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And then there is Rob. Rob is actually a friend of Steve’s and from chatting with the two guys I learn that they are bisexual. What a turn on! The idea of watching these two playing around with each other while I watch, or touch gives me chills of pleasure. Rob’s looks can only be described as the outdoors type. He has black hair with the most beautiful green eyes and the most outgoing smile. 6’ about 200lbs. He’s a little on the chubby side which makes me want to cuddle right up next to him. Now that I had my men set up I wanted where we played to be nice and relaxing. I made plans for us all to meet at the Point Hilton resort. I reserved a suite for the weekend. I figured if this is going to be my bachelorete party we might as well enjoy in comfort. On the big day I showed up an hour early. I wanted everything to be ready before they showed up. I can’t wait for the fun to begin. * * * *“That bath was a good idea; I was actually getting a little nervous. Let see, should I wear this silky black nightie or nothing at all? Wouldn’t that be a great surprise when they show up and I walk to the door with nothing on but a smile?” Jennifer smiles to herself.

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  Knock Knock“Well! I guess that answers that question. Nothing at all it is!”“Wonder who got here first?”Jenny opens the door to her first guest. Leaning up against it with a sultry smile. “Mark! Hello sweetie. Did you find the place all right?” Oh My God he is better in person than in any of his pictures Jenny thought. I can’t believe my luck. “No problems at all, I’ve been here before, plus I parked at the bottom and took the shuttle up to the room. ” Mark answers as he walks in making sure he brushes up against Jennifer as he does. “And what a pleasant surprise to find you all shinny and naked waiting for us to show up. Looks like you just got out of the shower. ” Mark says as he takes off his jacket and sits on the edge of the bed. “Not a shower, I took a bubble bath. I wanted to relax while I was waiting. And feeling all those silky bubbles rubbing up against my bare skin is such a turn on for me. ” As Jenny talks she is running her fingers over her body, mapping out the direction the bubbles caressed.

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   Taking her fingers and lightly caressing her hard nipples, down between her breasts to her flat tummy slowly down to the smooth silky lips of her pouty pussy. Watching as Marks eyes darken as his gaze follows her hands. “Why don’t you come here, I want to feel that soft skin of yours. ” He says as reaches for her and pulls her between his thighs. “Who would have thought I could be jealous of mere bubbles?” He takes his large hands and spans her waist with his thumbs caressing the underside of her thrusting breasts. Then leans forward to take a nipple into his mouth. “Mmmmm…. I’ll take you over bubbles any day Mark. ” Jenny moans, as she melts into his caress. Just then the door opens quietly to two more of the guys. Not even noticing, Jenny straddles Mark’s lap and starts to deeply kiss him. Feeling his cock straining to get out of the confines of his jeans. She starts to rub her damp pussy up against his bulge, as Mark arches up to grind up against her. While this is going on John and Steve are quietly moving over to the chairs to watch. Both grinning, John turns to Steve and winks and nods to Mark and Jenny on the bed.

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  “Mark, I can’t wait. I just have to have a taste of you. Do you think the boys would mind if we started without them?” Jenny asks as she starts to unbutton Marks jeans to free her prize. “I don’t know about all of them, but two are already watching. ” Mark says as he laughs, nodding to John and Steve. Jenny swings around and finally notices that two more had joined them. “Well don’t just sit there, come join the fun. ” Turning back to Mark she gets serious with the unbuttoning his jeans. After she has the button undone and the zipper down his thick cock pops out, looking to Jenny like it was begging to be licked and swallowed. With the purple head already dripping pre-cum. “Oh yea Jen, you know you want to suck my cock don’t you? Come on baby; take him into your mouth. ”Doing like he says she gets off the bed and kneels between his legs allowing easy access to his throbbing member. Leaning over she starts with just licking the tip, wanting to taste that cum that was leaking out. “Mmmmm” she thought to herself, “how delicious. ” After taking her first taste Jenny starts to lick up and down the base, then swirling her tongue around the head getting him all wet with her saliva.

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   Reaching up with her right hand she cups his balls and starts to rub and massage as she takes part of him into her mouth. Knowing she could never take all of him. She starts to work as much as she could get down her throat. “That’s it slut, you like that don’t you…You love my big dick down your throat. Just wait till I’m fucking your hot pussy. I’ll make you scream!” Mark says as her grabs her hair to thrust more of him into her mouth. “Suck me! That’s it, I want to see more of my cock down your throat. Take more into your mouth. God, your such a fucking tramp aren’t you?”John, not wanting to be left out kneels behind Jenny to get to her sweet looking pussy. Having it thrust up in the air is too much temptation. He just had to have a taste. “Steve, would you look at this! She is so damn wet her juices are dripping down her thighs. My God! I haven’t even touched her pussy yet!” To show Steve, John reaches up taking each cheek of her ass spreading her open to show her off. Then lowers himself so that his face is directly under her for easy access. Jenny, not being able to talk with Mark’s cock deep down her throat shows John how much she needs her clit licked and sucked by lowering her pussy over his face.

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   Grinding her slit over his mouth begging for his tongue without words. Steve, totally loving the show lowers the zipper on his jeans to free his dick from its confines. Sitting down on the chair facing the action he starts to slowly pump on his hard cock, not wanting to cum just wanting to tease himself till he can sink himself deep into her pussy. All he can think of is how he wants to cum deep inside of her. Shooting his load and filling her up. He can be patient till his turn. “God Jenny, I can’t take it anymore. I have to fuck that pussy of yours. Steve, man, come over here and lay down on the bed. She can suck your cock while I’m fucking her from behind. ”“But lets wait till John is done with her. Looks to me like she is really damn close to cumming all over his face!” Mark laughs as he and Steve watches Jen grinding her pussy down on John’s face. Her nails sunk deep into Marks thigh holding on as her orgasm hits her. “OH GOD! Suck my clit harder! Finger fuck me, stick your fingers in my hole PLEASE!…I’m so close…I’m going to cummmmmm. .

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  !!!!” Jenny screams out. “Yea John, suck that pussy…make her cum all over your face!” Steve says as he reaches over “But let me give you a hand, I’ll finger fuck her while you keep sucking. ” With that John starts to really suck on Jen’s clit and Steve starts to pump two of his thick fingers in and out of her hole. Throughout the room you can hear the squishing sounds from her juice being lapped up by John and the pounding of Steve’s fingers. All of a sudden Jenny tenses up and lets out a wail. “AHHHHHHHH OHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS IM CUMMMINNGGGG!!!!!!!!!” With that Jenny starts to squirt her cum all over John’s face and chest. “WOW! She fucking squirts!” exclaims Mark “I have to taste some of that. ” So Mark nudges Steve over so that he can dip his finger into her well loved pussy. Sucking on his finger he grins at the other two guys. “Mmmmmmmm tasty!”* * * *Part 2 will be posted a little later. I hope everyone enjoyed My very first story. Please feel free to let me know how you enjoyed it. sweetstace75@yahoo. com.



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