Female Army Officer Chapter Two


Topic: Officer's regretChapter Two
The Officer’s regret
Three years after the episode in the mess I was posted to a hospital in Surrey. Not a military hospital so I had no need to worry about bumping into anybody. I would be lying if I said I had not relived the fantasy in my head during that time. Indeed I had even given my husband a blowjob blindfolded on many occasions since. But the best parts I always left until I was alone and away from him. Whilst I was in bed and could allow myself full access to where my perverted mind could take me. I had a nice collection of toys as well that my husband did not know about. Kept in my accommodation and never ever brought home. My favourite being the large thick vibrator which I would use whilst I sucked on the dildo I hung from the head rest.
     I had just finished my shift and was looking forward to an evening session with both toys when my daydreaming was interrupted by a familiar voice.
“Sarah. How are you?”
I looked up in horror and saw Tom standing in front of me beside the entrance to the canteen. He must of seen the shock on my face but now that he had my attention he continued.
“Let’s have a coffee together I have been waiting for you. ”
Waiting for me? I was confused and still in a state of shock as I followed him into the canteen. I could also feel a warm familiar stirring in between my legs though and could not decide whether it was his sudden appearance – the star of 3 years worth of wonderful masturbation and fantasy – or the thought of my toys that had done it.

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By the time I had sat down my mind had regained some of its sense.
“Waiting for me? What do you mean?”
He smiled before answering, “Remember this?” He fished a video camera tape out from his jacket pocket.
I looked at it for a second and then it registered. I made to grab it.
“You can have it. ” He threw it on the table. “But I have others. ”
“Others?” my hand paused above the table.
“You can have them as well if you want,” he could tell I did, “but you will have to earn them back. ”
“Earn them back? What do you mean?”
“You are posted here for 3 months right. Well the boys and I have never forgotten that night and well we were a bit disappointed that you left. ”
“Yes well they will get over it, now just give me the tapes. ” I was growing angry now and my raised voice was attracting some attention.
“Please Tom,” I added quietly.

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   The only way you will get those tapes back is if you co-operate otherwise we send them to your husband. I bet you never told him about that party game did you Sarah?”
I glared at him. “Now listen to me Tom, the army as you know take a dim view of sexual harassment and blackmail. ”
“No you listen Sarah I am sure your husband as well as the GMC would be very interested in seeing these tapes and regarding the Army you clearly stated at the start of the tape that you were a willing participant Sarah. How would your husband like that? Or the GMC for that matter!”
“He can see nothing happened. ”
“But what happened after the tape was switched off Sarah? Why did you suddenly 1 week after arriving ask for a transfer out of our base? I am sure he will believe you that nothing happened. ”
“So what. . . . . . . do I have to let you fuck me is that it. ”
“No Sarah.

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   You had that chance already. What you have to do for the tapes is to do everything we ask of you for a month. ”
He could see my objections and I made to rise.
“Nobody will touch you Sarah that is part of the deal unless you beg us to that is. You see Sarah we reckon that after one month or much less actually that you will beg each and every one of us to fuck you Sarah. ”
“And if I don’t?”
“After a month you get all the tapes and we leave you alone either way. ”
“One month and no touching?”
He nodded. “But you have to do everything we ask of you or the tapes go to your husband and the GMC. ”
“From when?”
He smiled again. “From now,” he threw me over a carrier bag, “Go and put that and only that on under your coat. ”
I looked inside the bag. There was a thin see through blouse inside. I looked up at him “and my bra?”
“Just that. ”
I should have said no. .

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    I should have reported him to the police. . . but ever since that night I had fantasised about him and them. My husband was away for 6 weeks with the children so it was not as if I was due to see him and they had said no touching unless I begged and that would never happen.
    I stripped off my blouse and bra in the toilet and put the thin see through blouse on. My nipples were erect and I cursed them for their betrayal. I put my coat back on and buttoned it up before returning to join Tom.
    We walked in silence to the lifts and once inside he turned to face me. We were alone. “Are you ready then?”
    I smiled trying to show a surety I did not feel. “Yes”
    “Take your knickers off. ”
    “You heard me take them off. ”
    I hesitated for a second this is not what I had expected or was it.

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       Come on girl what did you expect. “But the lift might stop. . . . . . . . ”
    “Shut up and take them The lift juddered to a halt and Tom walked out.
    “You had your chance Sarah. ”
    I was panicking now. The tape, the GMC, my husband. “Wait”
    He turned and stared at me. We were now in the main corridor of the hospital with people milling around everywhere.


    “What here?”
    “You had your chance in the lift. ”
    There is no way in the world you can remove your knickers discreetly amongst that many people especially in knee length skirt. So I first removed my ID badge, which thankfully Tom did not object to and then with all the surety I could muster I hitched my skirt up, grabbed my knickers by the waist band and pulled them and my skirt back down again. They landed on the floor and I bent down quickly picked them up and stuffed them in my coat pocket. The whole process was over in seconds but still I met a few startled shocked glances when I stood back up. My face reddened and I bustled towards the door anxious to get away and hoping that nobody I knew had witnessed what I had just done. Never mind the tape the GMC would have kittens if they found out about what I had just did.
    Tom joined me seconds later. I turned to face him, “Never do that again. I cannot have my reputation on stake just to retrieve that tape. Do you hear me?”
    He laughed, “Ok Ok I promise never to ask you to do anything like that again in the hospital. But you must admit it was exciting?”
    I glared at him. He was right my heart was racing and my pussy was wet, but I was not going to show him that.
    “Give me your knickers,” he held his hand out.
    I shrugged and handed them over.

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       He ran his thumb over the crotch, “Hmmm damp even before then. I knew you liked to be told what to do. It turns you on doesn’t it Sarah. ” He laughed again and put the knickers into his pocket. “Are you wet?”
    I ignored him and looked away.
    “You agreed to this remember now answer the question. Are you wet?”
    I could have lied but what was the point he already knew the answer and besides just because he knew that I could be turned on by him telling me what to do did not mean I was going to beg him to fuck me.
                “Yes, I am soaking wet and you still are not getting any. ”
                “Come on lets go home. ”     



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