth. The two women are diddling each other’s clits whilst I’m ass fucking Fran.   Even though we’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks her ass remains very tight and it doesn’t take me long to reach a climax.   As I spurt into her butt, she reaches her climax and with a keening sound comes on Candy’s big clit thereby driving her over the edge. “Oooh I see you’re back Jerry” I hear from the door “and he’s already busy fucking someone” Christy adds to Yashika’s opening statement.
“I didn’t know you and Fran were busy fucking, how long has this been going on” Christy asks “Oh for about 5 months now and we’ll be getting married soon” ”just as long as you continue fucking us” Yashika chimes in “of course he will ladies” Fran replies “just as long as we can satisfy ourselves like we did today” “So when are we going home” Candy asks” its already 9:00 pm” “What do you say ladies we continue exploring this daisy chain at my place” Fran asks. “Count me” in all three of them reply.



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