I got up on the bed and we all help Naila recover. I lay on one side of her slowly stroking her pussy very gently while Kalsoom held her head in her lap and played with her breasts and hard nipples. Naila was smiling and moaning as she began to come down from her last climax. Kalsoom had both of her hands around Naila's head stroking the side of her pretty face. Naila was looking at me and smiled. She said: "Thank you Suhail! That was fantastic. I feel so good inside. You are a wonderful lover just like Kalsoom says!!" I smiled and told her: "Well if you want we can do Kalsoom now, if she wants" Kalsoom yelled: "Hell yes! I want you to do me too!" Naila smiled and said: "OK! Let's change positions. " Kalsoom jumped down to the end of the bed and moved her beautiful body to the very edge of the bed. She bent her knees and elevated her feet putting them on the bed. She now sat just like Naila has sat! I moved back on to the floor and Naila sat behind Kalsoom. She put her arms under Kalsoom's arms and cupped her full breasts in each of her small hands. I sat there watching as my fingers rubbed Kalsoom's slit for a few seconds! Naila's hands were too small for her breasts and could not get all of them into her palm. But, she moved her hands smoothly and warming over Kalsoom's breasts and had her bright red nipples hard in seconds.
I smiled and put my head between Kalsoom's thighs now. My mouth covered her pussy and I began licking it Kalsoom told me: "Oh yes baby! Lick it Suhail! Lick it faster baby.

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   Yea, oh yea! your tongue feels like magic in there! Suck me baby! Suck my pussy! Oh God. !!" \ohhhhh,,, In minutes I had her just about at the orgasm stage and heard her say: " I cumming already! God yes! Oh faster baby! Lick me faster. Oh your tongue is so good Oh yes suck it suck it harder!" " And I did I licked her pussy as fast as my tongue would go! When she elevated her ass up off the bed, I sank 2 fingers all the way into her body! She cried out in a fit of passion, Ahhhhhhh pumping her cunt into my face as I sucked and licked it! She grinned her lower body hard against my tongue as she climaxed. I waited until she had recovered from her orgasm before I sucked her cunt into my mouth and began to vibrate my lips on her clit! She grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy screaming out at me: "Eat it Eat it! Oh fuck yes!! Eat me! Oh good !! so good Oh yes Beg God yes! Mumm! YES!!! Cum started to run out her pussy like a river. It covered my face and hands again! Her orgasm was long! I mean long! She kept pumping her sweet young pussy into my face as I sucked it like a dog in heat! My cock was hard as iron and it hurt it was stretched so long! I finished Kalsoom off with her legs over my shoulders and my face buried deep into her twat! I had my lips and tongue inside her pussy hole sucking and licking it! I darted my tongue in and out of her hole as she fucked it! After a few more seconds she began to relax a little and I looked up and saw Naila smiling down at me. She said: "She get off hard! Yes? She have good one!" I told her; "She had good 2 or 3!" We all laughed. Kalsoom finally pulled my head off her pussy and pulled me up and kissed me hard. She shoved her tongue deep into my mouth and stayed like that for a while, just tonguing and holding each other.  
Naila joined us and we switched off kissing and tonguing each other. Kalsoom kissed Naila and me. Naila kissed Kalsoom, and me and I kissed both of them. There were times when their breasts pushed together and I watched Kalsoom's fuller breasts covered Naila's smaller ones as they pushed together. I was so excited and I told them: "OK ladies, now I have to do someone or I'm going to double up in pain. My cock hurts so bad. It really needs a pussy! Kalsoom said: "Naila have you ever had a big cock like this?" Naila told her: "No.

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   It too big it won't fit in me! I'm too small!" I smiled and told her: "It will fit Naila, but it will hurt a little at fist. We'll work so it won't hurt you much. Let's try. " Kalsoom smiled and told her: "I'll help you too. We'll get him in you and then you can se how great it feels when he moves it in and out of your pussy! It will feel like nothing you have ever had before. It's way worth the little pain in the beginning!" Naila told us: "OK! But you stop when I tell you. OK jan?" I smiled and told her: "OK!" She pushed her little body up on the bed and laid back and opened her legs. She saw me climb up on the bed and with my fully erect cock hanging from between you legs. It pointed almost straight out. I moved over her and She used her fingers to open her pussy lips. I was thinking she has some experience. I moved my big purple cock head to the tip of her pussy hole and I felt Kalsoom's hand guiding it into her opening. She groaned and then yelled out: "OH stop! Oh please stop! It hurts! I backed out and tried again slower this time. Kalsoom used her fingers to help open Naila's pussy lips too. I began to rotate my hips slowly as I push down into her pussy.

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   I used my hands and lifted her hips up off the bed and tried to get the head in. She was pushing up as I was pushing down easy. I could feel the head about ½ way in. As the both of us worked I asked Kalsoom: "Do you have any lubricant?" She told me: "We have Vaseline, I pretty sure. " I told her: "Go get baby! That should help!" As we worked she came back and handed me the jar. I pulled back off of Naila, and told Kalsoom: "Rub a little on the head of my cock for me baby!" Se took her fingers and dipped them into the jar and then she rubbed the slipper stuff over the purple head of my hard cock. She was smiling as all three of us watched her hand move over the big cock head and saw the pre-cum dripping out! Kalsoom licked it up with her tongue! . She squeezed it and I moaned. She told me: "Sorry Suhail I just had to feel that big cock of yours!" I moved her hand away and moved back over Naila's pretty body. Again Naila opened her cunt lips and Kalsoom and I guided the big cock down to the opening of Naila's pussy hole. I pushed and moved it around and finally after 3 or 4 minutes of pushing and moving it back out, the head slipped into Naila's body! I slowly pushed down moving the shaft into her. I pulled back until only the head was still in her. Then pushed down again putting a little more into her. We worked on getting all of my hard long cock into her very tight pussy. Kalsoom was watching and rubbing her pussy for both of us to see.

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   She had her lips open and fingering her pink insides. Each time I pushed into Naila more of my cock went in. We could see it was covered with wetness and that helped to get it into her. I knew when we started it would be uncomfortable for both of us. But, I also knew she would stretch quickly enough and soon it would heaven for both of us. I began to pump my hips now, sliding about 2/3 of my cock in and out of her pussy.  
I held her small legs out wide and elevated them up to my shoulders. I laid one over each shoulder and push so that her ass would lift up off the bed. That elevated her snatch so I was pumping almost straight down into her pussy. She was smiling now and I asked her: "Do it still hurt Naila?" She told me: "OH no Suhail!!! It feel good! It take me to happy land soon! Mummmm! Yes, it feel real good" I kept on stroking in and out of her small young body working hard on it so she would experience the full thrill of a big cock fucking her. I was now moving all of my cock in and out of her. I would pump her fasts and hard for a while and then push my cock into her pussy all the way and hold it there for a few seconds. I kept my cock buried all the way into her hole and told her: "Now Naila, rotate your hips in tight circles for me. " She shook her head yes, and did it! Oh god, it felt unbelievable her pussy was so tight! She kept moving her small body under me as I pumped my big cock into her! She had her eyes closed now and a smile that told me she was really feeling the pleasure of it! Now I told her: "I'm going to lift you higher baby! You'll have to rest on your shoulders, neck and head. I lifted her little body higher and straddled her between her legs.

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   I thrusted my cock straight down into her now like a piston in a car! In a few minutes she was rolling her head from side to side and I was slamming into her pussy with all 18 inches of my extremely hard and almost ready to cum cock! I was hitting directly on her clit with each stroke down and each one up!> I rubbed her clit with my finger too as Kalsoom helped to hold her up in this position! I was very close to orgasm when she yelled out: "Oh god I'm cumming! Oh -yes-Beg!!! Oh - your - cock -!!! It - feels - so - good! OH good!!! Oh faster Beg!! Fuck- me- faster! Here -- I --- goooooooooo! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! She climaxed so hard and so long I was afraid she might have a heart attack and die! Her body twisted and turned on my cock as I had it all the way in her body! I quickly moved her back to the bed and slowly began to pull it out of her.  
She opened her eyes and wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck and held on to me with al of the energy she had left in her body! I looked down and asked: "Are you OK Naila?" She told me: "Oh YES Beg! I' am so good! But don't take it out of me yet! I want to keep on it! I want to do some more! Please! Can we do some other way?" I smiled and told her: "oh yes, Naila we can do a lot of difference ways! Here let's change positions and I'll show you. " We moved around with me trying not to take all of cock out of her pussy. Finally I rolled us over and now she was on top of me. She lay on top of me with my cock all the way up inside her. I told her: "OK Naila, sit up now. You can ride up and down on it now which should be easier for you!" She smiled and told me: "Oh! Yes! I like this way Beg! Yes, this will be good!" And, she began to move up and down on my shaft, which was standing straight up, hard as iron and I'm telling you it was as tight a pussy as I have ever had in my life. Kalsoom was watching too and all of a sudden she began to moan and cry out in desire as she finally got herself off with the help of her 3 fingers! I watched her from the start of her orgasm to the end when she opened her eyes again. She saw me watching her and gave me a very evil smile! I smiled back. I put my hands under Naila now to help her move up and down on my cock. Kalsoom moved around and began to rub her clit as she pumped her pussy on my cock. Kalsoom took her other hand and wrapped her small fingers around the shaft of my cock and squeezed! I could feel the additional pressure as she squeezed. My balls were already tight in the sack and as Naila rode my cock I knew it wouldn't be but a few seconds and I would climax! 
I reached up and with one hand played with my left breast. My other hand began to play with Kalsoom's right tit. I had both nipples hard as they could get! Kalsoom bent down and I sucked her breast into my mouth and flicked my tongue over and over it.

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   Naila was beginning to have her juice run down her pussy and on to my body! I also felt my nuts begin to thump and cum began to shoot out of the shaft and into her small body The cum filled her and began to run out her pussy as she grinned away on it! It must have been the last thing she needed to get her to climax. And climax she did. With her screaming on top of me, Kalsoom rubbed her clit. I slammed my cock up into her, my cum pumping into he body, she reached orgasm! She again went crazy as she climaxed hard and long again! God this beautiful young woman got off. She cried out as she reached the top of her orgasm! I never saw a lady climax that hard for that long in my life. God she must really feel good as she cums, because I swear it so fucking long! When she finished she fell forward and laid on my again as my cock began to soften! Cum was everywhere, all over us, and the bed. I rolled us over and she finally let go of me. I slowly pulled the rest of my cock out of her body and kissed her softly! She grabbed me again and held me telling me: "Oh Beg that was so good! That was so good! Oh Beg, thank you! I too love your cock just like Kalsoom!!" I look at Kalsoom and she was smiling.  
She bent down and kissed Naila full on the lips and then licked he neck and tits! She whispered I her eye: "I told you! Didn't I tell you about hi tongue and cock? Did you really like it baby?" Naila smiled and said: "Oh Kalsoom it was unbelievable! It was so big and so thick I was scared it was going to fit me! Oh Kalsoom it was so good once it was all the way in! Oh I cum so fast and so hard! I go happy land so many times!" Kalsoom smiled and looked at me and told me: "Thank you! She really needed that I can tell you. Her boy friend has a 4-inch long 1 inch round cock! I know, cause I saw it when they fucked! Naila had be hiding in the closet. We like to watch other people fuck Do you? Now can we do it or are you shot?" I smiled and told her: "Let's clean up a little and then we'll see baby. It depends on how bad you want me. If you want me bad enough we can work together to get this old cock big again!" She smiled and told me: "Oh I want you bad! I'm sure we can do something to get it harder! God it still looks long even soft!" 
The three of us walked to the bathroom and I turned on the shower. Naila insisted that she clean me. She told us: "In my country it is the duty of the woman to clean her man after sex.

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   I am responsible. " God you got to love those Collegels and their customs! We all got into the shower and after a good deal of grab ass and squeezing and feeling and rubbing and stroking, and god knows what else, we got out dried off and walked back into Kalsoom's bedroom! She grabbed me and turned around and kissed me deeply. We stood there tonguing and touching each other. I hadn't paid much attention to her beautiful full breasts and began to suck on a nipple as she held my head with her hand. I was enjoying myself feeling those big tits and making her nipples long and hard. Naila was standing there watching us. I told her to come over and I used my other hand to squeeze her breasts! It was every man's delight two young women, both wanting to please me.
    I took a good amount of time to lick and suck on both women's breasts and tongues. If I was sucking on one I was running the nipple of the other one between my fingers. We were kissing and tonguing each other as we stood there. All of a sudden while I was concentrating on Kalsoom's breasts, I felt a pair of lips circle my semi-hard cock and begin to suck on it. Naila had dropped o her knees and was giving me some really great head. Her lips were tight around the head as it grew it filled her mouth! She kept sucking on it and the shaft grew to its full length. When she had it hard enough she put both her small hands around it and began to pump it. When I moaned from the pleasure, Kalsoom looked down and saw what Naila was doing to my cock.

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       Naila looked up at us as she sucked on my cock and a smile came to her face. She popped the big cock head out of her mouth and asked: "Is it big enough for you Kalsoom?" Kalsoom smiled and told her: "Good job Naila! Good job! It looks just the right size now for me!" She took my hand and pulled me on to the bed. As we moved to the bed as Kalsoom had hold of my hard cock and was pulling me! Naila followed.  
    When we got on the bed Kalsoom asked me: "Can we do it doggie style this time? I want to see how it feels from behind. " I told her we can do it anyway you want baby! Anyway will be good when we're together!" She got on all fours and I positioned my self behind her ass! She had such a nice hard ass! Naila moved in front of Kalsoom and reached under her squeezing her breasts with both of her small hands. Kalsoom looked around and told me she was ready! I moved in and put my hard cock under her ass and against her pussy. Kalsoom reached under her and spread her pussy lips. We tried and tried but it wouldn't go in. She told Naila to get the Vaseline. When Naila came back Kalsoom rubbed some on her pussy and Naila rubbed some on my cock! We tried again and again but still it hurt Kalsoom too much. Finally I told he: "Let's try another position and then when we're into it we can move to this one. You need to be stretched a little baby! Here let me lay down and you can sit on it! That way you can be the one who pushes down rather than me push into you! It will be easier!" So we moved around and now Kalsoom stood over me straddling my body with her feet. She smiled as she looked down to see that my cock had not shrunk an inch. She told me: "God it looks even bigger from up here! Naila pumped it as she sat there next to me. She told me it looked bigger too.

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       She kissed the head and licked it! Kalsoom told her: "Hey it's my turn get out of there I'm going to sit on it!" Kalsoom began to lower her young beautiful body down as the head touched her pussy; she wiggled around until she got it directly in her hole.  
    When she pushed down the lubricant helped to move the huge purple cock head into her body! She wiggled and grunted some more and finally we both felt the head slide into her pussy! Oh god! I didn't know which girl was the tightest! Kalsoom's pussy felt as tight as Naila's did earlier. Now Kalsoom smiled because she knew the rest would be much easier. She pushed down again and I could feel her pussy swallow my cock inch by wonderful inch. When our bodies touched again we both knew she had successfully gotten al 18-inches into her pussy! I looked up at her and said: "Now you can work to stretch your pussy until it's nice and wet and lubricated when that happens my cock will be slippery too! Then we can change positions and do it doggie style if that's what you still want to do!" She smiled down at me and told me: "I do but right now I just want to feel this big dick moving in and out of my body You can't believe how good you feel as I pump up and down on it Beg! She rocked back and forth on my cock as I held it al the way in her pussy! She had her eyes closed and her head thrown back as she rocked slowly on the shaft inserted deep into her cunt. I reached up and played with her nipples as Naila sucked on one of them! Kalsoom was in heaven as the feeling of my big cock moved in her pussy! Now she lifted her small young body up and then down letting about ½ of my cock or 5 inches rubs her pussy walls! I had my fingers rubbing her clit as I had it sticking out! 
    She held my hand and grins her body on my cock as I stimulated her clit! She moaned and began to pump up and down on me faster now I knew she was close! She looked around and told me: "I'm cumming Beg!! Can you feel me cumming?" And, she began to cry out as she her body moved with the magic of a female as her body reacted to her orgasm. Her pussy's walls began to squeeze tighter on my cock as in moved in and out of her hole. She moaned and grunted as wave after wave engulfed her entire being. She yelled out now: "Fuck me! Oh God fuck me with your big cock! Oh Beg it feels so good! I love it so fucking much! She pumped and pumped that pussy back into me. As she reached the top of her climax she screamed out: "Oh YES! OH GOD YES!!! Beg! IT"S SO GOOOOOOOOOOD! SO GOOD MUMMMMMMMM!!! ! 
    When she had finished, she fell forward with me right behind her. I still had to cum and I rolled us on our sides. I was behind her and I took my hand and raised her leg as I rammed into her pussy. She lay back against me now and I cupped her breast squeezing the nipple! She licked my hand and her breast as I kept pumping into her. It was like I needed to cum so bad but for some reason I didn't. Our bodies moved together like we had been fucking each other for years.


       We were so good together. Her tight young body glided back and forth as I rammed into her cunt again and again with my hard cock. Now I was really in need of cumming! I rolled her over and pulled my cock out, she moaned loudly! I put her on her back and pulled her to me as I reinserted my cock all the way into her hole. If some body want to share his or her stories with me can contectme at following mail.



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