This incidence happened to me on my last visit to my native country Pakistan. Kalsoom is my old friend and she is very adventurous as for as sex is concerned. She is always in search of new things to make sex more interesting and exciting. This time she introduced me to group sex with one of her fast friend NAILA. Naila never had an experience of oral sex and was very much willing to do so…………. Story starts like…………. .
Me and Kalsoom walked up the stairs. When we got to her apartment. bedroom,door was closed and I hard the shower running. I asked: "So who's here?" She smiled and told me: "I invited a friend over and I know you are going to love her. Literally!" We walked into the room and there were clothes in a trail going from the bed to the bathroom. The water stopped running, and we saw a College girl head looked out from the shower and said: "Oh hi! I didn't hear anyone come up the stairs. Can you hand me that towel on the sink?" It was a young small College lady. She was about 5 foot tall and very cute. Kalsoom handed her the towel and she pulled the shower curtain open and wrapped the towel around her body.

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   From the quick look I got, she was small but had very nice breasts and a shaved pussy. (I LOVE SHAVED PUSSY) Her pussy was very nice looking and having very fat and thick lips,which were closed at that time.
I was thinking she's from northern area of Pakistan, "Are you Suhail? Kalsoom has told me all about you! I'm very glad to meet you. Give me a minute and I'll be right out. " Kalsoom smiled and told her: "Oh no we'll wait for you right here. In fact we'll help dry you off right what do you think Suhail,,,,,,l?" I didn't know what to say but finally said: "If she wants help, yes, I'll be happy to help!" And, I smiled! Kalsoom told me: "Oh she wants help. But, not drying off, she wants you to show her how you eat pussy. I was embarrassed, but looked at Kalsoom and she continued: "I told Naila about your wonderful tongue. I told her about how you did me at the hotel and some of the other places. She has never had a man give her oral sex and don’t have any experience of her pussy being licked by a wicked toung like you darling. She is wondering if you'll show her how it feels?" I looked at Kalsoom and said: "You know we were not going to tell anyone about what we have been doing, it's dangerous to both of us. " Naila smiled and told us both: "See I told you it was a bad idea. He doesn't want to do it!" I told her: "No Naila, No! It's not that at all. But, I 'm a business man and don't want or need that type of trouble if my clients learns about this that's all!" Kalsoom told me: "Well we're not going to tell anyone! We just want you to do us, both of us!" I didn't know what to say, so I told them: "OK. Let's go into the bedroom and talk a little more about this!" I was both mad and excited.

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   I had never had a College girl before in my life and this beautiful northeren girl was ready, willing and able! The ladies sat on the bed and I sat in the chair. I told them: "Look I don't want any more people involved in this OK?" I mean, I'm worried we'll get caught and I don't need the problem. So no more!! OK? Kalsoom told me: "OK! No more people! I promise.  
Naila shook her head and told me: "OK with me. I smiled then and stood up. I stood in front of them and looked down at Naila and she looked up at me. I could see some worry in e face, like she didn't know what to expect. I asked her: So Naila, you want oral sex? Have you ever had sex with a man?" She told me: "Yes, a few times but no oral sex. " "And, you want me to give you some?", I asked. Kalsoom told me: "Yes, we both do actually!" I said: "OK Naila will be first since she has never had it before. " Naila asked sheepishly: "What do you want me to do?" I told her to first stand up and take the towels off. She had one wrapped around her body and one around her hair. She stood took the one off her head and her very long hair fell down around her. It was beautiful and so was she! My hands went to the top of her other towel and undid it. She stood there as it dropped to the floor and now she stood in front of me completely nude.

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   I took a step back and she covered herself with her hands and arms. I took her arms and dropped them to the sides of her very nice small body. her breasts were a little larger and her nipples were sticking way out. She shivered and I asked her if she was cold? She told me: "Yes, and a little afraid too I guess!" I told her: "Relax this won't hurt you at all. You will love it!" Kalsoom told her: "He is very gentle don't worry baby. " She put a hand on Naila's leg and stroked it. I asked her: "OK! Sit on the edge of the bed. Do you want me to start with oral sex or should we play around first?" She looked down at my naked body and saw my cock standing there and she smiled. She told me: "Well, can I feel your cock? Kalsoom told me how big it gets! Most men I know don't have very big ones. " I told her she could do whatever she wanted with my cock! So Kalsoom told me: "OK! You sit on the edge of the bed baby!" I did and the two ladies knelt in front of me. They both started to play with my cock and balls. They laughed and kidded with each other as they watched as they made it grow longer and thicker and harder. When it was standing out looking at them, Kalsoom put her lips on the head and kissed and licked it! Naila, followed her and they both started to lick and suck on it! In about 3 minutes they had me moaning and straining not to cum! 
They kept working on it and finally I heard Kalsoom say: "I bet we can make you cum Suhail!" I told her:" OH god baby! No bet! I'm going to cum in a minute if you don't stop sucking on it like that!" Naila moved to the front now and put her face right in front of my cock. I felt her warm wet mouth slide over the large purple head and suck on it! Kalsoom started to pump the shaft seriously now! Like they were on a mission they worked on my cock until I cried out and started to shoot my cum in the air! She smiled as she felt the first shot hit the back of her breast. Kalsoom's hand was flying back and forth on the thick hard shaft pumping more cum out of the hole in the cock head.

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   Naila didn't move her mouth but rather she kept on sucking hard on it! The cum ran down her l beautiful breast and Kalsoom's hand was covered with it. Finally my cock stopped pumping cum and Naila pulled her mouth off the thick head. Kalsoom pulled her over and kissed her hard. I could see their tongues mixing together. They smiled, wiped their mouths and came up on the bed and started kissing me. I had my hand around them and the three of us fell back on the bed. We played around touching and licking each other's body then Kalsoom whispered: "Now Suhail! Eat her Eat her now I want to see!! I knew she was wet . she is ready now ,she is leaking honey, I touched her as you were cumming! She is very wet!" I looked at her and Naila was laying face up on the bed with her eyes closed feeling four hands please her breasts, thighs and pussy. Kalsoom and I were both stroking Naila's body and she was loving it. I sat up, and Naila opened her eyes I told her: "OK now sit on the edge of the bed. She did and I knelt in front of her. I told Kalsoom: "You get behind her and help hold her up! Oh and play with her tits! You both seem to like that a lot!" Naila sat on the edge of the bed and I positioned her small ass right on the edge of the bed. I put her feet up on the bed too! She had her knees bent out and open as far as she could and I could see her pussy sticking out at me. It was wet and and love juices were glistening on her pink pussy. She was looking delicious Her lips were somewhat opened.

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  Her insides were pinker than Kalsoom's pussy. She was a beauty to see. I told her:" OK! You ready baby?" And she sighed: "Yes Suhail oh yes! Do it!"please eat my pussy and bite on my hard clit,pllllleeeesssse.  
Naila lay back against Kalsoom and I could see Kalsoom using her fingers to squeeze and rub Naila's nipples! They were already hard and sticking out about an inch. I licked down the inside of Naila's thigh and back up again. I moved closer and closer each time to her sweet musk. I teased her for about 2 or 3 minutes and then moved my face directly into her middle and kissed her pussy . I kissed her cunt lips like you would kiss a pair of lips on a face. I used my tongue and licked around them just going on the inside. She moaned and I started to lick in her slit! I licked straight up and down a few times and then used my fingers to open her. She was bright pink inside and I licked every inch of that pussy. I sucked it into my mouth and darted my tongue deep into her hole ohhhhhh my God she was delicious and running pussy juices abundantly. In just a few minutes, she was moaning and speaking in words I could not understand. I knew they were the words of desire and passion. I could feel her body responding to my touch and lick.

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   She was gone! I sucked her pussy into my mouth and started to vibrate my lips on her clit and she screamed and started to pump it into me with force. I tasted her cum and knew she was having her first orgasm! I didn't stop! I kept sucking and licking and blew warm air on her open hole! I would lick across her very thick very long clit that with the help of Kalsoom had exposed nicely for me. I heard Naila scream"ohhhhhhhhhh, YESSSSSSSSSSS!! OH YESSSSSSSSSS! OH YESSSSS!!"please lick meeeee hard ,pleeeeaaase suck my clit ,pleaseeeeee suck it harrrrrddder,ohhhhhhhhh. And,,,,, she started to climax again! I kept stimulation her as she got off and she had another orgasm right behind the first one! Her pussy was very delicious and I was feeling that she was sucking my toung with her nice pussy as she would suck it with her warm mouth.
She was now lying panting in the arms of Kalsoom. Relaxed and satisfied with the excellent work of my experienced toung. When she recovered she thank me for giving her experience of toung fucking. She told me she had an orgasm ,which she had never experienced in her all life.
At this stage Kalsoom was also willing to be licked and fucked,her pussy was leaking delicious juices and she was rubbing her pussy on Naila,s thigh but I will tell you that story some other.



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